The most interesting film premieres in August

We can not say that August will be hot in the sense of film premieres, but every weekend we get one high-profile premieres. In the last month of summer we should expect mutant turtles, War of the old guard of Hollywood, animated comics and Pierce Brosnan in the role of ex-CIA agent fighting against the future president of Russia. Now, first things first ...


Still from the film "The Expendables 3»

Premieres August 7

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles» (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Long time no one spoke to bugs mutants, and Jonathan Liebesman took a chance and hoping to stay in the win, because the director has ideas to continue the story. Without a doubt, the film will also fans of Megan Fox, for which this premiere will return to the big screen.

The plot will provide all the classic comic book heroes - the brave turtles villains Schroeder and Foot Clan, as well as the beauty of a nice-reporter April and its operator-finger-in-the-mouth-not-on luggage Verne Fenwick. Once again, we are waiting for the struggle between good and evil for the future of mankind in the form of New York.


Still from the film "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles»

"Into the Storm» (Into the Storm)

Long time did not come out disaster movie, fans of this genre already staring into holes "Day After Tomorrow" and "2012" in anticipation of a new masterpiece. Did you get their hopes film "Into the Storm" - time will tell. I can only add that the film is not Hollywood, but there will be many drawn tornadoes.

The plot is reminiscent of the movie "Twister" (1996) with Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton in the lead roles. Silverstone town destroyed due to the invasion of tornadoes, residents seeking salvation, and vice versa tornado hunters go Into the Storm.


Still from the film "Into the Storm»

Premieres August 14

"The Expendables 3» (The Expendables 3)

Stallone definitely knew what was going on, when in the middle of the century movies with special effects supercomputer took action movie with a bunch of tough guys in the style of the 90s. And the popularity of "The Expendables" only confirms the fact that sometimes the audience is important not special effects, and the usual fight with a minimum of discussion on the topic of life and maximum action. But the cast also played a role. With each part of "The Expendables" collect more strong guys in Hollywood, proven not only the box office, but also time. Although just age value is not important. Think Chuck Norris in the penultimate part ... and yet he was already '74. Let me not retell the story and everything is clear: the good guys will ask pepper bad. Cast: solid familiar star faces.


Still from the film "The Expendables 3»

"Dedicated» (The Giver)

A novel by Lois Lowry, "The Giver", which once caused a lot of controversy. In fact, the film - another story about a teenager who (th) is not just a man, but ... these films in recent times goes a lot, after the resounding success of "Twilight" and "Hunger Games." However, not all meet the expectations of the premiere. However, while there is demand, and by the way, not only the younger generation, but also people quite adult, will offer. Incidentally, the film, starring Hollywood - Meryl Streep, Taylor Swift, Katie Holmes and Jeff Bridges.

In the story we see an ideal future in which the lives of sixteen Jonas. Once he was elected Guardian memory of society and he realizes that the world is not so perfect.


Still from the film "Dedication»

"Heart to pieces» (A Many Splintered Thing)

Chris Evans for a change decided to throw his heroic vestments and play in romkome. Evans the hero, having experienced unrequited love, meets a pretty socialite. And, despite the fact that she has a fiance decides to win her heart.


Still from the film "Heart to pieces»

Premieres August 21

"Sin City 2: A woman, for which there is a kill» (Sin City: A Dame to Kill For)

Fans have long been bombarded with letters of Robert Rodrigues and Frank Miller that they continue the story that began in 2005. However, the wizards in no hurry and waited. I think viewers pomarinovav they provided excellent film fund. By the way, Frank and Robert, we also see in the film in small roles.

As for the plot - in this part of Dueyt will avenge the stranger Ava Lord, and Nancy Hartigan deal with offenders.

Still from the film "Sin City 2: A woman worth killing for which»

"Friendship. (And no sex) »(The F Word)

Daniel Radcliffe in the role of a guy who is not lucky in love. As usual, the hero gives a vow more no-no, but then she appears. Light comedy without any claims. Just for the summer.


Still from the film "Friendship. (And no sex) »

"Planes: Fire and Water» (Planes: Fire & Rescue)

One of the two animated prime-August. The story about the airplane Dusty and his friends. At this time, Dusty decided to take fire aviation. The boys will be delighted by such adventures.


Scene from the movie "Planes: Fire and water»

Premieres August 28

"Man November» (The November Man)

Thriller with Pierce Brosnan and Olga Kurylenko in the lead roles. The plot is tied around a CIA agent who has retired, but is forced to return to confront his former pupil and future president of Russia.


Still from the film "The November Man»

"If I stay» (If I Stay)

Drama with Chloe Moretz in the title role. This film adaptation of the novel of youth Gayle Forman "If I stay." Story of a girl whose life is turned upside down after a car accident and while in a coma.


Still from the film "If I stay»

"Amazonia» (Amazonia)

Film for the whole family on a small home Capuchins, which is due to the crash gets into their habitat.


Still from the film "Amazonia»

"7th dwarf» (Der 7bte Zwerg)

The second animation premiere of August. Cartoon gnomes and dedicated their lives with adventure. Each gnome own character, which can make the whole family into trouble, however, joint efforts are the advantages disadvantages and the main hero becomes incompetent.


Still from the film "The seventh dwarf"


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