Disappears, leaving love — no feelings or relationship?

Disappears, leaving love — no feelings or such otnosheniia life: Why disappears, leaving love? We all, at least once, somehow love is a burning feeling. We all felt, when it disappears, it takes love for us — when "all is lost", "when do not want to live". Or the feeling when we are gone, gone love, when a simple, "Yes, I'm in it, in it, found, found". That is, ladies and gentlemen, the question is: Why and how is it that I loved, loved, but "now"? — stands or stood in front of everyone. Just as a question: Why I stopped loving? In front of everyone who has ever loved and who you loved, but perhaps there are others among adequate, and even not really, people? The problem, then what? If we love and love us, we rise to the top of his life – we live, feeling the fullness of life – feelings, passion, feeling – "that's life". If we feel and see, we understand that disappears, leaving love, we are pushed into the abyss: "she, he loves me not", to, sorry, "no life". Question: Why disappear, leaving love?

Disappears, leaving love is a feeling or attitude? Disappears, leaving love is a feeling or attitude? – personally, I see a philosophical question. But, ladies and gentlemen, let's agree that not even having a way of thinking "philosophical dialectics", on the basis of his purely worldly and life experience, we can all wonder: what is love? Feelings or relationships? And not only think, but also, if you want to answer. Well, here it is: 1. That was the beginning of love — the feeling or attitude? But in real life as it happens? And feelings and love relationship, all of a sudden, all at once, come. It is, isn't it? BUT, that's next. 2. Disappears, leaving love. Why!? – in fact, if that was not happiness, "it was all so cool!". 3. My feeling of love disappeared, and I stopped (I stopped) to treat him to her as her beloved. Stop! because, right here, we approach the truth: Why disappears, leaving love? 4. Gone is my feeling of love to this person: husband, wife, lover, mistress, or changed my attitude towards husband, wife, mistress, lover? That is: I stopped, ceased to love them? Or: I do not treat them WITH LOVE, as a wife, husband, lover, mistress?

Disappears, leaving love, feelings and reality come on, ladies and gentlemen, women and men, to think in realities and not the fact that we shoved into the consciousness in the form of a herd promote thinking and what we ourselves think, because of their stupidity and limited knowledge. What is love? That feeling, definitely. What is love? This attitude to your loved one, definitely. What is the situation when disappears, leaving love? is gone or feelings or relationships. That's all from this and we dance.

That is: 1. Vanished feelings. No matter in connection with the hormones stopped playing or have you found that "love was a mistake". Importantly, feelings of love are no more. No love, not feel it anymore, then the relationship with that person will be any: from hate to indifference, but not love. 2. Soured relations. No matter what you imagine concerning your feelings of love: love or hate, or something close to that. It is important that your relationship has changed: I no longer love him, her. and, most importantly, no more acting like a loving and beloved. 3. You feel that fades, love goes out. What is the feeling or relationship? 4. If you are in your mind, then all your feelings adequate to match your relation to the object of feeling. That is, if you feel my love, or love to himself, it conforms to your love relationship or loving attitude towards you. 5. But, existentially, the reality of the relations of men and women is often that they can not, can not, or do not want to show their love relationship. That is the essence of the question: Where and why disappears, leaving love? 6. Everything is simple to outrageous: Husband, wife, lover, lover CAN'T behave like a beloved and loving, in being his incarnation. 7. And if they do not show, do not show their love in the relationship, the love disappears, leaving. 8. After all, feeling is a reaction to reality. No love not see love in deeds, in words, in life: disappears, leaving love as a feeling, and replaced with some other feeling. Example: indifference, hatred, contempt, and the like. And this new sense will shape a new relationship between the former loving and beloved men and women. Disappears, leaving love, because it kills relationshipsLove is a powerful emotion. Why? Because it establishes a close, intimate, personal and gender – sex, relationships between men and women. Therefore, by the way, she and strong in their antagonism: hatred, contempt, indifference, if the feeling of love has passed into its opposite. And here it is, the truth is tragic, topical, relevant to most of men and women: fading away, love leaves because disappear a love relationship – a love relationship. That is stupid and primitive, husband, wife, lover, lover, cease to apply to the husband, the wife, the lover, the lover, as LOVED AND LOVING. And begin to relate, under the pressure of life and their own stupidity and thoughtlessness, as to the mistress, as a source of money, as the sexual partner as the father of their children, and so on and so forth. And everything disappears, leaving love as the sense of not corresponding to the real relationship: no love nor wife, as such, no husband, as such, if they manifest themselves in all respects than anything but loved and loving people. Love does not live in any relationship but love, that was all the problem to disappear, leaving love. That is: either you love – feel the love and, consequently, build relationships of love or you dislike, and do not build relationships of love. The other is not given. Vladimir Fesyuk

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