The fundamental principle of prosperity: What we give = we get

Since childhood I was interested in the phenomenon of prosperity — why are so arranged that someone who lives in abundance, and someone who, though working up a sweat, but it Ekes out a miserable existence?

What is the secret of prosperity? And is there some secret or it is all about luck?

I'm 29 and I must confess in my years I have understood nothing. However, watching life and analyzing my experience, I see that there are some laws — the universal laws of prosperity that are applicable to all of us no matter what we do.

I want to share my experience and knowledge with You.

Why are the rich becoming richer and the poor poorer? There is some logic and justice?

And the most important — is it possible to change something in your life?

Let's start in order.

First of all, let's define terms. What does it mean to be rich?

Not so long ago (only a couple of years ago), I realized that wealth and money are not one and the same.

Wealth is much broader — it includes the money including, but not limited to them.

Time, freedom, health, happiness, growth, peace of mind, harmonious relationships with others, the happiness of a family/intimate relationship, friendship, people, opportunities, coincidences, luck — all the elements of prosperity and wealth.

This is something each of us deep down is committed, but mistakenly believes that the main thing — to earn more money, and everything else attached bonus to a fat wallet.

Big mistake.

Money is only a part of prosperity, they are not guaranteed by the other components of a rich life. Imagine that person on account of a lot of money, but he is paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair for life.

Of course, extreme example, but you do see it — so many people on this planet have money, but poor and miserable.

In English this difference is clearly seen — there are two words "rich" and "wealthy". The first means "have a lot of money", and the second is "he's rich".

From personal experience — when I worked in the office, I was, as they say, "a rich guy" — I had a lot of money, but I was not rich — in life there was no balance, no peace of mind, constant stress, quality of life was bad, periodically suffered health, relationships exhausting, and frankly, didn't have time to live fully and get satisfaction from earned money. The money is easy come and just as easily could have gone to shit — why does it happen, tell below.

I will further develop this idea — I'm sure You already understood, what is the difference between "lot of money" and "wealth".

The principles set out below — they are not about the money. You won't find here tips how to earn "quickly and without much labor." But You might find the answer here why such a scheme of enrichment do not work.

This post about wealth in the broadest sense. Things we say — the Foundation on which prosperity is based, regardless of times and eras.

It is a strategy, not a tactic

After all, wealth is not the ability to make money. But poverty is not the lack of money. Wealth and poverty is a state of consciousness, mentality, way of thinking, not the amount in your Bank account.

I noticed that the thinking of rich people different from poor way of thinking.

Ironically, most rich people in my life manage to fail a few times, that does not prevent them quickly get rich again.

And at the same time, there are many examples where poor people, breaking the big jackpot in the lottery wasting money, quickly returning to poverty.

I have the feeling that there are a number of invisible rules, principles and attitudes that makes a person rich.

My experience in these matters, quite modest — I just opened the first page of the big book. However, I still managed to understand and the desire to share these observations with You inspired me to write this post.

The 10 commandments of prosperity, although, of course, principles of prosperity, worth mentioning, much more than ten. But where it is necessary to start this big topic, so I singled out the ten that seem to me most significant.

So there you go!

1. Give more than you take It is a fundamental principle of prosperity.

A man who has realized this principle and applying it to life, is DOOMED to prosperity.

People who do not understand this principle and do not use it in a life DOOMED to poverty.

Why? Because it's the law — that's our universe.

We are all in high school physics classes have passed the universal principle of conservation of energy, but somehow forgot about it...

Indeed, what does this have to do with our daily lives? And the most direct.

Money is energy. To money, the principle of conservation of energy.

What does this mean in practice?

If You want to get a certain amount of energy in the form of money, You need to give the Universe the same amount of energy in another form — be it Your time, efforts, work, help — single word, make something useful, to create and give the world some value.

Here is a simple formula:

What we give = we get

Question from textbook elementary arithmetic class — "how to get more?"

The answer, I think, is obvious:

to give more value = more gain

and continuing this logic:

possible to give (to create the maximum value) = limit (prosperity, abundance and wealth)

It would seem very simple, however, many people try to live according to that principle is only to receive without giving anything in return.

I'm sure each of You spam box chock-Packed newsletters with headlines from the "earn 100,000 rubles already today, even without leaving the couch"

People with poverty mentality trying to impose their philosophy that, well, you can just take without giving anything in return.

This ignorance, do not operate the laws of the Universe.

By the way, please note what the terms we often use dealers to "cut", "organize", "quick and easy", "now", "effortless", etc. About the importance of how we speak about money, will be discussed below.

But back to the principle of conservation of energy.

So, the basis of prosperity and perhaps the only way to make decent for the benefit of yourself and others — focus on creating maximum value for other people, society, the world.

Summarizing this paragraph:

"Create value and share it with others. The money will come — that's the way the laws of the Universe. Focusing on value creation, not consumption, man admits in your life the energy of prosperity."

2. Earn sattvic Initially, the energy of money is neutral. Same as neutral, for example, electricity.

Electricity killing cows in modern rivademar, but the same electricity can illuminate, warm and fed.

People by their actions and intentions gives neutral in nature energy (whether electricity or money) a charge — either positive or negative.

How we earn and spend money, it paints the energy of money in a certain color.


My experience and observations indicate the following:

the money earned in ignorance (Tamas), impregnated with ignorance and are spent mostly on ignorance, the fruit around grief and suffering

Money ignorance is the money from the murder and violence from any activity leading to the degradation of people, or based on deception — wars, killing, meat, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, weapons, bribes, kickbacks, divorce, raiding, fraud, theft, etc.

Fortunately, I have not had to make money Tamas. The money earned in this way, become a curse — neither of which the wealth and prosperity here we are not talking.

Tamasine cases lead to degradation and extinction.

The money earned in passion (rajas), are impregnated with passion, spent in passion and ignite even more passion

Money passion is money from activities whose main purpose is to make money. Is any work for money in the first place. By and large, this can be attributed to the whole business (except sattvic), office of plantation, building a career, the ambitions, the capture of new markets, etc.

When I worked as a lawyer in the office, I was earning money, highly colored in rajas. Not surprisingly, they also went on rajas expensive clothes, restaurants, cars, travel and other show-off.

Money rajas can come abundantly and easily, but also quickly and without leaving a trace, igniting more passion — greed. I described in detail this condition in this post.

In rajas, it is possible to be "rich" but not "wealthy". In my experience and observations, money rajas do not lead to wealth. A person can be a lot of money, but often money comes at the expense of victims of other aspects of wealth — health, relationships, family, peace of mind, etc.

The money earned in the mode of goodness (sattva), soaking in the goodness, support and multiply the goodness, giving prosperity and bringing benefit to others.

Money in sattva is money from activities which brings benefit to people and society in General, develops and uplifts the consciousness of people, helping those in need, reduce suffering and sorrow in the world.

A year after the layoffs, I started making what I'm doing now — teaching yoga and meditation workshops and retreats. I noticed that the money earned this way have a completely different charge, they have another power.

First, they no longer "fly the tube", and the second, lost the desire to spend money on passion.

But more important was that it wasn't about the money. Although the money I was earning less than office work, I felt much RICHER than before, getting more money.

This was the turning point when I realized that money and wealth are two different things.


"Only sattvic things lead to prosperity. Strive to earn the goodness."

3. Avoid debtsWhat is a debt from the point of view of the principle of conservation of energy, we were talking about above?

This imbalance — You've got the energy of money, not creating and not giving in return an equivalent value to the world. By and large, You got what You do not (yet) supposed to have — You haven't earned it. But as it usually happens, instead of create some value and make up for this imbalance, the individual takes out another loan deeper getting into debt...

It is important to understand that debt can not be prosperity.

The formula for prosperity: I give more than they consume.

Formula debt: I take more than I give.

Debt is financial sickness, it should be treated.

Life in debt is an essential attribute of a consumer society. After the consumer society is built on the principle of "take" not "give".

Klyunuv the bait of instant well-being, people buy yourself in debt the trappings of wealth, not realizing that the essence of prosperity in a harmonious energy exchange with the world, not the consumption of things. So people go deeper into debt, becoming poorer. It is no coincidence that there is an expression "debt hole" — this hole is not so easy to get.

The consumer society instills in us the idea that living in debt is the norm. There are whole Nations such as the US, where most people live in debt, they buy things in debt, study debt, are treated in debt, travel in debt, sometimes even eating into the debt. So debts have multiplied and transmitted from generation to generation.

It is sad to see that this pernicious idea of living on credit is rapidly spreading worldwide as an epidemic.

In Russia is gaining momentum in consumer lending. Dangerous trend, leading to the impoverishment of the people. Consumer lending is based on human greed and unawareness.

People buy things that they don't means (and often not at all necessary!), to impress other unconscious people. A characteristic feature of the mentality of poverty.

Treacherous Bank right there: "there is no money on unnecessary things, but I really want to enjoy it right now? do not worry — here you go, you just pay interest for three years!"

People with chronic debt is a black hole from the point of view of energy prosperity.

But worst of all is the position of a person who does not give their debts. Such a person incurs a financial curse, closing yourself the opportunity to prosper and to be rich.

Summing up:

"Wean to live in debt. Debts attract poverty and repel prosperity. So as soon as possible get rid of existing debts and not to produce a new future. Better to live modestly and to do a small, than to live luxuriously, but in debt."

4. Respect the energy of Lakshmi Try to look at our world through the eyes of the ancients — imagine for a moment that all the forces in our world, animated — rain, thunderstorms, sun, oceans, fire, etc. — for every strength there is a person, a living being with its own character. For clarity, imagine that the managers appointed to be responsible for a particular aspect of the universe.

In the Hindu Pantheon of gods Lakshmi is the Goddess responsible for the energy of prosperity. This is the Director of the main Bank of the Universe, managing all budgets and wealth.

Though she is a powerful Goddess in the first place, Lakshmi is a woman. And this should not be forgotten.

I often see people treat money lightly. Disrespectful attitude to money blocks the energy of prosperity.

There are also people who oppose the money — they perceive them as something dirty, unworthy, unclean, condemned wealth. In my opinion, is as reasonable as to be considered dirty and unworthy of wind and ocean waves.


Money is a grace of Lakshmi.

We may think that money gives us boss, but is it really? And who gives money to Your boss?

Attitude towards money should be built on respect and gratitude. Remember — You get gifts from women.

Will list just a few components of respect for the money so You better get the idea:

— clean and tidy

Cash should be stored in clean sturdy and better than an expensive purse. No crumpled, dirty bills in the back jeans pocket! The purse should be the money and cards, everything in its place. Non-cash money in a good Bank, separate accounts for different currencies, regular accounting and control.

respectful speech

Equally unacceptable as dismissive statements — "money, money, money for days, a Grand high five, hundred" and the diminutive "denyuzhku, penny".

Money is money. The ruble, dollar, Euro, franc, finances, investments, savings, funds and nothing else.

I don't know any rich man who would allow himself dismissive attitude to money.

— money is like the expense

Another sign of respect for the energy of money — know how much you earn and how much you spend.

Paradoxically, to count money — the habit of a rich man, and money to burn — a sign of poverty.

It is therefore necessary to keep track of your expenses and income. There are numerous mobile apps created specifically for this purpose. I strive most of the calculations carried out through Bank accounts — this ensures automatic fixing of receipts and expenditures.

Repeating every month the situation "I don't know where did my salary" is a typical example of the mentality of poor person.

— money is like the value

Man, "let the money" lost the favor of Lakshmi. Like money value. They are attracted to someone who is capable of this value to establish himself and who are able to adequately recognize it in the world. Throwing money, it means not to appreciate the potential inherent in the energy of money and not to respect Lakshmi.

— the art of taking

It is important to be able to take advantage of the money and other benefits that are sent to us by fate. Remember that the money You come over for Your past piety by the grace of lakṣmī, and not from aunt at the box office. We have a common answer "nothing" — disrespectful to this grace. There is nothing, then he deserves something. Therefore, "please" and "happy to serve" is much more appropriate response to the appreciation.

Summing up:

"Respectfully refers the energy of money, if you want to rely on the grace of Lakshmi"

5. Thank

Gratitude is one of the keys to a happy and abundant life, is the strongest means of changing reality. Gratitude changes our perspective from a negative aspect of life into positive and learn to see good in our lives, and not only in our, and just a good around in this Universe.

Gratitude opens us doors to abundance and prosperity. To be grateful is an integral part of the thinking of a rich man.

6. Help unselfishly

The opportunity to help is always there. Rich people see the opportunity and generously offer their help, while the poor think only about themselves. Of course, we are talking not only about aid money. Sometimes much more valuable assistance to advice, matter, time, experience and knowledge.

Assistance should be in response to a specific request for assistance. To impose its assistance if requested to do so, it is not necessary — no good it will not.Matter the mood in which we help others. The right attitude — a sincere and unselfish desire to help without the desire to get something in return.

Aid is not a deal "you — I, I — you".

Although I'm sure that many of You have noticed a pattern — in helping others we ourselves receive help and support where it is most needed. So helping others in debt you will never be a fact. Be sure to watch the movie "Pay it forward" — there is well passed the idea.

How can you help?

Start small — a revision of his things. What you didn't wear last year, most likely You will never wear will not — someone else these things are needed now more than You do. Find these people, help them and forget about it.

Need a ride person voting on the roadside in the pouring rain. Free, of course. And forget about it.

Take half an hour to a friend who asks for advice on a topic in which you understand. Help and forget about it.

Every day offers new opportunities to help, to serve and be useful.


"Do at least one good deed a day unselfishly."

7. Communicate with rich people the fastest growth happens when we find ourselves in a severe environment.

Want to learn English? Go to England for a full immersion culture — after a couple of months speak no other choice.

Want prosperity — communicate with rich people, will not notice how Your thinking, and with it life will begin to change.

Rich people do think differently than the rest.

By the way, do you know how to accurately identify, before You a rich man or not?

Here are just a few criteria:

1. A poor man works for money. He is committed to things — all his desires are selfish: he wants a nice car, a house, cottage, clothes, a yacht, beautiful travel, etc. he may be a lot of money, but he remains poor.

Rich people work for ideas, he is committed to the business — important for him to realize their ideas, to bring something new, to change the world. Of course, it can be a lot of money, but it is not linked to them — financial success came as a nice bonus to self-actualization and the doing.

2. Poor people discuss other people, their qualities and weaknesses, actions and words. Rich people discuss ideas — their ideas, they have neither the time nor the inclination to gossip and carry on idle conversation.

3. Another feature of the mentality of rich people is the ability and the desire to create an environment of cooperation from which all parties benefited. This is what is called a "win-win" (well all — well to me).

Every day I receive many letters there are also various proposals on cooperation. By HOW to write a letter, can accurately determine the mentality of the person.

Poor people write from a position of "I want to take — give me this, do this for me..."

Rich people write from a position of "I can give you, is what I can offer — there is a possibility that we can implement together"

Feel the difference?


"Chat with rich people, absorb their way of thinking, think like a rich man."


8. Donate for a good cause


It is an ancient principle, which You will find in any religion in the life of people in any era.

Somehow, intuitively, all the rich people understand that part of the money is not theirs — they need to sacrifice, to send to charity — good things, useful to people and society.

The mentality of a poor man protests: "to begin to engage in charity, I must first become rich. I will donate as soon as I have a lot of money."

Will not appear. Philanthropy leads to prosperity, and not Vice versa.

Rich people donate not because they are rich and they are rich largely because they sacrifice.

The donation is a deep mystical effect. A wise man sacrifices, knowing that it is good in the first place, for him.

Donations to purify the soul from the contamination of material attachment, weaken the lead for material values, teach man to be selfless and unattached. Only the selfless and unattached man can be truly rich.

Donations are prevention and treatment of such diseases of the mind like greed and selfishness.

However, to sacrifice correctly is an art in this issue is sorted out.

There are three kinds of donations:

in ignorance — donations unclean people and/or on the wrong target. When You are a professional beggar in the subway or serves alcoholic who buys her a bottle — you are making a donation in ignorance, thus maintaining the ignorance and the fruits of even more sorrow and suffering. You carry the karmic responsibility for the consequences of such donations. It is better not to make any donations, than to make ignorant donations.

passion is selfish donations. For example, donations in order to attract attention, to obtain social approval and recognition. It can be donations to a good cause, but with selfish intent — "let everyone know how generous I am, how good I am". Beware: the donation with the aim to gain wealth and prosperity is also a donation to passion. Such donations, though not hurt, but they don't have a deep transforming force, which was discussed above.

kindness is a selfless donation to the pure people and good things. Not so easy to find really good work — I advise You to study carefully this question.

Very well selflessly to help the saints — those who have dedicated their lives to spiritual practice. In the East is still alive this tradition that is extremely favorable is to take care of sadhu — Holy man — to offer him food, shelter and assistance.

If You are lucky enough and You know such people, help them without expecting anything in return.

As for good deeds — such projects are many, you should choose what is more, echoes and resonates, previously proved the purity of intentions of the people doing it.

What a good cause well worth supporting:

The soul care - spiritual development of people (training, dissemination of spiritual knowledge)

Body care - to feed needy people blessed with food, care for the sick and the afflicted.

Caring about society and the planet as a whole - the environment, social institutions, literacy, etc.


"Sacrifices, regardless of their financial situation. No money — give your time, strength, help. Sacrifice in sattva."

9. Honor his Artha

Eastern wisdom says that in life every person has four objectives:

  • Artha – wealth, prosperity
  • Kama – desire and pleasure
  • Dharma spirituality
  • Moksha – the liberation
Artha. Each person for a prosperous life required material goods, getting which it fulfills your desires. From a spiritual point of view there is nothing wrong if the man earns the money and has all the necessities of life. Importantly, he correctly used the material things and remember about spirituality, spiritual development, self-improvement.

Kama. People always have desires, but he should try not to get attached to them, to carry out only good desires and learn to transform them into higher spiritual ones.

Dharma – spirituality. The Foundation, without which wealth and the wish-fulfilment will not give a person permanent happiness and peace.

Moksha – liberation. This is the last stage of spiritual development when man knows his own nature and connect with God.

Man is born with a certain karma, due to his past actions. Karma, in particular, determines the Artha of the person's material situation in this life.

The idea may seem wild, but my observations and experience support this theory: not all of the money we earn in this life. On the contrary, 70% of all money in this life we've earned in the past. And in this life we are creating the Foundation for prosperity in his next life.

It is interesting that in Vedic astrology the money to the person can come in various ways — for example, through hard work, through art, through family, through friends, and also the easy money that come as a blessing.

Ways to get money in this life are determined by karma — the people they can be different, so it is important to know which methods of raising money open to You, and which on the contrary, will not lead to success.

If people do not know the nature of their Artha and seeks to money in an unnatural way, he may hurt himself.

For example, if the karma man closed the path of hard work (maybe he needs to earn his creativity), work in office for him will be torture and will bring him only trouble — the destruction of health, relationships, etc.


"You have to understand and accept that not everything depends on your actions in this life. Do what in your power, establish a Foundation for the future and accept with dignity the fruits of their karmic seeds."


10. Let the money flow and relax


This is now the age that people do not ask — everyone wants a million dollars.

But when asked: "imagine that the one million is already in your account — wherever you spent it?".

The answer is usually one of astonishment and bewilderment: "I haven't thought of yet. I thought how to make money, but did not think why. Probably buy a house and three cars".

Again we turn everything on its head.

So arranged that the man clearly knows what he is this notorious million, as a rule, it either already has, or will receive without much difficulty.

Money (like any other energy) is given to a person in the case and not just "to". All energy loves movement, in one place it becomes stagnant. Battery no work will discharge the water without movement — goes out, money without work — flow.

Allow money to flow freely through You — when they come, accept them with gratitude, but don't try to hold them in fear that it's all the money in the Universe.

If I at least understood something about money, it can be summed up in one word: "relax."

Relax about the money — they are exactly what you need right now.

We want a lot of money, forgetting that money is a big responsibility. Our relationship with money — how we earn and spend — creates our karma. The more money, the higher must be the awareness and responsibility for their actions, not to do things. Sometimes I meet people that do not have the money — this is better than to have them. So the universe cares about them and safeguard against evil deeds.

And Vice versa — if the idea of the person truly worthwhile and of benefit to the people, the whole universe will help him in its implementation, providing both money and helpers when the need arises.

Wealth is, by and large, the reservoir of good karma accumulated by pious actions in this and past lives.

When the need arises, kranchik is opened and the accumulated reservoir You get what you need most.

It doesn't have to be money — agree, not so often there are situations when you need money, more often — we need advice, help and support, inspiration, confidence, and timely information.

Have you ever thought about the fact that the desired information is received in time, can be much more valuable than money?

Have you ever thought about the fact that NOT to have some fierce desires is wealth?

In summary: "If a man observes the principles of prosperity, then it accumulate a strategic reserve — it will be money when there in need and he will help when he needs it. Relax and let the Universe take care of yourself the best way. Everything goes as it should!"

11. (BONUS) Do it!!!

It was in India, on advice from the astrologer.

Hereditary brahmin, master goitia 7 generation slyly squints and looks in your monitor, then my eyes, and begins pouring honey in your ears:

"Igor, you have such a good fate, this card! You're a lucky man, you in this life nothing to have to worry the money will be, health, etc., etc."

Sit, broke into a satisfied smile:

"So, you can relax and do nothing?" - ask him.

His expression changed — to replace the smile come concentrated wrinkles on his forehead, he removes his glasses, leans closer to me and softly says:

"No, dear, you do not understand. You need a lot of work — without effort, no success will be. Your card is just potential, you have it. But to use it, you need to work!"

Here it is — a moment of clarity!

Knowledge, information, understanding and even good karma is just not enough, nothing can be a substitute for action.

So if You really want to change something in your life, You must begin to act.

Summing up:

"Stop reading, stop dreaming — it's time to DO!"

Now You have read this post and thought "hmm, interesting, it is necessary to take note"

Well, what of it? What will change in Your life?

Do not tire of repeating this again and again: the information does not lead to transformation.

The majority of the commandments above is the verb in the active form, suggesting active operations - create value and share, earn in sattva and help others, sacrifice...

Let's see how much You really ready to change something — write in the comments below the number of the paragraph (one or several) and specify exactly what You at this point will do today.

Good examples:

"paragraph 6. The evening will conduct an inventory of their belongings at home, the junk will be taken to the orphanage on the weekends."

"paragraph 1. Today will understand how to create your blog — I'll be there to share so-and-so, it will be useful to people"

"paragraph 5. I decided to try gratitude — read the post about gratitude and begin today to keep a journal of gratitude — put the experiment on day 21, to on your experience to know if it works"

"paragraph 8. I know a good charity project, today will send assistance"

Bad examples:

"paragraph 1. Yes, something we need to start thinking on how am I going to do with my life, what is my calling..."

"about astrology very interesting — can be really, office work is not for me?"

"always thought that the money need to relax — there are so good, that's OK too"

PS Share value and unselfishly to help others — the basis of prosperity. So if You feel that this post has value and it can be useful to Your friends — share with them. To do this, press one of the buttons Sots. networks below. Be generous!

May You thrive, may You be rich and happy! published


Author: Igor Budnikov


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©


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