Measure of Love

At the beginning of the story I want to bring a story. The woman had a dream, as if she was in the shop to God for Love. On the question of the Most High, how much love do you want?
The woman replied: - Weigh bit. - How little? - I do not know, that is not enough, but not too much, and then who knows what ...
God surprised and said: - All in your hands, take as much love as you want ...
Here she was confused ... - Did I may?

A very good example. Because we often think this way: try to measure in grams Love. And accordingly behave in a relationship: I'm here "so much" give attention, warmth and affection, and you answer me at least.
And if we do not get anything in response to the feelings, or even life is not sweet. We get offended and drown a man in the claims, condemning him for his coldness and indifference. The result is the belief that the world is unfair at all: we love those who do not like us. And vice versa.
So your negative thoughts we make life miserable. And now we can not break out of the "wheel of samsara," where you always pay for what we got. And give, frantically waiting for an answer.
We want to love, not to have been worse than others. And sometimes an excess of love (although initially Love does not happen a lot!) Frightens us. If at first everything so well, expect trouble. Unkind people might "jinx" our happiness.
So the best way - to withdraw into his love, as in the sink. We love each other, the rest of the people not the least bit of love or give.
But gradually this "Temple of Love" turns into a cell, when the relationship does not inspire, and strangled. And that's when we first begin to realize that love and freedom are one. And where there is no freedom - not love.
All you need to do, if love, as it seems, there are fewer (I stress this is only a distorted view of the situation in the light of reason), so it is to go and meet other people. And direct the flow of love that inspires you as a pair, to the world. To create, to create something. Communicate.
And do not be afraid that if a woman, for example, genuinely smiled employee, men at work, it means that she has betrayed her love. And now her husband, love is not enough. Or another common case: let the husband with no one speaks, if he loves me! Why did he have the attention of other women? For such behavior are fear, self-doubt, dependence. Anything but love.
How often to a loved one, we are ready to pour so much love that he becomes ill of such attention. And other people look cold and indifferent.
Imagine this picture: you invite friends to visit. Before each cup set. But pour tea into the cup only loved one. After an hour or two of your favorite cup of tea is poured over the edge. And the guests sit hungry. Absurd situation, devoid of harmony and love.
Another example of the same cup. You can also pour tea for your loved one. But not a full cup, but only that the liquid covered the bedplate (such economical approach). And look, until the circle is empty. And at this time impatiently waiting ...
The dubious pleasure of such tea.
The fear that love is not enough, that it is associated with a particular person, so you need to keep him as a lifeline, distorts the perception of the world. And this way the deficit of love is familiar to many, alas.
I'll tell you about my experience. For a long time I acted on the principle of love can only be a certain amount. And it must certainly deserve something. And if you can not so, then ask. Paying attention and warm, I could not accept the fact that man is responsible to me as something else.
Entangled in expectations, as I have to give the other person, I lost the taste for life. Position naughty child who knocks the legs and requires a toy parents. In his request, I love little different.
At the other extreme was the position of the observer cold. Holding back the love, holding a feeling (that gave me a lot of suffering, given my natural emotions), I waited, when people finally will attend. And then it will be dispensed in response to weigh a little love. And then look: what next?
The reason for this behavior in both cases was fear. Fear that love is not enough. If I am, it is required to get an answer. And if not, then just give love no one is going. What a rude look at the energy of love in the world!
Love in that relationship was the subject of trade. For a long time, I lived with a picture of the world that love is not enough at all. And, most importantly, love was not enough in myself. Self-love. And if not her in the shower, then we run for your attention to another.
Fortunately, the universe is wise and gives us learn from our mistakes, suggesting that we are going the wrong way.
That day I remember for a lifetime. Cold autumn night, I was walking in the park. Frustrated after a meeting I was thinking about life. The sky lit full moon. Silent and cold. But, yielding to some impulse, I turned to prayer to God, nature, myself: I want to love!
Began shortly relationship became a discovery for me Love, in which there is no half-measures and trade. I learned to give love. Although the relationship is not ended like a fairy tale wedding, I was able to get up to the level of conscious attitude to love.
Love - a state. It is dissolved in space. We breathe love, we pass it to communicate to friends, family and even unfamiliar people.
We just do not think about the fact that our everyday actions, thoughts and words - all this can create a state of Love. For example, you go to work, buy food for the family. This routine only until such time as you do not start in a state of love. First, "to be" Love. Give love. And only then to accept gifts of the universe.
Although there conditional division. Way of giving and receiving love - a single process. It is life itself.
Out of habit we call love the passion and inner "burning", which occurs when there is a certain people. In fact, this person gives us the opportunity to feel the love a little brighter, open our hearts to the freedom and natural state of mind.
And here it is important to express our sincere gratitude to a man, but not to focus all attention on it one, enslaving him and herself. And use this momentum Love to reveal more to the world. Give love to the whole universe.
And just in words all this seems complicated. Probably each of us remembers the feeling of love, when I want to embrace the whole world, when one met a man greets you with a smile. And it's not an illusion, and the action status magic love we afford to open.
State of love - a co-creation with Love, the energy that creates everything. Therefore able to love us so easy to create, build, trust and trust.
Love removes disease, dissolves the problem. Because of its hard to understand the limitations of the human mind. But when deep down we know that the cause of happiness is not in the external world, but in ourselves, when our vibrations in tune with the sound of the universe itself, we gain contact with his soul. And naturally and easily get something that sought all his life.
We find love. And with each passing day it becomes more and more.
Tatiana Romanova


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