On War

War would be a picnic, if not for the lice and dysentery.
Margaret Mitchell

We are told that the war - it is murder. No: it was a suicide.
Ramsay MacDonald

Someday declare war and nobody will come.
Carl Sandburg

Cap deforms the head.
Maurice Druon

For any other men do not come together as quickly as for the murder of other men.
Susan Glaspell

The prologue of the XX century - powder mill. Epilogue - the barracks of the Red Cross.
Vasily Klyuchevskii

War - it is largely a catalog of blunders.
Winston Churchill

From the soldier is required first of all endurance and patience; courage - it second.
Napoleon I

Only the winners decide what were war crimes.
Gary Wills

Soldier - the last link in the evolution of the animal world.
John Steinbeck

War - it is a series of catastrophes, leading to victory.
Georges Clemenceau

The army still a hair's breadth as a Boy Scout, but scouts are under adult supervision.
Blake Clark

Any war is popular within the first thirty days.
Arthur Schlesinger

In war there is no second prize for the losers.
Omar Bradley

The real war is no use to anybody, but a lot to hate.
Max Frisch

You can not become a good soldier without a certain amount of stupidity.
Florence Nightingale

In war there are no winners - only losers.
Arthur Neville Chamberlain

In war everything is simple, but the simplest is highly difficult.
Carl Clausewitz

General - a corporal who was raised many times in the rank.
Gabriel Laub

Any business can be done in three ways: correct, incorrect, and in the army.
American proverb

Either mankind will put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind.
John F. Kennedy

If our soldiers are aware of what we are fighting, it would be impossible to conduct any war.
Frederick the Great

The quickest way to end the war - play it.
George Orwell

British soldiers stand against anyone, not against the British Ministry of Defence.
George Bernard Shaw

The first victim of war is becoming true.
Hiram Johnson

Before each battle plan is good, after the battle each plan is bad.
Vladislav Gzheschik

War is too important to be trusted its military.
Georges Clemenceau

In the civil war, every victory is a defeat.

The generals are always preparing for the last war.
Winston Churchill

Military training introduces courage by fear.
Tadeusz Kotarbinsky

War - it is traumatic epidemic.
Nikolai Pirogov

In wartime, truth is so precious that it must protect the guards lie.
Winston Churchill

Nothing lifts the morale like a dead general.
John Masters

Every war between Europeans is a civil war.
Victor Hugo

The worst thing, apart from the lost battle, the battle is won.
The Duke of Wellington

Ultimately soldier backpack is not harder than the chain a prisoner of war.
Dwight Eisenhower

Veterans of the Third World will not.
Walter Mondale

War is the continuation of politics by other means.
Carl Clausewitz

The officer can not be a good team, if it already is not afraid of Corporal.
Bruce Marshall

I do not know any of the people who have been enriched as a result of the victory.

To win the war as impossible, how to win an earthquake.
Jeannette Rankin

Almost every general begins with a soldier, and only then taken for officers.
Bohuslav Wojnar

The heyday of military sciences is possible only in peacetime.
Don Aminado

Whoever tries to evade combat duty, is not a genuine madman.
Joseph Heller

If the outcome of the war could have been foreseen, would have stopped any war.
Karol Bunsha

Wars start when they want, but end up - when they can.
Niccolo Machiavelli

Children and generals like to scare others.
Wojciech Zhukrovsky

Personnel officer - the person whom we feed in peacetime to wartime he sent us to the front.
Gabriel Laub

As the world is governed and ignite a war? Diplomats lie to journalists and believe his own lies, reading it in the newspapers.
Karl Kraus

If the enemy is not in danger, the army is in danger.
Arkady Davidovich

Generals - a striking case of a delay in development. Who among us has not dreamed of five years to be a general?
Peter Ustinov

This war will put an end to wars. And the next - too.
David Lloyd George

Old men declare war, and go to die young.
Herbert Hoover

The war - just a cowardly escape from the problems of peacetime.
Thomas Mann

Children playing at soldiers. It's clear. But why do men play in children?
Karl Kraus

The war did not begin war. War politics begin.
General William Uestmorland

Eternal Peace will reign if the winner get to pay all the costs.
Evan Essarts

War - a way of unleashing political teeth assembly that defies language.
Ambrose Bierce

The war is over only when the last soldier is buried.
Alexander Suvorov

Wars are similar litigation where attorneys' fees exceed the disputed amount.
Luc de Vauvenargues

Why generals are stupid? Because they are recruited from among the colonels.
Jean Cocteau


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