The theory of information transmission from the future himself

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The Theory Of Vahan

Certainly, till the Newtonian fell sklavenoi Apple, it is not just fell, and now falls on the heads of many people. The only difference is that it is necessary falling on the head, Apple has been pushing force that has led humanity to the law of universal gravitation. But let's be honest, gravity and the attraction it was before, and all of humanity knew of its existence. Only Newton clearly brought formula and gave mathematically confirmed foundations, and therefore the law of attraction, but it did not change the force of gravity on it as it was before Newton and still is.

The same can be said about the existence of lightning and electricity. Mankind was originally known, worshiped lightning and then invented electricity, we're using it boil water well, or share information at a distance. But before the invention of electricity, to transmit information on the distance people used bonfires, doves, pulled at the ropes, threw a bottle into the sea with the writing. Everything we are today we will have a conversation that existed before us and also exists as all of the above. And now I tell you what for me is the Newtonian Apple, which led me to creating this theory. And so, winter morning, the beginning of the new Millennium. Before waking up, I had a dream. In the dream, saw that open the door for which there is a thick fog and the wind is blowing the fog outside the door. Waking up, I naturally forgot about the dream. Washed, had Breakfast and got ready to leave for work.

After an hour, open the door, there is a thick fog and nothing is visible, holding the handrail, I went down to the first floor, I lived on the third floor and going down I realized that the basement pipe burst heating. Opening the door to lock to get the door, I turned around and saw how the fog blows out the door. After a few steps, I stopped because I realized that I saw it all. Yes, the dream which I saw an hour ago. Just like in the movies were repeated. All of this has me puzzled, how could I dream of being with me hasn't happened yet, but was going to happen. I know that people are rarely “prophetic dreams”. I thought I saw what in my head an hour ago was laid. Therefore, the information that we receive in this moment, our brain transportorul in the past. This is similar to how Baron Munchausen pulled himself out of the swamp.

I wanted to understand the mechanism of what is happening. If we assume that the human brain consists of a receiver of the information (everything we see, feel, etc.) and the transmitter of this information. However, the paradox lies in the fact that the receiver is receiving information before the transmitter sent it. Yes! It's a paradox, but if you imagine that the brain sends himself to the past information, therefore, it receives information from the future, sent to them from the future.Now it becomes easily explainable phenomena such as the sixth sense, prophecy, healing, divination, shamanism, intuition, dreams — it all links in a chain, which can be easily explained based on the above definition.

And now, here are a few examples that confirm and help us better understand this theory.

1. Often there are moments, such situation, even conversations that it seems that this is with us already, repeated, especially if it is sensitive. Call it De ja Vu.

2. Go down the street and in the crowd I see a familiar face, coming closer, you realize that was mistaken, but after a couple of steps to really meet that familiar person.

3. Think or talk about someone in a second it is suitable. (Easy to trace)

4. Someone is going to call, the doorbell rings and it turns out he is.

5. And if you walk into a room where all smiling looking at you, most likely they were just talking about you.

6.Every day we pass by beautiful people, but like the song says: “How many good girls, How many affectionate names, But only one of them concerned, Taking rest and sleep.” We pass by and forget, but found love at first sight, most likely it is one with which in the future will see every day.

Here are the words of the great Freud: We choose not accidentally each other. We meet only those who already exists in our subconscious. Sigmund Freud

In Armenia they say: man's fate written on the forehead. What is the apt spillage in the brain!

That is, there is where all the information from the future, speaking in a simple language-the fate. Since ancient times people wanted to know their future date. Consequently, there shamans, fortune tellers, etc. These people are able to get information from your subconscious, it is called a gift from God. Although someone was born that way, and someone such was, after the removal of stress, physical or mental injury (blessing in disguise).

Nostradamus, Vanga, Messing, Cassie. Many, your gift is used for good deeds, although there are cases when this gift was used for selfish purposes. It is known as the priests in ancient Egypt, with the gift, I worked on the crowds of people, keeping them in subjection. Back to our theory about the transfer of information from the future to the present to himself, and from present to past.

An example of the application of the theory of the ancients.

Zodiac signs: People reading your horoscope sign, I wonder how correct this definition is, however, in our theory, the person initially, from the moment of birth, in the brain laid the information that he received from his future as an adult, this person reads your horoscope and naturally the brain will receive information from the future into the past and the receiver of this information will shape it in this direction. The problem is that the astrologers for their own purposes, using this theory, although they do not understand from where it's taken and therefore all attributed to the stars. Therefore, if employers need a person with some sort of defined dispositions, so easy, just look at his date of birth. But, alas, not addictive stars, namely information sent to us from our future.

Yes, it's even used in the job, but it is important to know the root causes for this predisposition. Sixth sense: In fact, it is present in every living organism. It is a natural process for the protection and development of all living things, from the future. Information coming to us from the future, protects and makes possible the fulfillment of this future, this is exactly what it is in the future. If the future can't defend himself, maybe the loss of him, or there is a change and a departure in another direction. Therefore, from the future, we do send us information and direction in where we go, or will form new species or modification which Darwin called natural selection.

Informed — thus armed.

This applies to all living things. Later, all of this will consider from the point of view of physics. Some observations of life that many, quite possibly met in your life, but not noticed. Leaving the house, I went on business, in the way I was joined by a stray dog, homeless my travel companion, went ahead of me. We passed many intersections, the dog had a choice, to turn completely in either direction, but it was, and turned exactly where was I to turn. A dog I saw for the first time and this path was not casual for me. It's like she's one step ahead, saw where I was headed and it did all the way. It is appropriate to recall the octopus Pauwels, who guess the results of football matches. However, human greed took over and Paul's gone in the summer. And now here is an example of information transfer from the future to the past: Television, showed a documentary film about a complicated surgery, which was done by one woman.

Camera in the operating room were hung from the ceiling and clearly visible in the operating room who is doing what. Then show an interview with this woman, which were removed after the recovery and she says that while under anesthesia, her soul broke off and flew out of the body, she saw everything that happened in the operating room from above. Following our theory, anything it is not separated, simply showed her this footage from this camera and her brain sent the signal to her own past and she the signal from his future perceives as the flight of the soul. Izdrevne know — the rats are leaving the sinking ship first.

Before the earthquake in 1988-the year in Armenia, according to numerous testimonies, the rats ran from the cellars to the roofs of the houses, therefore, expect trouble. The people who survived the earthquake, gave examples of what intuition helped them to survive. Therefore, each brain transmits in the frequency in which it accepts only. However, there are exceptions, to mind immediately come the twins.Scientists conducted a lot of experiments, the result of which was that the brain twins broadcasts and receives signals, not only his, but his twin. Apparently, nature has made them so alike that they perceive not only their own, but also signals his twin. Let's call this phenomenon, the effect of twins. This effect is defeated shoals of fish, remember how many synchronous and instantly they change direction. A school of fish as one collective brain, protection of nature, they can be considered as the many-eyed body. When you consider the huge number of people transmit signals, there is a possibility of the coincidence of signals, which can be correlated to the effect of the twins, that is, it is possible to see and perceive the signals from the future, sent by a strange people living, even in different historical periods.

Archaeologists find numerous rock paintings which depict the processes of hunting and life, but as well there are strange drawings, like missiles, tanks, people in spacesuits. This does not mean that the ancient artist saw it all in the real world, the information might have been sent to him in the twins effect modern humans or of the more distant future. From the history, the known facts simultaneous opening of scientists, independent of each other, of the same law, theory. Or, for example, composers have created similar works. After all, a well-known universal fact of writing books about the destruction of the ship the Titan 14 years before the tragedy of the Titanic. Scientists studying the brain, still do not know what occupied a great part of the brain. Maybe it's just the Bank information, the so-called fate.

Let's not forget that 1/5 of the energy of the person taking the brain. Once with a friend we drink coffee and she tells me her dream, it was the whole story. I listened to it and remembered that I recently watched the film, which is exactly the same as her dream. However, she said that she had not seen such a film, if not seen then maybe you'll see I added. It is known that Morgan, has handed back the tickets for the ship Titanic, as his friend, Nikola Tesla, numerous requests and persuasion, brought the Morgan he handed back the ticket. Thus Tesla saved the life of Morgan. It clearly worked great intuition Tesla and thus Tesla saved the life of his friend.

Let us remember some examples that demonstrate signal transmission from the future into the past: People, also wrote stories with fantastic phenomena: the mirror that shows what happens far away, a magic carpet, the man who goes on the stove, a ring or a bull's eye which is rolling and shows the way, now we understand from where all planes, engines that smoke like the stove, TV, navigation. From where it all came from in the minds of these rasskazikov, long before the advent of all these technical means.

And now fiction, I write about the many innovations not currently available. Therefore, if the information comes from the future, so this is to be achieved by mankind. Information about the future is, then it is yet to be achieved and hence the life in our theory, continues. You should not even give a hint about the so-called commercial ends of the world.

On the basis of his theory can give some tips:

1. Never lie, because if you have to lie, the information is already yesterday begins to torment you.

2. Listen to your inner voice.

3. Pray often. Yes it is pray, because prayer, religion, faith — our whole theory initially laid in any religion and faith.

Only, all founded on a dogmatic basis, thereby providing a clean future for the believer and living according to the canons of human faith. On TV show that the man was possessed by a demon. Consider this from the perspective of our theory. In this case, the effect of twins. The person gets to the frequency of the signal sent through the brain of his “twin”, for example a pathologist, a killer or a person who lives in nightmarish conditions. According to the theory of Vahan becomes clear that the brain is all the time used to transmit the signals yourself in the past, but the question arises — from where does so much energy?

Answer the question examples: Someone shouted loudly, a the other far worth listening to. One of them expends more energy?

Yes you are right, the one who shouts. And in the radio transmitter consumes much more energy than the receiver. To understand from where does the energy to transfer such a large amount of information by the brain. If the beam from floodlight to direct the mirror which we hold in the hand, with the reflection of the beam on the far Stasi screen, share the information about drogerie our hands. In this case, all spent power drops on the spotlight. Certainly nature has invented the rational system of writing information. The media here in the memory Bank is processed, complemented by new information (all that we see and feel now and in this moment) and passed on with the media to imagine the subconscious in the past. Let's stand in front of a mirror and look at your reflection. We see ourselves in the past, present or future?

Many will be confused and answer in the present. It is here wrong everyone who replied in this, since I overlooked the fact that light passing close to the mirror and back to our eyes, and therefore time passes, therefore we see ourselves in the mirror in the near past. The error is that overlooked the fact of the passage of light with the speed of 300.000 km/s which is the highest known speeds to the end times. In our theory a fundamental role is played by the speed. And so we clearly understood and examples to fit what information share, I realized that for the transmission of information necessary carrier of this information.

So what are the qualities of this media?

1. Must have an infinitely great speed

2. Not have weight

3. To penetrate and pass through any obstacles Which the particle might be and from where can take?

Presumably this particle the neutrino, the source of which is in our case the Sun. Presumably the same way that our media of information is moving opposite to the current orbit of the Earth around the Sun with an infinitely high speed. Passing through any obstacle our particle takes the information and guided by the fundamental formula: T=S/V Where T-time (length of human life) S-distance which a man walks over the lifetime of you mean along with the planet, etc. V - velocity for which passed this way. Since our carrier moving in the reverse direction at infinitely high velocity carries information from the future into the past, the time for which media will be the life path is Zero, since V (speed) is infinitely large value.

That is, at the end of life that pass, we get without loss of time in early life or even before birth. Since we're talking about infinite speed at which our particle moves media back time therefore it is infinitely times vstrechaetsya with our brain and since she is infinitely high speed communication between the sending and receiving parts of the brain continuous.

That is, the addressee is constantly in range. As a result, information about what needs to happen comes zalagaida in us before it happens. Information has always been and will be in the price. And future-priceless.There are of course of great importance in whose hands will get this information. Better to let it be. Because still more good people. Say if Hitler would have been the device reads the future, he would not start anything, knowing how it ended. Above said that although the zipper was always, however, people discovered electricity things started to develop very fast, from light bulbs to Internet. Imagine what you can accomplish if you use instead of electricity Vysokoskorostnye particles. It is a matter of generations. Mankind has been thinking about the intergalactic flight and teleportation.

I am sure we will achieve this because we have been seeing a UFO. We with the aid of laser beams created a laser halogram why the future generation is not able to create even better mechanisms to overcome the time, for its various purposes. We are now digging the ground to find ancient civilizations, why is it not able to do our descendants. Here it is clear that they do it carefully, that would not accidentally kill his preprepared, and therefore himself. This UFO is impossible to catch or to establish contact with them. Before birth the embryo of any creature evolve? Faster all parts of the body evolve head. Maybe because there is the brain, which before birth collects all information of the future life (destiny or soul) and it is no coincidence that children are the first to know mothers even if they are adopted.

Vahan Gasparyan (may 2014)




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