Diseases caused by negative emotions

Alcoholism — the feeling of loneliness, uselessness, lack of will to live, lack of attention and affection.

Allergy — unbelief in our own strength, transferred stress, the emotion of fear.

Apathy — resistance to the feelings, the fear, the indifferent attitude of others.

Stroke, seizure — escape from family, from myself, from life.

Appendicitis — fear of life.

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Arthritis, gout — the lack of love from others, increased critical of themselves, resentment, anger, the emotion of anger.

Asthma — suffocating love, repression, fear of life.

Insomnia — emotions of fear, guilt, distrust.

Rabies, hydrophobia — the emotion of anger, aggression.

Eye disease — the emotion of anger, upset.

Stomach trouble — the emotion of fear.

Dental disease — lingering indecision, inability to make a clear decision.

Disease feet — fear of the future, fear of being unrecognized, obsession with children's injuries.

Diseases of the nose — hurt, crying, feeling his insignificance, the need for someone's help.

Liver disease the emotions of anger, chronic resentment, justification of himself, a permanent bad mood.

Kidney disease — boredom, anger at himself, self-criticism, lack of emotion, frustration, disappointment, failure, error, inconsistency, disability, react as a small child, self-criticism, loss.

Back trouble — lack of emotional support, lack of love, guilt, emotions of fear generated by the lack of money.

Bad knees — pride, selfishness, fear emotions.

Sores, wounds, ulcers — hidden anger.

Warts — belief in its own ugliness, evil eye, envy.

Bronchitis disputes, abuse in the family, a tense atmosphere in the house.

Varicose veins — lack of energy, processing, overload.

Venereal disease — bad treatment of other people, the belief that sex is a dirty business.

Overweight — emotions of fear, need for protection, the denial of himself.

Hair — stress, anxiety, overwork.

Gastritis — self-doubt.

Hemorrhoids — experience of the past.

Hepatitis — fear, emotion, anger, hatred.

Herpes guilt for his thoughts about sex and shame.

Gynecological disease — unwillingness to be a woman, a dislike to her, rude, inconsiderate attitude of men.

Deafness — unwillingness to listen to others, stubbornness.

Pus, inflammation — thoughts of revenge, the experience of the evil caused, the feeling of remorse.

Headache the emotions of anger and fear, self-criticism, a feeling of inferiority.

Depression — the emotion of anger, hopelessness, jealousy.

Diabetes — jealousy, desire to control the lives of others.

Diarrhea, diarrhea — the emotion of fear.

Dysentery fear, strong anger.

Halitosis — gossip, dirty thoughts.

Jaundice — envy, jealousy.

Gallstone is bitterness, heavy thoughts, pride.

Constipation — conservatism in mind.

Goiter, thyroid — a feeling of hatred for what you have caused pain, suffering, unnecessary sacrifice, the feeling that you overlap the path in life.

Itch — remorse, repentance, unrealistic desires.

Heartburn — strong emotions of fear.

Impotence — fear of being insolvent in bed, excessive tension, a sense of guilt, anger at previous partner, fear of the mother.

Infection — irritation, the emotion of anger, vexation.

Curvature of the spine emotions of fear, spaceplanet for old ideas, distrust of life, lack of courage to admit their mistakes.

Cough — the desire to attract the attention of others.

Climax — fear of age, fear of loneliness, fear of not be more desirable, the rejection itself, hysteria.

Skin disease — anxiety, fear emotions.

Colic, sharp pain the emotions of anger, irritation, annoyance.

Colitis — inflammation of the mucous membrane of the colon too demanding parents, a sense of oppression, lack of love and affection, lack of sense of security.

Lump in my throat — the emotion of fear.

Conjunctivitis — the emotion of anger, upset, disappointment.

Blood pressure high — experiences of the past.

Blood pressure low — the lack of love in childhood, defeatism, lack of faith in their own strength.

Biting nails — nervousness, upset plans, anger at parents, self-criticism and devouring itself.

Laryngitis, inflammation of the larynx — fear to Express their opinions, anger, resentment, resentment against someone else's authority.

Leukemia — the inability to enjoy life.

Fever emotions of wrath, anger.

Tinea versicolor — emotions of fear and tension, too much sensitivity.

Mastitis — excessive concern about anyone, experiences.

Uterus, disease of the mucous membrane — emotions of fear, disappointment.

Meningitis the emotions of anger, emotions of fear, discord in the family.

Menstrual problems — the rejection of her feminine nature, guilt, fear, attitude towards the sexual organs as something dirty and shameful.

Migraine — dissatisfaction with their lives, sexual fears.

Myopia, nearsightedness — fear of the future.

Thrush, candidiasis — the love of disputes, excessive demands on people distrust of all, suspicion, frustration, hopelessness, the emotion of anger.

Seasickness — fear of death.

Bad posture, poise — fear of the future.

Indigestion — emotions of fear, terror, anxiety.

Accident — belief in violence, fear to speak aloud about their problems.

Saggy facial features the feeling of resentment and indignation in relation to his own life.

Saggy buttocks — loss of strength, of confidence.

Gluttony — emotions of fear, self-deprecation.

Baldness — emotions of fear, tension, desire to control everyone and everything.

Fainting, loss of consciousness — the emotion of fear.

Burns the emotions of anger, irritation, anger.

Tumors — remorse, repentance, obsessive thoughts, old grudges, rastrelivali itself in resentment, anger.

Brain tumor — stubbornness, a refusal to accept something new in my life.

Osteoporosis — a feeling of lack of support in this life.

Otitis media, pain in the ears — the emotion of anger, unwillingness to hear, scandals in the family.

Eructation — the emotion of fear.

Pancreatitis the emotions of anger and frustration, a dissatisfaction with life.

Paralysis — fear, terror.

Facial paralysis — reluctance to Express their feelings, tight control over his anger.

Parkinson's disease — emotions of fear and desire to control everything.

Food poisoning the feeling of helplessness, getting under someone else's control.

Pneumonia (inflammation of lungs) despair, weariness of life, emotional wounds that are not amenable to treatment.

Gout — lack of patience, emotions of anger, need for domination.

Pancreas — lack of joy in life.

Polio — extreme jealousy.

Cuts — violation of their own principles.

Loss of appetite — feelings, hatred, fear of life.

Leprosy — the inability to manage their lives, confidence in their worthlessness or lack of spiritual purity.

Prostate — guilt, sexual pressure, men's fears.

Cold — self-hypnosis "I'm every winter, three times sick with a cold", confusion in thought, confusion in the head.

Zits — dissatisfaction.

Psoriasis — the fear of being hurt, the wounded, killing his feelings.

Cancer — a deep gash, long feeling of indignation and resentment, grief, sadness and devouring itself, hatred.

Wounds — the anger and the wine itself.

Stretching — anger and resistance, reluctance to move in your life in a certain direction.

Rickets — the lack of love and security.

Vomiting fear of the new.

Rheumatism — feeling that you're doing a victim deceived, tortured, persecuted, lack of love, a chronic feeling of bitterness, resentment, anger, and resentment.

Spleen — melancholy, anger, irritation, obsessions.

Hay fever — accumulation of emotions, persecution, guilt.

Heart — emotional problems, experiences, lack of joy, hardening of the heart, stress, overwork, and stress.

Bruising, bruising — the punishment himself.

Sclerosis — hard-heartedness, iron will, inflexibility emotions of anger and fear.

Reduction of the thyroid gland — a sense of hopeless depression.

Spasm of the jaw muscles — the emotion of anger, the desire to control everything, refusal to openly Express their feelings.

Spasms — voltage thoughts out of fear.

Adhesions in the abdomen — the emotion of fear.

AIDS — the denial of himself, feeling guilty sex offender.

Stomatitis — censure, reproach, tormenting a man of his word.

Cramps, spasms — stress, emotions of fear, restraint.

Stoop — the feeling that carry on their shoulders a heavy burden, vulnerability and helplessness.

Rash — the desire to attract attention, irritation, little fears.

Tachycardia — the emotion of fear.

Tick (eyes) — the fear, the feeling that you are always someone watching.

Colon — tangled thoughts, layering the past.

Tonsillitis fear, repressed emotions, suffocating creativity.

Nausea — the emotion of fear.

Injuries — anger at himself, guilt.

Tuberculosis — selfish, cruel, ruthless, tormenting thoughts, revenge.

Tuberculosis of the skin, lupus — the emotion of anger, inability to stand up for themselves.

Enlargement of the thyroid gland - extremely disappointed that you are not able to do what you want.

Acne a small flash of anger.

Shock, paralysis — failure to yield, resistance, it is better to die than to change.

Dyspnea, seizures — the emotion of fear.

Animal bite the anger, the need for punishment.

Insect bite — guilt over small things.

Insanity — escape from family, withdrawal from life's problems.

Urethra, inflammation — the emotion of anger.

Fatigue — boredom, lack of love for their work.

Ears ringing — stubbornness, the unwillingness of anyone to listen, unwillingness to listen to the inner voice.

Phlebitis — anger and frustration, blaming others for the limitations in life and the lack of joy.

Frigidity — emotions of fear, denial of pleasure, the belief that sex is bad, insensitive partners, fear of the father.

Boils — the emotion of anger, the constant boiling and bubbling inside.

Snore — the persistent refusal to release old patterns.

Cellulite — the emotion of anger and a sense of self-punishment, binding to pain, preoccupation with the past, fear choose their own path in life.

Jaw problems — the emotion of anger, indignation, outrage, resentment, revenge.

Neck — stubbornness, rigidity, inflexibility, intransigence, the refusal to look at the issue from different sides.

Thyroid — resentment, the emotion of fear.

Eczema — a very strong contradiction of something, a rejection of anything else.

Enuresis — fear of parents.

Epilepsy — a sense of persecution, a sense of struggle, violence towards themselves.

Ulcer — the emotion of fear.

Barley — the emotion of anger.

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