20 FORGOTTEN sex symbols of the past on which the world is going crazy

Today, many of their faces may seem vaguely familiar or unfamiliar at all. But once they were dearly loved the beautiful half of humanity, and it dried up millions of women around theworld!

Richard Chamberlain (82 years) Richard Chamberlain in the 1960s was a real star, a sort of George Clooney in those days. He began his career with the role of the doctor in the TV series "Dr. Kildare," this work with the first series earned him a crazy love of spectators around the world. In a week he received 12,000 letters - more than Clark Gable at the peak of his fame. Chamberlain's career developed rapidly. He played Ralph de Brikassara in the film adaptation of the bestselling Australian author Colleen McCullough, "The Thorn Birds", skipper John Blektorna in "Shogun" mini-series, Jason Bourne in "The Bourne secret identity" Casanova in the eponymous film. However, since the late 1980s, his career began to decline - King mini-series, formerly known as the Chamberlain, almost ceased to act in films, but continued to work in theater. At the end of March 2016, Chamberlain said 81-th birthday, while until recently he continued to work - mainly in the theater, but also a little television. Thus, it can be seen in episodes of TV series "Desperate Housewives" and "Parts of the body».

Timothy Dalton (70 years)

Timothy Dalton's career peak came in 1983, when the screens went serial BBC «Jane Eyre." About Fairfax Rochester in the performance of the actor dreamed not only every Briton, but all the women of the world. Status of sex symbol was fixed for Dalton in the late '80s, when he played Agent 007 James Bond in the film "The Living Daylights" and "Licence to Kill". In the 90s in the film "Scarlett" freestyle adaptation of "Gone With the Wind", Dalton turned into Rhett Butler - a role that once glorified Clark Gable, and Dalton has strengthened the status of men dream. Currently, the actor plays in the television series "Scary Tales", created in the genre of horror-thriller.

Don Johnson (66 years)

In the late 1980s, Don Johnson was one of the most popular actors in the world - it happened thanks to the TV series "Miami Vice," in which he played a cop Sonny Crockett, badly liked by the audience, and especially, of course, the spectator. In the 1990s, Johnson's fame continued to grow, but now it has become known to all as "Nash Bridges." Charming Inspector, a dedicated police of San Francisco, with a crazy little family as an elderly father and maturing daughter again went straight to the heart of the audience. The zero career Don Johnson evolved not so frisky. Only in 2015 the actor returned to television with a starring role in the series ABC «Blood and Oil».

Tom Berenger (66 years)

Period of Fame Tom Berenger came in the 80th, then the name of American actor thundered throughout the world. In 1983, he played Sam Weber's "great disappointment", nominated for "Oscar". This was followed by the films "Eddie and cruisers", "City of Fear" and "Cowboy Rhapsody". Finally, in 1986, the screens went out just two big projects with the actor: adventure detective series "If Tomorrow Comes" by Sidney Sheldon's bestseller and the drama "Platoon" by Oliver Stone, brought Berenger prize "Golden Globe" and a nomination for "Oscar". The role of Sergeant Bob Barnes is considered one of the best works of the actor, as he brilliantly managed to show the development of the character of the hero of the common man to a bloodthirsty killer. Now Berenger continues to act in films, but high-profile projects to its name not so much. In 2010, he played the role of adviser to his father Cillian Murphy in the sci-fi thriller Christopher Nolan's "The Beginning". And in 2012, he received the "Emmy" for Best Supporting Actor, starring in the miniseries "Hatfields & McCoys»


Andrei Sokolov (53 years old)

Andrei Sokolov can be considered a major sex symbol of the late USSR. All-Union fame he received after performing the title role in "Little Faith" Basil Picula. This first explicit scenes do not hesitate to Soviet film became a real symbol of the reconstruction, and co-star performers - Sokolov and his partner Natalia Nehoda - even if he wanted to, could not escape from the fame, because the tape looked 55 million viewers. Now the actor 52 years old, he continues to shoot, but mainly in the television series. In 2005, Sokolov was awarded the title of People's Artist of the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Shevelkov (54)

About Vladimir Shevelkova in the late 70's the dream of every Soviet high school, in fact he played a major role in the movie "In my death I ask blame Klava K.", staged on the novel by Mikhail Lvov. The story about the first love Sergei Lavrov, still in the third grade who fell victim to spells Clara Klimakova, turned the fate Shevelkova. It was after this film, he decided to become an actor, and entered VGIK. His career has developed very successfully - with Sergey Zhigunov and Dmitry Kharatyan, he played in the film "Naval Cadets, Forward!", Later with the same 69nimi, -. In the adventure series "Hearts of Three" Currently Shevelkov continues to act, but not very active. Since 1989, he went into the advertising business, and even organized his own company Production Centre, starring more than 300 advertising works.

Eric Roberts (60 years)

Career Eric Roberts began rapidly. Having played in the 1978 film "King of the Gypsies", he was immediately nominated for the "Golden Globe". Soon, this was followed by a nomination for the same award for his work in the film "Star 80". And the adventure film "Runaway Train" by Andrei Konchalovsky brought Roberts nomination for "Oscar", which was the only one in his career. Despite the wild popularity in the 80-90-ies, Roberts has not reached some grand heights in the profession. His sister Julia has succeeded in doing so, they did not talk much more, for a long time - the actor believed that she stole his success and fame. Currently, Eric Roberts reconciled with her sister and removed very actively - though mostly in supporting roles


Michele Placido (69 years)

Italian actor Michele Placido in the 1980s, knew everything, worldwide fame brought him TV's "Octopus", in which he played Commissioner Corrado Cattani. Especially the Sicilian chief of criminal police of the Soviet audience loved. On the one sixth of the land commissioner Cattani received a life status of sex symbol of resilience and integrity. According Placido, in the image of his hero, he has put many of the features of his character. Since the 1990s the actor was engaged as a director. In 2006 he was a member of the jury of the 63rd Venice Film Festival. Now he continues to work in film as an actor and director.

Kyle MakLoklen (57 years old)

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, investigating the murder of Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks village, populated by eccentric characters, in general, did Kyle MakLoklena immortal - Agent Cooper still remains a dream for many women. After the "Twin Peaks" MakLoklen starred in two films of David Lynch's "Dune" and "Blue Velvet." The zero actor mainly worked on the series, in particular, played the first husband of Charlotte - Trey in "Sex and the City." Since Trey constantly experiencing problems with potency and generally it was more asexual, MakLoklena fame as a sex symbol dimmed. But, perhaps, it is reversible, because in 2017 he again returns to the screens in the image of Dale Cooper.

Josh Hartnett (37 years old)

We can not say that Josh Hartnett no one really can not remember, but not talk about it very much, and in fact in the zero, he was one of the most promising actors. World famous for his role Hartnett pilot Danny Walker in the movie "Pearl Harbor", filmed by Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer. War drama won the "Oscar" and a bunch of other awards. Then, in 2001, on the screens out the picture "Black Hawk Down", which Hartnett got the main role. This film was also favored by critics and received numerous nominations for "Oscar". Not surprisingly, the girl literally jumped out of his pants when they hear the phrase "Josh Hartnett," and journalists proclaimed actor souped sex symbol. Unfortunately, Hartnett star burned brightly, but not for long. The actor continues to act, but it has little projects, and those that have remain largely undetected. The exception, perhaps, is the series "Scary Tales", which Hartnett plays since 2014. We, however, hope that the actor is waiting for a second career take off. It is this really worth!

Val Kilmer (56 years old)

Facundo Arana (42)

Brian Austin Green (42)

Stephen Baldwin (49 years old)

Ethan Hawke (45)

Hey Martinez (67 years)

Adrian Paul (56 years old)

Brendan Fraser (47 years old)

Noah Wylie (44)

Kevin Sorbo (57 years old)

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