Tibet's Sacred Places (4 photos)

Tibet, the height of 4800 meters. The shore of the sacred lake Manasarovar. This whole field of skulls and prayer stones stretching into the distance on the tens and hundreds of meters. Their age is unknown; a few months or a hundred years - the time here felt differently.


Stones are in neat rows or stacked in a pyramid, but everyone will decorate elaborately embossed lettering. Typically, this six-syllable mantra enlightenment "Om mani padme hum." Her utter, fingering a rosary. It is applied to the prayer drums, or like that carve in stone. It is believed that this prayer contributes to the harmonization of ambient and develops in people's hearts love and compassion.



Previously, all the mantras were beaten out by hand using a hammer and chisel - meditation is already in the process of applying the mantra.


Here's what a modern master of prayer and skulls. In the hands of a tiny circular saw, connected to a diesel generator. Screech "conveyers", from the glittering whitish disc flying chippings. Stone can take home with them, and can be left as a piece in the overall picture.


By the way, this does not diminish the mechanization of the wizard. Perhaps because of the influence of the place, maybe because that was the result of greater importance than the process.

Source: dima-chatrov.livejournal.com


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