Health comes through the eyes

Eyes owe their existence to the light.


"The health of a person comes through the eyes". The truth of the words of the great Russian scientist I. M. Sechenov, we were convinced repeatedly. Indeed, sometimes one glance at a loved one, nature, the Sun and completely disappear fatigue, irritation, anxiety and even physical pain.

The eyes we can tell a lot about a man: whether he's healthy or ill, calm or on the contrary, interested or indifferent, happy or sad, truthful or dishonest. The eyes we learn of the old, even the much-changed friend. Eyes "make a sentence" intelligence, charm and beauty. Because the eye is the "calling card" of our identity.

How often, in describing the "work of the mind" in any given situation, we use "visual" verbal construction: "seeing the essence", "clear", "Epiphany", "despite", "point (angle) of view", etc. the clarity, the sharpness while providing performance and better vision, and a great mind: "a clear head", "sharp mind", "diamond eyes".

The eye and the brain are connected directly. On the one hand, the brain detects, analyzes and transformerait the information that came to him through the eye. On the other, received by the brain, the result (whether it is memory or immediate reaction) affects the functioning of the eyes: what we see and how clearly we will see. For example, when we are inspired and passionate about some business, and our mind works quickly and accurately, and the eye can see sharp and clear. And Vice versa — in a state of boredom, stubbornness, fatigue our mind becomes "stupid" and his eyes "in an emphasis do not see"... it is clear interdependence (especially noticeable in situations with the sign "minus"): see worse — worse understand; worse understand you're nervous, tired, bored and worse see.

Is there a way out? Where to start? With the adjustment of (pick up points) or from the analysis of the causes of his deterioration? And the reason in our troubled psyche. After all, "the bad head does not give rest" is not only the legs but also eyes. About it very vividly and unconventionally tells the book of famous American ophthalmologist, the founder of a new method for the prevention and treatment of common vision disorders (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, strabismus) William H. Bates "better eyesight without glasses". Bates method has stood the test of time (the book was written in 1920), has been developed (many schools and followers around the world) and has helped many people (starting with the Bates).

Eyesight has deteriorated. What to do? Let's start with the solution that seems the most familiar (and most importantly — easy and quickly achievable) — to buy glasses. The question of what. Because "optical crutches" — the notion of static, and our eyes, on the contrary, are in a state of constant change. Studies have shown that abnormalities of vision (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism) are not constant, they can appear and disappear, to pass into one another even within one day. People with visual impairments there are moments when vision becomes normal, and people with normal vision happen "fits" violations. And such "impermanence" of our eyes is a consequence of the impermanence of our psyche.Central locking — the ability to see better what sent direct view. Retina has an area of maximum sensitivity — "Central fovea", the farther you are from it, visual acuity reduced. A characteristic feature of visual impairments is the loss of Central fixation. The eye does not see clearly the object on which he focused, but recognizes objects at a distance. Eye owning the Central fixation, not only see perfectly, but a very long work without fatigue. They are open and calm. The muscles of the face also are at rest, and around the eyes does not appear any wrinkles or circles. Central fixation eye is possible only when reaching the Central fixation psyche. When using the Central fixation improves the function of all organs and systems, to facilitate functional and organic diseases of the eye and not only exacerbated the sense of touch, hearing, taste and smell.

"Eyes set to see, and if they are open and do not see, it speaks of the enormous tension." Numerous observations of ophthalmologists confirmed the main thesis of Bates: the eye sees only good when it is in a state of relaxation, and any tension is causing visual disturbances. When the healthy eye is relaxed, it works correctly: flattens, reducing its axis, when looking at distant objects, and lengthened when looking at close objects. During this process answer external muscles of the eye. Tension prevents them from reacting adequately. But if eye take glasses, eye muscles and does appear "irrelevant" and gradually weaken.

In our "busy" the age of visual impairment appear, not only in humans but also in Pets. "One nervous dog, with normal vision were given a sniff of a piece of meat. The dog was alert, wagged her tail. The meat is pushed and dropped into the box. In a dog's eyes flashed excitement. She strained to see what had become of the meat. At this point, the tool for vision research showed that the dog was shortsighted."

Eye strain — a consequence of mental stress. Watch for them. When we are excited, angry, in anger speak harsh words or offended fostered vengeful thoughts, changing our facial expressions — the eyes squint, the eyes become heavy, stressful. And look how our eyes after crying? Even as "harmless" affect, for example, eloquent sermons, we sometimes turn into a "courtship display of the capercaillie and sipora" because nothing and no one but myself, not to hear or see. "Fear has big eyes", but I see they are not the best. Small children well you see, when their mom is nearby, but should the mother come out as fear made the child myopic. Another enemy of good vision lies. In numerous experiments, subjects were asked to lie in words or in thoughts, and always with the device that records the condition of the eye indicated for vision disorders. For example, when a man 25 years with normal vision said or represented that he was 24 or 26 years old, he became myopic. And again. Our eyes, or rather the mind, like to deal with what is familiar, nice and easy. When the eye looks at an unfamiliar object always registered the anomaly of vision. Every observed that interesting work is tiring on the eyes much less than boring and difficult. Many children can all night under the covers with a flashlight is to identify the letters of the beloved novel, feeling no tiredness, no headaches. And the day before at school — can't you see written by the teacher on the Board. Moreover, studies have shown that ophthalmologists with the help of special devices, children don't pretend to be myopic, they are really becoming myopic at the time, while trying to read uninteresting and obscure inscriptions.

Interest, memory and eyesight are interrelated. We see better and easier to remember what interests us. Boredom worsens and memory, and vision. One girl with unusually sharp vision (with the naked eye could see the moons of Jupiter) also had a remarkable memory: he could, for example, after reading the book once, to recite its contents word for word. But if this girl asked to solve the math problem (which she's not terribly fond of) or read the numbers, she was short-sighted. It turns out that when we are inspired by the case when we have interest in him, resting (but not idle), not only the mind but also the eyes. But it is a theory. The book of Bates and his student M. D. Corbett a remarkable fact that gives a very simple and effective tips to help your eyes to do something for which they are intended, — look and see.

The aim of all the methods mentioned below is to achieve a state of peace and relaxation before psyche all, and then and eyes. It would seem that all this should of course happen in a dream. However, studies have shown that during sleep, our eyes almost never rest. If the day people were tense, the same as he and continues during sleep. If these or other impairment was recorded in the waking state, in dreams they increased. For this reason, people often Wake up with tired eyes. So expect passive recovery is not necessary, health must be earned. (All exercises are performed without glasses.)

Waking up in the morning — stretch, several times close your eyes tight, then make a series of quick and light blinks (like butterfly wings). Often blinking and helpful throughout the day.

The twists and turns. Stand up straight facing the window, feet shoulder width apart. Shifting the weight to the left foot, rotate simultaneously shoulders, head and eyes to the left wall. Then turn to the right. To make turns better before sleep and immediately after waking (50-100 times). It takes only 2-3 minutes, but will effectively remove the tension of the eyes after sleep. At the same time, this exercise develops flexibility of the spine and massaging the internal organs.

To help relax your eyes during the day maybe a simple closing followed by visualizing something pleasant. But more efficient is the palming (from the English. "palm" "palm").

On the eyes closed, place the palms of hands (fingers crossed on the forehead; the intersection of the bases of the little fingers as it forms the shackle points located on the nose; hollows of the palms at the same time are just above orbits of eyes) so as to avoid pressure on the eyeballs. Relax your fingers, wrists, elbows. To do this, put them on the table or on the knees so that the spine remains straight. Do not strain, trying to look inside his eyes. Instead, think of something pleasant. A simple cover palms closed eye is useless, if at the same time not achieved a state of tranquility of psyche. When you manage to do palming ideally, you will see a field of view so black that to submit or see anything black impossible. How long and when to do palming? Little and often. Even covering the eyes with your palms for 10 seconds, you will feel relieved.

Often look at the Sun. "Not light, but darkness that is dangerous for the eyes." At dawn and at sunset you can look at the Sun without closing your eyes. A day is useful to substitute the Sun closed eyelids. The sun strengthens the eyes, cleans them, gives them vitality and Shine. And what could be more beautiful than a radiant look?

Tips to sunbathe for eyes are found in many traditions and cultures. Because sunlight makes shining and clean not only our eyes but also our minds. And harmonious thoughts provide a consistent, and therefore healthy for all our organs and systems. In addition, part of luminous flux goes to the centers, which connect the projection area in the iris of the eye directly to all internal organs of the physical body. The projection area in the 60-ies of the XIX century, independently of each other discovered Peczely I. and N. Liliequist. On the principle of conformity of certain areas of the iris specific internal organs based iridology. Through the eyes of the whole organism beneficial effect not only the light of the Sun, but also the range of open fire (candle, campfire).

The eyes are the instrument of human interaction with the environment. The success of this interaction is determined not only by the ability to perceive (receive), but also to emit (to give). In the first half of the twentieth century, B. B. Kazhinskiy, exploring the nature of the phenomena of electromagnetic interaction of living organisms, discovered that the eye not only sees (perceives) the light, but also emits electromagnetic waves that can affect the living creature, which is directed to the eye. This radiation, having a sharp focus and a strong force of impact was "a BioRad ray vision." In the animal world, "rays of view" (the gaze of the eye) are actively using predatory mammals (e.g. cats) and snakes (Viper, Anaconda). The "rays of vision" human to animal (dogs, lions) have studied Lev Durov.

"The health of a person comes through the eyes". The question arises: what are we to do with eyes, so they can take health? But it is possible to formulate the question differently: what we can do to our eyes gained the ability to give health to others?

Natalia Aderal


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