Chittorgarh Fort

The walls of the grand fortress called Fort Chittorgarh, whose area exceeds 280 hectares, rise above the plain and the town of the same name. Location Fort chosen by chance: the hill height of 180 meters dominates the countryside, and the area it is wide enough to accommodate her could the ancient capital of Rajasthan ...

Yes, the modern capital is located in Udaipur. However, it was not always so. In the XII century King Fals Ravalpostroil grand city-fort, killing two birds with one stone in this way: the capital and updated, and a dowry for his daughter worthy carved. Chittorgarh Fort is very long, he served as the main residence of the rulers of mevarskih kind Sisodia. This is a huge fortress covers an area of ​​about 300 hectares. Standing on the crest of a high cliff at an altitude of 180 meters, the impregnable fort of Chittorgarh witnessed three battles.

He was always very desirable prey for the Mughal and the first Chittor tried to conquer Delhi Sultan Ala-ud-din, and not only the fortress, but also the beauty queen Rani Padmini. But as soon as the troops of Sultan approached the fortress and men, the defenders of the fort were killed, thousands of women, led by fearless queen committed mass ritual self-immolation (Jauhar). So Ala-ud-din and did not get the desired.

In fierce battles defending the fortress, killing more than 30,000 soldiers Rajputs. Realizing that the capture of the fort - only a matter of time, the Queen, in order to save his honor, made a ritual self-immolation Jauhar. Together with her on fire voluntarily went about another 13 000 women. Deprived of the main goals, Ala-ud-din retreated, thinking that taking the fortress is not worth further casualties. But the bloody history of Chittorgarh is not over. Over the years, Bahadur Shah, the Sultan of Gujarat, made another foray into the impregnable fort. His troops clashed with Arima Rajput queen Ranidzhavaharbay, which appeared to defend the city. Army defenders defeated, the queen died in agony battle. Once again, thousands of women in the walls of the city committed Jauhar, preferring death to captivity. But the fortress stood at this time.

In 1535 he tried to win Chitorh Bahadur Shah. Again, the local women, led this time queen Rani Karnavati committed Jauhar. Again, the enemy was left with nothing. And in 1567 an attempt to take Fort Chittorgarh taken Mongol emperor Akbar. The power of his army was enough to overwhelm the defenses and troops to expel the remnants of the Rajputs of Chittorgarh. Since then, the capital of Rajasthan was moved to Udaipur, and left the fort forever. However, he was not forgotten. Chittorgarh has become a symbol of valor defenders of Rajput valor and women preserve the honor of the cost of their own lives.

Look at this fort and to this day makes think about the valiant Rajputs, who once lived here. Well-designed palaces, magnificent cenotaphs, huge tall tower and now reminded of their brave and proud citizens, not surrendering to the enemy. Two huge towers Stambha Vijay (Victory Pillar) and Kirti Stambha (Pillar of Glory), built at different times, vivid evidence.


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