Died actor Vladislav Galkin

It is learned that the first alarm Galkin scored father - a famous actor Boris Galkin. "He called a family friend and said Vladislav more days not contacted, - noted the official. - The apartment of the actor came to friends, but the door to them no one opened. I had to call rescuers who opened the apartment ».

In Moscow apartment found dead famous actor 38-year-old Vladislav Galkin, told Itar-Tass in law enforcement bodies of the capital.

They noted that the body Galkin was found in the apartment at st. Lawn-Spassky, the house 12/23. "Friends of the actor could not reach him, so it was decided to open the door of the apartment," - said the source.

"We reaffirm that Vladislav Galkin died today in my apartment," - said Head of Information and Public Relations of the Moscow police, Viktor Biryukov.

He added that at present in the apartment where the actor died, are police officers. "This order is provided by the Russian legislation, regardless of what the cause of death" - said Biryukov.

Galkin's death confirmed the ex-wife of actor Darya Mikhailova. "It's true. I do not know the details, "- said Mikhailov.

The lawyer of the actor Henry Padva told "Interfax" that he learned about his death from media reports. He added that he has not yet contacted the family Galkina. Padva Galkina represented at the trial, in which the actor was accused of figliganskih actions.

No signs of a violent death on the body of the actor Vladislav Galkin was found. Itar-Tass said the officer in charge of the Office of Information and Public Relations of the Moscow police Anatoliy Lastavetski.

"According to preliminary information we have, no traces of violence on the body Galkina is detected, that is, there is no crime," - a spokesman said. According to him, now the scene is operational investigative group.

In turn, a source in law enforcement bodies of the capital told Itar-Tass that the first alarm Galkin scored father - a famous actor Boris Galkin. "He called a family friend and said Vladislav more days not contacted, - noted the official. - The apartment of the actor came to friends, but the door to them no one opened. I had to call rescuers who opened the apartment ».

Doctors believe the preliminary cause of death in acute heart failure and pancreatitis. "According to preliminary data, the most likely cause of death was acute heart failure accompanied by acute pancreatitis," - told "Interfax" on Saturday, a source in the medical circles of Moscow.

"In any case, the exact cause of death can be established only after the autopsy," - the source said.

Earlier it was reported that Galkin was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and delirium tremens (delirium tremens). According to preliminary data, the actor had serious problems with the liver and pancreas.

In January, he was hospitalized in the 50 Department of Surgery Botkin Hospital in Moscow. It is possible that the actor's health, have repeatedly seen in the use of alcohol, could undermine the New Year celebration. Previously, for the same reasons, he had problems with the law.

Recall that in December Presnensky court of Moscow sentenced Galkina to one year and two months in prison with probation and a half years, finding him guilty of figliganstve and resisting police officers.

According to investigators, on the night of July 24, 2009 Galkin started a brawl in a cafe on Landscape Kudrinskaia the streets of Moscow. In response to the refusal of the bartender to pour him a whiskey actor took a chair, slapped them on the bar, then shot from a gas pistol on the bottles while continuing to demand a drink and threatening to use weapons. When the bar arrives precinct ATS Presnensky district and demanded to stop the brawl Galkina, actor punched him in the head.

A criminal case was heard in a special manner, that is, bypassing the stage of the trial, since the accused admitted his guilt and repented.

Vladislav Galkin - Honored Artist of Russia. He starred in 40 films. Film debut for him was the role of Huck Finn in the movie by Stanislav Govorukhin "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn." Then he was nine years old. The film was shot and Vlad godmother Ekaterina Vasilyeva. His latest work - TV's "Kotovsky", which is only due for release. October 2, 1998 Galkin married actress Darya Mikhailova, he has no children.

In 1992 he graduated from the Theatre School named after BV Shchukin (course Albert Gurov).
In 1999 he graduated from the VGIK, where his mentor was Vladimir Hotinenko.
Honored Artist of Russia.
He grew up in a family of actor and director Boris Galkin and Elena Demidova. His father himself Vladislav - the direct descendants of the sister of the famous Field Marshal Mikhail Kutuzov.
The cause of death of 38-year-old actor has become an acute cardiovascular failure.
October 2, 1998 Galkin married actress Darya Mikhailova.

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