Impregnable Maginot Line

Maginot Line is considered to be the French system of fortifications on the border with Germany, which began to build in 1929 and later played an important role during World War II. I suggest you get acquainted with the history of this engineering marvel and learn about its mysteries.

In 1926, there was very interesting, and is now completely forgotten event - the French Ministry of War creates a commission of experts, which was to prepare a plan for creating a powerful defense line in the east end of the year.

In 1928, France began construction of the first group of fortification in the Alps, and in the next, in 1929 the French leadership decides on the accelerated construction of the planned facilities. Responsible for the construction of the "impenetrable line" is assigned to the energetic Minister of War André Maginot, after whom the line and got its name. It begins full-scale construction of defensive structures of unprecedented power.

It was an engineering marvel at the time - 5600 long-term firing points (14 bunkers per kilometer) to the thickness of the walls 3, 5-4 m concrete fortification joined a unified system of underground railways, galleries and trenches. Underground casemates with power stations, warehouses, hospitals, headquarters and communication centers; Special shelters, invulnerable to weapons of the time, located at a depth of 50 meters; bunkers with artillery armored covers, which could rise for the product shot, and then fall into the ground to avoid enemy fire; fortifications, equipped with special locks that provide the flooding of vast areas and underground structures in the event of their capture by the enemy, and many other solutions the military-engineering high-tech at the time.

The construction was spent monstrous amount of 3 billion francs (1 billion dollars in 1936 prices) - almost half of France's military budget for the years of construction, and in view of the completion of facilities in 1940 - 7 mrad. Francs (some historians call 5 billion, but this fact does not change). What is the French spent the funds? They had no place to put money during the Great Depression?
Overlooking innocents Western historians now saying that the construction of the Maginot Line was necessary to repel the German attack and redirection "if something happens" direction of the main attack in Belgium, where they had to wait, according to the plan of the French Defense General Staff.
Sorry, but some of the German attack? After the German army at that time does not actually exist - instead of the Wehrmacht there paltry defense forces of 100 thousand people? More Hitler and was not close to power, Germany, fettered by the Treaty of Versailles, choked by the economic crisis, and the ruling circles of France is absolutely knew - the Maginot Line will soon be required.

Line surprisingly timely put into operation in 1936, as soon as the Germans sent troops into the Rhineland demilitarized zone, and "the construction of the second stage" (the improvement and completion of the "line of Daladier," also according to the plans of the Commission of 1926-1928) was primarily complete with amazing foresight exactly to 1940.
In elections in May 1928, the Nazis took up only 2.5% of the votes and is a gathering of political clowns with a total circulation of Nazi newspapers 23 thousand. Copies, and the leadership of France (and by the way, Britain) have significantly knew that by 1936 Germany will be strong and aggressive power, and therefore prudently spent astronomical funds to build the most equipped in the history of the defensive line. How interesting, right?

That Hitler was a deliberately cultivated Western elites as an instrument for the destruction of the USSR no serious people do not even contested - so everything is obvious. Only one Munich Agreement, the Anschluss of Austria, the story of the rearmament of Germany and the Rhineland region are worth.
The purpose of this line was one - to make a strong Germany to go to war in the East, even without thinking about the impact of the West. This clearly proves that the elite of Western countries planned German invasion of the Soviet Russia for 15 years before it happened in reality.
Any more or less serious hearing clearly leads to conclusions about the role of France, England, Poland and the United States in the organization of the Second World War. So in hindsight pridumyvetsya explanation - there is a reason, but because they were afraid to convulsions terrible and aggressive Soviet Union, seeking to take over the world. Because Hitler and set up in opposition to such a monster. Type "would not be Stalin, there would be no Hitler».

In the mind of the average person is more a picture of post-war Soviet Army - armada of the most modern tanks and aircraft, highly trained brave soldiers, armed with the most modern weapons - well, as there was not scared poor imperialists? The average person think that it has always been. But this is not the case - in the considered years everything was exactly the opposite, and cause and effect treacherous people shamelessly reversed.
The fact that the Soviet Union in those years was considered weak in economic and military terms, it is in general, serious historians never challenged. Moreover - Poland was considered more serious opponent than the Soviet Union. [4] The Soviet Union was seen as easy prey - at least half a century backward country with a totally inadequate for such a huge territory 600,000th (in 1928), the army, the armed hopelessly outdated weapons.
The allegations that the Soviet Army someone much feared in Europe in 20-30 years - a blatant lie, it is not even afraid of Poland, the army which was only slightly less than the size of the Red Army, and which moreover, was under the protection of the allied pact with Romania, after which - with France and Britain.
One who would declare that the Soviet Union is going to win world domination would be considered for the mentally unhealthy person - argued that only when it is crushed and between which powers divided the territory of Russian Red.

For example, at the end of 1929 no one in the West and in the East no doubt that Manchuria (in those years the pro-Japanese puppet state in northern China) without problems numerically small crush Soviet troops in the Far East and Primorye capture during the so-called "Conflict of CEL." Chinese crushing defeat caused a huge surprise.
Even in 1936, when the war was already on the threshold, and the Japanese army openly deploy striking forces and military infrastructure built on the border of the Soviet Union in North China, and even then the immense Soviet territory guarded by only 1, 2 million. Soldiers and officers. The economy of the Soviet Union simply could not contain, and armed with a large army.
During the reporting period - the end of the 20s-early 30s nobody in the West he had no doubt that the Soviet Union to build a modern industry can at best only to the 50 th year and before that, he will be easy prey. According to Western experts USSR could expand the mass production of modern weapons only in the mid 50s, the Western countries, too, would not be standing still. Oh, and because "socialist economy is inefficient," that they "scared"? There was no guarantee that Stalin will be in power, even in the 30's. Stalin himself the beginning of the 30's still not distinguished himself as a figure of international scale and looked at him through the eyes of Trotsky - "mediocrity, separated from the Kremlin wall».
The industrialization of the Soviet Union had just begun and that it will be successfully completed by 1939 in the world no one knew - it is considered impossible in principle. By the way, by the mid 50s to Stalin would have been 77 years old.

Here's a "military monster", "threatened" to the West. But in such a brazen hypocrisy of the West is not unusual - in Europe, this is the norm of behavior, even as many examples of our times. It is clear that the Americans attacked Iraq for fear of Iraq's chemical weapons (which really was not), Afghanistan was seized because Americans are "very afraid" of Islamic terrorists, it is now preparing to strike on North Korea because the Americans are afraid of its missile nuclear power and so hereinafter. Just loudest shouts "Stop thief" thief himself.
The Soviet Union was still a backward agrarian country with negligible dimensions for its army, armed obsolete weapons had not yet been a final decision on the industrialization and the war with his complete destruction of the West has been planned and this plan clearly come to life.
In the mid 20's the tip of the leading Western countries - the US, Britain and France have prepared a very nice combination of geopolitical, by doing that they became de facto masters of the planet with little effort and great sacrifice. Their plan was thought out to the smallest detail, the first part has gone perfectly, it provides all options except one - they did not know what socialism is and they do not know what Stalin. And just so their plan succeeded only partially.
Stalin had at least since 1928, knew what fate awaits the USSR. How does he know? Of course, these were diplomats, intelligence and so on. But it is even easier - in 1928, France began construction of the first group of fortification in the Alps. For an intelligent person is obvious - like finish to build the second stage of the Maginot Line - will be a war.
February 4, 1931, Stalin openly said at a conference of economic workers that already many people knew: "We are lagging behind the advanced countries in the 50 - 100 years. We must make good this distance in ten years. Either we do it or they crush us. " This means that - after 10 years - a war unless we are ready - we're finished. He was wrong by only 5 months. Many are wondering how the Soviet leader could have predicted the war with such precision. Impressionable sources say even his magical abilities. All nesravenno easier - Stalin knew when it built the Maginot Line - this openly press reported.

Germany was a gun hanging on the wall, which had just charged at the right moment and shoot in the USSR. True, Stalin outplayed Western masters geopolitical games and the first shot went to France. Poland does not count - Germany "eat" it almost any real scenario of events.
Germany was preparing for this role immediately after the First World War - a powerful industrial potential of Germany remained intact, albeit conserved. Therefore, it was enough at the right time, "pour" in the German industrial raw materials and finances as soon as possible in Germany once again become a strong military power. What was done at the right time - is now little remembered that England and America have given Hitler huge loans and investments in the first place - in heavy industry. Now in the West pretend that the American business elite had no idea what used heavy industry and that Hitler was going to do. It does not even funny. This is the question of the "historical guilt».
Moreover, the English gave Hitler everything Czech gold after devoured Czechoslovakia - 130 million. Reyskhsmarok gold directly from British banks, which kept the Czechoslovak State gold reserves. Czech money were surprisingly way, because at the expense of Germany was only 70 million. Reichsmarks. [6]
Nazi forces sharply increased since the end of 1929 - to join the Nazi Party finances, and in September 1930, and takes very strange event - the parliamentary triumph of the Nazis, when they get a quarter of the votes in parliament. "All the leading German politicians were kind of amazed complete blindness. As if by agreement, they dug themselves a hole and arranged the green light to Adolf Hitler. You would think that on the sly and cunning statesmen of Germany found obsession. »

Why is it an obsession? Everything is just happening on a carefully considered scenario. The offender often tries to pass himself off as a naive fool, who "all accident happened" - seasoned web politicians proved to be amazed "obsession" in politics and were "strange policy", businessmen - in business and led to Hitler, respectively, "a strange business," well, and the military, as we shall see, too, have not gone away - they were "phony war." And all have played only one goal. Naturally, the "accident».
Then systematically carried gain more weak Nazis - in the beginning of 1937 were officially agreed on the inclusion of England Austria into the Reich (Anschluss). The next year there was the Munich Agreement, when Britain and France forced Czechoslovakia to surrender to the Nazis, but in fact an ultimatum Germany and its allies - Poland and Hungary.
January 5, 1939, Hitler said Polish Foreign Minister Beck, of the unity of Germany and Poland to the USSR. After consultations at the end of January 1939, German Foreign Minister Ribbentrop arrives in Warsaw, where he Beck openly declares that Poland will join the bloc antikomiternovskomu if Germany would support Poland's desire to seize Ukraine and to gain access to the Black Sea.

However, the fate of Poland in any form was sealed. We only have to imagine - the brunt of the war with the Soviet Union will make Germany, and that it will receive from this, because Ukraine itself demanded the Poles? How to manage the occupied Soviet territory through the territory of Poland if them can not even agree on the construction of the extra-territorial road to Konigsberg?
All sane people who have information about the situation on the Polish border was clear - the Polish state on its last legs. But the military has signed a pact of alliance with the British Empire, the Polish government finally lost its value, being absolutely sure that Britain and France to protect her. But not for this Hitler grew so much time to defeat him in Poland. Until the last days of the Soviet Union tried to conclude with the Polish non-aggression pact and a joint defense against an aggressor. Poland, in principle, was not going to do it for a very simple reason - she was going with any suitable allies to attack the USSR and dreamed of possessions "from sea to sea." In the end, desperate to find allies against Nazi machine of the USSR and Germany concluded a nonaggression pact. A week later - September 1, 1939 of the Wehrmacht inflicted a mortal blow Poland.
The result was predictable, exactly the same as he was expected in the USSR allies Poland and guarantee its integrity - England and France, just "thrown" Poles declare a war the Nazis they were formally announced. But it was not a war, and its imitation, called "phony war." Nothing particularly strange in this "war" was not - was just plain cheating ally quite ordinary for the Western elites.
A couple of typical examples. For example, the Minister of Aviation in England when he was approached with a request to parliament to strike at the industrial facilities Nazi arrogantly said: "What are you, that's impossible. This is private property. You ask me to bomb the Ruhr! »

Eyewitness famous French writer Roland Dorzheles, by the way, the name of the author of "phony war," wrote: "Gunners, located at the Rhine, quietly looking at the German trains with ammunition on the other side, our pilots flew over the pipe plant Saar, not bomb them. Obviously, the main task of the High Command was not to disturb the enemy ».
Soviet Union sent troops to Poland (in Western Belarus and Western Ukraine captured by Poland in '20) September 17, 1939, when the Polish state did not exist in fact, virtually non-existent and the government. Do not be occupied this territory, Soviet troops - no doubt would have taken up German. Cocked pistol to his temple was the capital of Soviet Belarus - Polish border is 35 km (!) From Minsk. The situation was so serious that the capital of Belarus planned to move in Mogilev. The move was planned for November 1939, but the decisive actions of the Red Army freed from this necessity. [
Another option is simply not there. USSR "divide Poland with Hitler," no secret protocols and agreements about that never was found. Rough analogue memorial to many of the recent history of the cast of Russian paratroopers to Pristina in Yugoslavia - also to get ahead of NATO troops. All agreements with Germany on the new boundaries had been concluded after the events recorded and the status quo. In those years, in the world, even the speech was not about the "joint aggression».
It must be emphasized - if the USSR was the aggressor, Britain and France were obliged to declare war on the Soviet Union, even formally, as they did against Germany.


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