Sex. Attempt to take a sober look at the sexual relationship

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Pushed me to write a glance Eastern psychology on this topic, after my own experience one night met with "Western" psychological approach to sex.I was at a psychology conference years ago. We were there for lunch and I met with one woman — known and a very professional therapist. Regularly communicate briefly between lectures. On the last day of the conference, I was exhausted after many events and large overloads for many days, plus I've been used to early to bed (the time was after 23:00) and this morning I had to leave. At the entrance to the hotel sat this woman is a therapist. When he saw me, was pleased and said that she needed something to ask her the map. Outside it was cold and crowded, and we went to my room where she asked me to make cards for her and her family. She counseled me too short. I have already begun the eyes to stick together, but she took my hand and became something warm to stroke... And the village well is very close and escape is clearly not going... I already knew then, she was a little tipsy. In front of us was my big bed, held Panamera that she somehow looked quite warm. I began to understand that I may be asked to show knowledge not only in Vedic astrology or medicine, but also in the Kama Sutra. It was not in my plans and Outlook on life — not least because this woman was married and had children. And sleep very much. But my hand was captured by a strong grip. I knew that sooner or later the oil will melt (according to Eastern psychology, the woman is a hot pan and male — oil). And I asked directly: — You want to have sex? The answer made me Wake up: — you Know me before this you need to consult a special supervisor-therapist. I said, — well, where I'm in the middle of the night in the woods to find??? She looked very sad. Apparently my "prizerka" the quality is somewhat disappointing. We started talking about her family — she's even more sad (like, Yes, it's not very good) and began to repent. I began to understand that if things go well, I early in the morning you'll have a priest for confession to seek, and for both. We came to the conclusion that it was late and time to disperse, supervisors psychoanalysts, unfortunately, in the woods at night are not found, and spiritual hermits, ready to “absolve” there is now rarely meet. Eastern psychology has a different approach to sexual relations. Below I tried to describe in more serious Wellness is the overall approach to this issue. What underlies the thoughts and sayings of Enlightened Sages, Saints, research Oriental medicine and psychology, as well as my conclusions based on the consultations of many people. Several long, and many of the items may seem controversial, but I think, useful and interesting. Our entire "culture" is steeped in sex, and to avoid the topic difficult, I think, not necessary, for a harmonious and happy life it is hardly possible to achieve without wisdom in this matter. The name of the inherent contradiction. "Sex" and "sober-an idea, calm" are two different things. Now the vast majority of media (and often psychologists) call only — have sex as much as possible, what do you think? Printed a lot of articles about how sex is useful. The fact that sex is the most important element that affects human health and of his family, his destiny, his psyche, a sense of happiness and overall success in life is obvious. But everything is so simple — just have sex in large quantities with different partners? So why, then, when modern rabid propaganda of immorality and corruption, the widespread manifestation of pornography and vulgarity of our society is becoming more and more sick in every respect, miserable, and just disappearing? What is the right approach to sex? Why do the sages, healers of all religious and spiritual movements have focused on this issue critical? Buddha said that if in this material world there was another desire, the same strong as the sexual, the soul would have no chance to escape from Samsara (repeated rebirth in this material world). Thoughts and facts to ponder: 1. CONTROL OF DESTINY BEGINS WITH CONTROL OF THE TONGUE AND GENITALS. On the subtle plane the tongue and genitals are connected. People who cannot control the tongue (speech power), has no control over the genitals. Such a man is easy to manipulate and it is his fate can only worsen, but not improve.Proper nutrition is very important for health and it brings lots of fun. Imagine (in the modern era — just look around) that the man begins to eat when he wants what he wants and how he wants — that it will be in the near future? A sharp deterioration in health, both physical and mental, isn't it? And hardly a man worthy of respect — he's just a slave to his feelings, even if he lives in the most "free" country in the world. Same with sex: a lot of no-good sex leads to a rapid degradation of the physical, social, intellectual and spiritual level.The question may arise: what if not enough? because without food a person dies? Well, first, now, on Earth people live (about 30 thousand people), who eat only prana (life force) and nothing to eat and the health they have, which you can only dream of. Those who live a long healthy life, eating little, fasting often and correctly. And sex is primarily for procreation, not for nourishment of the body.And these monks just has been, as a rule, good health, great intelligence and a powerful spiritual force. And according to my research, based on consultations of many thousands of people, I can confidently say that the more a person is exalted (is less dependent on the tongue and genitals), the less he has in mind the various sexual fantasies, the more harmonious and healthy on 4 levels. 2. HORNY – SO SICK AND MISERABLE the Whole of modern civilization consumer wants us to be concerned about (sexually) — why??? Because such people will not be happy. And as shown by scientific evidence (and just noticed), the more people unhappy, the more he buys. Anxious not able to think for themselves — it is easy to manage through various manipulations. Horny not capable of something good to do in political terms, truly to serve his country and all living beings, and to be a harmonious personality. 3. Sex is the biggest pleasure in the material world. And, basically, he is in mind and in various fantasies, as the sex lasts a few minutes. But if at this moment a person thinks about something else, then he really doesn't enjoy sex. We have already given an example about Estonian Law prohibiting to play chess during sexual intercourse. If you believe the statistics and research, more than 80% of people during sexual act in the mind represent different fantasies. 4. Sexual energy is the strongest in this world, because she is the manifestation of the Supreme energy coming from the spiritual world — power of divine love. And appearing in this world through matter, it becomes lust — the desire not to unite with God through divine Love, and through physical sex with the opposite sex (in the process of degradation and with her sex and with animals). Also enhances consumer lust is a selfish attitude. This energy is either quickly elevates us or destroys. But if it is a lot in a person from birth, it is thus very active in this world and thus can achieve on the external level. 5. Sexual pleasure, especially in the consumer mood, increase bodily concept of attachment to this world and dramatically increase our selfishness. There is an exchange of energy (or as they say in the East — karmic programs). Because woman is the host, then it is her business in the first place. Moreover, if sex is not in goodness, then there is a lot of waste — the loss of subtle energies 6. True freedom is freedom in the spiritual sense (of rebirth in different bodies, or reincarnation as it is treated in the Eastern spiritual schools) and real freedom (i.e. freedom from the influence of the material energy) is when a person is freed from lust, sexual desire fully (achieve the Kingdom of God, Nirvana, Brahman). At this level the person can perform any miracles and achieves the highest bliss and true happiness. On the other hand, the man who became a slave to his penis — is becoming more and more anxious, unhappy, sick, primitive, selfish. Complete FREEDOM FROM DESIRE IS the LEVEL of LIBERATION. AND, ON THE OTHER HAND, THE STRONGER SEXUAL DESIRE, THE LUST, THE MORE ATTACHMENTS TO THIS WORLD. 7. The sooner a person begins sexual life, the less it is energy on the material and spiritual achievements. His subtle ENERGY, WHICH is ACCUMULATED OVER MANY lifetimes, spent very quickly. In Ayurveda it is said that during the sexual act man loses Ojas — subtle vital element, which determines the strength of immune system, intelligence and strength of character. Ojas is not recoverable. Many modern scholars believe that the earlier a person begins sexual life, the less it will achieve in life. And if you just look at today's young people, early met with sex in all its manifestations, it is evident that they are neither good health nor intelligence. If you read the reports, we can see that the majority of students in the United States, Israel and other countries are not able to obtain secondary education. Yes, and the level of education is falling rapidly, and one of the reasons — students who began to watch erotic pictures, movies or even worse — to Masturbation and sex, just not able to perceive knowledge and to learn. In Eastern medical schools said that they had the energy stopped in the first, the lower chakras (energy centers) and can't go any higher. And the upper chakras that are responsible for creativity, intuition, logic, intelligence, morality, etc., are closed. Their base is beginning to attract movies, music, socializing, etc. knew It almost at all times. So boys and girls studied separately, had to dress modestly and no sexual education until at least the age of majority. Puberty is a very important period in life that determines how a person will be successful and happy in life, how he will be able to produce healthy offspring. At this time there is a connection to a powerful source of (sexual energy) and hormonal changes at the physical level. During this period more than ever so teen in no way in contact with erotica and especially with sex. At this age, Masturbation is much more harmful than in later periods of life. 8. Also early sex life was closing all the good girls and very bad effect on childbearing and the health of her future children. Therefore, for women the most important and practically the only austerity in life is the preservation of chastity and devotion to her husband. A chaste Woman has tremendous power — Shakti, which can surpass even the power of yogis, ascetics, mystics, monks, hermits. Pure, chaste woman always aroused great respect. More recently (at least among the aristocrats) had a rule to get up from the table when a woman enters or leaves. But nobody comes to mind to respect the inside and externally a woman who leads a riotous life, no care of children, even in our fallen age. 9. Reflections, thoughts about sex different sexual fantasies lead to neurosis and mental disorders, increase greed, selfishness and envy. Reflections on God and the Saints for liberation and genuine physical and mental health. 10. All have probably heard that in India there are several Temples, which depict the figures of copulating people. They were built about 1000 years ago, under a single ruler, for no apparent reason. But the fact that in India in some villages of 5,000 Temples where they teach purity (internal and external), know far not all. Also, certainly, many have heard about the Kama Sutra. But the fact that it was written by a Monk and directly technical issues, it pays about 20% and the rest of the philosophical and psychological aspects, as well as the fact that it States that the main goal is divine love, few people know. 11. By and large, all women are divided into 2 groups: 1) Mother, Wife; 2) a whore. The second group is self-centered with low morale, wishing to live only for themselves. For them sex is the main and sometimes only source of pleasure and income. Some, even spiritual sociologists, believe that they need to for money or other material goods to satisfy pent-up lust of men, when their wife is pregnant or for whatever reason can't satisfy them, or they have no wives yet. TRUE Love can only be men and women of the first group. With the second group — only attachment and passion, is quite short. The second group suitable English joke: — Daddy, what is sex? — I understand son is when a woman meets a man and he pays her money or gifts to buy. — And what then of love? — And this word came up with Russian, that money is not to pay. Unfortunately, in our time, even in quite exalted souls in female bodies due to poor education, primitive public influence, the influence of Western media and pop culture was a great sexual experience. Much is closed to be in this life a happy family and children. Women of the first group are called Devi — the Goddess. HEROISM AND the BEAUTY of a WOMAN IS WHEN SHE BECOMES a GOOD MOTHER AND WIFE AND NOT EMANCIPATED SEXUALLY DRESSED WOMAN, which in addition to Horny men and perverted women useless. One of the external indicators of Devas is it modest, but at the same time, beautiful appearance, long skirts, closed shoulders, cleavage is absent or very small, etc. Harlots at all times considered the lowest element of society. In the Vedic tradition they are almost equated to outside of the caste elements. It is in our times they have been glorified, and women tend to turn into loose women, primarily through the cultivation of depraved life, various beauty contests, modelling, presenting family life as something old-fashioned, very hard and nasty, etc. etc. In the Bible there is a place where it shows the mercy of Jesus to the prostitute who showed humility, repentance, and Without conditional love. But even his closest disciples were shocked: how you can touch a woman — the representative of a very low and degraded class (who has had sex with many men and has no husband)? In the Eastern traditions a similar attitude. And to what extent it is based on the fact, as one very respected scientist, Vedic Guru: “sometimes a man covers the lust and need him, anyway, go to the toilet”. Now, a fallen woman — it's like a public toilet. The profession, on the contrary, praised, many talk about the geisha. But real geisha are prostitutes in goodness, they were entertained by the wise talks and did not engage in sexual contact. In modern life, if women have not been able to be faithful to one man all my life, it is recommended to be dedicated to the man with whom she is now in a relationship. To have a fallen woman in the family almost at all times was considered a great misfortune, as it was a curse and led to the degeneration of the race, And it's easy to check — you will never find a large happy family, to have someone of the ancestors was a homosexual or a prostitute. Look at the lives of all these sex bombs, not to mention the porn stars — they have a maximum of one child (and the unfortunate and sick), and they themselves loose women, as a rule, the second half of life is very unhappy, and about the future life and do not want to talk. On the other hand, if the family was righteous — this genus is protected for 7 generations and, as a rule, in this genus many healthy and happy children, and them in difficult moments often come unexpected help. So I recommend to those who had a “stormy youth” seriously pursue repentance, spiritual cleansing, non-selfish service, prayer, and meditation, as well as the promotion of clean lifestyle. 13. Was very surprised a few years ago, when I read the findings of research in Germany. Men asked: what is the most important thing for you the quality that you would like to see in your future wife? I was shocked when I read that over 90% of them called virginity. And this is after many years of propaganda and cultivation of debauchery and sexual abuse of children and adults, where young girls are encouraged as early as possible to have a different sexual experience. And the fact that these corrupt and depraved Germans almost nobody wants to start a family, few people are interested (and some even happy). Subconsciously, men know that a chaste woman will bring them success and healthy children. 14. Divine love can be with children and spouse(s), and not with sexual partners to help reduce time itching in the perineum. By the way, in the Vedas it is said that the more it is trying to satisfy, the more the fire of lust. For women, it is important not less than 40 minutes of training directly to sex, different kinds of caresses and nice words. If less time, then the woman appears subconscious aggression towards the partner and the inner sense of desolation. 15. A man loses all his piety if he leaves (divorces) his devoted wife and children. Even if outwardly it some time to be successful in the future it will have difficult implementation. The enlightened sages have said that this is one of the most serious karmic violations, bringing much suffering. But if a man goes to the monastery to immerse themselves completely in the fasting, prayer and Ministry, no bad karma, he is not accumulating. Moreover, his wife and seven generations before and after dramatically improve your karma. If He attains liberation, then they also achieve liberation. 16. Advised not just women who have not found a husband for life remained untouched. Although they were over 50, they have good physical and mental health, and has achieved a lot in the works and career. And almost all women, sexually active in his youth (which I advised), had a lot of difficulties on all 4 levels of personal development, they especially weren't needed and were inwardly deeply unhappy, even if apparently successful in society. They have, as a rule, not more than one child, which usually brings a lot of problems. Although modern advocates of debauchery trying to convince otherwise (from the cartoons). 17. In the Russian language, which is very close to Sanskrit, the topic of sex and sexuality closed and considered indecent or obscene (unlike other European languages). The focus was on cordial love and loyalty. 18. Great harm to the psyche and the physical body causes Masturbation. You can easily see that the propaganda of Masturbation are the same person and the doctors who are promoting homosexuality. They know that Masturbation is the first step to a variety of perversions. Also immediately drop to a low level of pornography. If the family is watching porn, they're getting divorced and (or) ill. 19. Sodomy, pedophilia, bestiality, etc. – all the enlightened sages considered perversions, mental illness, which lead to the degradation at all levels ON a PSYCHOLOGICAL level they have about the attitude: there is a negligible amount of people who are born without sexual desire for the same sex and to opposite or even animals, there are not more than Siamese twins. This is the result of Samskaras ((SKT.) unconscious experiences, mental sets, pattern of the condition-usually from a past life). This is a separate issue why. But:1) as for the rest of the masses of people (almost all) — it depends on education, the state and pollution of the mind (Manas). Inside we're all bi-sexual, zoo-sexual, etc., there is no gene for homosexuality. For example, if the child or young person had been corrupted by homosexual or just decided to try it, even in the beginning they might not like it, but then an erection, it feels good. It remains in mind and he (she) then you may desire (sick in fact) to your floor automatically. Adults that also be treated, only to a lesser degree, as they need time to replace the existing nice setup in mind. Or if you were the patient experience, such as rape, the replacement is easier and faster. Why it is so important to contemporary advocates of to corrupt the children, to convince them that see you got to experience pleasant sensations, then you are a sodomite and one to be proud of and it should be promoted. But erection can occur if someone pulls the genitals: whether it is terrible ugly, evil old woman, a dog, a person of the same sex, etc. In one of the Caribbean countries have the custom to send a kid to a tree for his first sexual intercourse, some before the end of life can satisfy their sexual inclinations with trees. Even I do not know how such a love, such a sexual orientation to name. Knowing these laws advocates of debauchery very well hammered into the heads, especially teenagers, about the “normality” of various sexual perversions, and is important to try, but if I tried and had an erection or arousal in women, then all you're life must be a sodomite. 2) homosexual contact is the strongest violation, an imbalance of the energies of Yin and Yang in the mind and body of man. Initially, there is a surge of energy and a person can increase efficiency and to open creative abilities, partially due to the fact that there is no need to waste energy on care and fulfilling their gender obligations plus, because subconsciously there is jealousy of a partner. But then there is a degradation of the soul, which manifests itself in the increase of aggression, a strong increase of selfishness, the destruction of the psyche, the sharp decrease in energy, appearance of depression — need more powerful incentives for “happiness” (drugs, alcohol). Hence, it is important somewhere that negative energy to put — in a war against “homophobia” active protection “rights and freedoms”, the destruction of family values. 20. The sexual revolution brought to Europeans and Americans (and now increasingly other Nations): — degradation of people at all levels; — the decline of culture, or rather, turning it into a pop(!) and show business; — the strongest moral and ethical corruption of people; — stupefying and primatial people; — the almost complete disappearance of the institution of the family; — increased consumption of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and other intoxicating means, that destroy physical, mental and spiritual health; — greatly increased consumption of meat, dzhankfud and coffee General mass of people; — significantly increased corruption and all kinds of criminal offenses, especially serious and different kinds of rape, including children; — the disappearance of the people as kidnapping for sexual slavery and a rapid degeneration of the peoples. For example, according to demographics, the Germans will disappear by around 2060 — due to low fertility. Other European Nations not much later. And this is without any war and natural disasters. 21. There is no such thing as "protected sex" - it was invented by corporations that produce condoms. Condoms do not guarantee protection against AIDS and other diseases. On the subtle plane sex and the condom harmful, it closes the future, and there is a big loss slim energy. After the propaganda of "protected sex" has increased the number of diseases, unwanted pregnancies and abortions among schoolchildren started an epidemic of syphilis (see below for statistics). 22. In Bhagavad-Gita it is stated that the unsatisfied desire produces anger. And the anger, aggression is one of the most destructive qualities. First of all, you need to reduce the lust to transform him through sattvic(good) way of life: a devotion to destiny, dip in a favorite thing, learning and teaching; self — development; — service to all living beings; -the creation of family and birth and upbringing of many children; — the maximum reduction of any contact with the erotic; — mandatory daily physical exercise (swimming, running, yoga, qigong, Biking, martial arts, etc., etc.); full deliverance in the speech of vulgar slang, and generally the maximum reduction talks and debates on this subject; — as soon as sexual thoughts, you need to replace them with thoughts of the Saints, God or the practical matters of this world; proper nutrition, etc. 23. To many, it seems impossible that any restriction in the sex, everyone is afraid to make complexes. Although if you believe the sages, the threat complex for women is the BES — slidstvo. Just modern Western people are breaking the law of nature to have children as God gives, and no artificial protections. Imagine a woman who has 10 children (or at least five), which gives them and my husband heart and soul, and in his spare time engaged in self-development, creativity and (or) social activities. She is Horny? What about her husband? If he works hard to provide for his family, as well as weak sections of society (disabled, orphans, etc.), hermits, monks, he devoted much time to self-development and spiritual growth, teaches children. Interesting thing I noticed — many people have a strong desire because nature tells them: "Come on, sachini!". For example, a woman does not want more children, they say, two is enough — you need to work. And almost every normal men and women, the program — at least 3-5 children, and therefore nature increases the lust to conceive more children, even on the side. And, by the way, a man can't refuse his woman to have more children. If a man without good reason does he is also very deteriorating fate. He can only postpone the moment of conception because of illness or bad position of the stars. In the Vedic times healthy a noble Kshatriya (warrior, ruler, leader) had the right to refuse any single woman to conceive a child. The woman as well — if few children, then very desire intensifying. But, unlike men (as a rule, wanting rough sex here and now), it may manifest in excessive interest in shopping (a variety of jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, etc.), on the lower level spreading any gossip. Almost all parents whom I diagnosed, had no desires on the subtle plane. 24. Nowadays for many people it is important to be sexual, especially for women. Industry artificial beauty (plastic surgery, fashion, chemical, cosmetics, etc.) is as strong as ever. There is nothing worse for many of our contemporaries than to look sexy, not attractive. Why so many attachments to the body, especially in the face. But an interesting pattern, more than, for example, a woman in his youth enjoying the compliments about her beauty and sexuality, the more it suffers when the compliments stop after 40-45 years. Many researchers note that women at that time become invisible to men. And this leads to their major depression. Each new wrinkle brings so much suffering. But the laws of nature is the Truth. And It must be accepted. And one of the laws States that the body is perishable and sensual pleasure short-term and temporary. And nature intended that after 40 years the woman many adult children, which she is proud of as much invested in them to his heart, has devoted much time to their upbringing and education. She's becoming a grandmother, full of strength and energy. And the woman after 40 very attractive for other, primarily due to: — its purity; inner beauty; — children; — wisdom; — presence in the present moment; - the power of love. Although her body is slowly withering away, but from her eyes and the energy that comes out of it, fascinate and challenge the hearts of other people to get inspired and respect and great sympathy for her. One of the clearest examples of such a woman is beyron Katie, many think she is enlightened. I advise everyone to read her books and watch her workshops (on YouTube). Harlots to become more and more difficult (if they seriously start to engage in spiritual development and purification), the flow of anxious fans are becoming smaller, practically reduced to zero. They become more irritable, angry inside, especially if there is not a lot of money. They use, sometimes unconsciously, in various ways that would attract attention to himself. This applies especially to the modern “stars” of the ballet, show-business and artists. Finally, the Buddha recommended the Middle Way, which is for everybody. Everyone has a different level of sexuality and desire, everyone has their own life. One cannot argue that complete abstinence is always useful for everyone. Especially for young men who live in cities, a long abstinence can be harmful to health. Genuine Spiritual progress means the reduction of lust, of gluttony, the increase of divine Love and the attainment of a state presence outside of the mind. So you need to build a life to us more and more closer to Enlightenment and a Higher Purpose. Someone needs to live the rough life, full of errors, then through the suffering to come to God, to the wise Outlook on life. We have no right to judge anyone ("not even God judges a man until he dies"), especially in our age when in the West all the laws of nature are turned contrary and almost everyone has made mistakes. Not advised once people, especially women, who in past lives were very austere lifestyle and many condemned others ("sinners"). In this life some force often makes them act immorally, to violate faithfulness. If not from an effort to lead a righteous and blissful life, then you need to go to this gradually: instead of 2 mistresses — one, instead of a porn — movie about pure love. If we work on ourselves, our lives becoming more fulfilled and have less coarse and fine sex. After all the enlightened sages are not those who, holding his hands in a fist and his teeth, barely holding on not to run to the left. No, they do not need — because They are so happy and truly satisfied. So may God grant us all to be always happy, peaceful and filled — regardless of the frequency of sexual relations or no. I advise you to sincerely pray to God that he'd get rid of gluttony and lust. Because the less you have, the more we can feel the true taste of life and be the master of their own destiny. And interestingly, the less we are affected by these two main arms of Maya (Material energy in Eastern philosophy) or two hooks of the devil (Christian theology) the more we really can enjoy food and sex and life in General. App. The facts: with All its might sexcounter intrudes in our lives, in our feelings and thoughts. From all sides we have coming shaft sex. It is difficult to keep clean in a spiritual anarchy and the advent of Western anti-culture. In Russia after the adoption of the programme "family Planning" the incidence of teen sexually transmitted diseases has increased by 50 times. There was an epidemic of syphilis. Among children, the increased incidence of this disease was 43.6 %. Every fifth case of detection of syphilis and every third of gonorrhea — adolescents up to 17 years. Here's another statistic: 1. Annually more than 3 thousand Russian girls under 14 getting an abortion. 2. After 14 years of age 15 % of Schoolgirls doing an abortion, 6 % — two and more. 3. Of all legal abortions and 8.6 % of girls under 20 years of age, of all illegal their share is 13.2 %. 4. 25 % of Schoolgirls aged 15 to 18 years have one or more partners. However, after the exposure of the program "family Planning" the matter did not end. Contrary to logic, the Ministry issued the order "About the statement of Approximate position about the centre of assistance to strengthening of health of students", which valeological approach is Central. To neutralize the resistance of the parents selected a different approach — medical, healthcare. Now the science hiding behind the screen of a healthy lifestyle or life safety, the lessons of health and hygiene. Sexology is embedded in various school subjects, up to biology and literature. After strange lessons on washing, brushing and trimming of nails, the conversation always comes to "it". It is unacceptable that school became a place of sexual abuse of children. published Author: Rami Blekt



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