The post on the water and 4 of the method of detoxification of the body

Our body is a perfect creation, he perfectly copes with function of self-purification and imagetexture under normal conditions. All the organs of the body — the intestines, liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, lungs, blood and skin agreed get rid of all those toxins that we accumulate daily.

Unfortunately, life in the big city is a fairly extreme environment for the functioning of our body, which can hardly be called optimal conditions for human life. The exhaust gases, the lack of green plants, disgusting fast food, constant stress – all this contributes to the fact that the body is overloaded with toxins and unable to cope with the help of imagetexture.

What should I do? Come to the rescue assistants – dietary recommendations that promote more intensive and deep cleansing of the body, that just fits in a metropolis.

Do one of the following programs 1 time per week for 1 day or 1 time a month for 4-5 days. Be careful before choosing something, consult with your family physician.


1. Post on water

You will need a good quality purified water, preferably melt-water, as tap water or boiled are not suitable for this purpose.

Fasting on water is one of the most difficult ways to detox, even psychologically hard to realize that you have to do completely without food, but drinking a lot of water. You will only drink and run to the toilet to be cleaned the next portion of the slag – get ready for this. If the body is heavily intoxicated, maybe even head ache.

With great caution to this program. It is not recommended to make fasting more than 5 days, but newcomers should start with one day. Gradually, when you're sure the one-day cleanse is going well, it will be possible to increase the period to two days and gradually over the years to bring it to 5.

Do not plan any business these days, take a weekend and dedicate your time to rest.

2. Juice detox diet

Juice as fast as water cleanses the body, moreover, it quickly saturates our body with the necessary vitamins and minerals. An essential benefit of this diet – it is much easier to bear, as the juice is perceived by the body as food and fills the stomach for longer. You do not experience hunger and cleanse your body.

Just do not use sweetened juices that are sold in supermarkets. This is not a juices to use for detox, you should not.

It is better to buy fresh vegetables and make a juice yourself.

This diet is perfect:

  • cabbage,
  • spinach,
  • carrots,
  • pineapple,
  • Apple,
  • the celery stalks.

3. Diuretic diet

This is another way to detoxify and cleanse the body, especially if you suffer from excessive swelling (by the end of the day swollen feet). Diuretic diet will help your body get rid of excess fluid, which overloads it and not allow normal functioning.

Products that are recommended for diuretic diet:

  • artichoke,
  • asparagus,
  • dandelion,
  • celery seed,
  • melon,
  • juniper berries
  • watercress,
  • the parsley leaves.

4. Fruit mono-diet

"Mono" means "one" and, as you know, you are allowed to eat only one kind of fruit during this diet.

Why does this work? With the consumption of fruits of the same kind in your body is better pH balance and is subject to production of sugar, which allows the cells cleaned intensively. Normally in this diet are allowed to eat 1 kg of any fruit.


5. A raw food diet

All that is allowed within this diet products not subjected to heat treatment.

This does not mean that you have to chew dry buckwheat. Although raw foodists also eat porridge. They pour cereal with water and infused it for about 8 hours. Grits swell and it can be taken in food. But these cereals should be eaten with caution, especially if you're new to this diet.

Give preference to vegetables, fruits, quail eggs, sprouted grains and seeds.

This food gives you an incredible boost of vitamins and minerals without burdening the body with unnecessary carbohydrates and fats, and a wide range of multi-scale fiber works like a big and very hardworking broom in your intestines. In addition, raw foods contain lots of digestive enzymes that improve metabolism.


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When you select one of these methods to detoxify and cleanse the body, you need to understand that the desired purification will not happen overnight. Please be patient and plan long-term result.

Treat carefully to the reactions of your body, initially it can be negative, because any of these programs – a shock to the system, of course, that you can get resistance. But if you regularly and methodically use the cleansing session, you will understand how quality of life can be higher, and body healthier.published




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