The guy who came up with this idea, loves two things: movies and travel. At one point, he decided to combine his two hobbies. In the end, it turned out: the photo divided into two parts. At the top - a shot from a favorite movie, below - picture taken at the same location (or almost the same), with the same "scenery", only instead of actors - ordinary people. Interesting idea!

Film: "Drive»
Actor: Ryan Gosling
Location: MacArthur Park, Los Angeles. (Kevin Thomas)

The film "Love Actually»
Actor Liam Neeson
Location: South Beach, London. (Allen Fuqua)

The film "The Talented Mr. Rippl»
Actor: Matt Damon
Location: St. Mark's Square, Venice. (Katrina Vowels)

The film "Fast Times at Ridgemont High»
Actor: Robert Romanus
Location: School of Van Nuys, California. (Bret Kinkele)

Film: "Do not Mess with the Zohan»
Actor: Adam Sandler
Location: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. (Allen Fuqua Sr.)


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