1696 - Keeper of the London Mint became Isaac Newton. And suddenly developed a storm of activity. Surprisingly - because usually this position was listed as a purely administrative and did not involve any shocks. Newton became literally the savior of the economy, being able in a short time had perechekanit circulation coins, since most of them had been bitten on the edges with a metal of which the craftsmen produced counterfeit money. Counterfeiters packs were sent to the gallows.
Two years later, Newton's experiences during his stay in England, interested in Petr I

1886 - Birth of the "Coca-Cola". On that day, Colonel Pemberton headache. as a pharmacist by training, John cooked syrup, caffeine, sugar, and a decoction of coca leaves. Taste it liked, product realization has been established through a pharmacy "Jacobs" five cents a glass. Soda began to be added to the syrup later.
When Pemberton died recipe "Coca-Cola" was bought from his widow for $ 2,300 Aza Kendler. And drink moved a dozen years on the market as a curative.
Officially, the trademark "Coca-Cola" was registered in 1893

1940 -. The first paper money with a high degree of protection. The Bank of England has issued banknotes with metal thread.
Germany very thoroughly preparing for the "Battle of Britain" and one of the points was the mass production of counterfeit money with the aim of undermining the British economy. Quality made in Sachsenhausen and Auschwitz banknotes was high at the time to distinguish them from the real thing was not possible. But the British found their move ...
In addition to the introduction of the thread has been modified color running and desyatishillingovyh pound banknotes and denominations of more than five pounds have been withdrawn from circulation


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