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Natalya Varley


Natalya Varley was born on 06.22.1947 in the Romanian city of Constanta in a family of sea captain. As the family legend, Varley - Welsh surname. Natalia ancestors came to Russia from Wales. In the XIX century Russian manufacturer brought to Russia stables and two brothers by the name of jockeys Varley. Then they married Russian girls and finally Russified.

Natasha childhood passed in Murmansk. From an early age the future actress proved to be an extremely gifted child. In four years, she began to write poetry, then went to music school, drew. When learned to read, became voraciously devour one book after another.

But at the same time she was very sickly child: she was diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease and banned from school physical education.


In the late 50s Varley family settled in Moscow. One day my mother took Natasha to the circus. They came ahead of time, and then suddenly a heavy rain. Mom Natasha hid in hand, and the first thing the girl saw there was an advertisement for the recruitment of children 11-13 years in children's circus studio. The very next day, a secret from their parents, the girl went to the specified address. Oddly enough, but Natasha measurements of the length and breadth, checking its flexibility and stretch, studio teachers found it possible to take her to him.

Tells herself N. Varley: "We, the Studio, often held on the concepts in the prologue. I remember when Khrushchev was an exchange of money in 1961, wrote to us a dance called "penny penny gained." We plywood huge penny on the sides of the arena and ran gleefully shouted: "penny!", And the last, the tenth "penny" shouted: "Dime!" And once again, running in the victorious march indestructible penny, I was stuck between the audience. "Pennies" paid off without me, and turned a dime of nine cents. All laughed a lot. By the way, I met with representations of Yuri Nikulin »

In 1965 he graduated from college Varley Circus and Variety Arts and came into the company of the Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Worked tightrope walker. At one time served in the same room with the famous clown Leonid Yengibarov: dancing with castanets on a trapeze, sitting on a chair, playing the concertina. And thanks Yengibarov Natasha got into the movie. This occurred under the following circumstances ...

"Prisoner of the Caucasus»

Yengibarov for several years acted in films and had many friends in the cinematic medium. One of his friends was directed by George Yungvald Odessa Film Studio-Khil'kevich. One day in 1966, he came to another view to the circus on the colored Boulevard and saw Natasha She liked him so much that he immediately invited her to star in his new film "The formula of the rainbow." And Varley agreed. She got a small role nurses.

Unfortunately, the picture on the screen and then not released, finding in it some kind of sedition. However, despite this setback, filming concelebrated Varley good service: that's where it drew the attention of the assistant Leonid Gaidai, which in those days was preparing to shoot the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus." Varley was invited to audition.

On the role of student-Komsomol Nina in the film claimed nearly about five hundred actresses, among which were the stars of the Soviet cinema, as Natalia Fateev, Vertinsky sister, Natalia Kustinskaya, Valentine Malyavina, Vic Fedorov et al. Gaidai However, after much thought, decided to stay on did not anyone famous circus artist, 19-year-old Natalya Varley. And, as it turned out, was not wrong.

Natalya Varley recalls his audition, "come on" Mosfilm ". Let me read a piece from the script. Then he removed the little episode with a donkey. And suddenly Gaidai timidly asked me: "Natasha, and if you can strip down to a bathing suit?" I replied: "Of course." And partitions. All and gasped. It is now the actors freely exposed, and then the film, and the whole country were more chaste. But I have a swimsuit is an everyday form of circus clothes, so any thoughts arose. In short, filmed this episode. Perhaps he decided choice ».

Then came the shooting: "Until now, I remember every day of shooting. There were many funny and kazusnye and dramatic situations. For example, I almost crushed the famous trio. Remember when they were on the road with Vitsin middle? I rush to the red car, and she suddenly denied the brakes. Thank God, the reaction of our finest comedians was excellent.

Will forever remain in the memory of the first experience of artistic transformation. Before that, I actually played herself. The image of Nina in "The Caucasian Captive" is totally different from my life: I've never been confident, naughty, optimistic, rather - a quiet, dreamy, romantic. So Gaidai from me right on the set of sculpted "Komsomol member, an athlete and simply beautiful".

And one more thing, not a comedy memories are not with the shooting, and already viewing the finished film. We presented it to the Commission and watched more, of course, is not on the screen, and its members. They were stone faces! We have a feeling of complete failure. But then there was another view - in the Cinema House. There the audience laughing from the first to the last frame. Honestly, the response commission me so to this day, and do not understand, but I remember the horror that it caused in the soul.

Premiere of "The Caucasian Captive" was held in Moscow on April 1, 1967. The success of the painting was deafening. It came Varley-Union glory. From that moment she literally did not allow the passage of the excited admirers of her talent. Natalya Varley won the hearts of audiences with its beauty and charm. Song "athletes, Komsomol and Beauty" Nina about polar bears sang the whole country. Varley wrote letters, a declaration of love.

When she came to the circus on tour in Gorky, near the building where the presentation took place, gathered an impressive crowd that wanted to get an autograph from a young star. This crowd was standing at the circus for three days, with each day increasing in size. In the end, our heroine had to quickly withdraw from the circus through the back door and takes away from this place. In another town actress settled on the second floor of the hotel, and every evening to her balcony climbed fans who persistently offered her hand and heart.

It is worth noting that, despite such a huge success of the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus", she Varley got him first prize of 200 rubles, plus another 100 when success was repeated.

Natalia herself about this film says: "Among the 60 paintings in which I appeared, my main audience for the film is" Prisoner of the Caucasus. " This is a special film. Special. It is repeated again and again, and each time it looks ... On the set of "Caucasian captive" to remember all ... there were more difficult than fun. My life would have developed very differently if not for "the Caucasian captive." It has changed my fate, turned my whole life story. I was not going to go to drama school to the film & quot ;.

Changes in the fortunes

The success of "Caucasian captive" abruptly changed the fate of Natalya Varley. She pokilula circus and enrolled in drama school named after BV Shchukin.

Another event in the life of the actress was her marriage. In late 1969, she married her classmate Vladimir Tikhonov, the son of world famous actors Nonna Mordyukova and Vyacheslav Tikhonov. Despite the fact that in the future they parted ways, Varley of his first husband says nothing but good. Here is how she describes the story of his marriage: "Volodya fell in love with me, when I saw" The Caucasian Captive ". He was young, strong, strong. We had common graduation performance, I played Snow White, he - Mezgirya. He was a very capable man, with beautiful appearance, good in fact. Volodya four years slept in the attic, to see how I pass by. But when we got married, he became jealous of me to every lamppost. There were people who said to him: "I was with her." And we sort things out in a day! »

It should be noted that somewhere in the last year, "Pike" in the fate Varley was a man who could easily give it a comfortable future far beyond their homeland. However, they broke up.

N. Varley recalls: "We were at the school come from Belgium, students of theater schools. The head of this company Lucien Harmegins son Defense Minister of Belgium. We're all friends. Then, when they returned home, I began to receive letters from Lucien. Invited to stay in Belgium, called on his villa in Nice. And to me it never occurred nothing wrong, offered to take a girlfriend. In general, fell in love and really wanted to marry me. But at the time I had completely different plans. If he had appeared in my life before Volodya, perhaps things would have been different ».

Roles 60s

At the end of October 1967, the premiere of another film in which Varley played a major role. This is a picture Ershov K. and G. Kropacheva "Wii." It is safe to say that it was the first horror movie in our national cinema. Varley played a role in it Pannochki.

The actress recalls: "During the filming of this picture I do not just get scared. For example, when I fell out of the coffin. The coffin was tied a long rope to the crane boom and raced at high speed in a circle. At some point, I lost my balance and fell, flying upside down. Even did not have time to regroup. Lenya Kuravlev caught me. Showed, we can say miracles circus partnership. With me nothing happened, and the country was a rumor that I died ...

In general, only much later that I realized what a terrible sin was to star in the film "Vij" ... Behind him stretched trail of misery. It seemed as if everything in life was crumbling. Betrayal, infidelity, separation, slander, and then the death of her husband, although it was the former ».

In addition to the movie "Viy", Varley in the late '60s also starred in the film "Seven Brides Zbrueva Corporal", "12 chairs", and others. In the comedy Gaidai's "The Twelve Chairs" she played Lisa, the role which also auditioned actress Natalia Gurzo. Natalya Varley says: "At first, I auditioned for the role Ellochka-ogress. But then Leonid Iovich asked me to try on a blond wig - and the hour saw me Lisa. I agreed. This role was not as eccentric, but more spiritual ».


After graduating from drama school in 1971, Varley was admitted to the troupe of Stanislavsky. In the theater, her first big role was Rose Marie Fay in the play by N. Pogodin "Albert Einstein". She then received two major roles, but to play them it did not succeed for very prosaic reason: she was pregnant. Soon, born the son, who was named Basil. However, by the time a young family has disintegrated: Vladimir Tikhonov became increasingly abuse the strong drink in the house on this ground is constantly scandals occurred. And in 1971, Varley decided to divorce. In 1990, Vladimir Tikhonov died of acute heart failure due to abuse.

In 1972, a month after the baby is born, Varley returned to the stage. It was very hard, so they had to be torn between the house and theater. When Basil was three years old, she began to carry it with you on a tour around the country. Why could not leave the child in the care of their parents? The fact that the parents of the actress at that time seriously ill, and parents from the child's father - and N. Tikhonov Mordjukova - were busy with their own problems (Tikhonov a year before Vasey a daughter Anya).

Return Varley theater was difficult. She recalls: "The first part was put into play for two rehearsals. I got a little out of shape, terribly complexed. In the hall sat my parents had a lot of text. And in the first emotional scene, I suddenly felt that I was "peremknulo" with excitement and I can not remember a single word! I broke out in a cold sweat. In the circus, when choking excitement - and I'm mad coward, afraid of heights - standing in the aisles of my colleagues who have supported me internally, and I calmed down. And here I turned to the scenes and saw the eyes of the actors who enjoyed my failure. All they knew the text. I looked to the other side scene - the same thing. In view of my partner was read quipped: "Well, zvezdulka?" All this lasted a minute. I looked into his eyes: "Boris, I forgot the text ..." He suggested one word, I caught the word for it and remembered all the rage. I realized that no one in the theater support you will not like in a circus. Although there too envy cut ropes, people were dying ... But it is a rarity, by and large in the circus has a sense of the elbow ... »

During his work in the theater Varley had four main director, and its position in it was stable, shaky. Envious not translated. Once Varley arrived from abroad and brought out a beautiful blouse. On the first day of wearing it in the theater, but when after the show returned to the dressing room, I saw that jacket on someone of his colleagues are burnt a huge hole.

In another case, she had to play the role of Natalie in "My Past and Thoughts." Directed by Sandro Tovstonogov promised that the show will go in one composition and if someone gets sick from the actors, the show canceled. However, it was necessary to happen that shortly before the premiere Varley landed in the hospital. And then around the role sparked intrigue, in the end, it was another actress. About his promise to the director no longer remembered.

Second child

As mentioned above, Varley in the age of four, began writing poetry. She did not leave this session and in later years, and finally decided to get their diplomas to three a fourth: in the early '80s, she entered the Literary Institute (because of it even left the theater stage). In 1986, when I was a sophomore, had a second child, who was named Alexander. Who is the father - remained a mystery.

Natalya Varley recalls the birth of a child: "I then studied at the Institute of Literature. Was pregnant. Remember, print a test on the history of the CPSU (it turns out at the end of pregnancy can not be typing due to harmful vibrations). Went into premature labor. The child cried immediately after birth. If it had not turned accidentally close a pediatrician Alexey Grachev, the son I would have lost. Later, the doctor left the seminary, became a minister of the church and our family confessor. And the avalanche of misfortunes and troubles in our family subsided only after we are baptized into the church and began to try to live by the commandments of God ».

Other film work

In the 70s - 80s Varley was shot many, but most of these paintings did not go beyond the average. The most successful among them were the films: "Great attraction", "My papa idealist", "I do not want to be an adult».

Since the mid 90's Natalya Varley practically ceased to act in films. The actress explains this by saying that she did not offer a suitable role: "I recently read a scenario in which I play the role of women giving birth in the elevator. Or a scenario in which I do not need out of bed to get out. I'm not a prude, but still belong to the old school actors ».

The last notable work of Natalia Varley in cinema in the 90s was the movie "The Wizard of Oz" (1994) where she played once two witches: Gingham and Bastinda.


In 1994 Natalya Varley graduated from the Faculty of poetry Literary Institute. Writes poetry, together with composer Nikolai Hornet released two giant disk copyright songs - "At the highest point of unity" and "Do not die, love!" And the two-CD "Living Water" (1996) and "Do not tear off in me, the string "(1999). CDs with songs Natalia, she said, snapping up willingly. And, judging by the number of spectators who come to her creative meetings, even though a long absence from the screen, the actress remains one of the most famous in Russia.


Not to sit idle, Varley agreed to duplicate numerous TV series, which since the mid 90's flooded Russian television. Natalya Varley, "I voiced about 2000 and duplicated roles. When was the work on "Wild Rose", where I voiced Veronica Castro, to me on the street approached by people, thank you. Well, when they say: "Thank you for the" Caucasian captive "I'm not surprised. And then - "Wild Rose"! What is nice: it means that I was able to get into character, to merge with it & quot ;.

Natalya Varley still hardly appeared in films: "I do not fit into the" new "cinema, forgetting about spirituality. Tired abandon scenarios that do not warm the soul. Is the moral support that has not been canceled. Permissiveness - from the evil one.

For what?

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