A real woman and a Real man. It's simple.

Today's article is about a Real woman and a Real man. On the extent to whether this is a prerequisite of happiness and happy relationships. Or still there is this, it seems to be a natural desire, a trick.

I understand that my article is likely to cause rejection, and perhaps even resentment from those who are asleep, those who sees himself as a real sex and those who lead seminars and consultations on these topics. Today this topic is, at least, the Internet has surpassed even the theme infobusiness and went out in the first series Sabinanigo rating.

There are a lot of men who teach women how they can become real.

Most of them just impose women your men's dreams – " I want you to become like this! And I know better than you what you should be!". And I was lucky to find a workshop where a woman was taught "How to be a real man!". It's strange... where is the justice?

We are suddenly concerned that we urgently and without fail to become real Men and real Women! Of offers thousands. Novice speakers just rehash the Vedic instruction or more advanced peers. Advanced try to be more informative and original. But still again.

All operate on the concept of Yin and Yang, in recounting this philosophical concept in his own way, adapting their understanding. I even met somewhere in the view that each person should be at fifty percent of these energies. But what measure, were not told.

This topic will be a separate article. Since the issue is very extensive.

So. Wandering through the expanses of the Internet, by reading articles on the topic of "real woman", listening to the pieces of the webinars, I am confused completely. That still studied the question, was conscious and tried to be just an observer and analyst.

I found some directions.

And everywhere I turned, the main phrase real woman SHOULD! A real man NEEDS! Confused everything! Clean! Voices interrupting each other in the directions "who owes what to whom".

Well... this article is my attempt to somehow structure this subject, especially for myself and for those my structure will do. Because the chaos will not change nor move nor BE. And we murk mix.

After reading a huge number of rules what should a woman (of course, this one) and what it should be, I saw these rules, simple Human qualities that are not gender General never!

Of course, I'm talking about a Man awakening, and understand that sleeping with the world and people my views are in profound discord.

So let's start with a simple example. It is described in the book "Men are from Mars – women are from Venus". Author John Gray. Summary of the example:

For women normal two hours to make my husband's brain recounting all that happened today with her, her mom, her friend, her roommate, a clerk in the store, her children and the neighborhood. Husband proposed to be compassionate and patient to listen to her at least twenty minutes. Then advises the woman to find such outpourings friend. Because, like, these conversations women take almost sexual pleasure.

— Yeah???

Come on girls. Those who have long dealt with the fact that different kinds of gossip, gossip, empty chatter, condemnation, discontent suck you dry, lower vibration, is injected into the gloom. Are you ready to listen to a friend for hours? You have the pleasure of this communication? No? So true that guff is a natural quality of a woman?

And when a man like this? I have met such men. They can all night, turning the topic to scold, to criticize, to condemn everything that comes to their attention. That they do feminine? Or, after all, a man is not enough positive Person? With gall and evil character?

Let me get this straight. If a harmonious men and women harmonious to this behavior is in principle not possible, because already as a fact does not exist in their lives, it can be a negative talk, it is a human quality???

Another example from the same book:

For men normally become surly, short, stop to chat with a woman, avoid her. And it will be called "leave the cave". And a woman SHOULD ( note, again, must) to understand and get rid of the men with their attempts to clarify the situation..

Question for you men. To those who evolyutsioniruet and which awakens the Heart. To you who have become much more sensitive and responsive. You want to torture your favorite sullen silence? Or is it loving and respecting the feelings of the native women, you will be able to say to her – "Dearest, don't worry, this is my internal process. I love you. I'm with you. I just need to be alone". And most importantly! Will not be struggling to show their inner conflict.

Because the more evolyutsioniruet a person is, the less dramatic and negative its internal processes. As men and women.

So, a lack of sensitivity, rigidity, even cruelty, disrespect and carelessness for other people's feelings, this is a male quality or is it universal? After all, men with an open heart cease to do so? And then, don't we know women with such qualities?

And the man? Yes, any Man will live in constant stress, struggle and fear, if not to embrace life and the events in it. If you don't stop to be dramatic and learn to manage your life so that it ceased to happen radically negative events. So, to be able to make — condition of a happy life for all?

I agree! She can do it perfectly! But at the same time, and I agree that it is a normal human quality, when one Person can support another Person. And a man woman, man man. To praise, admire, time to say a friendly word. This is normal for everyone!

And the man?Their attitude and behavior to raise the rating of their women to the level of "amazing" it is normal for men? If it's normal for men and women, so it's normal at all for a Man! Normal and treat another with respect and not try to humiliate him in others or to show their superiority. Normally to show friendliness and courtesy.

Normal for any Human being! And gender characteristics have nothing to do with.

She is a criminal. What does Honesty and respect of these promises each other that no human quality? And what is a lie does not torment the Soul by both men and women? What is the entanglement of energy does not destroy the man and drains his life force? What's a gender?

Here I found another description of the qualities. Again a list of what NEEDS a woman, of course — real.

To be – loving, kind, wise, patient, hardworking, economical, fair, charming. It is easy to say that about a man.


A woman should not be greedy. And the man, apparently, NEEDS!

A woman should be familiar with the Laws of Life. It seems the man didn't need it, is unnecessary.

A woman should be able pleased to say. Yeah... and the man may be inarticulate and narrow-minded.

A woman needs to be good to relatives and friends of the husband...

Well all. I'm tired. It is clear that name it makes no sense. Google able to use it. Simply type a phrase — "What should a real woman." Can do the same trick with a "real man" Just don't get off your mind from the ocean of contradictory rules and dogmas.

So! What am I after all?

Yes, that will be enough to live-dying to the old relationship. If we think of ourselves as people awakening, it's good to try to understand that all of our lists about who owes what to whom or is eighty percent of the enumeration of NORMAL HUMAN qualities.

And remember that in the not so distant 19th century, many of them were the usual qualities of educated and intelligent people. And then we collapsed into total darkness. But now that everything has changed!

Friends! As soon as we see that a person is acting impartially, not because he's not a real man or a real woman, and the Person who chose such a negative reality that this act characterizes it primarily as NOT a real Person, we will remove a lot of claims against each other.

Get out of the dull fog and realize that first of all it is necessary to become a Real Man, living according to the harmonious laws of the Universe, manifesting the qualities of God – Love, warmth actions for the good of all, sharing the joy, respect and so on. And once we're able to manifest in yourself, then men and women will follow. As a result of the fact that we become Real.

Do you now have seen how little is actually qualities separating us by gender. Most of them, after all- human.

Looks like some chaotic get the article. But the stream still goes on and, with such ferocity that it's hard for me to shift the text all the information that enters.

If the subject to deploy, you can write a small book. . But there is no need. As further expected your independent work in this direction. Meditate on this topic. Analyze. Looking for information, examples, translate everything into Basic, Fundamental principles.

If you do not like in another Person or yourself, do not rush to blame and stick labels – it's feminine or not manly. Ask yourself – "is This even Humanly?"

And get the clearest insight. And everything will fall in place. And the world will become easier. And leave voltage. And disappear claims – "a real man NEEDS and a woman NEEDS!"

And will understand – "this Person is NORMAL this or that".

And who he should or not, everyone chooses. published

Author: Aigul Edilbaeva

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

Source: molodilnik.org/index.php/muzhchina-i-zhenshchina/139-nastoyashchaya-zhenshchina-nastoyashchij-muzhchina-vse-proshche-chem-nas-pytayutsya-ubedit#mc-1304052


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