HOW TO LOVE WOMEN OR 12 OF THE RULES intelligent man

The simple but important rules of intelligent men who should know anyone who cares about his relationship with the woman he loved

Article: How to love men or 12 Rules wise woman, found a rapid response in the hearts of women, but after that I fell down a huge number of letters with questions: How to love women? And what about the men not such rules?

Of course there is ... For all have their own rules. Why am I writing for women because deeply convinced that you should start with yourself.

With myself and for myself. I do not like when a woman is trying to change men, with the sole purpose of obtaining from him the desired relationship to itself.

When a woman is set internally to love, then it will never come to a deep, real change.

In a bad relationship and a bad man, suffering, a woman can transform their suffering into the side of their internal changes and growing, and understanding the deep meaning of what is happening, freed from suffering.

Often you do not want to do anything in a relationship change, you do not want to do something for a particular man who is attentive enough to you and a lot of things ... and it's right in the case when you are calm and you do not cling to the pain of his attitude towards you but if the pain and hurt to the quick, then you need to work on yourself, step over pride, learn to become softer and more flexible, to learn not to give to him, but for themselves.

If you do not have a deep understanding of what you need to learn how to interact with the man who is with you, then you will also be difficult with the other.

That's why I'm writing for us women, worthy of your man will appreciate your changes, and it is internally will follow you, and do not need to disappear like dried husks.

Do not wait on the men that they should do, learn to be a woman with any man, becoming internally harmonious, you quietly leave unworthy, taking with them a huge store of knowledge, experience and skills, you and he will be able to go through their fears and solve many of their internal problems.

So do not rush to quickly go from bad to anyone. Outstanding product obtained after repeated corrections and rewriting.

That's why I'm writing for women in any way or for the purpose of justifying men and to hold us all responsible for the relationship. I want you to understand how important it is to learn to live with a man, knowing him, even the most ... uh negligent, but with good you just drown in the sea of ​​happiness ...

This digression, back to the men. This part of the article I address to you, men (women do men census of this article).

How to love women, or 12 rules of intelligent men
If a man loves his state next to a woman, the woman loves above all feel the only appropriate and necessary in the lives of men.

A woman wants to feel that she as the air for you, like water in the desert ... It is important to feel your love.

Simple words: I miss you, I'm thinking about you all day, you're the most important person to me in my life, I do not know that I do without you, you inspire me, with you I grow wings, I feel close to life with you, you fills me so much energy and strength, able to lift the mood of a woman and fill it with strength and energy.

1. The right to love a woman - is primarily to take care of its internal state, mood and well being.
If a woman is upset with you, evil, believe me it will create negative vibrations your reality.

Sometimes men and wonder why this is the case no longer go. Look around, how many women do you hurt?

A successful man - is primarily a man understands his success depends on his wife, the woman next to him, and so his wife should be protected from its negative thoughts and emotions.

Your woman - is the bank with your investments, the more put and give her, the more out of life.

Properly love - it's just love a woman, try to get close to her heart, to know her inner world.

A woman wants to feel close to an eternal love with her man.

Sometimes a man really do not understand that a woman is not enough, well, that she was still necessary, the house is, like the money is there, you can relax somewhere, and she again all unhappy.

A woman from a man not only enough love.

She must feel the love. A man can love a woman, but it is important that a woman is to feel and each has its own fad. Usually women say about this, man must be able to just listen attentively.

In happy families spouses interested in everything about each other, it is interesting to mess around under the car with him, and he wondered how she embroiders.
Be interested in the affairs of the spouses. Pamper your little things a woman, treat her like a little girl, do not need expensive gifts sometimes, often daily attention to the little things more great gifts.

Arrange small surprises, invite to the cinema, to the theater, secretly buying tickets, invite in the cafe for dinner, lunch, take a walk in the park. Do not be lazy to organize leisure.

2. The right to love a woman - is to be generous.
Generous in everything: in the words, emotions, gifts. Avaricious, greedy man never succeed in any case, they do not ever open the space for their capacity.

The law of love - the more you give it, the more you get. Money - it's not just money and paper on which something can be bought - that's energy.

The more a man gives, frankly, not clamping without zhadnichaya, not counting the pennies in your mind, the more he will love a woman, and a woman's love comes to the man and his success.

A woman who has lived in the deficit of your love in the material shortage - it's not a happy woman, so it will send the same vibration in space.

A woman is much stronger impact on the space.

Sometimes a man thinks his sole duty to earn money and everything ... without taking into account that women need more, his soul, his warmth, tenderness, caring, TIME.

Be generous in everything!

3. The right to love a woman - is primarily to take care of its internal state.
How to care for the woman and her home state?

You must first of all know that women, unlike men live feelings, emotions, and not always by logic and reason, I do not want to say that women in general alien intelligence. I know so many women who have their logic and reason can give odds to any man.
Yet women's emotional nature.

And the task of the man in the first place to help women cope with her emotions. It is very important how you behave when a woman loses control over his senses.

First - you need to know the strengths and vulnerabilities of his wife, not to hurt her more painfully, and to protect it.

It is better if you do not allow those moments when your woman overflows.

Be aware, it does not want to hurt you, and not you, it tends to hurt. She loses control when she was very sick, then you may not even be aware or conscious of, but not feeling her soul cut to the quick.

Woman angry, enraged just because it hurts, and it starts like a lioness to protect themselves from the pain of his own.

Strong feelings and emotions tend to scare you, exactly like the woman's silence.

When a woman is silent, it means only one thing, she tries to keep you out of their domestic hot water.

Women's emotions and expressions of feelings, usually scares you, you do not know what to do with all this. So if they scare you, believe me, they frighten women, no less.

She, too frightened of their own self-destructive and negative emotions, and the man she needed, as a vessel for water, so she could feel the support and protected from their emotions.

A strong man who is not afraid of women's feelings and emotions.

On the one hand it can withstand feminine emotions without answering such behavior or rudeness, the other not to let her sit on his head, humiliate, offend, do not allow her to blossom. A man should not be afraid of women's feelings and emotions, they just need to calm and loving to survive.

4. A man must also do their spiritual development and to solve the deep problems not with the individual woman, and women as such.
If a man has not solved their problems with her mother and continues to be under its influence, continues to experience a sense of guilt or the fear of it, anger, resentment, a relationship with a woman will not develop in the best way.

The woman will not be able to respect the henpecked, although some women will try every way to turn a man into this. It is important to show and virility, not to allow women to destroy the destructive impulses of his masculine nature.

Keeping his manhood helps a man thereby woman reveal her femininity.

A man should respect themselves, their territory should tactfully be able to defend its borders, does not allow women to sit on his head, do not think that has allowed to sit on your head, or you'll be happy to make a woman happy.

How can you not love a woman, always remember that you are a man and do not allow a woman to boss around, and for this you need to get rid of the laziness, immaturity, fear and guilt, to cultivate masculine qualities.

5. Do not allow a woman to humiliate themselves and move beyond the limits.
Emotional promiscuity leads to no good, you are allowing the woman more and more, are sending their relationship and love in the trash.

You must remember that you are able to stop the man and the woman when she is forgotten. We love you through myself next to you, through their feeling.

If a woman is relaxed and harmonious with you, she will love myself and you. If she screams, swears, you shall bring it to the point it ceases to love yourself and you at the same time.

How do you stop a woman - it's up to you, calm and confident tone, hugging, kissing, I do not know, maybe even a little to raise his voice, but never humiliated, do not shout to the swelling of veins on the face, do not grieve, do not go away from her and slammed the door ignoring her feelings and experiences.

For many women, the worst thing, when in a fit of emotion it reject and ignore it, it is important to see you and feel that you are listening to it, sympathize with and understand. Let her speak out.

6. If you feel that a woman begins to fill almost all of your space and it increases the pressure and control, try to understand the cause of this behavior it is likely you do not give her the attention that she wants, and if her fears are starting to knock on the door of her heart, so help her cope and overcome her fears.
Discuss this problem together.

Know if a woman begins to be demanding and controlling, it means one thing - it starts to bind you more and yet wake her fears that her betray you and leave from it. She was just beginning to be afraid to lose you. And that's fine.
The more you will irritate and alienate its defending its borders, the more suspicious she will be and the more demanding it will become.

Treat it carefully fears, of course not need to call her 27 times a day, even if she asks, but one time you can call and if it is so necessary.

Explain to her calmly that you have a job and you are busy, you can not belong to her 24 hours a day, that she had to learn to share your work or even with something.

7. The right to love - it is not to turn a woman into a source of satisfaction of their desires, do not think that a woman has only one task is to be a wife and mother.
Now modern women are not satisfied that role. Help her to fulfill your potential in any field, help her find herself or business like.

Do not limit her freedom, encourage relationships with girlfriends, women need to throw out your emotional state. Sometimes you do not like it is hanging on the phone for hours, but then make a selection. Are you ready to listen to whatever it is you talk for hours, if so, get rid of all her friends, and if you want to lie down and watch TV so no one bothered you, let him be her friend.
Do not try to make it his property and then as crazy with the fact that it strangles you with his love.
Do not deprive her interesting life besides you, is not narrowed her life only on themselves.

8. The right to love a woman - is first of all not to let your emotions take over you up.
Men's strength in the mind and the will.

If the relationship with his wife does not add up, do not immediately seek solace and love another woman.

For the man is not allowed to sink to the shouting and bad language, humiliation and reproach. Once you start to lose control, ... All you respect a woman will not get it for you Baba - Special women's ... How would you not want to break, learn to master their feelings.

Well, about the insults and name-calling and profanity, I do not even want to write - this is not acceptable to the woman, whatever it was not bad, so let it quietly go away, but do not torture and abuse. The woman - you gave birth, know how to respect women, but for the fact that they are women.

With a woman, for that matter, and all need to be able to communicate "I messages" to talk about what you feel. You have no idea how many families destroyed for one reason, that you men do not know how to talk about their feelings.

Unsociable and silent, come see what you think or feel.

One couple came to me for advice, and when we started to work, the husband chose the card, where the little boy's face from the blocking hand crows. And then he explained how he feels when his wife shouted at him.

She was so surprised and admitted that she never thought that her scream as reflected in it, it always seemed to him like water off a duck all her cries.

Do not be afraid to talk to women, to talk to her about what you feel and how you would like.

9. The right to love - it is able to be constant, in spite of quarrels, scandals, insults - not to stop doing what you need to do to continue to care for the family, pay bills and make some kind of a job.
If you start pointedly abstain from cases prestaёte talk, it is very much a woman destroys and knocks her feeling that she has a man she no longer hope for you, and this is the worst thing that undermined the belief in your reliability and leaves a feeling of stability. The woman, it is important to feel your presence in her life.

To fix something around the house, work with your child, help her in her domestic affairs, an interest in her life and her interests.

Yes, it's work a lot easier to come home and relax, but you do not build a house of love and you will always be something is missing.
Do not wait for an initiative from the woman, show it yourself, you know how sometimes women are very much waiting for your commitment to the relationship and love.

She is important to feel that you want to be with her that you have a good to be around. Do not eliminate a woman, she feels abandoned and not required and begins to wither like a flower, forgotten to water.

10. Try to listen to women and to carry out as much as possible of its request. You will not believe, but the woman you say all that they want. Sometimes she can not speak or modest about their desires, and it is trying to tell you hints.

Know how to listen between the lines and understand its subtle language. Do not wait until the woman will ask you, try to offer her help.

11. The right to love a woman - is able to be grateful to her for everything.
For what it is with you, that you gave birth to children, the maintenance of order in the house, creates comfort, prepares ...

Learn to sincerely thank and appreciate what a woman does. Women's labor at home completely invisible to men's eyes, but you can not even imagine how a woman can take the time to clean, and the result will not be visible.

A woman enjoys the process and cleaning it may take a whole day. It will cycle through old things, photographs, during go into memories. She looks in every little corner, he saw a picture in the wrong place, it will override it, that takes a lot of time, but in fact her work will not be visible, but women rarely sit or lie.

And if your wife works and does the household chores should be shared among all family members.

12. The right to love - to know the language of love speaks your woman that it is important - your hugs and touching, any tactile contact or help around the house, your gentle and kind words or nice gifts and surprises, your concern for her. < br />
Do not be lazy to learn to know his wife and all that it can be fun.

Right to love a woman - to notice the details.


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