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How many girls looking at the beauties that abound in our cinema, at least a little dream to be like them. They fell in love, they worshiped, adored them! But everything in life is difficult ... And although it is now all the actresses say they are satisfied with the fate, but happy they are very different. And this is not always the happiness of the family hearth. We decided to see what today live the first beauties of our cinema ...

Irina Alferov: "Do not the victims!»

The main role: Constantia in the movie "The Three Musketeers».

What it is today: the president became a family festival "Faithful Heart", engaged in charity. Playing in performances. 10 years married to actor Sergei Martynov. A daughter Xenia and grandson.

 - Irina, you have no desire to devote himself to the family? - I asked the actress.

 - No, it's very boring. This advice I give any woman. Even children are proud of you and are drawn to you when you show themselves!

Then, if something did not have time - you just. The main thing - do not have to sacrifice anything. We must negotiate. And otherwise you will suffer and the children, because you're going to have to vent negative.

 - A jealous husband does not work?

 - Her first husband (Alexander Abdulov. - Approx. Ed.) I was very jealous, although he himself does not always led an exemplary manner. With her second husband, we agreed that jealousy is not in our family. Well, sometimes he misses me ...

But still I go home, and that a day you can make up for it! It is better to live a full life and to grasp at anything interesting.

Elena Proklova: "I live in harmony»

The main role: Larissa from "Mimino».

What is today: the art director of "Hermitage", he was part of a working group of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. TV presenter. Appeared on the series.

On a personal 19 years married to businessman Andrei. I bore him a daughter. In his youth, it was the first fleeting marriage, which gave birth to a daughter.

A second attempt also failed marriage. In Proklova immediately after the birth of twin sons died, and woe severed spouses. "The meeting with Andrew changed everything in my life ... I need a partnership. And I have it ", - says the actress.

Natalia Andreichenko - Mary Poppins in the movie "Mary Poppins, Goodbye", participates in charity, he goes to film festivals. Her first husband - composer Maxim Dunaevsky second - actor Maximilian Schell, whom now divorced. There are two children.

Natalia Andreichenko: "not deceive yourself"

The main role of Mary Poppins in the movie "Mary Poppins, Goodbye!»

Participates in charity, he goes to film festivals. Her first husband - composer Maxim Dunaevsky second - actor Maximilian Schell, whom now divorced. There are two children.

Andreichenko in real life never aspired to the similarity with the ideal woman:

- You can fool all around - and children, and colleagues. But sooner or later you will become still yourself. And here lies is unacceptable. Himself can not be fooled. This I have already passed in the United States, when I tried to convince that it is necessary to change - to speak without an accent, playing the role of the US. But then I'll be different! Not an American - Broken Natasha. And suddenly it dawned on me that this is not worth. I - Natasha Russian. Like - well, not like - I'm sorry. I decided that staying with itself.

Natalya Varley

The main role of Nina in the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus»

In recent years, Natalya Varley left to work in the film - its last film in 2006 was the "Wolfhound of the Grey Dogs».

Today plays in the entreprise, goes on tour. The last six years have not married. The first husband was actor Burlyaev. He cares for the son of Defense Minister Natalia Belgian Lucien Harmegins. But she chose another - the son of Vyacheslav Tikhonov Nonna Mordyukova (from this marriage gave birth to the eldest son). Name the father of her second child hides.

Some time worked in the theater, "Okay." Came 3 CDs with her songs, two collections of poems. She practiced and voiced dubbing of foreign films and television series. Vela transfer of "household chores" on RTR.

In the spring of 2009 in a duo with Nicholas Hnatiuk he took part in the TV show "Two stars».

Elina Bystritskaya: "Because men are not worth mourning»

The main role: Aksinya in the "Quiet Flows the Don" Gerasimov.

The busy today: played at the Maly Theater. Engaged in social work.

Personal life: after 27 years of marriage and divorced from the late '90s lives alone. Have no children.

What gave the appearance?

Alas, beauty is not always guarantee of success in the profession and personal life. For example, in his youth Elina Bystritskaya proud of her fragile figure. But it was her slimness became an obstacle to approval of the role Axinya. The actress had to recover as much as 15 kg.

In the life of her mesmerizing beauty she created a lot of problems. For example, it was expelled from the Komsomol ... for refusing to dance with boys. Bystritskaya said that "he smelled the village." Later, do not reciprocate the Vilnius theater director, she was forced to leave the troupe.

When he is given a rebuke in love with her state official - proved to travel abroad for a long time. Bystritskaya have always had plenty of fans, but married only in the late 60s for worker translation department of the Ministry of Foreign Trade. After 27 years of marriage she decided to divorce after learning of her husband's infidelity, and since then one.

"I realized that the divorce began brewing when Nikolai began to actively interfere in my work. I could not let him ... His command is no longer interested in anything except that he was a "the very Bystritskaya" - says the actress.

 - Elina Avraamovna, today do not want to have a personal life? - I asked the actress.

 - I have male friends, with whom I associate. But to me the house was a man - I do not. This is what happens: the man disappeared from life, and often a woman begins to think that it is necessary to find more happiness. Some other guy, or what?

Because of the lost men grieve not. So it was not for him your skill, your job, your actions ... It is necessary to work very hard to escape after the divorce. We must realize that given the nature of God.

For me the main thing - to be in demand. I always fight. I have a hard fate, but it was a success and will continue to work out. I have even strength and desire! My life motto is: Do not change yourself.

Margarita Terekhova: "Happiness in children»

The main role: Milady in the movie "The Three Musketeers».

The busy today: puts performances in his native Mayakovsky Theater.
Personal life: the past 20 years is not married. Two children.

What gave the appearance?

Beauty has helped to become one of the favorite actresses of the cult film director Andrei Tarkovsky - the first time he accidentally saw Terekhov, exclaimed: "What beautiful hair you have, as you are beautiful!" Then he called her to him in the film "The Mirror».

But there was no personal life. The men appeared in her life and quickly disappeared. "Prock was one of the men - give children" - once said Terekhova.

The eldest daughter, Anna gave birth to a Bulgarian actor Sava Hishimova then parted. Son, who gave birth without her husband, gave the name of the tour and said that his father - a wealthy Tajik Turaev.

Reporters found the director George Gavrilov, who identified himself as the true father of the son of an actress. As a result, the son took the name Terekhov, and questioning of journalists actress mysteriously responds that it is their family secret, most importantly, that the son knows who his mother!

"Be happy! Have children, in this sense a woman's life! And men have come and gone - God bless them, "- said Terekhova.

Natalia Kustinskaya "Love give me strength»

The main role of Natasha in the film "Three plus two».

What's in the movies is not removed, retired.
Personal life: Single.

What gave the appearance?

Kustinskaya always crazy for men and live in seething passions. In his youth, he takes care of it the actor and director Nikolai Gritsenko Roshal. Student-director Yuri Chulyukin, fell in love with the blonde, trying to seduce her invitation to the role.

 - On the third day of the meeting called Chulyukin I marry me - told Kustinskaya

 - Actually, I did all the men on the third day proposal dating! But the role of Chulyukina I never received. In the comedy "Girls" I wanted to play the cook Tosya. But the artistic council decided that I too spectacular appearance for the role of a cook.

On the set of "Three plus two" in Kustinskaya nascent romance with partner Evgeny Zharikov "put out" the time had come to shoot the wife of the actor. Script writer Sergei Mikhalkov film also had views of the Kustinskaya, he came to her to shoot for four days and immediately announced to her room. But the actress refused Maitre, who left with the words, "changed his mind - call».

 - Beauty - this happiness, and testing. The men betrayed me - says Kustinskaya. - After the betrayal of her first husband, I immediately filed for divorce. Condition love gave me the strength to live. Innocent look after me Smoktunovskij, Vladimir Naumov, Muslim Magomayev, Alexei Batalov. But I'm married to an employee of Foreign Trade Oleg.

About how Kustinskaya stole her husband, astronaut Yegorov with a friend Fateeva, much has been written.

 - Once again, on the third day of our acquaintance offered me Egorov married - emphasizes Kustinskaya. - But then I was married to Oleg, who learned about my novel, tried to poison him, but the doctors it out.

However, the marriage of Natalya and Oleg disintegrated. Kustinskaya married cosmonaut, first betrayal that put an end to their marriage.

 - I have a difficult fate, - says Kustinskaya. - I buried the first grandson, then a son. Egorov former husband died. I thought I should go mad from the pain. But to the right, he found the strength to go on.

And although the years take their toll, I feel attractive. I have today is a man who gives me the strength to live.

Svetlana Svetlichnaya I shoot eyes never could ...

The main role of Anna S. in the comedy "The Diamond Arm»

What today: Removed in documentary films, photo shoots for glossy magazines. More than 10 years have not married.

 - You are always surrounded by handsome men. Is there some secret to attract the attention of the opposite sex?

 - I love beautiful men. She loved and will love. But this does not mean that if I see a handsome man, will soon be hung around his neck. My eye is able to see the beauty. But I am in my life never used feminine wiles to man drew attention to me. Glazkov could never shoot.

She was the first Soviet actress was exposed on the screen. Shyly covering breast hand, Svetlana Svetlichnaya shouted: "I'm not guilty!" And all the men believed it implicitly.

Just because of it, or rather, its heroine, came the fashion for black arrows and perfume "Chanel". Today Svetlana Svetlichnaya is published together with the young stylist Ruslan Tatiana's. According to her, he helped her to believe in yourself again.

 - Svetlana Afanasevna, you called the first Soviet sex symbol. You flattered that title?

 - I calmly refer to it. Well, I wanted someone to call me so, and for God's sake. Previously, even the words of this - "sex symbol" - did not know. Today, alas, all we became such.

Sex symbol - a tattered concept! I him neither hot nor cold. Much nicer to hear that my soul without wrinkles. I am proud of this and I will be proud of the rest of his days. And all because I'm not angry, I forgive all.

His attackers long ago forgave from the heart. I do not for a long time can hurt someone to hold. I always feel sorry for all. Once in the Epiphany frosts, I went to the temple to take the holy waters. There sat a middle-aged man, he was shaking from the cold. I dialed the water and on the way home thinking that we should bring this poor thing though hot tea. And I did it!

Until now, proud of his act. When he saw me, he started to cry and said, "I'll remember for a cap." The poor man could not believe all asked again: "It's you because of me back?»

Life has not turned out to be happy. In 1995, he buried famous husband - Vladimir Ivashov. I experienced a lack of money, a strong depression.

They help her to cope with the difficulties of two sons and fellow actors. Unfortunately, last year she buried one of his sons. Despite all the hardships of life, is not discouraged

Yevgeny Simonov - "I'm not much sacrificed for the sake of work"

The main role: the princess in the movie "Ordinary Miracle»

What today:

To act in films, he plays at the Theatre Mayakovsky. He admits: found a woman's happiness with her second husband director Andrei Espa. A daughter from his first marriage with Kaidanovskii grandson.

"Well, tell me about this? I'm not a vamp. Me and a sex symbol was never elected, even our door, not to mention other scale "- so once said Yevgeny Simonov to a question about what the public wants to know the secrets of her private life.

In fact, "secrets" to recognize and do not want any, and "vamp" in the domestic film lacks, moreover, almost every one of the representatives of this class willingly or unwillingly is associated with the famous story Taffy "Demonic woman."

But who really feminine, so this character Simonova from the legendary film by Mark Zakharov "Ordinary Miracle».

Eugene Simon, born June 1, 1955 in Leningrad, in contrast to many fellow member of the acting workshop, your age is calm.

"Why hide if a picture in which I hope I remember the audience, came more than thirty years ago. So, as I age about all realize - said Yevgeny Simonov. - As for the appearance ... I've never been terribly good, so on the wrinkles are not very worried ».

Known all over the country Yevgeny Simonov began after he saw the release of George Danelia "Athos" (1975). Nurse Kate genuinely fallen in love ne'er Borshchov locksmith, was for many a symbol of this woman who, for all his "tihosti" has great inner strength.

The film's success was huge. Eugene Pavlovna fans literally bombarded with letters. She admired, recognized in love, offered his hand and heart.

It would seem that Evgenia Simonova was dizzy from the All-Union fell down on her fame. Not a bit of it.

"I've had no illusions about herself - she says. - Right now revisiting their old films, it seems that is not so bad, and played. And then I felt like I did everything badly, worried, crying. What mother screamed: "Yes, you should go to a psychiatrist!" Apparently, all these experiences are associated with low self-esteem, become a good vaccine against the "star disease".

Eugene Simon does not like big words. From it you will not hear: "I left everything for the sake of the profession!" On the contrary, she says, "Frankly, I'm not much sacrificed for the sake of work.

Most importantly - she gave birth to and raised two daughters (the eldest daughter Zoe - Simonova from her first husband - actor and director Alexander Kaidanovsky). And for me it's always been in the first place. "

Galina Belyaeva: All my children - from favorite ...

The main role: Olenka in "a hunting accident"

What today:

He is playing in the entreprise, yoga to maintain the shape.

15 years of happy married to businessman Sergei, who is five years younger than her. From his birth to a daughter Anna. (There is a son from his first marriage with director Lotyanu and son of the second, civil marriage with a doctor.)

Few actresses dare from a maximum of two children. The three - it does a feat for which the ability to develop that Demi Moore in the presence of Bruce Willis.

So, our Russian actress Galina Belyaeva, who played leading roles in the films "a hunting accident," "Oh, vaudeville, vaudeville ...", "Anna Pavlova", imagine four children! Even for this alone can give the State Prize.

 - Usually actress sacrifice personal life in favor of career ...

 - When I want a child, I have it. Even I do not think about the profession. Children - are treasures. The more, the more you want.

 - But it is important that they are from a loved one.

 - Of course. Kids should only be from loved ones.
Ah, the "roe" eyes ...

Emil Lotyanu was looking for an actress for the role of Olenka Skvortsova in "a hunting accident»:

 - I need a Russian type of girl. Something between Savelevoj and Samoilova.

Wizards found in the Voronezh Ballet School 15-year-old dancer. Lotyanu saw a black-and-white photo of her, "roe" eyes ... and immediately called the girl in Moscow.

Audition Galya Belyaeva out terrible. Close to Oleg Yankovsky before the camera, she is terribly timid. Hudsovet But it is still approved.

After the film's release Belyaeva woke up famous. She loved Olenka Skvortsova on the screen as if it was for real.







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