How does the voice recording studios in series

An interesting story about the intricacies of the profession.

How come the profession

There is some certain conditions, because of which people become involved in domestic voice acting.
Most guys just want to voice your favorite series that have not yet translated into Russian.
In professional studios things differently:
there are working actors and directors to produce and get to work pretty hard.
"Ozvukatorami" because the idea is called my profession, becoming accident:
Do you have any any equipment, you find a movie or TV series,
that you like, and it pereozvuchivaesh using subtitles.
I've learned to do in the theater, and my colleague - to journalism.
My first custom voice acting were pirated movies, for which paid $ 20.
The customer was disgusting text translation:
they certainly do not bother, and everything is translated "PROMT»
(Promt, a popular program for translations. - Approx. Ed.)
without further editing. Then there was the first season of the vampire series -
for it does not pay. But always start with something necessary.

About piracy

Market Voice series is divided into two camps: domestic semiprofessional studio,
Orders that come from paid online movie theaters and studios with legal orders from the holders.
The latter is considered the first pirates and even troll them profforumah. To me, piracy - is to take the movie for free,
and then earn money on it. But we do not get
immediate profits: people watch free TV series voiced by us.
Although it happens that insolent students put us in a rebuke that the series did not come out and say that we owe them:
"You earn money thanks to us!" As this little
this shit can get away with, given that the series he is looking for free?

TV Shows on TV

Overseas series voice acting in general no one does. Everywhere they go with subtitles, and the audience is satisfied.
We have the same people are not accustomed to perceive films with subtitles and voice require translation.
There are several types of voice: offscreen (the voice
superimposed over the original track, usually with a slight delay)
and dubbing, that is full mute. On television, often
using voiceover, voice to voice, without variation,
dry monotone voice, do not bother about
sound effects such as simulating the voice on the phone, and the like.
Here, as the spoiled phone: moonlight translator and translates somehow,
Editor somehow edits, and the actors end up reading what they have given.
Then turn incidents like those in the original when you hear «break a leg», and the actor says:
"Break a leg", although the phrase means "no fluff no pen».
Why is this happening? For them it's just a monotonous work,
they had a hundred thousand minutes a day and do not have time to put the soul in scoring.
The difference between domestic voice often is,
that nonprofessionals more emotionally about their work.
I truly love my Mr. White and Gloria
(Heroes TV series "Breaking Bad" and "Modern Family." - Comm. ed.),
and they - no. Although there are various examples.
I remember that many were unhappy when STS launched
"The Big Bang Theory" in his own voice acting: all used to "Courage Bamba»
and did not take the show anyway. On the telly was not "bugagashenek" and other own chips "Courage».
But if you think about it, it was on STS voice within the meaning of the most
close to the original: the jokes were translated into Russian very well, without there "cheesecakes Aunt Glasha».

But in the mass Russian TV channels - it is stagnant Soviet structures.
They believe that a man can not articulate woman,
and dubbing should engage four or five actors.
And the fact that they make silly semantic errors, they do not care.
Like the fact that I can represent one of five voices, so that no one had ever guessed that this one person.
Remember how it was before! That voice that
We have heard in the '90s - is the work of an incredibly talented people.
Not only that, they voiced many films simultaneously,
without translation, so also did it at an incredibly complex equipment.
Now technology allows voice everything you want,
just having a microphone and a computer. On the one hand, this is good:
thanks to these people formed a series of foreign industry in Russia.
On the other - breed sounded creepy, poorly translated into Russian serials,
and people who do it, there is a false impression of their own abilities.


There are clearly established pattern of voicing any film product.
For example, to voice in a different language does not look ridiculous,
use "lipsing" - is such a technology fit for dubbing
lip movements of the speaker. It is used more or less serious studio.
Sometimes you have to completely change the phrase and its meaning, to make it look natural.
These special people are engaged - "stackers».
At home, everything a bit easier: the phrase usually do not change,
but its duration in any case, must comply with
the duration of the original statements to voice ran to the other characters.
The first phase of voice - is a translation of the series. There is always one scheme:
on sites like translator selects the correct serial
and receives full EDL - subtitles with time replicas of the characters.
When viewing, you will not see them,
but in encoded form they are in any of the series, and not only in English.
The translator remains to choose a similar
the length of sentences in Russian and send EDL in the studio.
A good interpreter can take a series from a couple of hours to a couple days.
Do not forget about specialized serials like health.
Here the translator must not only preserve the style of narration,
but to know all these medical terms such as coronary artery bypass grafting.

Typically, the episode is divided into male and female replica,
And sometimes it is necessary to voice several characters in a row.
You look at the video, focusing on the subtitles or EDL.
Some studios complicate a job: in a program recorded
several replicas in a different - clean and reduce sound.
It is not clear why, if all this is one program.
No study of the voice for the character, or the selection of the desired
tone does not exist. You just listen and talk like a hero voice.
The third episode of all shake down and the voice remains unchanged,
You will start watching the show - look,
how the vote in the first series.
Home studio voice - a team of several people: a translator, editor and just one,
who voices - he often sound engineer.

Mats and awkward moments

It is only from the funny to look at, as an employee of the studio several times not to sound cue.
In fact, this very annoying. Once I
I had to sound cartoon, which was a character named Kaiaeoaealeale.
It is even impossible to read, not what to say! You yourself try.
Girls may be difficult to articulate sex scenes: shy, asking colleagues to go into another room.
However, after some time getting used and are not afraid to say something like: "Hey you, come here».
The hook up with this easier: voice superimposed over the original voices,
and portray kisses and languid breath in bed we do not need. While dubbing home has its disadvantages.
Here you sit at night, to voice any
action movie about the war. In the next room someone is sleeping, and you're yelling:
"Medic! Most here ».

It is important that the viewer perceives as his own voice-dubbing:
To do this, the translator must perfectly operate with the Russian language,
both literary and nonliterary. A sense of humor does not hurt:
in a Comedy Series are very important euphemisms and original jokes.
And if a lot of the original mother, the translator must
to know the whole range of national mat and its variations.
We have one excellent translator, but she did not
able to translate mats. Each fuck her "fuck»,
and in fact can be any "hitrovyeblenopodazuleplenno" come up.
Russian man in general somehow very insulted mats.
But sexual intercourse with a loosening Baska - perfectly normal.
Take, for True Blood! Yes there is porn disguised mixed with krovischey,
but Mats translate, you know, ugly. It is not necessary to insert the mat,
where it is not present in the original. If it is - why not translate?
Sometimes it is simply absurd to hear "hell" when the original «shit».


Actually, for some reason many people think that employees studios voice -
oligarchs and buy the car for a day. This is complete nonsense!
Although now there are several ways to earn a series: advertising on its own website,
voice for online TV or sponsorship.
Here you turn on the show and hear "with the support of such a site»
- A sponsorship came about a year ago, before all done for free, on their own enthusiasm.
Generally, those who are now sponsoring a serial voice, very far-sighted people.
Some companies give money to several studios,
because they understand how popular series and what their uncountable audience.


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