Terms of the right woman

Behind a successful man is a woman the right chest. The right woman - who is this? It is a miracle that such a wonderful, miraculous? This is what this correct? I'll try to answer this question.

It will try. Because regular faces very much. And what is right for one, is absolutely not right for others. Immediately I say, that each and every one has a right to their opinion on this issue. I do not claim to truth. This is my opinion. Therefore, in this article we will look at what prevents woman to be happy and what is its strength.

A man chooses a woman already happy that he could make even more happy. Do not poor poor thing that has to be saved, and already happy. After all, even in a fairy tale about Cinderella, the prince fell in love with her because she shone at the ball, beautiful, happy, from what he sees the ball, rather than their kastrUli.

So, girls, girls, women, it's time to do them! Not finding prYntsev and their horses, and finding yourself, your amazing, beautiful force. Big mistake to think that the woman's strength is in its weakness. The strength of a woman in her fullness, its energy, as it sounds. What thoughts go to her head - this depends directly on its sound and its behavior


In his article, I rely on the text of Antonio Meneghetti "Woman of the Third Millennium." I close his eyes on the woman. I am very close to the concept - Woman - a leader. Not because it enters into competition with man and recaptures their right to control and dominate.

Feminist views inspired me ever. And because the woman is by nature multi-faceted and very strong his psyche, energy, mind. Woman in 8-10 times more emotional man. So nature works. And emotion - is power. The question is, where it is directed. Therefore bury this force kastrUlyah and life, in my opinion, very wasteful and unaffordable luxury!

Rule the right woman №1

It must be socially interesting. Then and only then it can be interesting for itself, develop in this and not be in the role of victim. Therefore, all those who want to get married to "pripiyavitsya" and adapt - this movie is not for long

. The woman as a victim or as a leech quickly becomes interesting, whatever form it did not possess. Since in this case, its role goes to the mother's role (care) or maids (care). Then admixed female dissatisfaction and this energy is starting to crumble. She herself, the family, the man who next to his business or activity. Beauty woman in her energy. That is what it will transform this world and the other with his presence, his sound. Leeches live in a swamp, and hence the energy of such a woman would be stagnant and stuffy. The woman - a sip of fresh water, from which the recovery, rehabilitation and strength rises

. Rule №2

The woman herself takes responsibility for his life, the right way and the right decision. She needs to find unity within themselves to manage their own growth vector. One can understand the feminine grace can only overcome the negative aspects of female existence. Every woman feels distinctly its own internal split. The woman does not want to know myself to the depths, afraid of what is hidden in it. A woman is able to absorb only a small facet of the self, which poets and philosophers elevate as something amazing, divine.

However, this reality is not sung in a position to avert the terrible fate of a woman, be separated from his inner core, that creates fear. Woman's life is full of brutal conflict. It's amazing as an angel in it can safely live with the devil. The woman lives in a world where the rules are not yet established. And she has to find the right way, the right decision.

Rule №3

A woman must love yourself for what it is. Do not pretend that someone should love her more. It all depends on whether she likes herself. And that depends on whether it will be able to understand how to love another. A woman can love others only after it learns to love himself.

Rule №4

It is necessary to become a woman - a leader. A woman - a leader - it is the mind that manifests itself in extreme situations where others can not act and make decisions, and capable of anything stupid to die, or to live a repetition of the past. Many great women were primarily individuals, regardless of whether they are mothers or wives. We are talking about a particular behavior, intuition, an ability to take care and ensure all necessary not only 2-3 children and a husband, but many hundreds, thousands and millions of people. Either the woman is capable of a different life, or remains with the values ​​of ordinary, normal, good woman. It selects each itself. A woman - a leader is not to say banal things

. She sees a man's game, which is characterized by the exaltation of women, in order to use it as a tool in their game. For thousands of years our entire culture, philosophy, economics, law, formed under the influence of man's mind, becoming its product. Therefore, women are now in any field using logical tools created by man. And this is happening throughout the history of 5 thousand years. Thinking about the future, that is, about where to move the world, you know that if a woman does not enter into it his natural intelligence, will not make it contribute to this world is waiting for a bad end. The identity of the woman to be found in its pristine environment. Outside mother's role, daughters, mistresses. It's only in the context of external relations with the opposite sex with a man. The main role of feminine beauty and power - to relieve tension. With himself, with men from the planet! A man can do anything himself, if he is, "I myself" does not interfere.

Rule №5

Get out of the competition! In women there is a constant desire to win another. It does not matter, man or woman. And this woman constantly cultivates misfortune, proving their innocence in it. She lives not for himself. But rather, for the sake of the game.

It attracts the fight game, theatricality, through which it can occur. Conquering the grace of exceptional power conferred by the nature of the woman aimlessly spent on a primitive, a mediocre game, a constant confrontation with society. The woman is not a toy in the hands of men, as is commonly believed. It is a puppet of his own psychology. Theatricality female behavior is rooted in the dominant style of the stereotype of femininity in a biological sense. This style does not cause a woman to succeed.

If a woman does not give up its theater, still hard to play with emotions, feelings, revenge, rivalry, bogged down in the vicissitudes of married life, will inevitably be defeated in the 3rd millennium. No one can help the woman. The only thing it needs to do - to understand itself. The strength of a woman in her sincerity. It is necessary to kill the dissonance. And begin to feel, think and act the same way. Cognitive dissonance leads to self-destruction and the destruction of everything around.

Rule №6

If a woman is harmful to others - this means that it is naive way already destroyed itself. Fortunately, she has an amazing ability to recover. Today she is depressed and exhausted, and a few days later, someone in the course of the day a few times in her home back again spring, filling it with new forces. The tragedy of the women's world is that the woman obsessively repeats the triad, three acts: the proposal, the attack, and depression. This triad is based on sex, moral values, feelings, tied to the children. The woman learned the theater from their own mothers and loses the lifetime for this performance. It loses its own intellectual power and genius in an effort to capture the man.

Man can do nothing to help the woman, since she does not believe him. So she has to understand himself, to accept, to take responsibility for their actions. A woman should awaken from a long sleep. Love, sex, family - everything is fine. But the woman's life is not only in these aspects. And first of all the need to become a person! The woman - is primarily a personality, mind, soul. Man foolishly when and only does what pleases a woman. Then the woman bathed in their illusions. She is convinced that the world is wholly owned by it that she is already reached. Education, work for her relative, her stare so all her desire, no one thinks of nothing but her. She lives in a world of huge illusions that prepare her to

«suicide." Rule №7

Not eroticizes relationship. I understand and accept their feminine nature. Find ways of female creativity, that particular way of thinking, which is peculiar only to women. No need to match the surrounding scenario. In this world, where prevails the superiority of men, women believe that success can be achieved by manipulating women, even being dependent on them. This is another mistake women, destroying herself. We need to understand what the true, inmost nature of women.

Culture, moral society - is one, and the natural female essence - is quite another. The woman longs to control, but got the reins in their hands copies man. It aims for the championship, but having acquired power, does not know how to dispose of it. A woman wants to take care of it, even if you are not going to enter into a serious relationship. It is important the game itself, and not the result. She is waiting for confirmation of the absolute superiority over other women. The woman does not forgive a lack of male attention to her sexual exclusivity. In most cases, a woman seeks to acquire through sexual relations. It is as though trying to master the world through the art of sex.

Thus, the non-functional behavior of women:

1. It does not take volitional decision. Do not commit a sequence of actions. If you want an exceptional life, then be very consistent.

2. The woman herself is the culprit for their misfortunes. The presence of a certain shape and ostentatious modesty, due to which a woman hurts herself. Any misfortune unconsciously chosen the subject, on which it falls.

3. The woman is not able to achieve real progress and take a leadership position, because all the time plays the role of women - female. When a man takes on the case, he does not think any more about anything other than the result. The woman on the other hand, all mixed and confusing and that this can not be functional and efficiently.

4. Often, a woman enters into a relationship with a man unworthy of her and using the senses, destroying not only themselves, but also his. The reason for the destruction of every man is always a woman.

5. Having secured some support, the woman feels proud of its importance and it starts to infantile game. Here pride - it's the guillotine, which ultimately falls on the woman's head

. 6. Attacking on the system, it enhances it. The system can be bypassed indifference or leave it under the full legitimacy. Each assault her system strengthens. All of what we are fighting, we are strengthening, natrenirovyvaya object of struggle. A woman can not get into the game with the system on an equal footing and destroyed their own game in seduction and eroticism.

7. Women's limitations is that the woman initially stands on positions of inferiority. She chooses a subordinate position in a relationship with a man, and in business. In talks and interaction should not resort to seduction and seduction to achieve the goal. Any man immediately realizes that the woman is a sex or mind.

The great man never leaves the hope to meet in your life a great woman. It takes a lot of roads without stopping at one, as long as he finds it.

The greatness of a woman really exists. At a meeting with him the person is able to feel it with all my being.

It seems that the woman, in order to achieve the grace of a man needs. I can not say it was true or not. I think that there may be different options. But I do know that does not lead to the grace of the primitive female behavior, in which a woman is committed to three things:

Secure relations.
Approve its own uniqueness.
Set its monopoly on the partner.
This is a primitive behavior is not compatible with the values ​​of the Great man's life. Relive the greatest love woven of all. Because sex and music, poetry and holiness, action, struggle and revelation can only be with a woman, to change their culture.

Author: Irina Nesivkina


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