100 attractiveness principles

Sherry Argov developed and described in his book, "I want to be a bitch!" 100 unique principles of women's irresistibility to help women look at these men's eyes themselves. And, if necessary, to change their attitude towards themselves and behavior. This article contains all the principles together.

The principles of attraction Sherry Argov:

1. All of what man is hunting in his life, necessarily escapes.

2. Women, for the sake of which men climb on the wall, it is not necessary any special. Very often, they simply do not have the men to any business.

3. A man takes a woman as a mental challenge only if not sure that it belongs to him a hundred percent.

4. Sometimes a man does not call consciously, to see your reaction.

5. If you are starting to show their relationship, it repels man. But if there is something he can not get a man go mad, yet this will not succeed.

6. A man always treats you the same way you feel about yourself.

7. Consider yourself a gift of fate, and then the man will believe it.

8. The most important difference between a good woman and a bitch - it's fear. Bitch in every way demonstrates that she is not afraid to remain without a man.

9. If you face a choice between dignity and maintaining relationships, bitch always put dignity above all else.

10. When a woman does not give in to the advances immediately, when it is not available and rebellious man wants even more to win it.

11. Failure to achieve something close creates a desire that must be satisfied.

12. Man feels fine to which a woman can make requests at the last minute.

13. your conditions suggest that if you have a choice and the ability to maintain their own identity. You immediately makes it clear who you really are: a doormat or the girl of his dreams

. 14. If you start to take care of a man over, he took a defensive position and looking for escape routes, in order to protect their freedom.

15. When a woman needs from a man too much, it all means evading obligations. Let him give you what he is willing to give freely and without coercion. And then look at what it is really.

16. Bitch man always leaves enough space, so he was not afraid to come to be in a cage. And then ... he is bending over backwards to lure it into the cage.

17. If you tell a man that did not want to rush into a relationship, as in the pool with his head, he will make every effort, as long as you change your mind.

18. Always let us understand the man that he is free, and free in their actions. And then he will relax and relieve the defense.

19. Most men pay attention to the fact, not too emotionally dependent woman from him.

20. He should feel that you are with him by choice rather than out of necessity. Only then he will perceive you as an equal partner.

21. If a man will have to wait until the woman agrees to go to bed with him, he will not only take her a real beauty, but also get time to appreciate it.

22. Sex and "spark." - Is not the same

23. Before the male sex are not able to think soberly, as she keeps a clear head. After sex, everything is the other way around. Man gets a clear mind, a woman loses her head.

25. A man intuitively senses when sexuality is based on the belief cebe, and when the addiction. He knows when a woman uses sex to bind to a man.

26. Bad habits are formed much faster than good, because good requires conscious effort. Waiting stimulate those efforts.

27. If you pull out a sexy plug at the last minute, a man considers you a liar and a cheat.

28. If it makes you worry, anxiety make his guide.

29. This man in his dreams sees a woman who really loves sex.

30. As soon as a woman begins to compete with another woman, she demeans herself.

31. When in a relationship there is the same "spark", the castle is only one key.

32. Let a man thinks that he has everything under control. It will automatically begin to do what you want, because he always wants to be in your eyes, "King».

33. Nezha male ego soft tabs, you will not allow a man to even try to use their power for aggressive purposes.

34. If you will look soft and feminine in a man awakens the desire to protect and defend you. When a woman is aggressive, a man wakes up on the competition instinct.

35. If a man treat a woman like a doormat, it will allow her to pay for dinner on the first date. And it never will be his girl of his dreams!

36. Visibility of power intended for the public, but the real power is visible only in personal relationships. And the only important power pealnaya and not visible.

37. If you let a man feel like a man, he wants to protect you he wants to give you the whole world.

38. When a woman shows that she is capable of doing just about anything, and all she has to do.

39. Man does not respond to words. It reacts only when you give them to communicate.

40. Do not talk about the "relationship" is too long and often. You eliminate the element of novelty and mystery, and this man get bored quickly.

42. When you are always happy, and the man feels that he is always free and can leave at his own request, he understands that he very lucky.

43. If you allow a man to break your plans, you create a void in his life. To fill it up, you start to expect and demand from a partner more and more.

44. Most women desperately trying to get away from the men that they should give themselves.

45. The woman seems a man more confident when he can not get her to give up their own interests, because they are not as important as it is for her.

46. ​​As soon as a woman begins to seek to satisfy all the criteria for her man, she immediately reduces the standard relations.

47. Demonstrating the man that he - is your all, you are each time jump through the ring, like the trained poodle

. 48. Try to make sure that you do not quicksand tightened. If you lose control of your own life, your relationship is doomed.

49. The complete obedience and dependence often have a negative impact on the development of relations. A man sees an opportunity to get their cake and eat it immediately. But is it worth to you to stay out of his reach, he already begins to struggle to please you.

50. A good girl too many victims, making the main purpose of his life and not the satisfaction of their own needs men,.

51. If you are on the first request will jump into the ring, your relationship with the man hardly will develop successfully. Showed character, and the relationship will develop significantly easier and does not require from you any effort.

52. When you saw the man, he can not hear you. But when you say his actions, he pays attention to you.

53. When a man takes a woman for granted, he wants constantly to make sure that she is still with him.

54. When a routine becomes a predictable, man, most likely, it will love you as much as before loved his mother - and the chances that he will take you for granted, will increase significantly

. 55. Negative attitudes - this is also the attitude. It allows a man to feel that you are in his power - right where he wants you to be

. 56. refers to men just as a friend, you force him to play on your terms. He wants a romantic relationship, but it needs to be the pursuer.

57. A small distance in combination with the self-control will cause a man to worry about how he could not lose you.

58. A man sees a woman for granted that he is interested in it, but has no desire and incentive to change for the usual things.

59. When you saw a man, you turn into a problem for him, and he is trying to disconnect from you. But when you try not to cut, it is necessary to solve their problems.

60. If you shift man's duties to someone else and openly admire the abilities of this man, the man immediately wants to perform them himself.

61. When you saw the man, he feels your weakness.

62. A man finds an emotional woman too accessible.

63. In the same way as the usual routine breeds boredom, somewhat detached behavior is often a matter of respect on the part of men.

64. He forgets that he is in you like ... as long as you do not remind him.

65. Many women simply talk a lot of nervousness. Men often take this behavior of uncertainty and dependence.

66. If you are talking with a man's feelings, he perceives this conversation as a job. And when he is with a woman who wants to not work, and relax.

67. Forcing a man constantly talk about feelings, you become dependent in his eyes, and then he loses respect for you. And when a man loses respect for a woman, he pays even less attention to her feelings.

68. At the beginning of a relationship you should only pay attention to how often you communicate with a man, so how can he hide his emotions for a long time.

69. The man relates to a woman in the same way as other men. He poses as a tough guy, because I do not want to seem weak or desperate.

70. For men, a very important element of surprise in the bedroom and beyond. Surprises excite men.

71. Do not repeat in the bedroom is the same every day. Diversify their sexual menu to the relationship does not have turned to you in a predictable routine.

72. Most men do not respect women who are too obedient.

73. Do not be afraid to stand up for themselves and express their own opinion. This will not only help you earn the respect of the men, but sometimes it can also initiate it.

74. Men are often automatically assume that bitchy woman is much more creative and relaxed in bed and nice girl modest and boring.

75. When a man falls in love, he was knocked out of the rut and do not even notice it. To the woman he is willing to do what ever and no one would do.

76. He never will respect you as a person if you are not able to stand on their feet financially.

77. You need to show that will not tolerate disrespect. And then the man will treat you with respect.

78. You must be mistress of your own life - man or without him. He should never feel that you are completely in his power.

79. When a man treat a woman like a little girl or sister, of whom he is obliged to take care of his passion wanes. He does not want to make love with his sister.

80. Choice of lifestyle and relationships with other people -. That's what gives you the strength and power

81. The relationship of any kind there is one and the same situation. When someone does not make any contribution to the common pot, for such a person to begin to treat without respect.

82. The financial dependence is no different from emotional dependence: in both cases, a man sure that you are in its full power

. 83. However beautiful or a woman, her appearance alone does not win the respect of men. Appearance attractive, but a man gets only female independence.

84. If a man is very anxious that you do not sit on his neck, so he is not too keen on you and your relationship meant nothing to him.

85. People show respect for ourselves alone the ability to cope with their own problems independently.

86. The more you are independent from the man, the more he is interested in you.

87. If you are too obviously demonstrate their desire to get something, some people may be tempted to constantly waving a carrot in front of your nose.

88. By changing the usual routine, you should not be there, and if a man expects it. In the words of a man does not respond. Reacts it just the lack of contact.

89. Do not reward the wrong behavior.

90. Man never will respect the woman who is bending over backwards just to please him.

91. If a man does not assign you the exact time, do not agree on a date.

92. In order for a man is not satiated, you must not let him know that have already decided this issue. By changing the "accessibility mode" by varying the predictable routine, you will keep a man in suspense and will remain for him a mental challenge.

93. Having started to laugh, you begin to heal.

94. You can accomplish so much more with the help of humor than with steadfast face.

95. A man feels that he won and won a woman when she is ready to eat out of his hand. And at that moment he begins to miss.

96. The tension that arises in the relationship with the bitchy woman is in men a sense of mild peril. Man feels a little insecure, because to reach this woman is impossible.

97. A woman who agrees to all, which gives much more than it receives, makes the man the impression that she no longer believes in him than himself. Men regard such behavior as a sign of weakness rather than of kindness.

98. Be independent and do not pay attention to those who try to somehow restrict your freedom.

99. Truly strong people do not explain why they want to self-respect. They just do not communicate with those who do not treat them with due respect.

100. The most attractive quality of your personal - it's personal dignity.

Author: Sherry Argov


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