"In a fairy tale," childhood favorite programs

Children with their parents sat comfortably at the TV screens, which used to see the film, a story that we liked so then. A popular children's program lasted only 1 hour and 45 minutes, in the transmission shown tale is directed by Alexander Rowe and Alexander Ptushko, and showed films from socialist countries. Program host was Valentina Leontiev - Auntie Valya many Soviet children.

I remember the show starts with animated screen savers, and also to the children sent letters with pictures to cards, I do not remember if there were contests, but I sent a letter and a picture in his show. I think it's casually picked my envelope for me then was such a joy, but it seems for all children was fun - watch this TV show.

Soviet television has shown for children every day in the evenings a fifteen-minute transfer - "Good night kids" and the transfer - "abvgdeyka" which went on Saturdays seems do not remember exactly, but the transfer was not to compare with the transfer - "In a Fairy Tale" . Of course we were happy and the television show "Good night kids', but from the TV program" In a fairy tale, "we had more energy then we got some of her cheerfulness, and as always, waiting for next Sunday again to enjoy your favorite TV shows with our blue screens.

History of transmission: Transmission "In a Fairy Tale" has appeared on television in 1976. It was broadcast throughout the school year and summer, together with students going on vacation. Showing transfer was divided into several seasons. First, the program went out every Saturday morning repeats that occur next week. Then, the transmission began to leave on Friday with repetition on weekdays. Also part of the season "in a Fairy Tale" broadcast on Sundays. The first few years of its existence, the transmission went out once a week, and then - once every two weeks. One issue with the film lasted 1 hour 45 minutes. "In a Fairy Tale" began with a colorful animated screen savers in a few cases to the tune of "Come tale" author V.Dashkevicha. Leading In a fairy tale - Valentina Leontiev, which after a while the whole country knew how good aunt Valya. Each issue begins with her greeting: "Hello, dear children and dear comrades adults." Each was accompanied by the transfer of a fairy tale or children's movies, or play exciting animated story.

Broadcasted kinoskazki different time, as well as films of almost all studios Soviet republics. It is often shown in the transmission fairy tale known at the time, produced by Alexander and Alexander Rowe Arturovich Ptushko Lukic and other equally popular movie actors in the Union. Often the audience "In a Fairy Tale" could see completely new films, which premiere took place on the air transmission. Before such displays tend to lead the conversation took place with the audience, in which she describes the history of the creation of a literary work or a foundation, as well as interesting facts from the history of film. After the show, each spectator could answer "fabulous" question. Also, viewers can send to transfer their drawings and crafts on the theme of fairy tales shown. The following programs, immediately after the show tales, came the show works and discuss all the answers.
Top gear: Leontief, D.Matrosov, T.Vedeneeva and A.Vovk.

Several shots of fabulous films of Soviet childhood.
Do you recognize?

& Quot; Tale of Malchish - Kibalchish & quot;
It is probably remember only the old like me ...


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