These 8 points on the face will tell about the health of the internal organs

Before reading this article further, I suggest you go to the mirror and examine your face. Where the most wrinkles? In this picture you will be able to make an accurate diagnosis of the condition of their internal organs.

We know that Mikao Usui based his Reiki system on the 5 element theory of Chinese medicine Wu-HSING. Consequently, knowing the fundamental principle, we can understand the action of life energy in the human body and use this knowledge for Reiki treatments.

In nature, there are five elements, giving birth to ten things:

  • tree
  • fire
  • earth
  • metal
  • water.



Moreover, wood creates fire, fire warms the earth, earth creates metal, metal creates water, water feeds wood. It is an encouraging circle.

There is an inverse relationship: wood exhausts earth, earth absorbs water, water extinguishes fire, fire melts metal, metal cuts wood. This overwhelming circle.

Moreover, stimulating communication is external and is carried out in a circle, and the vast majority is internal and is inside the circle in the cycle of a star.

Any dominance, be it stimulating or suppressive relationships, leads to the violation of equilibrium: if the water is excessively stimulates the tree, it begins to dominate due to the overwhelming increase in communication between the tree and the ground weakened last, insufficiently stimulates the metal which in turn weakens the overwhelming connection between him and the tree.

According to the ancient canons, the vital energy of a person is formed from the interaction of two types of energy: cosmic and earthly. Space a person takes directly, and the earth is formed by processing of food by the body.

The energy in the human body circulates through specific pathways — meridians.

Only 12 channels and they are arranged in pairs in mirror-right and left sides of the body. Each channel controls its own body and communicates with the external environment through biologically active points (BAP), located on the Meridian.



So, there are 12 main energy channels:

  • 1 channel light
  • 2 channel colon
  • Channel 3 stomach
  • 4 channel spleen and pancreas
  • Channel 5 heart
  • 6 channel small intestine
  • 7 the urinary bladder channel
  • 8 channel kidney
  • 9 the pericardium channel
  • 10 channel triple heater
  • 11 channel gallbladder
  • Channel 12 liver

Energy successively passes throughout the body through 12 main meridians, and 10 of them supply energy to the 10 main bodies 2 are functional Meridian (X — Meridian III parts of the body or triple heater and IX — Meridian of the pericardium).

In accordance with the 5 elements Meridian of the gallbladder stimulates the Meridian of the small intestine, that in turn the stomach Meridian, then the large intestine Meridian, it is Meridian the bladder Meridian and bladder Meridian stimulates the gallbladder.

It is an encouraging circle.

This circuit of energy is a big circle of circulation, and each Meridian corresponds to one of the 5 elements. In addition, each Meridian is in the group of YIN and YANG.

Here is a table of matching symbols of these five elements:

The SYMBOL of YANG (mutually reinforcing) YIN (vzaimoponimaniya)

Tree XI — XII gallbladder Meridian — liver Meridian

Fire VI — small intestine Meridian V Meridian heart

Earth III — the stomach Meridian IV — measures. spleen and pancreas

Metal II — large intestine Meridian I — the lung Meridian

Water VII — VIII Meridian bladder — Meridian kidney


The disease can be either excess or lack of energy in one or more organs.

Mikao Usui, having this knowledge, used them in their Reiki. In particular, it is widely used tapping in biologically active points of meridians of various organs. These taps activate the Meridian and thus deliver energy to the body to be at its best.

The rejuvenation program we actively used this knowledge and consistently exposed to tapping on points on the face, where we take the beginning or end of the meridians of some bodies.

We stimulated the meridians of the YANG group, tapping points on the face that are the beginning or end of a Meridian.

This is the start point or the end:

1. Meridian of the gallbladder.

2. Meridian of the small intestine,

3. the stomach Meridian,

4. the large intestine Meridian,

5. Meridian of the bladder,

6. functional triple heater Meridian,

7. prednaznachennogo Meridian

8. zadnescheinah Meridian.

There and wrinkles on the skin in case of problems related to energy in the Meridian and the corresponding organ. These points must be activated by tapping.

Only 2 weeks of such exposure, we needed to reduce wrinkles was very marked.

Here these points:

Prostukivaniem index and middle fingers 7 times on each point:

1. The gallbladder Meridian begins at the outer corner of the eye. The energy supplied to it from the X Meridian three heaters and the Meridian transferred to the XII — the liver.

2. Meridian of the small intestine. The energy coming from the Meridian V — heart, and is transmitted to the Meridian VII — bladder. Outside starts from the nail of the little finger, and ends at the point in front of the ear.

3. The stomach Meridian begins under the eye just below the pupil. The energy he receives from the large intestine Meridian and referred to the Meridian of the spleen and pancreas.

4. The large intestine Meridian ends at the top of the nasolabial fold. The energy supplied to it from the Meridian of the lungs and is transmitted to the stomach Meridian.

5. The bladder Meridian starts at the beginning of the eyebrow, the inner corner of the eye. The energy supplied to it from the Meridian VI of the small intestine and is transmitted to the Meridian VIII — of the kidneys.

6. Functional triple heater Meridian that ends in a point at the outer edge of the eyebrow and is the only Meridian, not correlated with any authority. This Meridian has the function of coordinating and regulating activities of internal organs. Affects breathing, digestion and the condition of genitourinary tract in General.

7. Perednezadny Meridian controls all the meridians of the YIN group. Starts at the perineum and ends in the centre of the chin-labial furrow. The flow of energy along the Meridian from the bottom up.

8. Zadnescheinah Meridian controls all the meridians of the YAN group that it manages. Starts at the perineum, at the point that perednezadny Meridian, goes up on the midline of the back in the course of the spine and ends at a point located below the top lip on the gums. The flow of energy along the Meridian from the bottom up.

Thus, the effects by tapping on points on the face, we are able to stimulate energy in the meridians, which is beneficial on the corresponding organs and the skin at these points wrinkles.

Consider carefully your face where the deepest wrinkles. Refer them to the picture above, which shows 8 starting and ending points of the meridians. This kind of diagnostics of internal organs.published


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