Sexual relationships — the modern and the Vedic view

This conversation will be difficult and not the most joyful. Although, perhaps, on the contrary you will hear what wanted to hear. We talk about sexual relationships. But consider only part of the issue. We'll talk about how this aspect contributes to the loss of our energy. And what can be done to not lose that energy, and Vice versa – to.

Sexual relationship is a very taboo topic. For a long time we "did not have sex". Then we went to the other extreme – the sexual revolution. And now the norm is that a woman before marriage had a lot of men. Women often seek a partner for one night. Having sex as a sport to keep in shape.

You may call me old-fashioned and strange. But I can't get around this issue. Acutely he gets on the training courses, in the comments.

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Now there are a lot of different movements, many different schools, which advocate a cavalier attitude to the sexual contacts. Many modern psychologists say that family problems can be solved with sex, and if sex is not family defective. Not close to me all these statements about free love, safe sex and so on.

I can select some fashionable assertions about sex:

  • If we are given these bodies, you need to use them to the maximum. Put the same on the liver and get alcohol. The principle is the same.
  • Sex is needed to maintain shape. As a home gym. Who wants to be dumbbells?
  • A woman without sex becomes a shrew. Not really the lack of sex makes her angry and irritable. But the lack of intimacy with another person and improper working of female hormones.
  • For the wedding you need to come prepared and experienced. A good work up. And there will be consequences.

I want to tell you about what I know about the Vedic concept of sexuality and sex. To me it seems the most harmonious and balanced.

The most important thing every woman should know about sexual relations:

  • In any contact between two people in which there is exchange of fluids we exchange and karma. Even when kissing, not to mention the sex. Sexual relations occur on the lower chakras. And there we have accumulated is not the best karma.
  • When we have sex randomly with different people, with each of them we exchange negative karma.
  • In addition, women after each exchange of fluids is very very attached to their partner. And now imagine that you're whole life to "feed his energy" of all their sexual partners. So it often happens that a woman, even a long time ago to not meeting with a man, continues to give him energy. Continues somewhere thinking about him at random, sometimes she can dream some dreams. Just dream about anything, but about him.
  • On a conscious level she may even seem that she's with him doesn't want to have any relations, and she did not need. But as this exchange has occurred, you continue to give it energy, you have the attachment. And it's easy to see when you stop to feed him – he immediately arise in your life out of nowhere.

In female chastity is a great power. A woman and a family can save, and even her husband to keep. Just his faithfulness. In addition, such purity in marriage always pays off. Such marriages are much stronger – if, of course, they are not based only on physical attraction. We believe this option is outdated. How is that even before the wedding "no-no"? And how to try, and suddenly it isn't working for me? In fact, sexual incompatibility is never. More precisely, it is possible, if a woman loves a man.

I remember very well the Association of one woman who constantly told everyone that her husband does not satisfy her in bed. And it was in the details, such a very personal and looked extremely unpleasant. And after talking with her I realized that actually he simply is not satisfied as a man. It does not suit his masculine qualities, she was not happy with the way he behaves. And this is the most important, but sexual incompatibility is secondary. It follows from the fact that the woman does not want to be with this man, especially in bed.

Remember also about telegonia – that a child born from a woman always inherits not only the genetic code of his father, but subtle features of all previous partners. Whether we like it or not. Every sexual partner leaves a subtle imprint in the female uterus. And our children, born after many many years after, can inherit certain traits either mind our previous sexual partners.

So, for example, carried out experience – tried to cross a horse and a Zebra. The horse was a Mare and a Zebra stallion. And these experiments were not successful, nothing happened. But this horse after some time gave birth to a normal horse. Striped foal. It was a colt, not a Zebra. But he was such strips as the first sexual partner of his mother. This is known to all breeders. If a purebred dog once had a relationship with mongrel, we can assume that the breed is ruined.

In fact the audience is exactly the same. And you need to understand: the more we're spending on different men, the worse we do in the first place themselves and their children the future.

Ideal according to the Vedic concept like this: the woman is chaste before marriage, then the couple happen sexual relations only with each other, and the higher the level of relationship is when the sex is only for begetting children.

Why this option is considered the most spiritual? Because sex is meant to have had children. Let us not dissemble and still recognize that it's not exactly harmoniously with the natural point of view. We want to have fun but not have to bear the consequences. For this we invented a lot of ways to cheat nature. Which still sometimes fail.

Now this option is available not for everyone. There are those who follows this way of life. In these families usually have many children. But for most people it's difficult. Because children need to feed, to educate. And women are not ready to spend my whole life pregnant.

So there is another – also a very good option. When a husband and wife only have sex with each other. In simple terms, don't go left. This is a very big feat for our time.

Still there is a need to regulate the frequency of sexual relations. There are a number of reasons.

First, you probably know that the number of male seed meted out to the man a certain amount for life. If you exceed this norm, the man loses its vitality, it is more difficult to concentrate, work and so on. It was not invented by some ancient texts, this is evidenced by modern medicine.

Secondly, and this factor is important for both – the energy of creativity and sexual energy are one and the same. This energy moves from the lower chakras where it is felt as sexual. Rising to the upper chakras, she becomes the energy of creativity. It is no coincidence that many talented men, men of genius, was not married. Or adhered to very strict rules. Our creative or sexual energy moves upward, through the spinal column, through all of our chakras. We often drop the voltage to lower levels, seeing it as an uncontrollable sexual impulse, and then above it do not rise.

But above are the most interesting chakras: love, expression, and creativity, and clairvoyance, and communication with God. If we too often have sex, then the energy cannot rise higher, and she can't reach the other energy centers.

Then the man will not have enough strength and desire to find their place in this world and become a man. In this place even the modern psychologists say that the sublimated sexual energy necessary for creativity. Sublimated means redesigned, modified. Energy is actually the same. Just it's not released immediately, but undergoes a process of transformation.

Why would a woman have sex?

In fact, for women and men for sex are completely different concepts. The man the words "sex", "sexual satisfaction" is perceived as physical contact and physiological process. It is the purpose of sexual relations.

For women it is slightly different. I've talked with different women almost all say that the sexual relationship is a kind of highest point of intimacy, which they can afford with men.

Indeed, this may be the highest point of proximity, when you don't have this proximity to higher energy centers. When you have no cordial friendship, for example, or joint creation or a common goal. Then indeed sex is vital to relationships. And then sex is the only way to save the relationship. Because a woman wants to experience intimacy. If not some kind of mental, spiritual, physical at least.

Sexual satisfaction of women is not the number of sexual contacts per week. I really like how he said Narushevich – sexual satisfaction of women is the number of hugs, warm words and new outfits.

And it's very subtle. Nervous and hysterical woman most often loses the warm words and hugs. And sexual encounters she may even be more than you need (it is considered to be the nerve of the women sexually unsatisfied) .

We need to understand that men and women have different sexual needs. Women need foreplay, which I do not like men. Men need active actions that do not always agree that women (especially not having my prelude).

What happens during sexual intercourse?

I wanted to tell you more about what happens during sexual contact. We talked about the chakras and about women, the second chakra is the giver. The second chakra, which is responsible for pleasure, for enjoyment. When you make love with your husband, you pass him your energy.

People ask me: "As women give to men the your energy?"That's one way. When we make love to him and the main goal – to deliver pleasure to the partner. That is the basic idea of the enjoy partner, do not force it to do me good, do not use it as a tool of pleasure. And enjoy serving him. Believe me, it is not less, but rather even more pleased. For both of them. So, in this frame of mind, our women's accumulated energy is transferred to the man. And then he can use it in your life.

Sometimes, woman has sex with her husband in a different mood — "You have to give me pleasure". And that's very different. It has a different effect. So she just burns all of his energy and draining the power of the partner.

How to understand in what state of mind you were making love? Evaluate your condition after. All over – and you either feel a light (keyword light) fatigue, or an incredible burst of energy. In the first case, you will see a burst of energy from the partner, and in the second case, you can hear the snoring.

If you have jumped up, wide awake and cheerful, they began to jump and to do things, and your man turned tired and resting, it is likely you didn't give.

If you see that a man begins to do things, actively manifests itself, and very cheerful it looks, and you have there are easy fatigue – prepare trunk. Most likely received from you the energy it will begin to move mountains.

This transfer method is good if, again, they don't get carried away. Because you, too, need to recuperate and gain a new portion of energy. And man has all received to raise up to the higher centers to materialize.

There are other ways of energy transfer. They begin to work when you are established close relationship on other levels. A close friendship, joint business, joint growth. Then you will be able to transfer energy to her husband with just one look or word. To inspire him. But to start is to learn at least the most accessible and simple way. Through sexual contact.

How to have sex "for science"?

  • Vedic knowledge offers girls to marry a virgin. This can greatly strengthen the relationship.
  • If you already had partners before marriage need to be cleansed. Can help you with confession, prayer, special practices.
  • Sex is not dirty or shameful. He just has a certain meaning and a purpose. This conception of children and the establishment of intimacy. So have sex with your husband as much as you both want it.
  • Convey to your spouse that you want more than hugs and kind words.
  • Learn to develop your relationship to a higher centers and you will not regret it. No – even the most powerful orgasm can not be compared with the pleasure together to achieve common creative objectives.
  • And don't forget about the needs of his men. Because for women sex is not important and vital. Especially if you get the feeling of closeness in another way. But the man is human too! It often happens that after the birth of a child or establish a spiritual kinship with the man, the woman understands that her sex is not particularly needed. This is very selfish on our part to forget that there is a man. And he has a different attitude towards sex. And other needs.
    I'm not saying that to force myself to perform the conjugal duty. It already sounds scary. With the help of sexual contact, I can give him energy, to give him pleasure, to Express your love.And here you can turn on the creativity. Let for you and your loved one marital duty of the mandatory program will be a monthly occasion. Where you will be very interesting to solo. Beautiful linen, candles, some romance, which doesn't really need your husband but you really need. Music, atmosphere, delicious candlelit dinner, massage. The right mindset – sex is not about sex, but in order to give her energy and to Express your love. And believe me, it will have a very different effect than if you're just going to force myself, because it is necessary.

Sexual relations can become for you a source of strength, and a very powerful sucker. I'm not suggesting you take all described the rules as dogma. I suggest you think about it and let through. Try. To practice. Choose what suits you. Feel the difference.

Sexual relationship can be for you and joy, and punishment. And opportunity for growth, and the path to degradation. Sex by its nature is not bad and not good.

As the electricity. It can illuminate the house, and you can kill a man in the electric chair. The only question is how to apply it.

Up to you.published 


Author: Olga Valyaeva


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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