Sad story…

She stood on the platform of the station and waited for his train. He was supposed to arrive. She waited for an hour. It was winter and she froze terribly. She arrived an hour early before the arrival of the train, because it is very afraid of being late. She waited for him to return for as much as two years. And finally he comes back. Heart was racing, she was very worried. In the army he left a boy, wondering what it has become. They say, war breaks people. But he is strong, he will cope with it. She believed that all is well with him. The main thing that he's back. Finally, it came back. Now everything will be fine.
 Coming out of the car, he groped around in the platform. Large sports bag for all clung to her and had always correct, but it did not matter. Now he sees her again, see, it took so much time. He remembered her face only those photos that she crouching in his army. Most of the pictures he had lost in the war. But the one he always carry a pocket shape. He believed that it protects him. Bloody hands, he often took out this very picture. And in the intervals between battles, he looked at her, it's the only thing that kept him from suicide or some realties stupidity. He had to go back to it. She waited for him. And he kept his word. He was discharged prematurely, the fact had his reasons. A month spent in captivity, that is all the same, it means to command. He was released home. He did not know how she looks now. Maybe it has changed a lot, and everything can remain the same hooligan girl who teased him in childhood.
 - Hi! You're finally back! - He turned and she threw herself on his neck. She kissed him and was afraid to let go. She waited for him for too long, it would lose again. His bag was lying nearby, figs with it, it is no longer needed, even if you throw it, whatever it is, it can be shifted into the pockets. He did not know what took so much. Again, he could smell her hair and saw her eyes. Nothing else matters. He is at home.
 - Go quickly, and then you zamёrznesh! - She dragged him by the arm to the station building. He was wearing a light camouflage, army jacket of the same color pants and high boots. In the hands were gloves.
 - Why do you have gloves? You would be better there begged cap. - She ruffled his shaven head - you see a bald! Well, nothing, soon you obrastёsh. I'm not going to give you a haircut. Do you remember how you were in school? .. She talked incessantly. He remembered his school years, and smiled. Everything was so quiet and peaceful.
Then he tried on human life on film in theaters. It was so long ago ... An eternity passed.
 They slowly walked to the subway. She held his arm and did not let go for a second. It felt like she was afraid of silence. As soon as she pauses, silence hung immediately. But he was silent. And she again talked and talked.
 - You know, I had a lot more exercise books and envelopes for letters to you. I'll throw them all! They are no longer there nuzhny.- Mail works poorly, but dates the letters he saw that she was writing for two or even three letters a day. It warmed the soul, where the letters are especially appreciated. - Good to have you back before. By the way, why? In his letters, you did not write why you released earlier. Although I asked you.
 - Oh ... I then as realties tell you now is not in the mood.
 - Good. Oh! Look, Rose! - She loves roses. At school when he found out about it, he gave her one, begging money from my mother and gave rarely, but it was nice. On that her dad is very swore. Schoolgirl came home with a rose, it is not correct. Dad often interrogated her, who gives her flowers, but she did not speak. He did not know her father. Only rarely seen on the street, when he was going or coming back from work.
 - Wait here, I quickly! - He left it on the sidewalk, and he ran into the flower shop. She saw him through the glass facade of the store, he stood before the clerk and showed what he wants in a rose bouquet. Her hands clenched at her breast, maybe this is happiness? He is back. He is alive. He is healthy. He does not crippled. And now he buys her flowers. Her favorite flowers. Purple Rose.
She looked at him and was ready to jump for joy. Even the cries of horror somewhere in the side not distracted her attention from him. A sharp squeal of brakes made her turn her head to the side. Before she could even move ...

... Before it was only two steps. He saw her body lying on the pavement in an unnatural pose. Many times he had seen such a body. There, in the war. He did not even pay attention to them, there is a war. He dragged them many times in the arms and legs, there is a war. But it was all there! How so? There is no war. Maybe all it seems. Maybe he was still lying in the hospital after a severe injury and it is nonsense. Wake up! Urgent wake up! But the vision did not go away. She was lying on her stomach. Around the head spread over brown stain of blood. Again the blood. Again death!
 - No! Just do it! - He fell to his knees and flipped the body. Nose and mouth were bleeding. He tried to take her in his arms, but her head tipped back over his arm, his neck was broken. He gently took her and put her head on his shoulder. She was dead.
 He looked at the sky, it is the same as there. Where he was most recently. And as he held his dead soldiers. And as the tears flowed. But it was clear why people died, but there! She waited for him for two years. Well really just for that would meet him and die? .. In war, it seems that here in the civilian world people do not die. What's so good. I would like to come back soon. Return, but not so ... He was covered in blood, it's her blood, her life, and now she is leaving her. Her eyes closed and she did not when they were not open.
 She no longer when it is not zasmeёtsya and say that he Beachwood. She would not see your favorite rose ... If he did not come back, it would not be. Thoughts tore it wanted to shout in all throat. If he did not come back! After all, if he had not, she would not have come this day to the station and would not be standing in this cursed place at precisely the moment. If he had not returned, she would still be alive. He wanted to fix it. Return time and specifically there to run into the bullet. Pounce on an animal in captivity and let him slaughtered. Or simply lift the head when they are fired, it's that simple. And she would still be alive ... He stroked her head and wept. But he waited so long that to meet her, for her sake he lived.

He did not feel the cold. Piercing through the wind blew his light jacket. She was black and black jeans and boots. He did not want to wear all black special, but it happened. It was perfectly clear in the fresh snow. He fumbled in his hands knit hat I bought this morning. He watched the funeral from a distance. See on your favorite in the coffin was the greatest punishment in the world.
He waited for her to say goodbye to family. They can not interfere. Yes, and he does not fit into the process, consisting of many grandmothers, aunts and cousins. Of all those present at the funeral, he only knew her father and is familiar with it, he was not. Later, he bid farewell to her alone. He tells her everything that has not had time to say. He will tell how faith in her love gave him the strength to make a final push that would survive. What would once again look into her eyes. He will tell you how many times re-read her letter that would not lose control, sitting in the ruined city under fire. As he peered at her photo, that would at least like something to relieve the pain from another injured.
And while he waited. I am waiting for the last meeting with her. What would you say good-bye forever.
 Relatives began to disperse, the figures were separated from the general crowd of two or three. All costs are not together. Passing by another elderly couple. - She was so young. Whole life ahead. Poor child. - The old woman wiped her tears.
 - So God ordered. It's nothing you can do. - The grandfather tried to calm her down, but I had to calm him. The tears he had not wiped, to no avail.
 Tomb buried long ago, but her father stood still. He stared at the black gravestone and looked at the photograph of her daughter, her fun, she smiled. Behind him, he heard footsteps. Someone came up and stood beside him.
 - Do I know you. You're the one she was waiting for, and loved. - He said his father never taking his eyes from the plate. - She loved you too much.
 The boy was silent. He had no words for it, he did not know what to say. - I'll leave you alone with her. You waited for it and wanted to see more than any other. - The father turned and walked toward the exit of the cemetery. - In the evening, I'm waiting here at home. We have something to talk about ... you're like a son to me now. And do not you dare blame yourself for her death! It is not your fault.
 A few hours later he stood and looked at the gravestone. It seemed to him a large cross on his life. It blocked the road further. Closed access to all the dreams that he had. Main purposes no longer exists.
 Getting dark. He did not notice how knelt down and began to talk to her, it seemed to him that she was talking to him. He told her something, choked in tears and confused words, and she answered him. The tears froze on his cheeks. Legs he no longer felt. Gloved hands held tightly knit cap. Fingers without nails from the cold, aching pain stringy. When he dug nails into captivity, it was not as painful as it is now. At the meeting she said, and now he does not fall silent. He was afraid that once he shut up, she immediately disappears forever. He talked and talked and talked. He told her everything. It was quite dark ...

Nurse Anna was very young. Its not so long ago was put on an ambulance, she liked to help people in distress. But there was not anyone to help. She did not approach the fresh grave, which was sitting on the lap of a young male troupes. She looked at him in the photo on the tombstone. Anya did not see the face guy.
 - How he loved her. - I muttered already drunk watchman. And went to the tomb. The doctor examined the body.
 - Call the men and drag the stretcher to the ground, he primёrz. - The guard ran to the ambulance.
 Anya wiping her tears with a handkerchief. Mascara smeared around the eyes. - Now they are together ... now they will be happy ... I just know it! It can not be any other way! Sent by Grim


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