Cartoons with stellar voice acting

Giving his cartoon voice actor gives a piece of his soul, perhaps ...
Most characters simply to make rubbings of artists - not only the appearance, but some habits,
demeanor, manners ... And even if you look at the cartoon dubbing, it is still often
you can see the person who originally voiced the role. Although sometimes duplicating the actors fit
character even more than the original. Let's look at these characters.

Michael Galustyan - On ("Kung Fu Panda»)

Angelina Jolie - fish Lola ("Shark Tale") - Master Tigress ("Kung Fu Panda»)

Peter Falk - Don Feinberg (old shark) ("Shark Tale»)

Rowan Atkinson - Zazu ("The Lion King»)

Jack Black - shark Lenny ("Shark Tale") - toothed tiger Zeke ("Ice Age") - Panda Po («Kung Fu Panda»)

Renee Zellweger - fish Angie ("Shark Tale") - Vanessa Bloom ("Bee Movie") - Kathy ("Monsters vs. Aliens»)

KING - King PcheLarri ("Bee Movie") - a terrible stepsister Doris ("Shrek»)


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