Strange and absurd scientific theories (25 photos)

Over the history of science, scientists have put forward many theories strange that only their enumeration would take not one that plump. We have compiled a ranking of the 25 best, in our opinion, absurd:

25. Ekriptichesky script

Ekriptichesky scenario, unlike the theory of the "big bang" suggests that our universe is the result of a collision between two or more universes identical to ours. This means that somewhere outside of our universe, there is at least one more. In addition, these pseudo-scientists argue that the distance between the universe and our twin smaller than the diameter of an atom!

24. White hole in space

Some scientists believe that the very existence of black holes in space implies the presence and the so-called white holes. And if black holes all disappears in the bottomless wells of the white, apparently, everything falls out, as if out of the closet after general cleaning.

23. We are destroying the universe every time we look at dark energy

Our universe is 70 percent composed of so-called "dark energy».
Professor Lawrence Krauss says, every time we look at dark energy, we are killing our universe. This happens as follows: The more you look, the more unstable the universe becomes, and this shortens its life. Although, in fairness it should be said, on the very small percentage.

22. The Universe - a hologram

Another absurd theory says that we live in the universe-hologram, and this hologram created by none other than the same as our universe. And the sky above us - it's just a wall with a picture of stars and galaxies.

21. The Matrix - a reality

Not much there will people who have not watched the movie "The Matrix." A few very impressionable scientists decided to theorize the idea inherent in this cult film. According to their theory, we all live in a computer program, and that computers have created what we take to be reality.

20. We come from a black hole

According to this theory, our universe emerged from the black hole. The idea is that the matter is sucked into the black hole, the density of the material is increased to such an extent that a black hole is not able to absorb it and "spits out" back.

19. Each of our solution - a new universe

Scientists adhere to the theory omnivёrs or, in other words, that there are many universes, claim that each time taking a decision, we are creating a new reality - a new universe.

18.Teoriya colliding branes

This theory states that the universe is a kind of brane (from membrane) freely floating in a multidimensional space and constantly hits the nearby universe. Each blow - is a kind of new "big bang", which resulted in the birth of a new universe.

17. The space-time continuum - a substance

Physicists Paul Mazur and George Chaplayn suggested that the category of "space-time" has such a quality as "superfluidity." This means that when the universe creates a funnel. These funnels originate new galaxies. This process causes the infinite expansion of the universe.

16. universes with many black holes dominate

We already know that getting the matter into a black hole leads to an increase in its density. As a result of this new universe is born. Gradually universes, creating more and more black holes begin to dominate the multiverse.

15. The anthropic principle

Each of the universes has an infinite set of qualities and physical laws. But the basic idea of ​​the anthropic principle as follows: "We see this universe, because only in such a universe could be an observer, a man».

14. The soul lives in the heart

The physician Galen, who lived around the II century BC, believed that the blood - is the fuel that runs the internal organs. And shakes it is not the heart and the liver. A heart we need to totally for other purposes: the soul lives in it.

13. The doctrine of Hippocrates temperament

For centuries, doctors called the cause of all diseases imbalance four "juice" of a person. The author of this popular theory for a long time was the legendary ancient Greek physician Hippocrates. The famous "father of medicine" argued that the four fluid circulating in the body, blood, bile, phlegm and black bile define the general behavior of man (The Four Temperaments) and his health.

12. Lambs can be grown in a greenhouse

The ancient Greeks believed that the lamb can be grown just like a plant. Imagine a green stem topped with lamb. This theory is mentioned in the works of the Roman writer Pliny the Elder. And no matter how absurd the idea was not, it has not been among the Greeks, in the 14th century it was picked up again Europeans.

11. Phrenology

The founder of this pseudo-science was the Austrian physician and anatomist Franz Joseph Gall. Its basic postulate is the assertion that the shape and size of the human skull can determine the level of intelligence, personality traits and inclinations for something.

10. Life in the Sun

This we now know that the sun - it is something like a huge nuclear furnace, and in the 18th century, people thought differently. Even William Herschel, discoverer of the planet Uranus, thought rays - a mountain in the sun, the tops of which are visible through the clouds.

9. Homeopathy

The concept of the treatment on the principle of "like with like" - a virtuoso plan on stretching money from patients. And as soon as the language of the people dare to call this a serious medical scientists?

8. "Fire Element" Phlogiston

In 1667, a physicist named Johann Joachim Becher proposed to add to the already existing list of chemical elements another - phlogiston. Becher was convinced that this element contained in all combustible substances and is released during combustion. Currently phlogiston if there is, it is only in textbooks on the history of chemistry.

7. Alchemy

We know that people engaged in alchemy, eager to find the Philosopher's Stone, which, in their opinion, could not only transform any metal into gold, but was the key to the creation of "the elixir of life." Need I remind you that the "fifth element" is still not found?

6. The theory of Panspermia

Panspermia - belief, the essence of which is that life exists everywhere in the universe, and the world was made possible only thanks to the "germ of life", had flown together with meteorites, asteroids and other celestial bodies.

5. The theory of alien landfill

It's very simple: life originates from the landfill is on the ground aliens.

4. Spontaneous

Aristotle believed that the living can arise spontaneously from nonliving matter - samozarodilsya. As absurd as it may sound, imagine, scientists are not allowed to attempt to prove this theory until the 20th century.

3. The universe computer

We have already talked about the theory, inspired by the movie "The Matrix." There is another, according to which the universe itself - it is a huge computer, in which the black holes, galaxies, stars serve as components of the motherboard.

2. The principle of the mechanical clock in the heart of the action of the universe

Our universe is arranged according to the principle of clockwork, which is controlled by a supreme being. This is a higher being uses the laws of physics, so to say, to ensure the proper operation of the mechanism. That is, unlike other theories of the divine, God's role is limited here. It only triggers. Fortunately, this idea has been challenged by quantum theory.

1. Theory zoo

We only similarity zoo for extraterrestrial civilizations. It is unlikely that aliens engaged in cultivation of people as a species find themselves before we reach a certain, by their standards, the level of development.


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