Getting rid of the stones and treatment of gallbladder.

Cholelithiasis is the leader today in pathology of the gastrointestinal system. It is no accident that medicine around the world has stirred up a quick solution to this problem is surgical removal of the gallbladder. However, many medical doctors believe that there is another, and the most faithful and reliable way of treatment. Similarly reasoned, knowledgeable people (traditional healers): "If the stones do not appear, they should not be touched."

Bile is produced the liver cells to perform the functions of digestion. Its biochemical composition often change (for the worse), medications, high calorie food with a high presence of sugar and cholesterol, inactivity of the person. These biochemical disorders cause a thickening and concentration of bile in the excretory ducts and the bladder. Gradually it turns into clumps of cholesterol, then stones, which begin to irritate and close the bile duct, causing inflammation, turning into a chronic disease (e.g., cholecystitis) and pain. Signs of gallstones are systematic, bitter taste in mouth, colic pain under the ribs on the right (sometimes constant feeling of gravity or internal pressure in the right side), persistent constipation, often vomiting symptoms.

The stones from the gall bladder: medical treatment

As mentioned above, modern medicine offers, as a rule, surgical resolution of the situation.

However, it is possible and dissolution of stones with medication containing bile acids. Drugs such as "Encodes", "Ursosan", "Endoxa", "Ursofalk", "Livadaki" and similar made on the basis of henodezoksiholevoy and ursodeoxycholic acid, reduce cholesterol and, therefore, stone formation. The course of treatment is long (up to a year or more), with a monthly ultrasound.

There are a number of other therapeutic drugs to combat disease, but traditional medicine over the years has advanced far enough that now officially recognizes the scientific medicine.

The stones from the gallbladder: treatment folk methods

Recipe 1

Clean 2-3 beets, pour in water and boiled for a long time (up to the transformation of broth in a syrupy condition). Cool, strain and drink 50 ml before food intake three times a day. The stones dissolve (old – gradually, and young immediately and without pain). Simultaneously with beet medicine is desirable (to enhance the effect) to drink cholagogue decoction of corn stigma. Teaspoon crushed stigmata pour pour hot water (0.1 l), in a sealed container is heated for half an hour in a water bath, studyt, strain, top up the volume to the initial (boiled water). Use 35 ml before food intake (over a third of an hour) three times a day. Increase the dose should not be, because corn silk increase blood clotting.

Recipe 2

Buy chicken gizzards, washed, remove the film. Then they are dried, ground into a flour, sift through a sieve. Powder drink in the morning on an empty stomach (one hour before Breakfast) on a teaspoon, drinking cow's milk. If not, then – with water. The duration of treatment is determined by the size and number of stones. Conduct remedial courses in 21 days with 20-day break. Someone missing one course, others require three. During treatment and after recovery are excluded and fatty fried foods.

Recipe 3

If you drink daily a mixture of beet, carrot, cucumber juice, the effect will exceed expectations because it's the combination of juices is invaluable for cleansing. However, first it is necessary to consult with the doctor about the nature of the stones, their number, size, and other issues. You must also abstinence from the intake of sugars, meats, starches. To use the mixture of these juices mixed equally, you have 100 g three times a day. All the stones disappear usually in a few weeks (depending on their number and sizes).

Recipe 4

Run up the horseradish leaves, thoroughly washed, dried, finely cut and placed in a liter glass jar (half) with dense tamper. Pour vodka (0.5 l), infuse two weeks, filter. Use the tincture in the morning (fasting) in 20 ml until the end. As a rule, one course for the removal of stones is sufficient. Otherwise, after the ultrasound and a small break, repeat.

Recipe 5

Well resolves the stones of plums and apricots, only preferably has its own (fresh), and not purchased. Moreover, it is necessary to eat as much. If there is no apricots, fit some plums, and better – different varieties. Once a week to conduct a "plum days". Usually, harvest the stones dissolve.

Recipe 6

Using scissors the bark of the juniper (possibly smaller) to fill faceted glass 100 g. Then poured of half-liter bottles of vodka 100 ml, which is filled to the crust. Close the tube, put the bottle for 2 weeks in the dark at normal temperatures. After a time the liquid takes the color of tea, strong tea leaves.

Drink 30 ml before food intake (over a third of an hour) three times a day. You need to drink all 5 bottles with breaks between each 5 days. Recipe effective against stones, salt deposits and various toxins.

Recipe 7

In horsetail (10 g) pour boiling water (Cup), insist 40 minutes. Drink for a day all of the infusion in 3 divided doses before meals (half an hour). It dissolves the gallbladder, liver and kidney stones. The recipe is tested many times, has shown its effectiveness.

Recipe 8

The fruits of black radish (10 kg) purified from small roots, not scraping the peel, wash and prepare the juice. Adds up to about 3 years, the rest goes into a cake. The juice is put into storage in the refrigerator. Cake mix with honey (by weight 10:3). The juice is consumed after a meal (an hour later) on a teaspoon. In the absence of painful sensations in the region of the liver, increase the dosage in the beginning to the dessert spoon and then to the dining room, then to 2, then to half a Cup.

The juice is an active cholagogue, therefore, the presence of salts in the ducts (in connection with the difficulty of exit) can cause liver pain. When severe pain in the region of the hypochondrium put a hot water bottle. Bearable pain when treatment is continued until full completion of the juice. Of course, you should stick to the salted diet to avoid spicy and acidic foods.

To eat meal, who has time to sour, begin after the juice. It is taken along with food for 30-90 g to completion. As a rule, all the stones disappear before the end of treatment.

Recipe 9

Washed raw oats (Cup), pour boiling water (1 l), tantalized hour on low heat. Broth drink instead of tea drinking all over the day. The course is 50 days. Gallstones dissolve without a trace.

Recipe 10

In the morning mix honey and sunflower oil (one teaspoon) until smooth (prevent counter-clockwise). Eat before food intake (half an hour). Course duration – 10 days. After 3 days a similar course. And so on, for a total of 4 courses. The stones will disappear. Prescription save even those who require surgical removal of stones.

Recipe 11

Prepare the herbs: oregano, lemon balm, sage, knotweed, Hypericum berries and rose hips. The components are crushed to the size of the tea leaves, take each pot and fruit 30 g, as follows mixed. 30 g of the mixture pour into a thermos, pour in boiling water (0.5 l), infuse. Make suggest food to the reception (half an hour) in the form of heat 120 ml of honey (table spoon) for 2 weeks. Then, in the next week, dropped to the infusion of fir oil (5 drops) and drink through a straw too, for 120 ml, but without honey. Two weeks later, the healing can be repeated.

Recipe 12

This treatment is used in the ripening of strawberries. Of them (fresh) squeeze out the juice with a view to use 100 ml before food intake (half an hour) three times a day. Juice dissolves stones, it is a means of prevention against the emergence of others.

Recipe 13

Similar to the previous acts juice the juice of cranberries, which also dissolves stones in the gallbladder. Pour 3 tablespoons in a glass of water, drink before meals (half an hour) three times a day.


Current food (at the request of many nutritionists) that eating people is actually "ore" contaminated multiple, far from harmless additives and a much depleted nutrients. Gastrointestinal tract have with great effort to find the necessary life material.

So today, diet and drinking regime – the main conditions for stabilization of bile biochemical composition that provides for a fractional food intake (5 times and more a day), limiting to a minimum carbohydrate, cholesterol foods, intake of water (2 litres or more a day). Every food consumption is accompanied by release of bile, so common and small receptions products are preventing bile stagnation, forcing her to move through the ducts. Food norm per day must be no more than 2000-2500 calories. Should put aside cholesterol pastries, sausages, meats, fatty meat. Preference should be given foods rich in magnesium, cholesterol conducting the purification of the blood (buckwheat, beans, peas). Fruits and vegetables (raw) omelicheva bile. Do certain mineral water (mineral water"Borjomi", "Slavyanovskaya", "Essentuki" №4, "Smirnoff").

Water is the basis of the metabolic processes of the body, including digestion. The depletion of bile water (97%) contributes to the glut her cholesterol, and it is a direct way to stone formation in the ducts. Good prevention of the appearance of the stones, constant intake of clean water (per day 30 ml per kilogram of body weight).

Therefore, it is necessary to drink water (tea, juice, coffee and other drinks are not included!) in the morning (after rising), to food intake (half an hour) and an hour or two after it.



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