Hospital for Falcons

Today we visit the biggest and most famous of all falcon hospital in the world, I will talk about how doctors examine birds as restore their feather cover and balance, as well as the interesting moments in the life of birds.

1. Falcon Hospital in Abu Dhabi was founded in 1999 by Society for the Protection of the Environment and the United Arab Emirates became the first public hospital for the birds in the Emirates.

2. On average, the hospital receives annually about 7000 birds for examination, treatment, operations, and temporary accommodation (there is a hotel in the hospital for birds).

3. Most birds wearing helmets have caps on their heads, called the hood. Wear it for several reasons, firstly, that the bird does not jump at potential prey in the hospital besides birds have cats and other small pets.

4. Second, the birds did not see each other and not fight. Tuft at the top klobuchka not for beauty, and for the convenience of on and off, and he tightened a strap behind, and another strap - dissolved. No harm to the birds, this accessory does not work, well the bird can be heard all around, and feels comfortable.

5. Once in the hospital, veterinarians examine the bird and carried out a standard set of common procedures.

6. First of all bird euthanized that it could work in peace. To do this, put on his head that's a spacesuit. By the way, I was a little surprised tranquility bird human actions, they are totally compliant and did not resist.

7. Once the bird fell asleep veterinarian inspects legs and claws, the fact is that most birds do not live in the wild, and as a result their claws will not be worn as a natural way of life, and at some point it becomes too long, and the bird starts to hurt herself.

8. Therefore, from time to time need to slightly trim the claws. Make it the most common with a sharp knife. In the claws of a bird there are blood vessels, so cut them too much can not be pruned only the tips.

9. After that, the tips of eroding special scissors to keep them sharp weapon.

10. Next, inspect the bird feather cover for lost or damaged feathers. If these feathers are found, they need to be replaced.

11. Pen cover bird's wings has 11 unique feathers, differing in length, angle location and size. At the hospital, there is a huge amount of feathers from which the veterinarian choose the right color and number of locations on the body of poultry, after which it is replaced.

12. Replacement is done with glue and bamboo sticks. The pen has a rod, hollow inside, on the web is fan. Chosen to replace the pen is cut so that the tip of the pen body coincided with the poultry cut part of the new pen, then the rod is inserted into a bamboo stick lubricated with glue, and the new pen is connected with a pen on a part of the body of a bird. If the pen tip is broken, in the place where the diameter of the rod is very small, instead of the relatively thick bamboo sticks used needle.

13. This photo shows the reconstructed pen, ink pen tip - restored to basically re. Distinguish a pen from the natural man can not be the ignorant. Bamboo sticks no weight essentially as a needle, so this does not affect the pen motion in the air of poultry. Gradually grow a new falcon feather and artificial will be reset. By the way, is why many falconers collect fallen feathers, then give them to the hospital.

14. Then inspected beacon birds. Beacon located on the tail assembly, and a bracket attached to the quill of the ultra-light metal. The fact that the tail is only used to balance the additional weight and the bird is not felt and it does not interfere.

15. While hunting in the bracket is inserted into a beacon antenna, the entire structure will look like this. Light can be traced to the owner of the laptop or phone, thus losing sight of the bird owner can know where it is, and move in the right direction.

16. Well and completes a medical examination cleaning beak trimmed it just like claws, for the same reasons, and then clean bird eyes and ears on the amount of dust, which is in the desert in excess.

17. Then anesthesia is removed and the bird comes to life in a few minutes. After anesthesia bird slightly inadequate, so she needs is a man for a while.

18. If the bird to land immediately in emergency rooms, it behaves very noisy and kick up a row.

19. In order to avoid these troubles usually immediately after the inspection bird feed, thus making the two things at once.

20. By the way, many people mistakenly think that the Falcons are scavengers, it is not true, the falcon will never have no fresh meat. Therefore, feeding use fresh thawed chicken legs, falcon eats a day about one foot, of course, he could eat more, but no longer give, it is harmful to the birds. While eating falcon prey closes its wings, so that no one saw her.

21. Operating with the patient. Bird owners treat their pets very carefully, because the price of a good bird starts at a quarter million dollars.

22. falcons for hunting or low flying and causing potential prey began to flee, either in flight shot down prey swooping above. By the way very often falcons prey pair, female and hobby attack prey together. Extraction can easily weigh twice as much weight the bird itself, thanks to the wide wing falcon can carry the weight of several kilograms.

23. And another interesting point, the falcon will never attack a bird on the ground, even if it is sitting defenseless, because of the potential for self-preservation in the dive falcon realizes that may miss the mark and break, so the birds falcons hunt exclusively in the air.



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