Checkmate those who believe that the living power that is not possible expensive

Sprouts - a live enzymes, ready to create with you a miracle cure for many diseases and to rejuvenate the body, if you let
course. Such biogenic food consumed in the old days, many wise people, so that the world may live indefinitely.
The ancient Greeks (Pelasgians) believed that "to die in 70 years - it's almost the same thing as dying in the cradle»,
because by itself the aging process occurs when cells kills more than revived.

This occurs only when food lacks enzymes.
An example of biogenic food: sprouted seeds and shoots of sunflower, pumpkin, flax, sesame;
germinated grains of wheat, rye, barley, amaranth;
mustard, chickpea, mung.
Features seedlings:
● Is the most healing foods on the planet, it has long been used as doping and the best medicine.
● Provides bioenergy in the maximum phase of its activity.
● Has a biogenic property (planting seedling in the ground, it gives rise to a new life, transformed into a plant).
That is why food is called biogenic live food.
● Able to charge the maximum amount of human bioenergy.
● Increases the physical and psychic energy of man.
● Helps reduce the time of sleep, which the body uses to replenish bioenergy.
Sprouts - is the best suppliers
enzymes (Enzymes, vital energy sources), vitamins,
dietary fibers (cellulose), amino acids, fatty acids,
sugars, micro-and macro.
Sprouts contain about 40 times more than the natural enzymes than any other products.
And the antioxidants contained in sprouts prevent DNA damage, which contributes to longer life.
The sharp increase in the number of vitamins tend only germinating seeds: they must quickly
overcome all obstacles on the way to the sunlight.
Later, when the root system starts to work and shoots appear, the vitamin content is reduced significantly.
It is believed that the vitamins in green plants an average of 340 (!) Times smaller than in seedlings.
Thus, using the germinated seeds in food,
man is able to receive the maximum amount required by the body natural vitamins, antioxidants that can protect against disease and prolong life.
The diet of seeds of seedlings is cheap.
But still it is necessary to take into account that one kilo of dry seeds obtained 1.5 or even 2 pounds "ready" food (as a result of their napityvaniya water).
At a time when buying the same oranges, bananas, tangerines, etc. - Almost half the weight we throw in the trash can in the form of seeds and peel alia,
that makes these products even more expensive relative to the real weight of consumed after cleaning.
Yes, it is necessary to bear in mind that 300 grams of seeds can eat dense, while 300 grams of an orange or a banana - "funny Dose»
. About the benefits of sprouts knew even our ancestors.
They have always valued above all the quality of food rather than its quantity.
And for the full life of our ancestors missed a day no more than a handful of sprouts.
There were indications that our ancestors took the food no more than 1-2 times a day.
The ancient sages declared that a person eating once a day, is a wise, feeding twice a day - a foodie looking for happiness in temporary pleasures,
but eating three times a day - is a sick man
. It is interesting that even in ancient times the Greeks and Romans,
their army, which consisted of athletes marching for days,
eating once a day.
More than a thousand years one meal in the evening at the end of the day's work was the norm for people who lived on the Mediterranean coast.
The habit of eating three times a day, only appeared in the last two centuries due to lack of nutrition vitality, enzymes, vitamins,
who die in the fire and through various refining processes, preservation, processing and hulling.
As an example, it can be said that 100 grams of wheat germ are of great nutritional value than 1 kg of white bread or 500 g of fresh fruits and vegetables, which often contain among others nitrates, toxic substances.
Eating sprouts helps repeatedly to save not only time and money but also energy potential.
That is why many yogis feed mainly biogenic food, consuming bioenergy for spiritual purposes, the development of intuition and cosmic consciousness.
The composition of the nutrient meal:
● The maximum number of live enzymes (enzymes),
through which carry out all metabolic processes, digestion of proteins, fats, carbohydrates.
● Almost complete set of living amino acids, of which all living cells are formed.
● green bean sprouts contain chlorophyll alive,
which composition is similar to human blood, so actively involved in the hematopoietic process.
● inexhaustible source of fiber, which is necessary to maintain the health of the microflora and improve the digestion of food.
● Almost all living micro- and macronutrients.
● Almost all living vitamins that are necessary for the normalization of metabolic processes.

The degree of assimilation by the human body:
Since the nutrient food bioactive substances are organic compounds, they are very easily absorbed due to their own enzymes.
The percentage of assimilation of nutrient food reaches 90-100% with careful chewing.
Effects of use:
After eating nutrient food a person feels a surge of vitality, lightness and satiety throughout the day
or even several days.

As a result, regular meals only nutrient food a person disappears craving for dead food, strong drinks, smoking, drugs, loss of appetite, it is possible to go without food for several days or weeks.
Regular consumption of sprouts stimulates metabolism and blood formation, improves the immune system, compensates for vitamin and mineral deficiencies,
normalizes the acid-alkaline balance, it helps cleanse the body of toxins and efficient digestion, increases the potency and slows the aging process.
Particularly useful are the seeds germinated children and the elderly, pregnant women and nursing mothers, the people intensive mental and physical work.
In addition to the overall positive effect on the human body, sprouts each culture, having in its composition a certain set of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements, have specific health-improving effect.
And it is recommended for people suffering from these or other illnesses.
Inclusion of seedlings in the daily diet - the most important element for a person leading a healthy lifestyle
. Problems with vitamin deficiency, micro and macro elements can be avoided if you eat sprouts, which contain all the necessary substances from A to Z in whole, natural, not dissected, balanced way.
The sprouts are used in food for many millions of years.
The surviving manuscripts before we were recording,
that sprouts have been known to 5 thousand. years ago. Z000 BC, the Chinese knew perfectly well about the health properties of seedlings.
Who tried (a) ?:
Tibetan sages, yogis, the Abkhaz centenarians.
Chinese emperors.
Residents of the Far North.
Russian heroes.
The wise men, magicians, druids, esoteric, keepers of ancient knowledge.
The seedlings were part of the food and drug dozens of peoples of the East and the West.
Even in 3000 BC the Chinese regularly ate bean sprouts.
The same sprouts Captain Cook saved his team from scurvy. In Russia, has long been used sprouted wheat.
From ancient chronicles it is known that the Slavs warriors in campaigns eat sprouted grain,
and the sick and debilitated children, our ancestors fed sprouted wheat, after which the children quickly recovered and gained weight.
In our time the legendary Mahatma Gandhi ate sprouts daily and recommended to do the same to his followers.

Forever young "grandmother" of American cinema and the charming Liz Taylor, Jane Fonda, which has a figure of sixteen girls, a significant place in the diet took tender green of young seedlings.

Their example was followed by a top model, because their work is good complexion, white teeth, elastic skin, glossy groomed hair - not a luxury,
and the required competencies.
own aging process itself occurs when cells kills more than revived. This occurs only when food lacks enzymes.
Prof. Henry Sherman also proved that the length of life of the animals can be increased by using food that contains enzymes.
Eating nutrient foods containing the maximum number of enzymes - is the hidden secret of maintaining youthful skin and almost physical immortality
. It is believed that before the Flood biogenic food was the basis of the diet of people.
But after the disaster of knowledge about the nutrient food were lost.
Only some members of the human race were able to keep the secrets of longevity.

They were especially yoga, magicians, druids.
Today, because of the terrible unreasonable eating habits average life expectancy of the average person is 70 years, so she thought,
that you can live a long time and it does not suffer, it seems fantastic.
But it all depends on your attitude and lifestyle, mental belief, eating habits.
People have come up with a lot of food, which reduces the life and no less funds for the fight against aging.
But what is the point to fight the effects of aging, if not eliminate the causes?


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