The Georgian-Abkhaz conflict a year later (33 photos)

Let us recall the events in South Ossetia and Abkhazia a year ago.

In late April over Abkhazia have been shot down an unmanned reconnaissance plane, illegally flown from the territory of Georgia. According to the Defense Ministry of the unrecognized republic, the aircraft was shot down in the morning on April 20 settlement Gagida Ochamchira district.

This incident caused a serious international scandal. Georgia accused Russia that its air force shot down the plane, as well as the need to consider this case in the UN Security Council. Meanwhile, the UN Security Council did not come to a consensus on the situation in Abkhazia.

1) Battalion of the Russian army passed through the Caucasus Mountains in the vicinity of the South Ossetian village of Jaba in the direction of the conflict August 9, 2008 President Saakashvili declares martial law. Photo: Dmitry Kostyukov / AFP

2) July 8 South Ossetian authorities arrested four Georgian soldiers in Tskhinvali. Later, the soldiers were released. Photo: Kazbek Basayev / AFP / Getty Images

3) Coldat Georgian peacekeepers and police shows traces of shells fired from the South Ossetian side in the Georgian village of Nikozi on 5th August 2008. Photo: Georgy Abdaladze, AP Photo

4) The girl, a refugee from South Ossetia, sitting on the bed in Vladikavkaz, 4th August 2008. Photo: Kazbek Basayev, AFP


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