Mental causes of wrinkles

What say our wrinkles? It is known that all the internal organs and parts of the physical body are closely linked, with each part of the body (and especially the feet, hands, ears, iris language) contains information on all the internal organs. Is no exception and face.

Wrinkles appear on the face, regardless of the skin condition in the exact locations. This happens in the case of weakening or illness associated with these areas of internal organs, as well as due to the "failure" in other bodies: the energy, thoughts and consciousness.

The figure shows the most common wrinkles.

1. Wrinkles mind.

In the frontal part of the face projected head of a man. Thus, the wrinkles on the forehead can indicate excessive foresight and mental overload, and in some cases - for headaches, cerebral circulatory disorders, etc. If you are concerned about the deep wrinkles on the forehead, then maybe you will comfort the words of Pythagoras: "Never Counsel with the people who have the forehead is smooth, - they never speculate."

2. Wrinkles wisdom.

The body of thought shoulders symbolize the ability to wisely and with dignity to endure the vicissitudes of life, the ability to find the positive side in unpleasant situations. If the shoulders tired, drooping, but still ache a bit, it can be assumed, in particular, the inability to conquer hardships and adversities, the feeling of helplessness, hopelessness and anxiety.

3. Wrinkles surprise.

They are in the part of the face, which is associated with the condition of the elbows and forearms. The body of thought elbows symbolize the change of direction fields of activity, readiness to accept a new life or professional experience. To avoid wrinkles surprise, it is necessary to perceive everything that happens to you adequately and not wonder on every occasion.

4. Wrinkles stubbornness.

Wrinkles in this part of the person associated with the neck condition. Mentally, they talk about stubbornness, unwillingness to consider different aspects of the problem, which often leads to intractable problems, but on a physical level - a pain in the neck.

5. Wrinkles loneliness.

Wrinkles in this part of the person talking about thyroid disease and upper back. The body of thought - it's a feeling that you attacked life, the lack of moral support, a sense of loneliness and uselessness.

6. Wrinkles thoroughness.

In the "crow's feet" projected fingers, symbolizing the little things in life. Holders of such wrinkle excessively attentive to details and the details, pay too close attention to the little things in life. "Crow's feet" may arise, in particular, pain, numbness, tingling in the fingers.

7. Wrinkles misoneism.

Wrinkles in this part of the person talking about chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The body of thought - this fear of the new, the inability to digest this new, to keep up with the times.

8. Wrinkle vitality.

It is not a wrinkle and skin fold, groove. The physiognomy of this groove is given a lot of attention. It reflects the state of almost all organs related to digestion, as well as the buttocks and thighs - stable body support and basic "mechanisms" to move forward, both in the physical plane and on the level of the body of thought. In other words, only a person with a robust digestive system and is firmly standing on their feet would have the strength to move forward. Well-formed (ie distinct, nerazmazanny) groove points to increased vitality, resilience forces. Deep and long groove indicates longevity.

9. Wrinkles shyness.

They speak about the diseases of the stomach and duodenum. And if you are located all around the mouth, and the show of weakness and pain in the legs and the poor performance of the intestine. Most often shyness wrinkles occur in people who do not believe in yourself, feel the fear, the urgent need for protection and patronage.

10. Wrinkles pessimism.

They are in the part of the face, which is associated with a renal function. By the "mental" causes of kidney disease include harsh criticism, frustration, failure, and the causes of adrenal disease - defeatism, indifference to her, anxiety. It is also possible indication of increased stress or disease of the stomach, duodenum and gall bladder.

11. Wrinkles frustration.

These wrinkles are associated with many of the major internal organs. The presence of these wrinkles suggesting malfunction not only the kidneys but also the liver, gall bladder, intestines and even the heart (as the kidneys regulate blood composition and thickness, have a direct impact on the work of the heart muscle, constantly pumping blood). On the mental level of frustration wrinkles say about the absence of the feeling of joy of life and love. According fiziognostikov heart - it is the center of love, protection and security, and the blood - an expression of joy, energy, freely circulating in the body.

12. Wrinkles insecurity.

These wrinkles can appear at ulcer formations in the intestine. The body of thought they express reluctance and even fear to get rid of all obsolete, unnecessary, a strong belief in its insolvency.

13. Wrinkles indifference.

They are similar to wrinkles that are on the mental level can cause problems in the lungs (depression, sadness, fear to take new, tired of life) in the spleen (obsession, obsessions), liver (anger, temper, inability to manage their emotions, constant complaints, justification of himself), knees (stubbornness and arrogance, unwillingness to concede), the tibia (the collapse of ideals), in the feet (the loss of reference points in the surrounding reality).

14. Wrinkles fears.

These wrinkles may occur if the problems in the intestines, hemorrhoids. The body of thought, they reflect a fear of not meet the deadline, the anger in the past, fear of parting (with a person, work, thing). In the same place it is projected foot pain that may occur due to fears about the future and fear of taking the first step. A reluctance to part with old ideas and concepts can lead to disease of the bladder.


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