Who is this woman, Muse and how it be?

Such women often want to see their wives men. Muse inspired poets, writers and artists of the amazing works of art. Perhaps if women Moose was not, and would not have been such a tremendous success with these people.

In today's world, men and women have equal social roles: both go to work, both to solve complex problems, seeking goals. A woman on top and the children need to follow, and not to forget about the house. As a result, all of the energy lost in the case, the wife comes to her husband desolate and tired. Needless to say, I know that for many women this is a concern. They do not know how to behave in such a situation: the money you want, and children should be brought up.

Each of us has a muse and dream, you only need to awaken it.
Muse inspires a man of deeds, it makes him successful in all cases. Behind every successful man is a woman who inspires him. On the Internet, once I read a phrase written by a man: "If the world was not women, and meaning making money, achieve goals would not be." It turns out that they do for us. Why is a man for the sake of his woman tends to earn more money, and not to lie on the couch with a beer? And all this for the sake of pleasure, happiness and enjoyment of his beloved woman.
This woman Muse happy all radiation inner happiness. This is manifested in everything: laughter, smile, at ease in the ability to enjoy nothing. And no matter how much you pounds, chest you have 1 or 4 sizes, because it can not be compared with the simple human support, enthusiasm and positive.
This woman's dream helps a man to believe in themselves and their own strength, it motivates him to achieve the goals when he wilted. It is like a magnet pulls constantly, because its energy is not enough.
How to become the first female muse? It is hard work and it is an individual, but I still try to give universal advice. Perhaps some of them for you will not be new, because we constantly forget the simple guidelines that can make our lives better.

Firstly, it is necessary to realize the female role in your family, stop to take on a bunch of men's responsibilities and carry this burden. You homemakers, support and inspiration to men. Take the lead in your pair him, because it was he who must earn money, to be head of the family and to solve important problems.
We are sure that many of you in my heart will be outraged, because as they entrust the tasks if they are lazy, unable to decide something, they would get drunk and forget, etc. I very well know and understand the problems of most Russian women. My dear, until you realize that it was a man -Chapters family and not to trust him this function, so it will not. Woman wins because it is strong mentally.
Secondly, as the OG Torsunov, you need to take her man as given to you by fate, as the most ideal for you to begin to serve him. Sluzhit- it means to take with all the features, support, believe in it, but do it selflessly, without expecting in return. After all, when you expect in return, you feel humiliated. And humiliation is bad and the result of it no one will bring, it is always causes aggression. When I write about the ministry of a man is always a negative feedback, "What about me, my interests, men are not grateful creatures"; can not and do not want sluzhit- do not do it, but then you will not achieve the level of spiritual development of your relationship. After all, when the person you love pure sincere, and not a selfish love or love for the body, and questions arise about the humiliation.
Third, a man needs in admiration, we know that. You can admire everything: his appearance, figure (especially for those who shakes muscle), actions, objectives. Speaking correctly compliments, you can always call the desire of a man to try to do anything to please you. It is important to pay compliments in society, with his friends: a man just blossoms.
In-chertvertyh need to believe the man to believe in themselves and smotivirovat for real action. Many men do what they do not really like, but about his hobbies forget.
Fifth, do not forget that anyone, including men do not like it when they are trying to re-educate. If you are unhappy with your man, I advise you to determine how you and your partner are compatible.
Many women want to receive from her man a lot of love, while giving little. This position is wrong. Giving, you get twice more. Community men and women is a constant exchange.
As you spoke of her man in front of their girlfriends, friends. If negative, somewhere deep down you do not take it that prevents open your heart to love.
The choice is yours. Inspire a man to believe in him and get rid of the burden of problems or to continue to live on ...
Inna Ilyutkina


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