Gilbert Renault: the Disease is a program operated by the brain in specific situations

When we met 4 years ago, You said, do the totality of Biology. And now you say You do Recall Healing. Frankly, neither the first nor the second name, to me nothing says. And it seems that not only me.

— Total Biology and Recall Healing - the same method. The Creator of German New Medicine Dr. RYKE HAMER. Unfortunately, Dr. Hamer recommended their patients to abandon the classical treatment, which caused by doctors numerous protests and many supporters turned away from him.

To abandon the classical treatment, do not agree also the founder of total biology Dr SABBAH CLAUDE, so, on the other hand, supporters of the German New Medicine are charged that do not follow the precepts of his Teacher.

I often do seminars in the US, where there are psychologists, naturotherapist and doctors. Many of them began their quest with the New German Medicine, where they were warned not to engage the Totality of biology.

But the doctors heard from numerous errors of Dr. Hamer, so I was asked to come up with another name that was not associated with negative public opinion. Dr. Saba was the name of the movie, but, on the other hand, we all understand that the most important thing is, holistically and deeply to pass on knowledge, and not the name.

Fifty nine million seven hundred nine thousand seven hundred seven

— How You came into contact with this method?

I was Naturotherapists doing kinesiotherapy and massage. With two partners we opened a clinic in Quebec. But, unfortunately, we are not 100% helped our patients.

Often the same people about the same complaints addressed again, which I was very upset. Once in my office there was a woman who for 10 years was suffering from migraine. All this time she was treated in a leading canadian specialized clinic, but her nothing seemed to help.

After three sessions of acupuncture, which in addition to the impact on certain points, I talked to her about her illness, she is absolutely withdrawal. No allopathic medicines she took.

Her husband, oncologist, began to send us all their patients in the terminal stage of cancer. It was for us a lot of stress, because at first we had no idea what to do with them, and our work with them was not effective. Naturally, we understood that these patients need, above all, to give comfort and peace, but only for their cure, is not enough.

In this period of time, I was contacted by the translator of Ontario and was asked to edit the translation of the work of Dr. Hamer from French to English. Because of this, I compared what was written in the works of Dr. Hamer's what I have encountered in my practice and tried to apply his methods in my work.

The methodology of the German New Medicine, I worked for 5 years, but realized that it does not satisfy me as some of my patients recovered, but some condition has not changed. And finally, when I was faced with the technique of Total Biology, I figured out why I was not able to help all of my patients.

At this time I already broke up with my partners in Quebec and moved to Vancouver. One of my patients was an elderly woman with breast cancer. She was already very weak, walked with a cane and with great difficulty climbed up to me on the stairs of the 7 steps. Came with her husband, a University Professor who did not believe in neconventionala medicine.

I put husband on a chair to wait for 1.5 hours wife in the next room. During the consultation we talked to her about the history of a lifetime. This woman admitted to me that never before anybody did not open. After some time I heard the wall of noise.

I looked at my watch and found that since the beginning of the consultation, it's been 2 hours. I realized that her husband was "worried" and decided to continue the conversation with my patient next time. We with her together went to the car, as I wanted to say goodbye to him. A moment later we were approached by his wife (my patient). And he asked him: "Where's your cane?»

She was surprised to have admitted to us that she does not feel pain in the leg, but two hours ago, she defeated seven steps, using a cane. We met with her for two weeks. However, she agreed to the surgery, which she has long been suggested to surgeon.

A week after the surgery, she called me and told me that the surgeon came to her to apologize, because during the operation it turned out that the tumor resolved itself, although before she came to me on a visit, all the research pointed to the fact that she has a malignant tumor.

It was my first patient with treated breast cancer. After her such occasions were many. For many years I was engaged in the development of new technologies and methods of working with patients. Stern Dr. Saba, I have had several important teachers. For example, I often use the method of Dr. GERARD ATHIAS associated with the correlation of certain psychological conflicts with specific acupuncture points. I have tried to join various other methods.

In one patient, which I could not improve, was leading the conflict, she couldn't get it to "let go". On the eve before the next visit, I fell into the hands of the book of BRANDON BAYS "THE JOURNEY" — in this book, I found that during the week helped in this case.

During my work with the patient, I, first of all, do lead to psychological conflict, which I learned to identify, thanks to the work of Dr. Hamer and Dr. Saba. I always emphasize a huge thanks to these two my main Teachers as I personally have not invented anything new.

The only thing I added in the method "RECALL HEALING" – this is my experience, through which I was able to improve individual elements of this method, for example the genealogical concept.


— Based on what method is RECALL HEALING ?

— This method is based on the discovery of Dr. Hamer that the disease is an external manifestation of the internal conflict. The disease is a program operated by the brain in specific situations.

For example, in such as severe stress or emotional conflict. The program of the disease cease to act when this long conflict is eliminated. The brain accumulates a program and information about the evolution of human beings from earth over the last 4 billion years. So the brain remembers all archaic programs.

The brain controls the body and its main function is to maintain life in each moment. If the person is an unpleasant event, or he feels sadness, anger, as long as this situation or feeling is only psychological – the person is healthy. But as soon as the conflict goes into the category of biological, that is, the stress level exceeds some threshold, a person gets sick because his brain is unable to adequately control the body.

Dr. Hamer discovered that the same conflict will cause the same disease in different people. For example, the conflict of loss will lead to the development of cancer of the ovaries or testicles, the conflict of guilt and low self-esteem, lead to depression, conflict and loss of personal space – to a heart attack.

This kind of dependency is easy enough to observe if the similar conflicts occur in reality, but it should be noted that the brain remembers as the fact that he once thought, presented or imagined.

One person accidentally locked in the refrigerator, which was not included. Accordingly, the temperature inside was about 18 degrees Celsius. However, the man, paralyzed with fear, was outside of reality, it involved the self-destruct sequence, and he died from "hypothermia", this is what was the cause of death according to post-mortem autopsy. This person's brain have included a real program of death from hypothermia.

The brain is not able to assess whether the information coming to it. The brain is only in order to come up with a solution and matching this solution to the command and response based on the received information. No matter how the situation corresponds to reality, the incoming information is defined as true.

In connection with its validity, the resulting momentum should lead to an adequate response of the brain. Thus, it is not always the real events affect a person, and, in the first place, their interpretation, and the human world in General.

In addition, this process is also influenced by the beliefs of the parents and other ancestors. Among all programs that affect biological health, priority is given to those associated with viability of the individual and the entire human race.

In this context, we can perceive genes as a way of passing the history of the human race and life experience of their ancestors. And can be transmitted as a positive program that helps in solving conflicts and negative, that is, those that have not been resolved and transferred to the person to "inherited".

The idea is that if you penetrate and archaic content, this can lead to a real topical change in the state of mind and body. In order to withdraweth, it is necessary to revise and change the attitude to the occurred pathological conflict.

The inadequate situation it is necessary to turn into adequate. Naturally, this is not an easy task, as the unconscious conflict is the cause of the abnormal program. To reveal this conflict in RECALL HEALING is not only used research and observations declared in the New German Medicine, but also psychogenetics, genealogy, symbolic methods, methods of the biological clock and the mechanism of cellular memory (the cycles of identity, of self-sufficiency, the birth of children in the family, hormones, etc.).

Also uses elements of NLP, behavioral psychology, classical Chinese medicine and the latest achievements of Western medicine. It is necessary to study the whole history of patients and their family members, the impact on the environment, education, culture, religion and philosophy. RECALL HEALING is quite extensive and deep knowledge. With this method, you can greatly increase the chances in the treatment of severe diseases. But it is no panacea.


— Do You prescribe a diet or other natural treatments to their patients.

Being a naturopathic physician, I have dealt with issues of diet collected in this area a lot of information, but since, as I RECALL doing the HEALING, I'm just figuring out the emotional traumas and conflicts that arose with inadequate reactions and behaviors of the person.

If someone does not digest milk, I would have to deal with his conflict with the "milk". A healthy person can eat what he wants. Naturally, I recommend the massage and other methods of natural medicine. I can also recommend my patients to visit a therapist, because sometimes I only reveal the conflicts, but I don't have time for detailed study of all psychological conflicts in my patients.

Typically, the patient visited my office 2 – 3 times. In very rare cases I deal with individual patients within a few years, but we see each other 3 to 4 times a year. In new York I have a patient with diagnosed multiple sclerosis. She is now 68 years old, and she is sick with 35 years of age. Her doctor is a leading specialist in new York, which has observed thousands of patients with this disease.

This woman is by profession a writer. Writes with his left hand and has large problems with movement. When she came to me the first time, could not write and almost didn't go. Currently her form is much better, she is more confident, her self-esteem has increased significantly. I talk to her on Skype 3 or 4 times a year. During our next conversation, she complained that he did not see improvement.

We agreed on the following conversation after 3 months, as she did during this time, resonance imaging of the brain. Suddenly she called her doctor and said that he urgently wants to do another study. When she was horrified to come to him, he asked her about how she was treated the last years, as among all those thousands of patients who are under observation so long time, her condition has not worsened.

Inspired by this information during our next conversation she began to tell stories that are never told. Found out a lot of new potential conflicts, and this led to subsequent long-term improvement. One of my teachers Dr. "ATHIAS" claims that only an awareness of the causes of a particular disease can greatly improve the condition.


— Some argue that contact with cause means the healing, and nothing more should be done in this direction. So says Bert Hellinger and experts in the field of regression analysis.

- The brain reacts to everything. Unresolved conflict many years "waiting" to at the most inopportune time will turn on and exert influence on behavior and human health.

Sometimes it is necessary to analyze all the family tree to some distant for hundreds of years, the event relevant to the patient, included in this the mechanism of "cell memory" or "time loop" and helped to understand or to realize the internal connection of its state with events or emotions that ancestors failed adequately to live or survive.

Going this way, it becomes possible to cure the patient from severe and chronic diseases, and improvement of his kind. The important point of therapy is not only the very definition of such an event, a situation or condition, but a holistic understanding of the causes, "every cell of the brain" and "every cell of the whole organism".

In that moment, when we recognize the deep inner cause of the disease is associated with a negative unconscious programs, this program modificeres, and the disease is cured. We fight the disease with the consciousness of each cell. For this we use a variety of methods.

I really don't know the true life that comes to me patient. But I have cooked 3 to 4 script, how to work with it, since before the consultation, the patient fills in a special questionnaire which I studied prior to the visit. During the consultation it patient response allow me to choose one of the prepared scenarios.

In addition an important contact with the patient on a subtle emotional sense that allows the therapist to intuitively choose the right script for the treatment of the patient, as it can be observed in cases of family constellations of Bert Hellinger or the methodology of Dr. MORENO.

Forty eight million six hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety three

— And if it is impossible to find out family history, drama and trauma? For example, parents have died or don't want to tell the unpleasant story?

— RECALL HEALING is that if we work on ourselves, thus we work with the past. We're not tortured and not tortured. We help therapists who work on our method, will learn to analyze the period of 18 months before the birth of man (9 months prior to conception and 9 months of pregnancy) and the first year of life already born child, in order to find out everything that had to do with his parents.

We don't expect several sessions to the patient is opened to us and was sincere with us, we are asking questions. We have a model and a sequence of questions which help us to build a "lifeline" of the patient to understand his "plan and purpose" and features a family tree. Thanks to the discoveries of Dr. Hamer, we know exactly what questions make sense to ask for certain diseases and how to penetrate the essence of the patient's condition. Every organ and every part of the body speak for themselves. One day I came to the reception a female doctor, which 10 years before had removed the thyroid gland, and in the time of the visit, the thyroid gland has grown back again, it reappeared site. Before this incident I had not encountered such patients, but due to the concept of RECALL HEALING, I knew exactly what to ask and what the topic should be addressed in a conversation with my patient. Important reasons for diseases of the thyroid gland, are the concept of "injustice," conflict associated with disappointment parents over the fact that instead of the expected boy was born a girl, too intense pace of life and constant stress fail to complete the plan. The hormonal system is also associated with communication, with the ability to build relationships in the family and at work. I began to ask her questions related to possible listed reasons, and she started crying. The eruption of a huge number of emotions. And after five days the site has resolved.

I want to say here one more remark. When I work with the patient, then "sell" him "my product", But other than that, I sometimes work with colleagues. If there are many ways to get sick, then also must exist many ways to withdrawel. I very rarely see a patient more than three times. If my method doesn't help him, or between us formed a fine relationship, he needs to find another expert. And I never persuade the patient to abandon conventional treatment methods. One of the main principles of RECALL HEALING is the rule: "Your patient may not worsen his condition, and can not increase the number of his life's problems".


— Working with patients, do You use the method of provocative therapy?

— Yeah. But only when they feel that it is necessary for treatment. I never really know how I'm going to work with a specific patient. Everything starts to happen spontaneously. One day, I was approached by a patient who was diagnosed with final stage liver cancer and told that he will die soon. He lived in Arizona and identified themselves to Witnesses iegovy. We talked on the phone with him only once.

I discovered that he had a conflict associated with the inability to Express aggression, and began to provoke him: "You fool!!! Want to die from something like that?!"He got angry, was furious, and ceased to be cute and cuddly with a better "die" than say something harsh, aggressive or "indecent". I "allowed" him to cry and be "naturally aggressive". Since then has passed 4 years, he is still alive.


— I've heard a lot about provocative therapy, but I thought that in RECALL HEALING, the patient should be very active.

— Certainly! This method is not effective if the patient refuses to engage in dialogue. If he had surrendered, no one and nothing can bring him back to life. Unfortunately, the diagnosis of cancer is often a sentence to the patient. He now knows that they will die, and the doctor only topped up "the oil in the fire." "Hand of fate" and "Domoklovym sword" can't be countered or even a little bit changed my thin pathetic yelping. This often happens because in childhood we hear from parents, "the DOCTOR said, and...!!!". In our subconscious the doctor is likened to GOD.


— What are the qualities of a therapist, using Your method?

Dr. SABA speaks about it so: "first, the therapist must be educated and cultured man. The more educated the practitioner, the more experiences he has, the greater the opportunity to combine everything with EVERYTHING".


— Cultured and educated should be every physician. What else? Probably would not hurt a hell of a well-developed intuition.

— Would not hurt.


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And that this doctor is a little to have Sherlock Holmes.

— Yes, I often say so. Skype I came up with a username: "Finding solutions." The therapist often asks himself: "What important question I haven't asked my patient? I feel something deep within his subconscious". It often happens that even the most deep and sincere conversation opens only 20 percent of the value of the iceberg of life of the patient, the remaining 80 are below the level of the sea (of consciousness). But! Even if you can open only 1 additional percent, and this is enough to awaken and initiate the patient healing process of the disease.

-Thank You!



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