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According to the theory advanced by Bates, there is a close connection between the mental condition and vision. When the mind is relaxed, the vision is normal.

"It is a fact, Bates argues that when the brain is at rest, nothing can tire the eyes. When the psyche is under stress, nothing can give your eyes a rest. All that gives rest to the mind, beneficial for the eyes.

Probably each of us noticed that eyes get tired slower when reading some interesting book, unlike reading a book boring or difficult to understand. A schoolboy can sit up all night, reveling in the novel and never remembering about their eyes. But if he tries to sit up all night over his lessons, he quickly finds that his eyes are tired".

When the human brain is busy with the memory of his psyche to some extent relaxes. Than-perfect memory, the deeper the relaxation and better vision.

If the memory is imperfect, and imperfect vision. In the form of the eyeball, then, come undesirable changes it becomes either too long in the anterior-posterior axis, or too short. In accordance with this, there is myopia or hyperopia.

Changes in the shape of the eyeball, to be asymmetric in nature. Then the inevitable astigmatism.

In addition, the uneven tension of the outer muscles of the eye can lead to the appearance of strabismus.

On the basis of the relationship between memory and mental state and between the state of mind and condition of the eye, Bates concludes that improving the memories of objects can improve vision.

The second important tenet of the connection between memory and vision is that the more familiar the person, the better the memory and therefore better vision.

The Soviet physiologist V. D. Glezer it was suggested that processing of visual information in the cortex is carried out using some of the principles of holography.

It is known that even a piece of a hologram allows you to completely restore the whole picture that has been recorded holographically. Usually this fact is not conscious of them, but at desire it is possible to notice, for example, how much faster we read the familiar font and how slowly unfamiliar. That is why in many of the exercises on memory of letters and other printed signs are the best objects to memories.

Everyone knows that the familiar person we know from afar. At the same time, facial features of strangers at the same distance, as a rule, you can not see.



Bates noted that for each person there is always some object or objects, the memory of which is given to him easily. These objects he called "Optima".

At the same time, there are objects of representation which is very difficult to achieve. Such objects are called "pessimumami".

You, possibly, should seek the first and avoid the latter. As the object for the memories you can choose any black object, which is easier can remember. For the artist it may be black paint for vet fur of a black cat, etc.

Exercises on memory are often combined in the system with the Bates palming.

Thus, palming, relaxing not only the eyes but also the mind, becomes engaged to a double value. While palming you reach a higher level of concentration to remember the object.

During the concentration, it is necessary to clearly distinguish the concentration on some object and holding the object in General in its submission. Main thing is the following:

  • thoughts should not be allowed to wander;
  • think about something pleasant for you, focusing on fun ride on Sunday, about the beautiful landscapes you've ever seen, etc.

What you need to think about the same, not concentrating, we will explain in the illustrative example, which led R. S. Agarwal in his book and which can serve as an exercise.



Mentally imagine a beautiful rose. So you are in the mind only one object.

But during mental vision rose you don't have to concentrate hard, exerting all his strength, your mind's eye only, say, on the stem of this rose.

Instead, imagine a small black ant. He crawls out of the green of the grass and starts his journey (and you also) is the object of your presentation.

The ant crawls on the stem of the rose and slowly begins climbing up it, climbing over branches from one rose to another, topaza to the tip of each leaf in its path and reaching, in the end, Bud.

He climbs up on each petal until then, until it finds a deep recess in the centre rose a small white Cup filled with nectar.

Ant's taking a little of that nectar and begins the return journey.

This mental picture you can draw for quite a long time. As you can see, you kept thinking about rose, i.e., concentrated his thought on it, but it has not caused you any tension because the idea at the same time and wandered through the rose along with the ant.

Before you begin to exercise on memory remember the following. You have to look at the object that you want to remember from this distance, whence it is visible is better.

"To remember black perfectly, writes Bates, is not possible if it was not clearly seen. If one sees it imperfectly, the best thing he can do is so same vaguely remember it.



Hang verification table Sivtseva on the wall at a good light so that the distance from you to her amounted to 3-6 meters.

Read the table down as many rows as you can without applying any effort or efforts.

Look at the last letter that you were able to see, close your eyes and do palming, while remembering him this letter as clear as possible.

To do this, white (paint) part of the letter to submit even whiter than they are visible for you in reality (you can compare the whiteness of those parts of the letters with white fields of the table).

Black parts of the letters necessary to represent, respectively, even darker.

Here memory is closely intertwined with performance, since you should not just remember the letter, but present it more clearly visible.

Open, after some time, eyes and throw a glance on the letter directly below the letter you just mentioned. You should see her more clearly.

If palming was successful, you may be able to read the entire line below the one where you had to stop.

Look at the last letter, which you could see on this line, close your eyes and repeat the whole procedure again.

Sometimes during a workout you can read a few lines more than able to do the first approach. The reason for the failure when unable to read next line, maybe, most likely, poorly executed palming.



As one of the best exercises to improve vision Bates recommends to exercise on a memory of little black letters, numbers and other characters.

It is necessary to look at some large letter in the upper part of the checklist, and then visualize the letter smaller and more black in color than the one you just watched.


If this fails, then a large letter and letters of a smaller size at the bottom will be visible better.

Most people manage with enough good quality memories or visualization to heal only with their help.

This is done by alternating closing your eyes for a minute or longer, during which I remember the letter, with their opening and remembering the same letters within fractions of a second.

After the patient will learn in favorable conditions to represent mental images of words with open eyes as well as in private, his ability to see well will remain a tangible period of time.



Hang verification table at a good coverage and it serchu down.

However, instead of fiksirovat his gaze on the black lines forming the letters, throw light on their views about the white parts not covered with paint.

From time to time close my eyes for a minute and remember any items in white: white snow, white paint, white clouds in the sky, etc.

This will allow people to see the bare paint of the letters whiter than the fields of the check table, and since the white the white parts of the letters increases, respectively, increases and their black. As a consequence, letters became more clearly visible.



Take a piece of black velvet and put it on podrecca that you use as pads under the elbows while palming.

Look for a second to velvet and immediately close the eyes for approximately half a minute.

Repeat this until until you discover that you can remember black for quite some time. It usually takes 10-20 repetitions.

Instead of trying to achieve memories of ferrous objects by means of auxiliary exercises, you can refer to the memories of pleasant scenes, landscapes, etc. If the memory is implemented in its true light, in accordance with reality, the person at the time of palming sees a perfectly black field.

Remember you can also favorite shades of colors. Each person has colors that are pleasing to him and which contribute to its relaxation. But every person has colors that are unpleasant and which cause irritation. The irritation is already a tension, and tension is the worsening of vision.

Psychologists were seen relaxing effect of the green color. Usually Vospominanie green objects, regardless of the shade of their color, has a relaxing effect on the psyche and eyes.

Draw your attention to the following discovery made by psychologists. It was discovered that the memory is narrow, cramped seats (or mental representation), as a rule, has an activating, stimulating, mobilizing effect on people. At the same time, remembrance of the wide, open spaces has a calming effect on people.

Therefore, in order to deepen the state of relaxation you exercise on memory should be as its objects to choose from scenery, landscape, sea coast, etc where there is space.

During palming, it is possible not only to visualize or remember any images, but and listen closely to any of the feelings of their senses.

"When the mind, writes Bates, is able to perfectly recall any of the manifestations of the senses, it is always perfectly relaxed.

When the eyes are open the vision is normal, and when they are closed and covered palms of your hands to completely exclude the light, seen completely black box, i.e. you can't see.

If you can clearly remember the ticking of the clock, some smell or taste, your mind will come to perfect rest. Then, if you close your eyes and cover their palms, you will see absolute blackness.

If your memory is the sense of touch can be compared with reality, you will not see anything other than black (if you completely exclude the light). The same would happen if you clearly remember some kind of musical beat".

How to determine we have now relaxed or tense? That can serve as an objective indicator of this?

As a means of determining the true state of the psyche Bates offers the use of a memory of a small black square, for example, point size with one that is at the end of this sentence. Defining your ability to remember this point, one can immediately understand tenses or not.

If he strained, he begins to look for what caused the tension. When you eliminate the causes of stress can not remember the black dot.

Constant practice memories black dot Bates recommends to build almost to the rank habit. He writes:

"Whichever method of improving vision of people did not use, he is advised constantly to remember any small area of black, for example, the point that he could identify and eliminate conditions that create stress.


In some cases, people in a very short time one only were cured by this method. One of its advantages is that it does not require a verification table. People at any time of the day or night, whatever he's doing, can always find a favourable environment for the perfect memories point".


When vision improves memory point, the man opened his eyes, begins to distinguish details of the object, and it captures him so that he loses a memory point. Sometimes the memory point is lost before people have time to realize the improved vision.

So, before you will be quite difficult, but solvable dilemma: to preserve the memory of a black dot in the vision of objects with open eyes.

For this we need to start with the simplest of stages of memories in the time of palming, memories with just my eyes closed, and then the memory with the eyes open.

Needs to change and the conditions of execution of the exercise from a positive (calm, no outsiders, etc.) to unfavorable (presence of people in the room, dim light, etc.).published


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