Iryna Melnychuk: the great Patriotic conspiracy of marketers

Marketing Director at PLUSPLUS TV and Curler Irina Melnichuk spread apart the components of mindfulness in marketing and how marketers care about ethics.


I was always sure that if a marketing tool exists, so it goes without saying that I can use it for the benefit of their business objectives. My "Can" for the first time seriously stumbled upon the very existence of the borders "Have the right" when I started to work on the children's channel. These three years of work for an audience of children has rocked my world. A huge contribution to my reflections today made a collaboration with psychologist Svetlana roiz, for what it separate thanks.

Today, in times of big data and neuromarketing, especially important for each digit in the rating to see the person to feel a huge range of tasks and experiences with which this man came to the channel. Ask yourself what you can give him, how to thank and support his intangible human needs.

If we imagine the figures for the faces of the audience, you can see:

  • open, honest eyes of a child;
  • fun-loving, mischievous eyes of a teenager;
  • the wise filled with love and caring eye of a parent.

Now they rested and cheerful, and in another moment — tired and almost exhausted. They open to us the doors of their homes, they let us in the family, sometimes even leave us alone with their children. And we come, we burst into their home and life in the form of a certain sequence of messages. So every word sounds from the screen — is important.

Millions of people are ready to take straight to the heart emotions, thoughts, words that we speak.

If from the point of view of content for children, we control the content, collaborating with the best manufacturers, at the same time advertising blocks, we can only rely on the marketing Directors on the best minds of the advertising industry in General.

Consciously or not, Director of marketing every moment of teetering between "I Can", "Have a right" and "Doing something more. Create".

Where "Can" is about ability, professional skills, knowledge, experience, possession of the tools impact on the consumer.

"Have the right" is about where it ends a "potential buyer" and begins "the people", where the end of "consumers" and start "nation". It's about boundaries and about the correlation and synergy of business goals and internal patriotism.

"Doing "something more". Create" — it's about the fact that at least we should not harm, and as a maximum — support. It is very gratifying to observe that a growing number of pros who deeply understand the influence of the Epistles on the health of the nation.

A nation is the sum of efforts. When each of the marketing Directors looking at your contribution, its effect on the health of the nation, asks himself "how am I influenced by what I actually say I can and I want to say on behalf of your Brand available in my channels of communication?".

Perhaps this is the great Patriotic conspiracy marketers.

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Imagine "army" of people involved in the study your motives and needs, develop messages capable of passing through a "critical perception" in the subconscious. The army, having the opportunity and inspiration to attract the best professionals to create short audio-visual forms, the army, having the ability to "attack" your brain with these messages all the screens of the country.

When I think about it this way, I wish that it was a conscious people are aware of what they are doing and understand the responsibility.published


Author: Irina Melnichuk




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