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Today I want to tell you about the most memorable and iconic leading Soviet television broadcasts. I think you can find anyone add to the list;) Julia Julia V. Belyanchikova led one of the first programs on medical subjects on the national TV - a popular science program "Health". And the specialty it is not actress and TV presenter, and the doctor. Precisely because of its program was still a scientific and gaining popularity through the transfer of personal charm Julia Belyanchikova. She remained the undisputed leading program for over twenty years. During this time, a stream of letters on the transfer of up to 60 thousand per year to 160 thousand. And on answers to questions from the audience were given not only in the air, but also by correspondence. For this program to work in the state of four qualified doctor. Julia Belyanchikova trust their health, millions of television viewers.

Nikolai Drozdov N.Drozdov is the author of many television and movies about nature, animals. From 1968 to the present time - over thirty years - taking part in the popular television program "In the world of animals", first as a speaker (with a leading Vasilevsky Zguridi), and since 1977 - as a presenter and author. Sending out a weekly broadcast on Saturdays.

Yuri Nikolaev his career the artist Yuri Nikolaev began in Moscow Pushkin Theater actor. But a special fame and popularity of the actor's craft him to no avail. Recognize Yuri Alexandrovich's face began only when he became a leading one of the most popular programs on Soviet television - "Morning Mail". And then they'd go: he was invited to conduct the "Blue light", "Song of the Year." And later, during perestroika, Yuri Nikolayev set up his own production company "UNIX", which produces a weekly program "Morning Star". With this TV contest began today many famous actors: Julia Nachalova, Alexey Chumakov, Valery and many others. Yuri Nikolayev and is now one of the most recognizable TV personalities.

Alexander Maslyakov Alexander - founder of humor on domestic television. We say "Maslyakov" mean "KVN" and vice versa. On television, Alexander Maslyakov works since 1964, and even now, in spite of his age - he was in '71 - is the undisputed leader, manager and director of "KVN". And the "Club", in turn, is one of the most popular programs on TV. In addition, Alexander led the "Hello, we are looking for talents", "Jolly Fellows", "12th floor", reports from the World Festival of Youth and Students, for several years has been leading the International Song Festival in Sochi. And now Alexander is also presides over the jury at the "moment of glory." Maitre teleyumora hard to please.

Alexander Bovin Alexander E. On television, in general, did not try. He studied at the Faculty of Rostov State University, graduated from the graduate school of Philosophy Faculty, became a candidate of philosophical sciences. After finishing graduate school I was in politics and eventually was a speechwriter for Secretary General Leonid Brezhnev. On TV, Alexander Bovin, too, was far from entertainment programs - it was a serious journalist. Popularly known Bovin acquired during his tenure as the leading TV magazine "International Panorama", which had very high ratings among viewers. The transmission is going to an audience of millions, even called the "window to the world" - it included stories about Western culture and art, here you can see the pictures with luxury cars, unparalleled architecture and interiors. And the Alexander Bovin and look outside the box - shaggy mustache, without a tie, and transfer conducted as though talking to the audience in a neighbor sitting in the kitchen. Alexander Bovin looked outside the box - the mustache, unbuttoned his shirt, imposing pose.

Igor Kirillov Kirillov Igor Leonidovich is considered to be a legend of national television. It can be called the real star of the news. In 2001 he was even awarded the honorary title of "Man of the Epoch." In addition, in its the above list, there are three orders: Red Banner of Labor, "For Merit" third and fourth degree. Igor Kirillov - theater education, before they come on television, he played at the Taganka Theater. In July 1957, he began working in television center Shabolovskaya assistant director of the musical version of DH. And two and a half months won the contest announcers and first broadcast. Igor Kirillov was the announcer of the program "Time" over 30 years, becoming the face of news programs, and his voice firm learned from the first words and learn so far. He even trusted to act with a New Year's address to the people of the country instead of the Soviet leadership. By the way, Igor Kirillov still leads the annual broadcast of the parades in honor of the Victory Day in Red Square. Igor Kirillov is considered to be a legend of Russian TV.

Alexander Ivanov Actually, Alexander Ivanov - not a professional broadcaster. He - a teacher, graduated from the faculty of painting and drawing at Moscow Institute and worked as a teacher of drawing and descriptive geometry. The fame he gained, of course, not as a teacher, but not as a TV presenter. Popularity came to him before the TV, when he became interested in writing verse parodies. His first book, "Love and mustard" was published in 1968. He was admitted to the Writers' Union, made many appearances on stage, and even played a couple of small roles in movies. On television, he came in 1978, and 12 years led a humorous program "Around the laughter", although at first it was planned that he will be the guest of one of the first releases. San Sanych as it is affectionately called, was so organic in the leading role that he decided to leave. And no wonder - he made millions of viewers laugh.

August 1, 2013 would have been 90 years of the famous Valentina Leontieva, the same aunt Vale of transmission "Visiting a fairy tale." Work on TV Valentina came in 1954 as an assistant director, she became an announcer later. By the end of the 60s without can not do any holiday release "Spark" and "Good night, kids" and "Alarm" watched with pleasure not only children but also adults. The most important and most personal gear in her life was the program "From the Soul", which is called the prototype of the modern talk show. In this program, we met old friends, relatives separated by war, the heroes of the transfer was crying the whole country. Auntie Valya never married, although her hands asking himself Okudzhava. Her only love left television.

Sergei Kapitsa son of Nobel laureate Peter Kapitza was born in Cambridge. He was destined to do science and, indeed, he was an outstanding physicist, was vice-president of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. But the merit of it - not only in research but also in the fact that he was carrying people to science. And he does it in such simple terms, that the magazine "In the world of science", where he was editor in chief, became one of the most popular periodicals in the country, and the issues of the TV program "The obvious - an incredible" still shows on the channel "Retro". For his achievements in the promotion and popularization of scientific knowledge was awarded the gold medal of Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian Academy of Sciences. Sergei Kapitsa tried to make science accessible and understandable to all.

Tatiana Chernyaeva Remember children's TV program "ABVGDeyka"? Surely you remember. And its leading Kirillovna Tatiana, a teacher, too, remember. She said that "ABVGDeyka" - the only non-political program on Soviet television. And spoke with skill, not only because the time to conduct the transfer of educational fun for children, but also to direct the editorship of children's programs. Tatiana Chernyaeva - graduate journalist, graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University and has achieved considerable success in the journalism field. In particular, it is the winner of a journalism award "Best Russian feathers" and member of the Academy of Russian Television. Tatiana Kirillovna always stood and still stands for the increase in the proportion of children's programs on Russian television. All the best - to children. Tatiana Chernyaeva advocates increasing the number of children's television.

Angelina Vovk first association with the name of the presenter - festival "Song of the Year", the broadcast is not passed in any family. After all, "Song" was a major event in the world of the domestic variety, and later pop. We can say that it is the oldest shows on our TV, because "Song" goes so far, since 1971. Together with Evgeny Menshov Angelina Vovk led the festival 18 times, until 2006. In 2007, a scandal broke out: Alla Pugacheva ousted from the top of the program, making "songs" in his benefit. Now Angelina M. leading program "Good your health" on the First together with Gennady Malakhov. Angelina Vovk still remains one of the most charismatic presenters.

Yuri Senkevich Telecast "travel club", which led Yuri Alexandrovich 30 years, entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest broadcast on Russian television. It was aired on a weekly basis for 43 years and was closed only after the death of Yuri Senkevich in 2003. Yuri Alexandrovich - a military doctor, PhD and the colonel of medical service. And yet - the famous traveler, the president of the Association of Russian travelers. He participated in the Soviet Antarctic Expedition "East", together with the famous Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl, the researcher made two expeditions that have become significant scientific developments. Senkevich invited on television in 1973. But this work did not interfere with his travels. He even took part in the first Soviet expedition to Everest, and in fact at the time, Yuri Aleksandrovich was already 50 years old.

Sergey E. Sergei Suponev - Soviet and Russian TV presenter, Head of children's programs ORT.

Nikolai Ozerov (December 11, 1922, Moscow, Soviet Russia - June 2, 1997 Moscow, Russian Federation) - Soviet tennis player, actor, sports commentator.

Vladimir Voroshilov author, director and host of "What? Where? When? ", Academician of the Academy of Russian Television. Since 1989 - President of the International Association of Clubs "What? Where? When? ».

Source: ru.wikipedia.org


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