How does the voice recording studios in series

An interesting story about the intricacies of the profession.

How come the profession

There is some certain conditions, because of which people become involved in domestic voice acting.
Most guys just want to voice your favorite series that have not yet translated into Russian.
In professional studios things differently:
there are working actors and directors to produce and get to work pretty hard.
"Ozvukatorami" because the idea is called my profession, becoming accident:
Do you have any any equipment, you find a movie or TV series,
that you like, and it pereozvuchivaesh using subtitles.
I've learned to do in the theater, and my colleague - to journalism.
My first custom voice acting were pirated movies, for which paid $ 20.
The customer was disgusting text translation:
they certainly do not bother, and everything is translated "PROMT»
(Promt, a popular program for translations. - Approx. Ed.)
without further editing. Then there was the first season of the vampire series -
for it does not pay. But always start with something necessary.


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