HOW TO BECOME A clever woman

Probably the most comprehensive article on how to be a smart woman, and find a simple female happiness

If a woman is confident that once the man said the word "love" in her direction need to immediately jump into the maelstrom of head and body in his bed, the more it is not necessary to read and even more so it is not necessary to read the entire series of articles on how to become intelligent woman because it will all be useless - intelligent woman she had never become.

Simple woman's happiness, such as a happy love, husband, family, children, a home - you need every woman. But if an ordinary woman is convinced that happy love you just found the right man, the wise woman knows that love is just like any other human relationship requires certain directing effort.

Smart woman leaves nothing to chance, it follows its rules and principles belonging to its code of personal happiness, she is well aware that passion has nothing to do with love, and that in order to love the passion turned into a need to work hard on this, despite the fact that the result of such work can not be guaranteed and are often not worth the game worth the candle.

A smart woman can distinguish passionate love, as it happens at the beginning of the common passion arises easily and just as easily the cooling of the actions that performs or does not make a man love and she just simply does not enter into hopeless passionate relationship because such a relationship in the end lead to frustration, heartache and suffering can last for years, while the very passion rarely lasts more than a few months.

While ordinary woman hanging upside down in a whirlpool of love enjoying the ups and downs in the abyss of passion, clever woman quietly and slowly building a relationship with a beloved man leading to Marriage, birth of children, a happy marriage, welfare and prosperity.

Plain woman is not able to be happy outside the relationship with a man, as a man without her life is empty and boring, because it is not realized in life and society, it is not able to solve their problems on their own, a life without a man from the ordinary woman to go to a meeting with the expectation "their" man, "a man of destiny," which will come by itself and solve all her problems, make it beautiful, healthy, wealthy, happy, successful! And these expectations are often leave empty language all short "Babi century┬╗.

A smart woman can be happy with both men and without it. Although she does not think her life complete if there is no happy love, but she never asks the heavens "how to live?", Because her life is full of urgent tasks, concerns, accomplishments, achievements, friends, travel, pleasure, work ... and men, of which she, if she wants to always find a suitable for yourself, even if it is now with him and do not know.
Happiness smart women, depends not on love or dislike of the man, not the will of blind chance, not by the machinations of rivals or help friends, but only on her own.

So, the main difference between the relationship of love on the part of a clever woman of ordinary women is that it not only understands love as a system of actions leading to the special relationship between a man and a woman called "love", but actively making meaningful efforts to build such relations , while ordinary woman leaves all to chance.

Being an intelligent woman - is not a gift from heaven, it is a continuous and tireless work on themselves, on relationships and on his beloved.

If a woman chooses to go with the love of the will of the waves, it is not surprising that soon would be around coastal foam, river mud, sand, dirt yes, and she was like a chip will hang among this unsightly environment.

Choosing a partner
Ordinary women often do not choose a man for a relationship, it is given to the first who himself drew attention to it, begin courting, or simply offer a relationship or proposal ... ... lately the most common, men are less likely to waste time for an indefinite period of courtship and seduction. And what can we expect in the future from the relationship started in a similar way? Only the sudden closure of a man due to saturation and boredom, painful parting and a few months of suffering, emotional issues, and throwing herself in the style of "Why it is so, they say that love?┬╗

Improper male surfer is like - it always appears on the wave of passion. Smart woman knowing this does not make any difference gives passion, she throws herself into the arms of a man just because he is something out there passionately poured out to her. Smart woman knows how easily the passion flares up in men's hearts, so with the same elegant ease it in, and go out.

Smart woman does not divide the men nor the signs of the zodiac, nor on psychological types or classifications of stupid of women's magazines. She divides them into two groups of all - on suitable and unsuitable men to her personally. The second group is especially diverse and numerous, so I'll start with her.

Unsuitable men
Unsuitable man has a property easily and smoothly penetrate into the heart of the ordinary woman thirsting absolutely any male attention, but a smart woman would never give any to your heart or your body in the hands of a man who does not fit her as a partner. It does not make itself, and will not allow the man to do any action in respect of itself until it is completely certain that occupies a central place in his system of values, it is the object of careful, attentive, caring relationships.

Smart woman does not begin relations with a man who stubbornly silent about his past, ingoriruya all her questions on this topic. She never bought a cat in a bag, so as not to encounter later daunting and overwhelming facts biography of the man with whom she had time to fall in love at the time.

Smart woman will not fall in love with a man, even if it feels a strong emotional attraction to him, if he this attraction to her has not, or if his emotional need for it less than he him. Began a relationship with such an unequal situation with the guarantee you get into such a strong dependence on men which then will be very difficult, if not impossible to break.

Smart woman will never give my heart to a man in a society of which she feels anxious and uncomfortable, even if it does not see any clear discernible reason for such anxiety. Smart woman always trust your intuition, she knows that if at the beginning of the relationship the man does not provide a sense of security and reliability, later it becomes a little peace of hell, when the emotional cocktail companion all relations more will be added and jealousy, lack of partner and Me, suspicions, doubts and other negative states and emotions, so far from happy love, to which only a clever woman and seeks.

Smart woman will not mess with a man, if he sees that he is lying, even if he still does it only in relation to other people. She knows that in a relationship with her men tend to lie is neither frank nor honest and no "special" relationship or love will not protect her from cheating on his part.

Smart woman will not associate with a man in the past, which she opened betrayal, whatever the words and the circumstances of a man they did not explain or justify. She knows that in due time and in relation to it, he did the same, and will be justified in front of her and another woman with the same words, denigrating and lays it in the same way as it is doing now in front of her in relation to his past once his beloved woman.

Smart woman a single minute will not remain with a man unable to empathize with a man who feels perfectly when she is bad n the heart and sick at heart. Such a man can not bring in a woman's life is nothing but frustration and feelings of loneliness no matter how ardent feelings and ...

Smart woman does not approach a man whose self-esteem soars to the heavens when he can humiliate her, or if he's just making such attempts. In a relationship with such a man can neither stand up from their knees or to rise above the level of the plinth is constantly feeling like something to him guilty and something he obliged.

Smart woman falls in love with a man whose affairs at odds with his words, a man she does not comply with these promises, even if it's some little things, because the relationship between man and woman is not and there are no trifles. As a man behave in the small, so it will come in big.

Smart woman will not have any relations with the powerful, loving and accustomed to command and brooked no argument a man because a man little by little it will suppress any initiative, any manifestation of free individuality requiring it only unquestioning obedience. But this is not what they are looking in a relationship with a man free, self-sufficient woman.

Smart woman will not fall in love with a man from whom she does not see the manifestations of affection, caring attention to displays of affection, or if such acts make her feel uncomfortable, and he was given a visible effort. It is likely to be in a relationship with a silent and unfeeling stone idols from which besides mechanical ... nothing will get more.

Smart woman carefully avoided to have any relationship with a man prone to feel angry, irritated, prone to verbal aggression is even against third parties, because the next step is a manifestation of physical violence victim who can be herself.

Smart woman will never fall in love with an exotic man, in the man with whom she does not have absolutely nothing in common - no education, no culture, no education, no religion or outlook on life or on the relationship of a man with a woman who thinks, speaks and feels completely differently than she did. With such a man is guaranteed to be difficult to establish a close and trusting relationship since women and men already differ greatly.

Suitable men
A smart woman knows that the right man in the beginning of a relationship often seems somehow ordinary, drab and boring. It does not come from either the thrill of passion, no excitement, he is not a hero stormy romances and melodramas, it hardly stands out from the other men and much to lose against unsuitable men shining bright, crisp wrappers.

For this reason, an ordinary woman often misses "her man", "man of destiny", a man with whom it would be possible to "a simple woman's happiness", love and family.

Plain woman is easily scattered by such men "inferior" to their girlfriends and then biting his elbows watching the family fortune friend, while its exotic and passionate horseman has long since melted away on the horizon, leaving only bitter memories, but broken woman's heart.

Smart woman appreciates a man with whom feel calm and safe, men for whom it is the most important person in their life, men exhibiting loyalty and devotion, men who know how to win her heart is not foreign tinsel, passionate words and gifts, and the content of your inner soul and heart.

And in such an intelligent woman falls for men, it is with them, she gives birth to a child and builds family relationships.

All it takes time
Of course a thorough and careful selection of a partner requires time, effort, attention to themselves and men and, therefore, an ordinary woman always somewhere hurrying and hurrying neglects them believing that if there is a passion, it is the best guarantee of a happy and serene future.

But a smart woman recognizing the high importance of happy love spares no time to get to know a man with whom she was going to share the rest of your life with a smile after watching unsuitable men who are unable to withstand the test it has been removed from the circle of its communication. They carry with them their own frustration and anger, not her broken heart.

In an intimate relationship can neither be "pull" happy love or order her to appear. But it may be highly likely to predetermine if you make a good choice of a good partner, the most suitable to you personally.

Feelings men
Do you love me? - The question of male insecurity generated in its significance for women. Ordinary woman with joy responds to this question is a trap, and confesses his love for a man hoping to hear a response recognition. But as a rule instead, she soon gets old question again, and then again and again, the man himself does not seek to admit their feelings, and if persistent ordinary woman just asked him about it, answers evasively - "I like you" "I adore you", "I'm from you crazy" - and other such to nothing binding phrases.

As a result, an ordinary woman is defenseless before the man turned inside out inside out their feelings in front of him, while he continued to use her love for fun does not seek to define, let alone take on any obligations.

Smart woman will never admit their feelings to the man first, even if it gets dark in the eyes of love. She knows that men love women born much slower and only making efforts for rapprochement, while remaining uncertainty about the feelings of a woman to him, man can come to understand that he is in love with this particular woman, that he not only wants it but also wants to know her as a person wants to communicate with her, is next to her, listen to her voice, to admire its appearance, that is to make all those small, but filled with a special meaning for the love of the heart action, which are so well described by poets all times and peoples.

A smart woman is not a man puts himself in front of the very first meetings on the dish, she never confuse intimacy with awareness and not just in a hurry to tell about all the show and in everything that the opinion of ordinary women must inevitably draw a man's heart to her. In contrast, intelligent woman leaves a man the opportunity to make known the efforts to become better acquainted with her, she leaves all initiative to converge entirely on the man by giving him a chance to overcome the natural distance existing at the beginning of any relationship, but without making a step forward, and as long as man will not be completely in love with her himself, without pushing and provocation on her part, does not recognize this.

In contrast, an ordinary woman does not see anything wrong with that declaration of love to the first, and sometimes she even tries to start a relationship with this man does not pay before any attention to it, and then another, and wonders, chasing him everywhere with her love, why he is not interested in it, does not speak gentle words, does not bestow gifts, does not offer and comes only when he needed ... right down to business without further ado, and then immediately runs away pulling his pants on the move.

If a man does not show his feelings clever woman never seeks to force him to do so. She is emotionally restrained, friendly, responsive, but a little cool and somewhat aloof. This behavior generates in the soul of a man uncertain of their significance for her, he begins to worry and this concern makes him strive for closer rapprochement, man seeks to better understand the feelings of a woman to him, seeks all ways to arrange her to him, trying to show their -that is the best side does all the things that the people are called "courtship" and that for men is a necessary stage of relations in which he realizes that he is in love.

Ordinary woman herself suffering from uncertainty and anxiety tends to skip over this exciting and uncertain stage of relations vysprashivaya man about his feelings and prompting him to the correct answers, or even, as I said above - a declaration of love itself. This she flatly denies themselves the chance to rekindle the fire of love in the heart of man and his relationship to it and stops at the level of interest and ... does not develop in the direction of love.


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