Alexander Hakimov: the Unpredictable danger of sensual love

Eleven million six hundred eighty two thousand eight hundred eighty seven

I understand that the theme is attractive, even stimulating the mind. Because, in fact, is the meaning of our existence is to find love, to find meaning within yourself, some sense inspiring, for which and with which we could live actively, in a meaningful sense. That is, we expect that we will have some inspiration, life force, the will of life and love, his purpose, his surrounding close people and be thus happy. In fact, happiness is love, is the destiny of man.

But first we need to note one important thing. In matters of love, this term, this concept is deep enough to be distorted at the present time. So I'd like to speak truthful way on this subject, that is, to tell the truth. Because you yourself will agree, love is a dangerous word very. Not only attractive, but dangerous, like fire. It is necessary for us is important, but very dangerous, can be a fire in the house. If we are wrong to arrange my life, the life can be destroyed. That is, love can destroy our life, the meaning of life, happiness, to inflict a deep pain, an injury, and we lose faith at all in anything else.

Now in the world... That is, the percentage of the cynicism increases. This is a symptom of the fact that people are unlucky in love, in relationships. And love is at least two, not one, two. This exchange between the two at least. And we, of course, have someone to share love or do we want someone to share love. This one could be a man, then you may receive a third person. Can also be family, it can be a lot of people close. This can be a society, society. And all this is organized with the same force of love. Now my question arises from this conclusion: "if it's one single force that organizes everything, what is it?". Is this only sexual energy, what do you think?

See, "in a public sense," you say. Personally it seems that it is linked to this energy. That is, it is connected with this energy, but is it sexual energy? Here is the art of love? Try to distinguish between these subtle energies.

Love is the subtlest higher power. If she was rude energy, we would be able to manage it. We could dominate and control: "Come here, sit there, or go there, love him, stop loving, and that love now." No, we can't control that power. In fact, as stated in the ancient books, it is this energy drives the world, all the way around. But the Vedas distinguish between the two forces. In the Bhagavad-Gita, in my opinion, in the third Chapter of this verse we found, asks a very important question. The Bhagavad-Gita, an ancient book is very. And there's a very important question. That is, there are some rules that indicate good and bad. We each of us learns these rules, what is good, what is bad. From childhood we know, pipsqueak asks the father and receives the response. And it is very important to continue these concepts. So good, what is bad? Love Kama.

But. Question: what is this power in man, which in spite of all this knowledge impels him to bad? In addition even his own will. See, too is seen as some kind of superior energy, because she's stronger than us, this energy. We can learn to control your will, your feelings. But there is this energy and we lose the will, lose our minds and start to do some strange things. Was a good girl, I say, and then in 15-16 years became absolutely unmanageable. Does not understand what is good, what is bad, not senior not listening, there are no mind – all missing. All the other people in front of you. The same applies to boys, age is achieved and all control impossible. And self-control is also impossible. That is where is this energy? And there this question is the answer, what is this energy.

That is why I ask? Maybe it's some kind of divine energy, since she is taller than me? No. Do not confuse these things. It's called Kama. Not divine energy. This material energy is called lust. It is very powerful, can take over our senses, mind, mind and life. If Kama captures the man, he becomes unstoppable, can't stop him in the execution of their desires (personal desires, selfish desires). He is very strong in this respect, man becomes. Kama awoke, you think some kind of black magic? He wasn't, he just changed. Beyond recognition. To go to grandma, to grandpa, maybe to remove some damage? No, it's just Kama, Kama awoke. Love Prema.

Another word, another concept, which explains the ancient books, the ancient Vedas, the opposite of Kama is prema. Here two terms turns out of love. In our understanding of love is one word, one concept, here are two get them. Kama, if it's lust, it's a selfish love, it is lust, it is impossible to stop it, the thirst to satisfy their own selfish desires, that prema is the dedication. This higher energy, above the Kama river. If she's awaken, she wins Kama. If awaken, it will win the Prem. And there is a saying: "In our heart bite two dogs: one black, the other white." What will win? Answer: the one you feed. And she will win. There is already a question of choice. I will have the path of Kama, or the path of prema, is the choice of the person. If someone thinks: "I Have the power of sinful desires that no Prem can't stop me, I'm already mired in it." No, you're wrong. If to awaken the pure love, everything will change. As well as we do not know the person who is affected by this lust, as we know of a person who is enlightened Pramoj. Even relatives do not recognize him, so he will change internally.

So, the "Perfection of love". "Art" — not art this is, maybe with the technique of this love that people know I'm not going to talk at all. If someone came specifically for this purpose, you know, this topic I will not touch sexual themes almost touch will not. Only from a position of reason, not feelings. It's not my field. So, perfection and love, two concepts. A little look at these two concepts. Perfection and love.

Love is a broad concept, the most extensive. Includes all energy. Because it is a higher energy, it includes all of literally. All that you associate with love, will have meaning, will immediately become attractive. Whatever it is, if it is connected with love, everything becomes valuable. Instantly. Such is the value of this energy.

Love is of different levels, that is, in this word there are different concepts, it turns out. The first level of love is associated with feelings. Just with the senses. Senses. Which are very strong, very powerful. Eyes, ears, hearing, touch, taste, smell. Want to lose at least one organ of perception? A tragedy, really? Very strong, very strong desire to see, hear, and good to see, well hear, smell, feel, taste, touch. That is, in fact, in this very enviable life force, a great need of man is food, the basic food of life. We are getting some information, we love to see something, hear something, touch something, to examine something with these feelings.

And the first level of love is sensual love. And if to bring some sense (no matter what it is), you will feel the affection to the one who initiated, drew those feelings. It's called of sensual love. For example, I might like it... But this chair I don't like [laughter] But if there was some chair is so comfortable, I would probably liked it, I would not want to get up and sat the whole lecture. I have a love seat would be seen, so to speak. Here awakened, because the object of the senses is pleasant to the touch. Comfortable, and I like it. Here is the understanding of love. And from this comfort, we want everything to be pleasing to the senses: soft music, pleasant any shape, design, comfortable, soft, warm. As my grandmother used to say: "You who are going to be?". I said, "I'm an underwater archaeologist". Invented a profession. She says: "Oh no-no-no-no, better go cook". They Say: "Why?". I was surprised. Why she sees me this way? I did not identify with the chef. Two things she called: "hearty and warm". But with the position of the senses is very good, very good. [someone sneezed in the audience] Here's proof, you see?

And this is sensual love. What man attractive? Well, a woman's body. For the eyes, to touch something that is necessary. Here it is linked to that communication on the level of feelings, to touch, to communicate, to look, different, I mean, you know, sex. It's called intimate relationships. This is the sensual love, the so low, the usual order. It is familiar to all living beings, animals do it. So the elephants come to the elephant, and they RUB against the sides, so standing for hours. I think that this doesn't feel ecstasy when the elephant will prislonica, we will not have this feeling. But the elephant, a female elephant there is a feeling, they just RUB each side, stand for hours. But people sometimes now stand opposite each other and are too clocks the same way.

This sensual love is the affection of the senses. What does it mean? You kind of feel some kind of unhappiness, when there is no object. Here is the chair that you want, and I'm not happy today, you know? [laughter] so I'm irritable, I have to yell, you know? That is, that sensual love grows in me a sense of demands from others. I start demanding from others what I want. That is definitely that sensual love is associated with the requirements. As well as husband and wife, they pass after some time the level of the requirements in the family. "You should" — "You should" — "You should" — "You should". They constantly argue on this basis, who should do what, demand from each other things, things.

And here to stop this moment, because of woman's desire is inexhaustible... So it is written, that is, the woman's nature is fire, she'll never be satisfied with the performance of any material desires. How much would a man do, a woman will always be unhappy. You know this "Tale of the fisherman and the fish": "the old man Lived with his old woman. In the blue sea...". And there he threw the net, and old houses there's help with the housework, doing something. When this fish he caught, she promised him that, can any desire to do, and he said, "Nothing, everything is." In his understanding. That is, man, you see how simple: "All there is". And come told the grandmother about this amazing story: "the talking Fish with a crown on the head today got me and said, "Let me go, old man, and I any desire can accomplish what you want." "And I just let it slide and everything" — "you Fool, simpleton!" She asked why the fish is talking, why she has the crown on the head, it doesn't matter. It is important that could fulfill the desire. "You're just a fool!". That is, if the old man was surprised to the phenomenon of fish, the old lady was attracted by the wish-fulfillment more. It describes the psychology of men and women.

"What, can't you see we have nothing? At least so it was asked." And the old man, he's stupid in this regard... Men are stupid in the everyday sense of the word, or love, they are absolutely helpless. He goes and asks the fish: "we have broken Trough". Grandmother even more surprised by the stupidity of her husband: "Trough the jewels! And you're in the house watched?". And it continues, continues, continues while the grandmother did not want to become the mistress of the sea. And what Vedas say in this regard? It is known, is a well-known trend that Kama has no boundaries. She develops, when a man and a woman together to communicate on a sensual platform. This sensual love, here it is her process, her way. In the end, developing a sense of rigor and pride about growing, and they cease to understand each other even in the family, even loved ones. With the increase in wealth, fulfillment of desires grows pride and insistence.

Then it gives another story how to be with this love, as it is adjusted. It should do man. Just a woman will do according to his nature as fire. What must a man do? A story about two goats, I mean, there are goat and goat. The story in these examples. This goat is always something asked the goat, "Go out there, run here, fetch this". And he performs his duty as head of the family should care. And desires since increase... Once a goat he sees: the flower grows. On the steeper very dangerous, impossible, and deadly dangerous to go up there. And she says to the goat: "And would you to me this flower to get?" — "What are you, crazy? Where do I climb? It's dangerous. I can break" — "But for the sake of our love, you have to show your heroism, I need to feel your love." But the goat realizes he has common sense is: "If I was going to do it, it just did not collect the bones". And the goat is offended.

And then the goat does what? Cheating on a goat and attacks her horns. "What are you doing? What are you doing? I don't need no flower, I wanted nothing really, I'm not wanted." Here are governed by the love between a man and a woman. That is, the man is physically stronger than women, physically stronger than women. And the woman internally stronger than men in many, many times. Remember, at the last seminar we talked? How many times stronger woman men? Huh? Six, seven? Not at six, nine times. Nine times, but in the highest sense of the word. Modern women significantly lose their power internal but with external things to try to look attractive. So this is the current art they once owned. But internally, in terms of communication, they are now losing appeal.

Now imagine, imagine if women were physically stronger than men that it would be. It would be the Apocalypse, right? All civilization would be destroyed very quickly. If a man could not resist the desires of women, would not be enough. So, it is a sensual love, it is the beginning of all understanding of some love. As children, they understand love, you need to touch them constantly, direct contact, tactile contact. You know, right? Infants younger do not understand more words, no more of reason to evaluate some concepts, words, or instructions, no. Here, in her arms. If so, then he understands, if it rock, he can hear, if that's so, so, Pat – so. Here is how you transfer the knowledge of him some. So bring it up so that's touches, a little bit rock him, or Pat, or slap. So communicate with him. It is a sensual love. And the same thing, a man and a woman at that level it depends on how they look at each other, as concern for them, the words are not important, intelligence is not important. Is love a purely infant still.

And she is fed up. Then the child grows and gains the ability to understand the meaning of words and the mood of the parents. That is, love is another. It is controlled by just a glance. That is, if the first example is the example of the birds (birds carrying the bird by touching it), the fish is watching your children, look controls them controls. This is the next level where the love becomes more Mature, we realize more intelligence each other, emotions, moods, desires. So, if the child grows up, he runs on the street somewhere, sometimes he's there skedit, and mother just looks out the window and watching. Enough of this, and he's under control. He already has a mind, has a mind, he can perceive that's just the opinion of the parents, to understand what it means. This is an example of fish.

But at the highest level love is very thin, where you may not even need any special touches or even looks. Idea. This level of love in modern society is almost lost. We use these two first levels, or touches, or we can look at each other and that's just something to say, and so we understand each other. But the level of deep desires we may be unknown to each other. In fact, even unknown to the person. Your own world may be unknown. If we open up our own world, we will be able to understand the other person, of course. At this level. And this is an example of a turtle that lays eggs on the shore of the ocean, then goes into the ocean and thinks and their descendants.

Just imagine, if a grown son or daughter. They just remember the example of their parents, and this is well managed, and monitored. In the past, when was dynasty, it was enough father's portrait hung on the wall, and everything was under control. All, his presence, his example. His life is lived, and we continue this tradition. See such a love exists. And these dynasties in Russia now destroyed, lost, and now we suffer, because love has become uncontrollable. A little less affection and we start to doubt. A little less money, and we suffer relationship. We are very vulnerable circumstances, a weak, not strong. In order to become strong, you need to love purpose in life. Maybe he knew the purpose in life, maybe not. But this is not important, it is important to love the purpose in life. Love that is supported by this love, the ultimate goal of life.

And it gives food to the mind, constant inspiration. Remember, we started with this? Where to get constant support of our human love? Because there is more than human love, divine love, and it is absolutely necessary for each of us. That is, all the Scriptures of the world say: "Love your God". But please don't associate this with religion, a serious mistake as something religious to understand it. It is human nature, love is nature. It is not religion that is not Christianity, not Islam, not something else "-anstvo" or "ISM." It is our deep spiritual nature, what do all the Scriptures. That is the sacred love. So, between people too, trying to somehow sanctify, maybe to go to the temple, there to make vows before God, before the altar, that the priest is present, that is, to raise to a certain level. But the point is that all these rituals are necessary in order to leave a profound trace in the human mind, called Samskaras. That is, love is based on these Samskaras. Now I will explain what are Samskaras.

For example, as artists. Since I have this experience of the artist. Example: you like some color. Here is the palette teaches. Take the palette, the colors are laid out. Now, mix. Just look, you just got to love it. You still learn, you don't have, maybe some deep, subtle relationship with color, on the color, you still have to know it all. That is, you have to love these colors, to find the necessary things. And you see, this is the color – it color – nothing like they are together? Oh! You will start to feel something. In between there are relationships, space, depth, the conversation starts something. You begin to love these things, love is awakened, you see. How? This samskara. Love grows and develops.

One day I was doing something, something, tried. Approached me teacher says: "What are you doing?". I said, "Here, do such and such, such and such task" — "do You like what are you doing?". I said, "No." "Why are you doing this?" — he asked me. — "So you're doing without love, without a soul? And why are you doing this?!" So little love attracts more love automatically. This great love attracts more love and so on and so on and so on and so on and so forth. Will be able to tie the two colors – see the third place. The third will see harmony for more. As they say in the family? There is one child, it is possible and second to support. Right? And where the fifth, sixth place. That is, love tends to grow.

And here we want to ask the question: "Can married love grow? To expand outwards, that is, one wife, second wife, third wife." You see, no. She needs differently to behave differently, it needs to expand differently. That is a choice... as for the human choice to love or not love, is only the beginning. He chooses what he likes first, and then not choose anything, ever. Choice then no. Once a person has a choice. And, maybe, even it is not. For example, you liked the young man, and he, too, fell in love with you. All is well, selecting a wonderful, mutual. You got married, congratulations. Very well, the love is there. But then you have children. And you chose these children? Think. You did not choose these children, they are born that way. He may be born sick, mentally retarded or, on the contrary, the great. You know, you accept what will come. You need to be ready. Boy or girl, you should accept what comes to you, and with love.

And then this child grows up, more friends will bring home, right? And you these friends did not choose in any way, do not expect that such friends can appear. And you have to love these friends more. And then your daughter grows up and boy, the groom will bring home, and the boy the bride. You will see: "I did not choose these." "It does not fit my taste, my choice." And so on and so on and so forth for life long. And you have to just take any person in its path with love. And the beginning of the selfish: "what I want". That is, nature gives us the opportunity to get what I want once. Only once. Speaking of nature, one relationship between man and woman and child for life. Here what responsibility.

If we want to avoid responsibility, means that sensual love exceeds all boundaries (these contraceptives). And then we become somewhat... in another capacity to communicate man and woman. Not as husband and wife, I'm sorry, but as a sex machine, that is, the other consciousness of these relations, i.e. respect for another level. You can't respect each other, if we just look at each other as objects of sexual pleasure. It's not respect. That respect constantly falls into duality. When you are involved – the heat of the fevered mind, arms, devastation and then turn away from each other. That's what it is. So women wonder: "Man is a strange, likes, rejects, loves, rejects". All my life they will think they love each other or don't love. Year after year, will decide this question. They will not care about anything: neither to children nor to creativity, no to some useful things for society. They will simply be immersed in these personal relationships and never get out. Sensual intelligence platform eliminates generally. Higher levels of consciousness are enslaved by it. As the unbridled desire in the end destroy the human mind.

This is why the ancient Scriptures say: "do Not release the sexual energy at will, control it." The healthy regulation is the sexual life between the spouses once a month. Everyone is silent...[laughter]. Here someone laughing, and someone even laughs, look. Someone not laughing is perfect. We know that sensual love is very powerful. "Once a month? But then why even get married? What we then...". View, we very much linked to precisely this desire for the most part. But I will tell you that such desires you have, they are stimulated artificially. They are supported by this modern culture, by artificial means.

The West has long been known, where such relations of men and women. Well, this refers to America, they're advanced countries. In this sense they are leading. They are not advanced. But experience have more now than we do here in this regard. Where does sexual culture, now you explain on some examples. Maybe it was Chicago or Los Angeles, but somewhere in the West, the wild West. One person bought a machine (gun shop) that is completely free in America to do. Loaded it full clip. Entered the restaurant, just walked into the restaurant and put 50 people. And then surrendered to the police. Didn't even run, it did not catch.

This case was not isolated, so they became interested in psychologists and psychiatrists. Possible deviations, i.e. there is some tendency to violence in human society. From what? The reason? Well, maybe a crazy man, but he's not crazy. No, he's not crazy, he was adequate. But this desire he had, he realized. Another example. In London. A very rich family, millionaires, supermillionaires. Tragedy struck at lunch. The mother, the father, the son, a huge table, anything you want. Any desire, so much money. And the son of 15-year-old asks his father: "Dad, please buy me a car. Want to have your own car, I drive it." Well, fine for a rich person, why not? Sorry, what? The father lovingly says to the child: "What kind of car you want? Toyota?". Well, that Toyota was a very expensive car. Father said, "Wait, you still have no driving experience. Toyota is a great machine very. I don't want anything smaller (any Buick) you will take, learn, experience, acquire, and then Toyota will get you buy, give". Intelligent conversation, right? But let's see what the reaction of this child, who was not recognized as insane. He took a knife and cut the throat of a father. When cried the mother, killed her.

That is, what are we talking about now? We don't want horror stories to tell, we want to understand the trend, the cause of that violence, to cheat, to hurt, to succeed at any cost. Price of any violence. And those psychologists who have studied the question all came to the same conclusion that the blame for sexy advertising and movies. Which continually excite the mind of a man, making him unsatisfied. Just walking down the street, he sees a lot of Topless women in the city. Mind becomes agitated any man, but satisfaction is not. It's a background irritation permanent, permanent, permanent, permanent. And mental disorders suddenly, he doesn't expect he can do. The person becomes strange, unpredictable for himself.

Remember I told you an example from experience, experiment with a monkey that was launched into an empty room, where just on the podium lay the orange under voltage is very strong. And that is, the monkey will take over the orange, of course, and the orange will beat the current always. And she makes such attempts, without stopping: one hand, one hand, two hands, four. It beat, beat and beat. Three days of the experiment for several hours monkey ran in the room. And she did attempt new, new and new. Three days later she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Schizophrenia. From what? It is written in the same book, the Bhagavad-Gita: "the Unsatisfied desire produces anger." Here it is the cause of irritation in the family whether it is in society. That is the love of which we speak becomes the cause of irritation, anger.

Women know when a man has finished sexual intercourse, it is better not to touch it, he'll be annoyed. If you continue to touch it, it will fall into irritation, repel will. Because he has not received satisfaction. Because the sexual act is the desolation of energy, and not the acquisition of power. The energy output goes, giant and. The strongest energy output of men, it during sex, that is, the drop of semen is produced using the glass of blood. This is a huge-huge energy consumption. If a man regularly, that is, uncontrollably, doing it, he drinks his own blood, loses his temper loses his power of mind control, the ability to control himself, to hold, loses the meaning and purpose of life, commitment. And courage also loses becomes cautious, fearful, as if some age-related nature of man, indecisive. It's the results of uncontrolled sexual energy.

Now we see that the more active women gain in society. Men are weak intellectually few, it is difficult to listen to any lectures, let's say, philosophical or about a meaning of life. They are very down-to-earth sexual energy just to making money. At any cost. Now they are at anything going, and the corruption, we know. And even important men, the leaders of society have forgotten the meaning and purpose of life. And remember what happened in tsarist Russia. What was the word of an officer? Who was the captain, huh? What was the lady of honor? Or what was the family generally? How was strong ties in people. Because man and woman behave differently. Was the Institute for noble maidens, the gymnasium was divided, boys and girls, look. The culture was different, the relationship between a man and a woman. That is, they were prepared not just to sexual life and to a long loving relationship, lasting love relationships throughout life. Not just a flash of love, some crazy, and then collect the bones, as they say, the emptiness... now, that's culture! Sensual love destroys all moral ideals in society.

And sensual love generates these shortcomings, anger, irritation, dissatisfaction, want more feelings, more happiness. In the end, get bored very quickly husband and wife, want to communicate with someone else. We described how it is developing. Sensual love, on the path sweeps away all moral ideals in society, as a person becomes promiscuous in sex begins to anyone to experience lust. Even to his own daughter, even to his own mother, even to his own sister, even to same-sex beings (homosexuality is now becoming more common, more and more often we see such examples in society). This development of this sensual love, which is not advantageous from the point of view of the senses.

Responsibility is not advantageous from the point of view of the senses. From the standpoint of feelings, comfortable to enjoy, but not to be responsible. To ride, but the sled does not carry. This is the most convenient, when you love being gay. No kids, no responsibility, no. And for feeling better because they understand each other, of course, better too. Gay. The woman understands the woman in this sense, and man to man. So in this sense there is harmony better, they say, "You just do not understand. You are backward, we are modern. It's true love". Talk to them and you will see that I am right. A man and woman love, but it is difficult to understand each other. Nature has arranged things differently that using only feelings they will never be happy. There is another intellect, there is still a soul.

While people will not turn to the spiritual component, he will not be happy. It is written in ancient books that the mind is not fixed on the spiritual, he will always suffer until you find a spiritual object. Spiritual – we are with you all. There's a body, a mind, there is intellect, there is a false ego, a soul, and yet there is the Supersoul [Paramatma]. Imagine what kind of energy inherent in man. Giant, boundless energy.But now as we are mostly just feelings. published

From the workshop of Alexander Khakimov



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