"Personal experience raw foodists"

I am often asked about nutrition, or rather why I started eating only fruits and vegetables in their raw form.
He began the transition to a raw food diet (food only fruits and vegetables in their raw form, except for ALL animal food) in mid-August 2009.
To this day, I eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
There are also slid on veganism (a couple of days I had enough), I eat the stewed vegetables and rice. The feeling after the portions eaten boiled, such as if piled in the mouth and in the stomach a few bricks.

Consciousness is narrowed so that toxins from cooked food that was lost
in speech and could not put two words together (there were such moments)
These disruptions have helped to make sure that everything is boiled - toxic poison
. But looking at most people who devours fast food and traditional food, I can say - this man
a creature that gets used to any rubbish.
Not talking about smoking and alcoholic beverages (it is not a strong poison,
which blocks the mind and includes a degradation process)
I believe that the switch to a raw food diet is not a panacea for all ills and the key to endless happiness!
Very often there is the familiar idea of ​​the change of light power as vacuum cleaners are studying the topic of raw food.
For more than 3 months are not enough.
They all understand and believe that raw food is cool,
but go to a restaurant and bought himself land, drinking the juice chemistry.
The first thing to understand in this topic power.
Raw food diet - a very high quality fuel for the mind and body power.
By itself, it does not give you the confidence and success!
This fuel, no more and no less.
Second, if you have no purpose in life (s), then the transition
on live food can harm you or others.
The thing is that in the transition, begin to grow inside the human quality.
These qualities can be both good and bad.
It is enough to look at some comments on the public servers and groups of the raw food diet.
Many raw foodists, who was hit by a strengthening of their intent and the plain idiocy.
If you still decide to go on a raw food diet, try to get started on this or who do not speak.
Otherwise, your family and friends "for the sake of good" buried
your dream of a quantum jump.
To be raw foodists - it's a different life!
Raw foodists have disappeared unpleasant body odor.
Restaurants and similar edible cults go into oblivion.
Without the raw food diet - can live
! There are many successful people nesyroedov and they live on is steeper than some exemplary raw foodists.
Important sense of purpose, rather than a set of powerful tools for achieving the goals
. And most importantly, on the raw food diet - should be constantly engaged in active employment
(Breathing practices, yoga, fitness, Qigong, and the like ...)
The energy that is released on a live power
It should aim to build up a goal or personal development.
Otherwise - a pipe and a bunch of moronic comments, all topics
country. The responsibility for your life - you only carry
! PS. We are all different, according to the elements, types of thinking and education.
On this and start to live the power should be exclusively on the.
Do not rely on the authorities, go on sensations.
Maybe this is all you do not need)


He overcame diabetes mellitus type II

It is no secret that there are many ways to lose weight. Frankly, I never them on itself did not try. However, I have something to tell anyone who wants to put himself in a smart appearance.
But first I'll tell you how I have been recently.
A year ago I weighed almost 100 kg with height 170 cm. I am pursuing a permanent depression. I drank a lot. Diseases come one after another.
Three times I was in the hospital with otitis ears, was registered in the clinic with a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus type II.
In 2008 he underwent major surgery to remove a lumbosacral hernia, which is why then could not stand on his toes, difficulty walking, limping - calf muscles worked poorly
. From childhood I have suffered from headaches. The only salvation was analgin. Once he stopped to help.
In addition, joints aching feet, sore foot muscles. Eventually, I was so used to the constant pain that almost did not pay attention to her.
There was a feeling that I'm falling apart. It was necessary to urgently save themselves.

And salvation has come.
I have learned and tried to imagine a raw food diet.
Raw food diet - a system of power, which completely eliminates the use of food, subjected to heat treatment
. This system I immediately liked the fact that you can not limit yourself, no amount of food or in the frequency of its administration. You just need to eat raw, or so-called "living" food.
The world has become another.
On the second day raw food diet I have stopped hurting head. The pain that had tormented me from childhood disappeared! By this reason alone, I was ready to eat in a new way in spite of everything.
Looking ahead, I will say that within two months of headaches yet appeared, but were without pills.
Stopped aching joints and muscles.
Sleep became deep and regular. Ceased itchy ears.
Never wanted to spirits, it has beaten off cravings at all.
But most importantly, I suddenly surprised to find that depression disappeared. I felt good, psychologically comfortable.
Although seemingly has not changed my world, inwardly he has changed. The sign has changed.

The first time I read a lot and tried to understand the essence of the method and the reasons for such amazing results. In the book "A new book about the raw food diet, or why the cows predators" (Author Sebastyanovich PV) I completed his studies.
Since then, my power formula can be expressed in just two simple words "vegetable, raw».
Their results would like to tell the world.
I started a blog on the Internet and called it "The Way to Health. Notes beginner raw foodists. »
Of course, to know about my findings, and the people around me. They were able to observe firsthand how I changed.
I forgot about the pills.
Two months later the raw food diet, I compiled and published the results table, which is amply demonstrated in the
my example that just by going to a natural diet, you can achieve dramatic changes in health status.
I lost 16 kg. The pressure was 100/60.
Sugar even after a meal does not rise above 5, 5.
I continued to lose weight.
By the third month, I lost 22 kilos, and by the end of the fifth - on 27.
From that moment on, my weight stabilized at 70 kg.
Now I'm not worried about excess weight.
Though I eat irregularly and how much I want to.
From past life remained the habit of eating at night, but that I am also not worried.
Also, I'm not afraid to catch a cold or flu -
immunity in a raw food diet is strengthened at times.
I forgot about the tablet.
I have gone dandruff. Improve skin condition.
Friends say that I am very younger.
And it's not a compliment, I feel like reborn.
That's all it was necessary to do - go to the crude vegetable food
. A year later, my weight is stable. I lead an active lifestyle.
I feel healthy, vigorous, strong, flexible.
The circle of my interests changed dramatically.
I began to go camping, do yoga, to master modern dance. The plans of skiing.
I'm used to the fact that I do not need to cook, think about where to eat. All the released time, give her new hobbies.

Although a year has passed, and the euphoria of transition smoothed a little, I'm still glad that in my life came a turning point.
Decide you. It's worth it!
On the Internet you can find a lot of information about the raw food diet, read, understand, look for your way.

Marat Kuryanov

It is the raw foodists more than 10 years and a vegan 20.
He has no cell phone, no computer, and it works in a food co-op in the city of Newark, Delaware.
He does not have a site, e-mail, he changed his name to Nature Love ( «Love of nature"), because this is his life.

Nature Love:
I started with vegetarianism in adolescence years in 15. Then I was a vegan for 10 years. After 10 years I went vegan at a higher power level and become raw foodists in 2000.
I do not eat any meat at all, no milk and dairy products. And I have enough fat and protein.
Power - is a metabolic process that supports the human body health. And raw food diet - the best way to do that for me personally

. My day begins:
I get up, I drink a glass of alkaline water with MSM (source of biologically active organic sulfur), do the procedures morning, and I go to the gym.
My training is divided into three parts:
the first day I train chest and back, in the second - hand and press, in the third - the legs. I stick to basic exercises.
I do squats, bench presses, pull-ups - that is, those exercises that do not like to do the majority of people, but that make you stronger - basic exercises, known to all
. Returning home after training I'm doing yourself two cups of green juice. They include kale, dandelion greens, or any,
cucumber, onions.
I also eat soaked almonds, beans sprouts and seeds or hemp oil.
This is my usual post-workout meal.
I usually eat 2 times a day.
When I come home after work, they usually eat a big salad with all fruits and vegetables in season. It can be a head of cabbage, onion, cucumber, radish, olives and sun-dried.

Many people ask where I get the energy, especially when switching to a diet that contains no artificial stimulants and meat. I always say I do not know how to answer this question,
because I do not have this problem.
I have no problem with maintaining power. I can only recommend you to eat what you like and what a positive effect on your workout.
I do not promote people how to eat and what not to eat, I only share how he lived.
My main source of protein - is hemp seeds.
These are the only seeds with green leaves inside.
I also eat hemp oil - this is a very high-protein product.
Hemp Protein - is the main protein that I use to build muscle.
I also eat soaked almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, tahini (sesame seed paste).
I do not like nuts and do not eat a lot of them, I have a bad reaction to them, so I practically exclude them from your diet.

Many people use "Redbul" coffee, sweeteners and a bunch of other stimulants, which I do not even know. I will let your body during training to reveal its potential and does not use stimulants.
I have some health problems that do not let you have a lot of sugar - it hurts me. I hold a clean and natural food.
In the morning, as I said, I drink a glass of water with a couple of tablespoons of MSM, sometimes I drink coconut milk or herbal tea, in particular, to keep warm in the cold morning.
A lot of time I spend in the sun.
Another product that I eat a lot of years - it is flax seeds. It is an excellent source of fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6.
One of my favorite food - fresh figs.
I eat a lot of onions, it cleans the blood, and is well suited to salads.
I eat fruits a variety of colors, which are sold everywhere - they give me energy
. Another important product - it certainly sprouts.
Never remove the seedlings from your diet, it's a great source of energy. I myself grow sprouts at home of wheat.
I believe that the seedlings should be included in the diet of every person.
Leafy greens - excellent food: is kale, celery, lettuce, parsley. Of these, you can make delicious juice. It is stored energy and fiber.
This power increases my spirituality, my body cleanses and strengthens my potential. That's why I chose this lifestyle.
For I have never had problems to maintain weight.
Sometimes I abstain from food and starve a few times a year to cleanse the body and better muscle growth, and sometimes eat less.
Of course, I'm a little lost in the muscular volume, but for me it's not a problem.
I believe that for most athletes bodybuilding - a celebration of one's ego, one way or inache.Poetomu I recommend you think about it, why do you actually need big muscles?
For me it is not important muscles and preserve their identity.
In the hall I look at beautiful women, it helps me to maintain motivation.
I do not use any special motivational Equipment,
just I come to the gym and exercise, trying to think of something positive and learn to focus on the present moment.
When I lift a heavy weight, I try to think only about the present, focus on the sensations in the muscles and how the body feels. I immerse myself in the moment, and it helps me to work full workout.
Another common misconception that people think that in order to maintain a good shape you need to eat a lot of food
. Of course, if the players in professional football, they want to maintain a weight of 150 kg, but with age due to the excess weight they have problems begin.
Personally I do not see any reason why there is a large amount of food to maintain good form.
You can easily maintain a good shape with big muscles and a half of the amount of food that most people eat.
Many people eat too much food, and it is not necessary. The less you eat, the cleaner your body.
I noticed something else: if you run or walk, or do a variety of physical training, whether it is even yoga,
Your muscles will grow and you will have a good figure.
Move more, it helps to maintain the shape.
Personally, I do not advocate an accurate count of sets and reps, I just hang up pancakes at the bar, and for me it works.

I also realized that the mental attitude is very important.
How do you represent yourself, and this will become.

Rami Blekt: "We are all teachers for each other»
Rami Rami Blekt was named already in adulthood. As a child, his name was Paul, the boy liked to read a lot of thought and seemed "humanist." Growing up, he entered the Military Institute.
As happened to many, the 90s changed everything in his life.
Friends left to Europe and America, and Paul went to India in search of his own path. Some time spent in the monastery, he studied yoga was introduced to the Vedic tradition. Now Rami Blekt lives in Canada, writes books, travels a lot with his lectures and trainings.
The most popular of his books - "Notes of a spiritual adventurer", "The search for the real meaning of life: conversation with those who found him", "The Magic Key to the 12 homes of Destiny" - dedicated to the Vedic tradition, the experience of veganism, raw food diet, psychological problems in relationships and the search for own way.

Rami Blekt collaborating with Dr. David Frawley, one of the few Western scholars recognized in India as a Vedacharya - teacher of Vedic wisdom. Frawley founded the American Institute of Vedic Studies, one of the largest in the Western world.
We talked to Rami that he was looking for his place in life, whom he considers his spiritual mentor, and why he preferred vegetarian raw food diet.

- Rami, tell us about your experience of monastic
? - I would formulate a monastic life in three words - "go and do." This experience is for me one of the most important in my life, one of the happiest. I always wanted to experience the limits of the possible and live as you want.
Over time, I realized that the most important thing to listen to your intuition. In the 90s, I realized that I wanted to become a monk. And I went to India.
He traveled, looking for "their" - what the soul resound. I did what I felt I needed. We can not say that a year later, I "saw the light", no.
The way of man is made up of many small, sometimes quite imperceptible steps and actions. My path was formed out of all my interests and desires.
- Why did you leave the monastery
? - The teacher told me that I have too lively mind, too much energy for the contemplative life. What is my purpose - not a monk, and the world, where I teach, I know that grasped
. - Why did you start your own practice
teacher? - At first, I began to write, and then lectured, but quickly realized that the lecture - it's not my "format". I like when I feel the live contact with the audience, when there is communication. Therefore lecture format quickly turned into a training format.
- What are the demands of people come often
? - Most people care about the relationship. We have forgotten how to build a dialogue with family, with parents, partners, children - in our lives there is no harmony. In a society lost ideals of family life, the harmony, the desire for knowledge of oneself and one's path. Consumer society imposes on us certain stereotypes: that you should do what you have to be ...
It is easier to learn to play a social role, than to understand who you really are. By and large - all requests that come from the people - about it.
Но это может проявиться в разных проблемах: для кого-то важнее отношения, для кого-то – карьера, для кого-то –здоровье.
По сути, все мои тренинги и книги об одном – о поиске своих основ, о том, кто мы есть на самом деле, об источниках проблем и болезней.
– Расскажите, как вы сами познакомились с ведической традицией?
– Я много читал: христианских мистиков, философов, разного рода духовную литературу. Но когда мне в руки попала «Бхагаватгита», все сразу как-будто стало на свои места – в этой книге нашлись ответы на все мои вопросы.
Это не религия, не философия в западном смысле слова – это чистая мудрость. Именно поэтому я и поехал в индуистский ашрам: для того, чтобы не просто узнать о традиции, а приобщиться к ней.
– В восточной традиции мудрость, знания, практика передаются гуру. Встретили ли вы своего гуру? Расскажите о своем учителе.
– Учителей на моем пути было множество. По большому счету, все мы учителя друг для друга, даже случайный прохожий учит нас чему-то важному, надо лишь понять и принять это для себя.
– Сейчас вы сотрудничаете с доктором аюрведы Дэвидом Фроули, расскажите о нем несколько слов?
– Могу сказать одно – он мудрец. Present. Удивительный человек. Я читал его книги и статьи, потом написал ему. Постепенно мы начали сотрудничать. Его институт – важное большое дело, там проводятся глубокие исследования.
– Как возможна подлинная мудрость в условиях повседневной жизни в самом центре западной цивилизации? И Фроули живет в Санта-Фе, и вы в Канаде – как удается сочетать поспешное «Как?» Запада с неспешным «Зачем?» Востока?
– Все зависит от ума. От внутренних устремлений, от духовной дисциплины. Мегаполисы очень разрушающе действуют на наше здоровье, как духовное, так и физическое, поэтому мы предпочитаем жить ближе к природе.
– Расскажите о вашей повседневной практике?
– Я занимаюсь медитацией, практикую йогу, пранаяму. Для поддержания физической формы бегаю, хожу на лыжах, езжу на велосипеде.
– Вы долгое время были вегетарианцем, а сейчас стали сыроедом. Почему?
– Я убежден, что питание влияет и на нашу психику, и на наше здоровье. В современном мире люди перестали обращать внимание на то, что и как они едят. Посмотрите вокруг: стремительно увеличивается число раковых заболеваний, люди страдают от переедания, губят свое здоровье крепкими напитками или фаст-фудом… Не только для физического тела, но и для тонкого тела важно, что мы едим.
И не только что, но и когда и как, в какой компании, с какой молитвой.
Я вегетарианец уже лет 25, но в последние год-полтора стал сыроедом.
Живая энергия овощей, фруктов, злаков, орехов создает совершенно иные ощущения и иной уровень энергии.
Я всем рекомендую на год-два стать сыроедами – это очень полезный, омолаживающий во всех смыслах опыт.
– Как вам удается следовать принципам сыроедения в нашем климате, в нашей стране? Не секрет, что хороших, «живых» овощей и фруктов найти почти невозможно…
– Сложно, конечно, но все-таки возможно. Быть вегетарианцем легко, и стоит всего немного изменить свой ум, как легким станет и сыроедение.
Самое лучшее – это спелые фрукты. Любые, сезонные, конечно.
Много энергии дают орехи, можно есть злаки.
Словом, организовать свое питание вполне по силам, но для этого нужна решимость и знания.
– Входят ли в ваш рацион молочные продукты?
– Да, входят, не пастеризованные, примерно раз в месяц. Но их нужно покупать у проверенных фермеров. Магазинные продукты очень вредны.
– И напоследок – что вы хотели бы пожелать читателям?
– Будьте здоровы, счастливы и успешны! Помните, что безусловная любовь – это главная ценность!

Беседовала Анна Конева


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