The technique of "Healing Memory" of migraine and severe headaches

The cause of recurring severe headache and migraine can be different factors or combination of factors. For example, there can be problems with improper blood supply to the brain caused by problems in the cervical spine. And then it is best to contact an osteopath or other professional.

In this article I will tell about treatment of severe headaches and migraines from the point of view of the method of "Healing Memory". I also cite information from other, close to the "Healing of Memory" practices. In particular, from the Hungarian expert on German New Medicine Roberto Barnai, who founded his direction of "Biologika". From my point of view, which confirms my personal experience, it is best to practice an integrated approach.

The method of "Healing of Memories" deals with the study of the emotional conflict underlying the disease. For strong recurring headaches and migraines no one certain emotional experiences, which would lay the basis of this problem. There are certain mechanics, which can cause migraines, and there are some specific conflicts that need to explore first.

Risk for severe migraines that they may be a symptom of an impending stroke. Many years of recurring headaches can indicate that the person is in a situation of constant "on" and "off" of the conflict. The active phase (stress phase) is followed by a "recovery phase", when what is called "released", and then the emotional feelings come back again. And so the circle. Intense migraine usually occurs in the recovery stage.

The intensity of the headache results from several factors. First of all, the intensity of emotional experiences. With strong emotional conflict in the brain in a certain place (depending on the conflict) there is a structural change in the tissues, the so-called Hearth Hamer (more about this "Two phases of the disease").

When the conflict is temporarily resolved, this area of the brain filled with liquid. Temporary swelling with the aim to restore the former structure of the brain. Sharp, intense filling with fluid and causing a terrible headache. The more powerful was the emotional experience, the greater the chance of severe migraines in the recovery phase.

Another factor that may increase the magnitude and intensity of the swelling, and therefore pain, is how at this time, the person feels alone, abandoned.

It can be a sense of isolation – the person feels left alone with their feelings and problems alone. This may result in the feeling that "there's nothing I can do with my headache, I tried all possible tablets and they all do not help, nobody can help me and I have no one to turn to, all telling me something different, and I don't know what to do".

If such a factor exists, then the minimum and mandatory thing to do is to talk. To talk about their problems and feelings to someone who is able to listen to you. If one is not helping, it is very desirable to carefully work through this feeling of abandonment. And try to find a way out of a situation to believe that there is a real chance to solve the problem facing you.

Then it is necessary to find and work through emotional experiences that underlie recurring headaches. This should be done in order to remove the constant return of the headaches, and for prevention of possible in such a situation, stroke.

Except the situation is constantly returning emotional stress, there are a number of specific conflicts that need to be considered when complaints of severe headache and migraine.

The first is the conflict of samoobsluzhivaniya. Therefore, when complaints of constant headache, you need to look for is the experiences associated with the depreciation of themselves, their achievements, their status, their importance. Headache will also occur on the "recovery phase" of this conflict.

Let me give you some examples of my teacher, the founder of the method of "Healing Memory", Gilbert Renault.

"Let's say you have head. It is Monday gives you some work which should be done by Friday, and you say to him, what is there to work for two weeks and from the very beginning you start to think that until Friday clearly won't make it. Inside you there is a disorder. You work and work and suddenly on Thursday, see at 6 PM — you are all done! And on Thursday night you have a headache. This is usually the recovery phase, in this case related to the depreciation — with the feeling that clearly I can't do it".

Conflict samoobsluzhivaniya can be associated with another experience that can also lead to headaches. In acupuncture headaches associated with liver and gallbladder. And the bile in Chinese medicine is not expressed on someone in anger.

Therefore, when a person has a headache you need to check the suppressed anger or resentment at someone. Case study Gilbert Reno shows, the combination of both emotional conflict – samoobsluzhivaniya and suppressed rage, of discontent, which led to headaches the client.

"I was approached by a woman with a migraine. Ten years she suffered because of her. She was treated in a specialized clinic that deals with migraines, different strong methods were used. Despite this, migraine has not healed. As we talked, she told me about her life, how she met her husband, the oncologist, as they have two children born.

Then she told me who she was before marriage. She lived in Montreal is a big city with a population of 4 million people. She was an Opera singer, she had a very beautiful voice and she sang with a Symphony orchestra. All looked at her, all admired her, she was a very important figure. Then she got married, he was a doctor, and he was promoted, he became chief physician in the village, accordingly, she went along with it.

They lived in the forest, that is, as in Siberia. It turns out that she was someone important, and the result was nothing. Plus, she still loves to chat while her husband is at work every day, comes home tired. Then children were born, and, over time, she had a headache. As we talked, I asked her questions. She noticed that one of these days her headache was gone. She was an Opera singer, and every Sunday she sang in the choir. On Sunday she was not in pain!

She was the same as it was before. As soon as Monday would come, came the recovery phase, and was having her headache. Somewhere deep down, it is clear that she believes that to blame her husband, but she didn't utter. She lives with her husband and not share with him this uptight feeling, which ultimately leads to headache".

With the conflict of samoobsluzhivaniya can be associated one specific experience that sometimes leads to headache. It usually occurs in women and is associated with the situation of marriage.

This conflict (usually not even sosnowica) reads: "I regret that my father is my father." Headaches, by the way, are found in women more often than men. This specific conflict is not so easy to detect. But if he is the reason (or one factor), leading to headaches, without its elaboration is unlikely to completely get rid of severe migraines and headaches.

"I had one client, she at that time was 46 years, she worked as a osteopath and complained of the fittest, endless headaches. Working with her, we found her in a lot of episodes in which she condemned myself. Her real problem was that she married a man who was 15 years her senior.

She always wanted children, but this man already had two children from a previous marriage. So he was in no hurry to beget children from her. She tried to get pregnant, as time went on, but the result was not. Here she is 46, and for the last 6 years of her life she suffers severe headaches. In the process of development we came to such a conflict: "I regret that my father is my father." The fact that when she was born, her parents was over forty.

If you compare them with other parents, they were already elderly. She was a little girl, very loved his father, who was much older than the fathers of her friends, peers. When she grew up, she married a man who was much older than her, and because of this, they have no children.

It turns out that this problem has appeared in this woman's life because podsoznanii she registered installing, program: I will marry a man much older than me, like my father. She did just that. If her father was different, for example, young, she'd married another, younger man.

Having established this, we all said. I wrote her a letter, in order to ensure that once again read at home all that we learned in the session. When she read the letter inside of her reformed subliminal communications, and since then, her headaches stopped."

Any pain is a symptom. The signal that the body something is not right. Insensitivity to pain is a disease that is extremely dangerous for the life of ailing people. Headache is no exception. It is also a signal that something is wrong. It's like a letter in an envelope — the letter has some important message. Taking a pill for a headache and not doing anything else, we throw away the envelope along with the message.

You told me about that pain? What was the message? Better decide to find out, than to ignore the symptom. The symptom allows us to find that he was provoked. The task in each case is to release us from stress, in whatever form it manifests itself.

Summarizing the above, in the case of severe recurring headaches and migraines, you need to look and work:

  • constantly returning emotional distress;
  • conflict samoobsluzhivaniya;
  • unexpressed, repressed anger and frustration of someone;
  • regret (usually unconscious) that "my father is my father" (and often this happens due to the situation of marriage).

And, of course, these factors can be combined with each other. According to Gilbert Reno: "I Have had many clients who have headaches and when you start to explore these themes, it, anyway, was greatly facilitated by their condition, and sometimes the headache has passed completely."


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If, however, to combine the study of emotional experience with some physical health practices or other procedures, then you have good chances of getting rid of tormenting you for years of headaches! published


Author: Edward Sachs




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