The American animated series

Over the past 20 years on American television there was a real revolution: a complex and ambiguous humor shows such as "King of the Mountain", "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy" showed all that animation - it's not just for kids. The production process of the show is more complicated than a normal television production.
On average, the production of a series of half-hour takes about 9 months and it can be divided into eight main stages:

Creating a new season of the animated series usually begins with the fact that the entire writing team going and writes all the ideas for the series. After a collective brainstorming weed out superfluous: the list of cut and leave only the best. Then these ideas partitioned between writers who write specific series. Once a writer has written a synopsis of the series, he discusses it with his colleagues, to identify potential problems and to develop or come up with new jokes. In contrast to the writers who write for film or TV series, the writers working in animation there is no need to worry about how it will be embodied written, you can draw anything. Writers can come up with any location, without taking into account the cost of creating the scenery. The basic principle is that if a writer can submit written in my imagination it can be embodied on the screen. Another freedom that can afford writers animated show - treat characters as pleased. Drawn characters, as opposed to real people, you can make do almost anything. Often this is due to various obscenities, shocking people in the game series, but normally perceived in animation, where the greater the distance between the viewer and the characters.

When work on the script completed, it's time readings. To do this, gather the actors working on the series, the team of script writers and anyone who is currently in the studio. Readings - a very important and crucial moment, because it allows the writers finally live to hear their written texts. Writers and producers are closely watching the reaction of the audience and make notes of what works and what does not. After re-readings of the writers gather and discuss emerged during rehearsal problems and their solutions. When the final version adopted by the producers, it is transmitted to the voice acting.

How exactly is going on voice - it depends on the producer. Some TV shows every vote is recorded separately, while done a few takes, different in tone and character. Some prefer to work on the classical radio broadcast scheme, when all the actors are going into the studio and play with the script. After recording the dialogue begins mixing and sound editing, which take about two weeks. Gather all done recording, select the most suitable double, and then all this is brought to a standard timing series. Fixation of writers and producers are approved and then sent directly to the animation studio.

The storyboard is a frame plan directed on how to be arranged in series. As a rule, it is divided into rectangular boxes sheet of paper on which schematically action heroes and their replicas and angles. Animated storyboards should be as detailed. It is because of these animators will continue to get all the information about the production of the frame, as well as the timing of scenes and action heroes. Following the approval of the leading storyboard animators begin to draw key frames of the episode. As a rule, they are not directly involved in animating - their task is only to draw the main points of each scene, as well as to come up with designs for the entire series. Since on the show always has several animators, there is a risk that the same character, drawn by different people will look different. To avoid this, there are model sheets, which reflect the standards of the character image. These standards include the proportion of body size relative to the other characters and the image of the character in different poses and with different angles. Compliance with the standards is very important to create a uniform character - if its size and appearance will change the course of the series, it just will not be perceived as a full-fledged hero.

After approval of the storyboard animatic created. This draft of the series, minimally animated, - a kind of attempt at writing. In fact, this animated storyboard. Animators shoot made sketches on film to get a rough idea of ​​how it will look like the final result. Because of the incomplete motion animation characters often look rather strange, and lip movements do not always coincide with the votes. For producers in the animatic stage it is important to understand, "work" if the jokes and script as a whole. This is the final stage, when the episode is still possible to make some changes. After that, even the most minimal changes will cost serious money. After completion of the animatic and making all edits animators send all the material accumulated Korean or Indian studios - well, anyway, there is in the United States. This happens because of the lower labor costs in those countries, where, however, a large number of good people. The main task of the Korean or Indian animators - to fill the void that exists between the already drawn keyframes. For example, the American animators can draw three main points in the scene - as in Korea or India should make one complete episode. The next stage - the color fill patterns. Traditionally, this is done manually for each frame, but today more and more studios decide this issue in using computers. When filling is completed, all the elements of the frame - the characters and backgrounds - are combined and transferred to film, and then sent back to America.

After all already animated material appears on the hands may find some inconsistencies in the color that you want to fix it, or producers may be required to cut some sort of a joke that they do not like - all this can be done during installation. Since re-render the entire scene in such cases is very expensive, directors mounting resorted to various tricks. The main of them - the use of the old material, for whatever reason are not suitable. There were times when entire scenes were edited out of the previously unused shots. This, incidentally, is one of the reasons why the characters are animated show is almost always dressed alike. This uniformity allows you to borrow footage from one episode to another is almost imperceptible to the viewer.

When work on the picture finalized, producers metarial transmit sound engineers who clean up the recording of votes, enclose the music and add various effects. This is a very important step that helps to create the atmosphere and the mood of the show. And now, after nine months of work, the episode is finally ready. On TV sent a copy of the master series, and its broadcast on television. It should be borne in mind that by the time the work on one episode in the production run a few new ones - and the process is almost endless.



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