Subliminal program: How do people create disease

The basic law of life, maintaining a dynamic equilibrium, or homeostasis. And every living organism in accordance with the internal law of life seeks homeostasis. This law is valid from the first days of life of any living creature. It is the balance of life processes must be carried out continuously and in all conditions.

In a living organism is the external impact of the Reality of Existence. He is responsible for this effect (this is, in fact, distinguishes the living from the dead). A healthy organism is an organism in which there is harmony or dynamic equilibrium.

Of course, it's not easy to maintain harmony in modern conditions of life. But if it is broken, then it can be restored, especially as the body constantly strives for it.

Illness is a signal of imbalance. Nerve endings let us know that in a certain place in our body that something is wrong. Pain — just healthy nervous reaction that wants to say to us: "Hey, honey, there's something that you have to pay attention."

And if people do not pay proper attention or numbs the pain pills, the subconscious will make a man more pain. Thus, by using such a signal as pain, the subconscious manifests his care of us to achieve a certain positive goal — to tell us that something is wrong. So treat your illness with respect.

Generally, before you can begin to heal, change your attitude to the disease. In any case don't treat the disease as something bad, even if the disease is fatal. Don't forget that this disease has created your subconscious mind, which always and everywhere takes care of you. So it had its good reasons. You shouldn't abuse your body and your illness. Give up the fight against the disease. But on the contrary, thank God, your subconscious mind over disease. Thank the disease itself. Even if it sounds strange — do it.

Modern Orthodox medicine does not cure people, precisely because they fight the disease. That is, it seeks to suppress or eliminate its consequences. And the reasons remain deep in the subconscious and continue their destructive action.

We get the following picture: the subconscious mind creates the disease as a signal to our conscious mind, that is trying to tell us some information on your language, and we go to the doctor and drowns out the signal of pills. It turns out, struggling with themselves, and even choose the means harder and more expensive for this fight. Absurd?!

Doctor's task is not to interfere with the body and not to suppress his reaction, but to help "the internal doctor". Thinking doctor will activate the self-healing. Think about it — their own. Your body strives for balance. You only need to help him. So why would you not be in the role of assistant. Each of us has our own "inner doctor".

In our culture it is accepted to consider the disease as evil, as something beyond our control, look for causes outside. This gives you the opportunity to take a very comfortable position, "I for their diseases do not respond. Let doctors solve the problem."

Well, if a person does not want to take responsibility for their disease, they become incurable or into one another. P then such a man begins to blame circumstances, bad weather, family, people in General, the work of doctors. And it instead to go inward and help yourself.

Now let's consider the attitude to illness and to the patient from the point of view of modern medicine. At first, the doctors diagnosed, that is, give the name of the disease is labelled. And then help to suppress the disease with medication. Of course, they ease suffering, but the cause in this case is not eliminated and the disease takes a chronic form, or transferred from one body to another. That is, the doctors give the patient a kind of crutches, such as drugs, and taught to live with them. In General, modern medicine is theater of the absurd! The function of the physician is to ensure that fit under a specific pattern diagnosis, and then give him matching this pattern pills, crutches.

But the doctors in any case not to blame for this. Just in medical institutions for six to eight years are taught certain behaviors. In the official medicine is dominated by the Newton-Cartesian model. And future doctors are taught to perceive the patient and the disease in a certain way. Modern scientific discoveries and practices prove that this model is obsolete and must be changed.

In General, the official medicine has developed a very interesting situation. Spent a lot of money to create new drugs, new research methods: ments and diseases not only not diminishing, but becoming a chronic focus and there are more new. The disease is not cured, but suppressed.

Even modern devices that affect the energy structure of the person, do not eliminate the causes of disease. They displace the disease at deeper and deeper levels of the subconscious. And as long as scientific research and discoveries carried out in the framework of the old model, the situation with the treatment of illnesses not only will not change but get worse.

Modern medicine with its drug-induced chemical treatments less and less drawn to the inner essence of a person. No individual approach. This contributes to excessive specialization, when the doctor would be responsible for a specific organ or system of the body.

Another factor is the discipline of medicine from the pharmaceutical industry that in the pursuit of profit of another, well publicized drug forgets about the person. But many doctors become dealers for the sale of drugs of a particular company.

In addition, drugs tested on animals (and who knows how they will act on the person), so it is often side effects. And last doctors of allopathic strive to customize the patient's status under the specific pattern is called a diagnosis. And no wonder, then, why allopathic medicine is in a state of crisis since the days of Hippocrates. And all this is because outdated ideological model, which she enjoys.

S. N. Lazarev in one of his books there is a beautiful parable:

Allah gathered the people and began to distribute penalties for violations of the laws of the Universe. The doctor got the biggest punishment. The doctor was indignant:

Why? I'm a doctor, I help people, I save them from suffering!

Allah said:

Because I send people to the disease because of their sins, to teach them, and you prevent them to realize that.

I am in no way detracts from the merits of the medicine. And do not call to abandon modern advances. Medicine has learned to alleviate the suffering, and that's good. If a person has a heart attack or traumatic brain injury, it is necessary to render immediate assistance, not to conduct soul-saving conversation.

But a new approach to disease and patient will help to avoid such life-threatening diseases and situations. That is, using the new ideological model, it is possible not only to recover from those diseases that you already have, but just to be healthy.

This is a completely new state of consciousness. JUST TO BE HEALTHY.

I propose to keep and use certain medical advances, and to act under the new model, in which the patient is not a passive waiting on the side — and he plays one of the main roles. And the doctor in this model is not a function of the paramedic, and the role of a thinking creative person. The role of the healer! No wonder the ancients said that the doctor-philosopher — God is similar.

As the saying goes: "Demand creates supply". What is the model of the people — such and in medicine.

I was convinced in practice that many patients simply are not ready to perceive the inner causes of their illnesses. They want a "magic pill" or "unique device" that will cure their illness for one or more steps. People create their own illness, and then hope that someone for them will solve their problem.

And when pills do not work, they start to lay claim to the doctors. Although the doctors here at anything. Still no doctor has cured a single disease. As someone said of the great: "Nature cures, and doctors arrogate to themselves merit." I believe that the doctors should help a sick person become healthy or learn to maintain health at the proper level. It needs to be first and foremost a healer.

It is very important that the patient understand that modern medicine only alleviates suffering, inhibiting the disease or eliminating their consequences. The philosophy of modern medicine is simple: to clean up the investigation, regardless of the causes of the disease.

Psychics and new appliances that affect the energy structure of the person, doing the same thing. In many cases, they are very effective. But they also do not eliminate the causes of disease, and drive the disease to a more subtle energy level.

The disease begins to destroy is not a separate organ but the whole organism, the immune system goes on the offspring. That is, for the sake of temporary health and the physical energy of the human body is destroyed, his future, strategic reserves.

It turns out that the consequences of the work of an illiterate psychic or modern psychogeriatr much more dangerous than aspirin. While medicine continues to create more powerful ways to suppress diseases, it condemns all of humanity to a slow and painful extinction.

I'm not going to scare you. I just want to show that a model for the treatment of diseases, which was established in medicine a few centuries ago, is clearly outdated. It's time to change it. It is time to enter the real cause of the disease and to work with them.

I propose to look at disease from a different perspective. If we assume that we create their world and their lives, and the diseases we create for ourselves. If what we have in life, consistent with our subliminal program behavior and our thoughts, and our diseases reflect certain our thoughts and behaviors. That is, the causes of disease hidden within ourselves.

On the other hand, the disease can be seen as a lock to prevent incorrect behavior and misunderstanding of the laws of the surrounding world.

"And what about the environment? — you will ask. Or food?"

The environment creates a kind of background for the disease, which can affect its course and development.

Imagine the human body. It is the body, consciousness and subconsciousness. All this constitutes a single unit. What we know about the functions and possibilities of the body, something we know about the functions of consciousness.

About the subconscious mind, we know practically nothing. This topic was long time banned. And this, incidentally, is very good. As thus guarded the Holy of holies of man. Recently began the active introduction into the human subconscious. There are different ways of coding from diseases and bad habits, exposure through print, radio, TV, psychic impact. It is absolutely not accounted for subconscious causes of the problem.

In addition, the doctors performing such sessions is far from perfect. For example, psychotherapist encodes the sick from alcoholism, and he abuses alcohol, or a doctor trying to treat a patient from any organic disease, and thus he is sick with the same disease or others. Ophthalmologist wears glasses. The psychoanalyst is treated by a psychoanalyst. Many psychics get sick themselves and treat themselves can not. Something here not so! It turns out that the methods which they use do not have this therapeutic effect, otherwise, would have long since healed themselves.

As I wrote, illness is a signal to our consciousness of imbalance.You can try to restore the balance on the physical level. For example, diabetes to inject insulin or heart failure to take cardiac glycosides. But it will only be a temporary relief. You can try to balance food, exercise, physiotherapy, and fasting, breath, hardening.

There are many schools of such areas. And they really do help. But not all diseases. And again, this is only the external effects on the body. And no matter how expanded the possibilities of modern medicine using the latest chemicals and high-power devices, the essence remains the same: the relief of the suffering with suppression of the disease. The reasons are still not eliminated and the disease itself is reset to the finer levels of man and even on his children.

There are causes of diseases, which lie in the deeper and more subtle level than physical and chemical. This level of information-energy fields. In short, it is our thoughts, feelings and emotions, our behavior, our worldview.

Consciousness and the human body carry only 1— 5 percent of the information. It was always assumed that a person uses only a fraction of their abilities. The main information of the human being is contained in its information-energy structures, which was called "the subconscious".

The subconscious contains the entire set of programs, his behavior, which he "inherited" from their parents and brought into this world. In other words, in his subconscious coded information about their ancestors and descendants. These structures create the future of man. This explains the phenomenon of divination and foretelling the future. A fortune-teller or magician "read" information from the subconscious structures of the human in a certain way, often using ritual (card, lines on the hand, rolling out and pouring the egg or wax, etc.), and bring the resulting information to the consciousness. Nothing fatal, but this is not, as the fate we create for ourselves.

We get the following picture: there is a subconscious program of human behaviour and energy-informational structures of the Universe. If a person's thoughts and behaviour come into dissonance with a single organism of the Universe, it leads to impaired balance and harmony in man. This, in turn, reflected on his fate or condition. Imagine what would happen if a cell in the body will cease to live by the laws of the organism itself. For the body it becomes a sick cell, and he will seek first to heal her, and if that does not help, then — to destroy.


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Thus, disease is a message to your subconscious that your behavior and some of your thoughts and feelings are in conflict with the laws of the Universe. So, in order to cure any disease, you need to lead your thoughts and emotions in accordance with the universal laws.published

Valery Sinelnikov "Love your disease"


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