Raw food diet - a step to real life.

Richard Blackman (frutarianets)
As I understand it, you frutarianets. I have never before heard about it. Could you explain what that means?

Sure, no problem. Frutarianets - a person whose diet consists exclusively of fruit of any of various sorts. There are no secrets or special rules of procedures in frutarianskom lifestyle, especially such a complex as love is present "gurus". Quite simply tear off the fruit and eat it. The tricky part - that's what we call the period of detoxification. At this stage, when cooked food is excluded from the diet, the body begins to cleanse itself.

Our body always follows the natural instinct of self-cleaning, so when you begin to adhere to a strict frutarianstva, your body will eventually start the process of getting rid of heavy residues and deposits of thermally processed foods, thus purified. And if you give it the right conditions, the body starts to clean out their bodies, and already at a deeper level, all the garbage from the one cooked meal that you ate in the past. Therefore, the period of detoxification so heavy. Excluding the cooked food from the diet, you will zhazhdat her breaking experience akin to that experienced drug addict or someone who drinks spirits, hungry for the next dose. In addition, you will suffer from the symptoms of detoxification.

The duration of this period for each individual. It may take weeks or years, but only when the body finally samoochistilos, you will be able to fully enjoy and appreciate everything that can give you frutarianstvo. Unfortunately, because of fear, uncertainty and severe symptoms of detoxification, which many mistake for the disease, only a few pass through this stage. My advice to anyone who would like to go to frutarianstvo - to facilitate the process, stretching it for years. To begin, turn to the maximum raw vegan foods in your diet, then become 100% veganosyroedom and then, when ready, try to go to frutarianstvo.

Untrained person can not be in an instant become frutariantsem, unless of course he is not super iron nerves and willpower, and he will be able to cope with a heavy detox. I would in your place easier this way!

Thank you for such a detailed reply. You are all very well explained. So, you do not eat anything but fruit? How do you maintain the right level of sugar and protein, eating only fruit?

Yes, I eat only fruit ... no vegetables, nuts, seeds, supplements, and I do not drink the water. I get all the liquid from the fruit. When I first embarked on frutarianstva, I was attracted by a wide variety of fruit, and I felt such freedom by eating only fruits and not worrying about the grave consequences that haunted me every time you cooked meals. I felt great on some fruit, but the more I read about frutarianstve, the more I came across a negative and contradictory information. All written went against my instincts. I was so confused that I decided, my instincts are probably wrong, and reluctantly turned on the water, nuts, seeds and green juices as a supplement to my diet, but soon again I refused them because neither my body nor soul is not accepted them as correct and necessary. Since then, I eat only fruit. On fruits, I feel great, I want to go out and be physically active; and as for the B12, protein, calories and so on. I just ignore it all. I never really thought about them when traditionally fed, so why to worry is now?

In fruits contain natural sugars - fructose, and each fruit individually contains the necessary amount of protein. So I do not pay attention to the nutritional content of the fruit that it. Instead, I listen to my body and how it feels. Also, I no longer care proteins, calories, nutrition, RDA, and so on. My experience was simply not comparable with those taught by the modern science of nutrition, so I threw out the window all the current information about food, about which he knew quite for a long time, and began to learn for himself, with a clean slate. I learned how my body reacts to different fruits, leading frutariansky lifestyle and not dependent on others. I am absolutely sure that if my body will lack some substances, it makes up for it later, so I'm not worried about the nutritional aspect of my diet.

How long have you been frutarianets?

12 long, strange and wonderful years, and now I have excellent health. My detoxification period was like a nightmare, because the symptoms were very severe, I am very much lost weight, and repeatedly tried to "get down" with cooked food. In addition, I went through all this horror completely alone, without support and without a mentor. For this reason, I broke so many times that I can not remember, but in my heart I always knew that if I could survive the storm, then everything will work out. While there were no experienced frutariantsev wishing to inspire me, or point the way forward. The forums are raw foodists, I also did not receive support. Frutariantsev regarded as extremists, so I was ridiculed, attacked the forums and said that I would not last more than 2-3 months on a fruit diet. In the end, I'm just tired to look for or where like-minded people, and soon realized that if I wanted to go through frutarianstva, I have to go alone.

What made you become a frutariantsem in the first place?

Over the years, my health began to deteriorate; when I was a little over 20, I saw the same thing exactly is happening with other people. And so I realized that on some level, that something was wrong with the generally accepted rules of supply. I am a native of South London, England. My family was not very rich, so the cheapest and not the most healthy food, like cheap meat were a way of life. I grew up on a meal and ate way about my 25th anniversary. Until then, I lived to eat, and did not know any other way. In general, the food was a good consolation for me, and that's how I use it, seizing the stresses in their lives. I ate anything and everything I could, regardless of the composition. The only thing I did not like - it's seafood, and, as I said, I just do not know a better way and, when choosing food, not guided by absolutely no thoughts about health. I just liked to eat cooked food, and I thought that if it was not safe, it would simply not sold in stores.

Over the years, regular colds and flu, which hurt all around, seemed less normal, and I began to ask myself, why are all used regularly sick. I also started to notice that I have bloating, constipation severity and full of mucus, but the fact is that I've always had these symptoms. Just for some reason, I became more sensitive to them.

Eventually it got to the point that I could not eat cooked food. The more I ate, the more I felt the gravity, and I could hardly breathe because of the resulting mucus. And that summer, I stopped eating cooked food, and for no apparent reason began to eat the fruit. Strange, but I used to do almost did not touch the fruit. I just followed instinct; I started with mangos, melons and grapes. I was in seventh heaven! I felt so cool. My health began to improve, the skin shine and become clean, have disappeared bodily odors. I felt more energy, able to breathe freely, and there was no more heaviness in the stomach.

All these changes seemed so right that I wanted to continue eating only fruit. I studied some literature and learned that cooked food is exposed to all kinds of transactions, it is refined, canned, processed on an industrial scale, and that much of it is unnatural, often contain synthetic additives, preservatives, addictive substances like monosodium glutamate and others. After reading about it in my heart I knew that I wanted to eat only fruits and looking for more information on the Internet, I came across such a thing as frutarianstvo. I went on to study literature and began to take the first steps to put this idea into practice. Now, as frutarianets with long experience, I am personally convinced that at the dawn of time we were gatherers and ate what we are attracted by its appearance: fruit, nuts, etc. in their natural fresh. I do not for a moment believe that we are naturally attracted to the animals as food - lively, wool, claws and all. It's like looking at your dog and think what it would have been a delicious burger between two buns.

I get a heaviness in the stomach, and I feel terrible when I eat animal food. And I never really much of her eat was never a lover of meat. But I understand what you mean, and this is logical because people live precisely as you describe. I get my protein from protein drinks and bars. Are most frutariantsev protein from other sources?

Basically, experienced frutariantsy avoid sources of high protein, because we believe that we have everything you need in the right quantities of fresh fruit. But, as I said, the way frutarianstva very different, and it all depends on the person and the level of his experience; For example, many newcomers pass of nuts, dried fruits and fats simply because they do not have the feeling of fullness in the stomach, which gave them cooked food. The problem is that all nuts, unless stated that raw heat treated in varying degrees. This is another reason why frutariantsy avoid them. For people today have a lot of pressure, forcing to follow the current recommendations in the diet, but it is usually more experienced frutariantsy ignore them. Instead - they listen to every day - it takes their body.

I heard you opened the Fitness Club in Dallas. Can you tell more about it?

Yes, I actually organized this club to bring together people holding different positions in society, and to organize joint activities, and show them the benefits of choosing healthier foods. We focus on exercises that are natural to our bodies, such as running, walking and kalistetika. I do this because physical activity causes people to think - they can achieve better results in sports, changing your diet for the better. I have found that raw foodists were often slow-moving, sluggish due to the fact that all their energy goes into cleaning processes in the body. And at the same time they had to pay for their inactivity.

I myself had as many raw foodists, initially only the lazy and complained of any pain and discomfort, did not really like. But I soon realized that I feel because it does not help your body get rid of waste deposits, leading a passive life. I hold myself in the trash, which was supposed to come out. And soon I realized that physical activity - a key element of success frutarianskoy diet. I refer to the lack of knowledge about frutarianstve and the lack of a true leader, since very few can withstand the transition to frutarianstvo / veganosyroedenie, not to mention that in order to stay on this path. So in this club I played the role of a leader by example, showing people what a raw food diet plus activity - brings huge advantages in detoxification of the body during and after.

I do not take a fee for membership in the club, do not force people to make monthly installments or to sign a contract. I think if you really want to help people, you do it for free. This is also my vision of how to build a strong community support and cooperation of individuals who seek to improve their lives and well-being with their peers.

Young or old, athletic or not - does not matter. I try to help people take the first step to come to the club for what they have and to participate in various kinds of activities, such as long marches on foot, hiking, camping, mountain biking, canoeing, picnics and all that we can only come up with all, where we can meet, chat, exchange experience the raw food diet, discuss health and fitness, and so on. - rawfoodist or not, anyone can join us and have a good time.

I think everyone decides what goals to set. We all understand that we need to start something, and we all recognize that we will achieve what we want only if we work at it. Our goal - to help people achieve what they want. Therefore, we strive to create an environment around motivating and supporting people.

Very impressive. You're right about that if you really want to help people, you do it for free. When you take money for it, help yourself, not other people. Tell me about the hikes and picnics, which you recently arranged.

I was very nervous and did not know if anyone will ever, especially since I was not able to print the event in advance. Everything happened quite spontaneously, we decided to put the talk into action. In the end, we come all those who promised to come, but one, and we had a great time. I was not sure what to expect, but I knew that the embarrassment and awkwardness will leave as soon as we exceeded those hills. We were lucky with the sunny weather, and it did not rain. We intended to difficult hilly road, and despite the fact that we were children, we were walking, I knew that we can handle. We are in no hurry, and we did it! Halfway we had a halt, and it was great to see how all talk to each other, share experiences, ask advice. It warmed my heart.

The children were well done, my wife coped magnificently! I was a little harsh with them at some point, because I wanted to see how they sweat! It still was training.

When we finished, we gathered a bite and pull his "artillery" - watermelon, apples, nuts; Some brought home squeezed juices, which went very well in the Texas heat. One of the juices struck me for its taste, because it looked like a drink "gin and juice," but it was just a strange mixture of pineapple, aloe vera and orange. All had a good time, and had to slow pitch, I enjoyed the nature around instead of just sped past as I would do if I was alone.

It sounds great. Sometimes it is good to go hiking in a slow pace. As you say, you can enjoy the views around. How frutariantsev followers you have?

When it comes to frutarianstve as a way of life, I do not believe that people can be followers. I believe you need to share information and encourage people who come to me for advice and want to try frutarianstvo. I do not think that people need to be fed information from a spoon and raise drooling about how great it is. I say it is. I have nothing to sell, so I do not need to indulge and be nice to the buyer. In my opinion, the love of the people should be a little "hard"; and the need to make them understand that to achieve the results they would have to make an effort. I am often called a very tough and many people are afraid or embarrassed me and my team, because they know that I do not listen to excuses, and I will bring them out of the comfort. But I also learned that you have to be "hard" when it comes to your health, because the way frutarianstva is not easy, and very hard to find support.

On my forum is now more than 20 members, and I saw that many more come and go, but the ones that still stood and adhere frutarianstva achieved amazing results. We are very supportive of each other, and at the same time, we do not hide anything. We do not accept any nonsense, because Some guys passed to deal with very sensitive issues during detoxification. Maintain a positive atmosphere of dialogue - a key element of success. Also, a lot of people contact me by e-mail, and they help me too. My philosophy is not to build from a guru frutarianstva. I'm just a guy who has gone further than others and want to share their experience.

How do you think the state of your health is different from those who adhere to the standard of the American / Western diet?

Over the years, I found that thermally processed foods heavily dehydrates the body. The process of cooking robs the original ingredients of oxygen, water and enzymes, which causes the body to work hard to digest this food and get rid of waste. This long and iterative process takes away the body's own energy and denies the ability to recover from illness or to protect themselves from it. Whenever I was throwing frutarianstvo and return to cooked food, all my pain and allergy back at the same moment. Thank you!


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