85 way to raise the female energy

Universal, simple, affordable ways from Olga Valyaeva to raise the female energy

Let's start with the fact that the main purpose of women - is to save energy. It is mentioned in all the ancient writings of different languages ​​and different words. This energy is used to make the world better. Hands of men.

That is millions of years women have inspired his men to great deeds, giving them feminine energy. And men - won the country, built cities, invented technical devices.

And while there are several aspects in the accumulation of energy: What kind of woman to save energy? Why would it need to save? How to do it?

Let's discuss with you 85 ways to raise the female energy. Universal, simple, affordable:

1. Massage
We often underestimate the importance of massage in my life. Very often we feel sorry for him time and money. But as practice shows - any shrew can become sun. After a quality massage.

So we can and we need to get a touch and disperse stagnant energy, and relieve tension and have fun. The reasons to do this quickly - the mass. The main thing - to stop coming up with excuses why this is not possible right now.

2. Hair Care
This can be done in a beauty salon, but you can at home. Any hair care increases the energy of women. Vedvolosy - this is our life force. They can be understood as the condition of our psyche. Weak and dull hair say overexertion and fatigue. A vibrant and bursting with health - clearly demonstrate a simple female happiness.

In time to trim split ends, make a mask for the hair, apply medicated oil, and even - do not laugh - just wash your hair - it's very simple and very sure way to make their lives better now.

3. Manicure
Very often, a woman shy of attending to me ... because of the lack of manicure. And timidly hiding behind their palms. But men want to kiss our beautiful fingers, put on their rings - and even just to shake hands or walk arm. You see how important mission in our hands. It is therefore important to make sure that our hands were the subject of our pride.

It is not necessary to build huge artificial nails. Enough to make a natural coat, keep your hands creams and masks, to visit Manicurist.

4. A bath with rose petals, oil
It seems that one bath will not change anything. And you try. Just prepare it any way you like - oil, salt, petals, music. Close the door. And immerse yourself in this whole process.

You will be surprised its fullness after such a procedure. But everything is simple - water picks up women negative emotions and thoughts, fatigue and sadness. A pleasant smells and sounds can fill the void again. And the effect will double - and cleaning, and pleasant.

5. Pedicure
Let us remember also that our legs, too, need our attention and care. Simple bath salt can be removed from the legs tired after a long day. Creams and scrubs help to restore the skin. Again, allow breathing heels.

Besides beautiful well-groomed feet improve the mood in the morning. Get up out of bed, go into the bath - and you see a beautiful pedicure on their own feet. And the mood - improved.

6. Make
When a woman goes on maternity leave, often coming "depression". Which is very easily treated. If you wake up in the morning and brush up - mood immediately improved.

We used to do make-up exit - for someone (male clients, friends) or something (to work, photography, walks). And actually most need it ourselves. To please himself, passing by a mirror. To feel beautiful and confident.

Therefore, the house in the first place need to be beautiful. For myself. And for her husband. After all, he is our most important man.

7. Yoga
Yoga - it's more than just exercises and asanas. It's a whole way of life, the practice of another mentality, relaxation, meditation.

It is important to practice yoga intelligently - not in the fitness center, where you will be given only to the exercise, and yoga center, where he teaches theory and more. Even better deal under the guidance of a woman - so you can share with her energy. And better yet, if she is married - when its energy is ideal for the exchange: a woman, a married, practicing yoga. Three in one.

8. Dancing
The best charging and exercise for women - is dancing. They not only give the load to the muscles, and develop flexibility, smoothness, grace. The options are many - and belly dancing, ballroom and modern. It is important that you enjoy it. To your body gets the necessary load it, and you at this time - the psychological discharge.

And by the way, never too late. Recently, my mother in law to fulfill his dream - to write down the dance. And now puzzled - what she was waiting for all my life.

But you can dance at home. During the cleaning, cooking, applying make-up. Open your body and your heart dance - and you will feel the changes!

9. Fragrance
A woman should always smell like a flower. This will give strength and her own, and a pleasure to others. Try different perfumes and aromatic oils. Look for their flavor - in fact on different women the same perfume smell differently.

And remember, your fragrance says about you more than words. Men remember the smells of your favorite women. Babies etched in my memory the aroma of my mother's clothes. People meeting with you, respond to the smell - and decide how to communicate further.

10. Walking
The Vedas say that all relationships are strengthened through joint trips. Even the wedding ceremony is based on the seven steps that the couple should go together.

Therefore, it is important to walk with your loved ones as much as possible. It is also an occasion to talk to, and the ability to get away from everything, to be together. Perhaps most of all mothers are tied to children including because the walk with them every day, and more than once?

But let's remember one more important person. About Me. And that, too, with a need to strengthen the relationship. Therefore, it is important to sometimes walk alone. With itself. Without a goal "to run to the store." Just walk down the street, get some air and look at people. Even if it seems silly or strange.

Try it - and you will appreciate. The main thing - do not hurry.

11. Exercise
Too often we think that once going to the gym, the pool, fitness. And this we have much to lose. The female body is very sensitive and it needs to keep in shape. Not only and not so much in order to not gain extra weight. And to be more cheerful, nicer and healthier.

Find your own version of the exercise - Pilates, yoga, swimming, running. And every once in a difficult situation - Get your body. And the head ceases to swell from the thoughts and will power.

12. Beautiful outfits
Which has become known to all the talk of the town the phrase: "I am a girl. I do not want to decide anything. I want platishko. " And it is very close to reality. A new beautiful dress can raise your energy levels at once on many items. When you yourself like - likes you and others.

But in addition it is important to stay beautiful at home. We often dress the best output. Thus, most of its life in the gray office clothes or dressing gown. And if you change the priorities - first and foremost the most beautiful to wear at home - for myself, for my husband - your mood changes. And my husband will appreciate - I'm telling you. He feels that he is really the most important person in your life, and that is all your beauty.

13. General cleaning
If the life of a lot of energy stagnation, if nothing do not want to and nothing pleases - it's time to start dismantling its rubble. You'd be surprised how many old and useless things stored in your home!

All this affects your psyche is not the best way. Open the closet - there twenty dresses, but all the old and unpleasant memories. Wear neither do not want, and throw a pity. So in your life and get new clothes - because the place is occupied.

Trash and debris like a poison poison every day of your life, even if you do not notice. And try to arm themselves with garbage bags and all this to understand! How much energy will be, how much energy and inspiration! But in real life will begin to open up new opportunities.

14. Healthy life
Your habits define your life. If you still smoke, swear in different words, overeating at night or get up too late - it has a big impact on your mood and your energy level.

Habits also eat healthy foods, get up early, talking to people of all - will make your life very different energies and events.

15. Proper nutrition
Think about what you eat. And besides - how much, when and in what mood. We adopt the mood and character of the product. Therefore, together with the meat we get the energy of violence, along with fried fastfoods - the energy of passion. And along with fresh fruits and vegetables we get the energy of goodness, love and joy.

In addition, this food will change your physical condition - often overweight goes, is only puzzled his diet. Do not overeat at night, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, cook with love, sanctifies food. That's the whole regime of proper nutrition.

16. SPA-pampering
I foresee exclamations that it is expensive. Yes, if you go to the salon, it will cost money. But you can make a SPA at home. Together with her friends - or alone. You only need to purchase or make a mask for body wraps or peeling.

And then - to include meditation music and surrender their feelings. It is much easier than it sounds. It prevents us usually just laziness.

For example, a good body scrub - plenty of coffee. Finely ground coffee after coffee machine removes the "dead" skin and their oils nourishes the "new". And the smell is very nice. And there are a lot of recipes - Cleopatra bath, honey wrap, sea salt ...

17. Skin Care
How often do you make yourself facials? From the store, or improvised? Did you know that it is useful not only and not so much for the skin, but for your feminine energy. Every time we have to take care of someone, we begin to love him. And every sign to give him attention, love is growing.

Therefore, the main response to the question "how to love yourself?" - Begin to care for themselves and to engage themselves. Face Mask - this is one way. Simple, it does not require much time or energy.

18. Sauna
The best thing with the girls. We are friends, I come to St. Petersburg, it is there and we are going. Someone brings scrub someone face mask, some tea and fruit. And two or three hours we spend in communication. Ultimately, the value obtained is small - because we share the rent at all.

Pleasure weight - and from steam and from the pool and on the masks, and from tea and communicating. The best way for five or six girls to spend time and recharge your batteries, I do not know.

19. Communication with like-minded
Communication is very important for women. Very. But it is not a lesser role played by the quality thereof. If you talk about intimate with everyone, the result is the opposite. Force will not increase, and vice versa. Will be less.

So remember that you need to talk heart to heart with someone who understands you and accepts. Meet need of a good, good, bright and high. Do not gossip, do not recount the nightmares of the TV. And to tell inspiring stories, share experiences, knowledge, love. Then your energy will be more.

20. Communication with other women
The female energy is increased in communicating heart to heart. Even more, it is increased when dealing with the same carriers of this energy. That is, women. We often ignore women's conversations. Many do not like and do not know how to be friends with girls.

But it was such a friendship is able to enrich your life. After all, no man will never be able to understand you as it will make the woman. And the man is much more difficult to listen to your feelings and concerns. A friend - real Minded - with joy and listened to, and support.

Especially valuable communication - with married women, happy family life. They can be your treasure - you will find the wisdom and experience, and the support and friendship, and love - in one person.

21. Long-term conversations and discussions
Every day, women need to say 22 thousand words. Every day. And if yesterday she has not developed its limit, the debt will accumulate. And grow like a snowball. If you condemn yourself for talking with friends, listening to all the hardships you may fall on the shoulders of a spouse.

And if he will listen to every day from you 20 thousand words - that a couple of months taken to a hospital. For such a flow of the male psyche - too. And where is the exit?

The long "themes" with friends - on the phone, over lunch, a cup of tea. In any case. In transport, a shop, a school, a child. And so on. The more words you say out, the easier life will be your home. Yes, and you yourself will become kinder and happier.

22. Be easier
The more we develop the mind, the further away from their feminine essence. The ability to win complex disputes jaw-rattling terms and disassemble the refrigerator does not paint a woman. And it does not help to arrange his personal life. Quite the contrary - these women often are afraid and sidestep. Either do not notice - because the man wants to be fit. And she - she all can.

The ability to be a girl very important. The immediate, cute, fun, sometimes funny. Remember the lady five years - and you will understand what women are a success. How you can and should be present. And it pleases others.

23. Ask for help
When a woman lets you take care of yourself, it immediately increases energy levels, and also calms the mind. And most importantly, it prevents women to ask - it's fear. Fear that fail, think something. Or just a shame to distract the person - awkward, out of place.

All of this - from low self-esteem. And thus we are depriving themselves of the opportunity to receive the necessary care. And men are deprived of the chance to become even stronger - to help us. "I myself" is a principle of destroying not only our feminine nature, but also our relationship.

Ask a passerby to help you with bags. Ask your husband to wash the dishes in the evening. Ask your boss for time off from work a couple of hours. And you'll see how much it can give - you and him.

24. Give someone help
The woman has a natural grace and compassion. Who else if not us? We have empathy and feel when someone needs help. In caring for others opens our woman's heart. It appears self-confidence and self-esteem is normalized.

Do not refuse the opportunity to help a neighbor, grandmother or mother with many children. Treat a child from a needy family fruit. Help colleagues, friends. There is always someone who needs your help. The main thing - do not overdo it and do not forget about yourself.

25. compliments - myself and other women.
Women are currently involved in a relationship - they always want to talk about other people. And this habit is very difficult to move. But the most simple and effective method against the conviction of people - to develop their praise. Switch to good, look good in every person and do compliments. Even behind.

A kind word pleased everyone - and women can really be great to support each other, fueling compliments. A man does not always notice a new hairstyle (he has another mission), and the girlfriend - even notice the new styling of the same haircut.

Do not skimp on the good words - compliment her friends, colleagues, family. And learn to accept them, not rejecting and not embarrassed.

26. expresses love - in any form at any time.
Show love to their loved ones. More often hug and kiss them, tell them the good and kind words. Love is never too much. It is always to the point and good. It is the desire of every person, at any time of the day or night, in all circumstances.

Think about the fact that life is unpredictable, and worst of all - sorry about the fact that someone has not had time to say the most important thing. And by the way, parents can call with words of gratitude ...

27. Send a postcard to anyone - for any occasion.
In the electronic age, we have forgotten that you can send traditional paper cards. And how many emotions in your life can bring a conventional envelope in your mail box. Not just a picture on the screen and paper card, signed by the hand of a loved one.

Remember that the easiest way for a woman to be filled - is to help someone, for someone to take care, something to share. Card will help you to share your feelings.

28. Charity
Do not refuse the opportunity to help others. If you are depressed - get the maximum number of people you can help. And from your depression will be over.

Not at all!

And so on.


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