Ancestors - up to the fifth generation! - Have an impact on children's development

A study conducted jointly with Georgian colleagues, convinced us that certain ancestors - until the fifth generation! - Influence the physical development of children. Unfortunately, information about the ancestors are, as a rule, are extremely scarce: life expectancy, age next-generation ancestor of birth, serial number ancestor ... That's all. However, and this is projected in size, weight and growth rate during the first year after birth, has revealed a lot of useful.

It turned out that every knee will contribute to the development of the child, the most powerful influence has the fifth knee - grandparents grandparents and great-grandmothers. It is essential and how it was formed a group of their ancestors: the most beneficial effect was found

. If their life expectancy was at least seventy years; if such people is not less than 21, and if only a few of them died early. Important was the so-called age bunch of generations - the sum of ages, when all were born 5 ancestors in a straight line -. Feminine and purely male

Of particular interest in influencing the size of the child presented ancestor serial number. The descendants of the firstborn is usually larger. It should be noted that the most likely descendants of the existence of the second and third child in the family.

In other words, childbirth, providing stable reproduction of the population, and provides long-term existence of the sort. In addition, all born before the birth of the direct ancestor as though different in kind. Neither life born earlier does not disappear without a trace, even if this indirect ancestor and had no children.

It follows a number of conclusions from all this.

Firstly, the individual's life is preparing for a half-century before he was born.

Secondly, the quality of life, as expressed in its duration, and the ratio of their ancestors with a long and short life largely determines the state of today's newborns.

Thirdly, even a lonely man needs to understand: life is preparing for a long time, it is not accidental, and he goes into the future in its indirect descendants

. Finally, in the family, which lives were lost (deaths, miscarriages, abortions), desirable youngest child - he takes in his life precursors of life

. By the time of conception more in the future life has in store - both good and bad. It is clear that the demands of love, mutual respect and mutual assistance must be presented to several generations of ancestors of the child. But this is impossible, and therefore is to present such claims ourselves living today, that if not through five generations, at least a dozen years, the family can enjoy a healthy baby.

Three periods are the most dangerous: in the first nine months of life - the first week, the third month, and the last, the ninth month, more precisely, the birth. Strong emotional shock in the future mother can kill a child's life in the first third of this period, and it hurt much at other times.

During this period, when the child is fused with the mother, the influence of ancestors comes through in different ways: both grandfathers manifested in the prenatal development of the child in the state of the first three months, and the rest - both grandmothers. Accordingly, the life of the grandparents before the birth of both parents converted to the grandson or granddaughter's health.

The birth mother and birth of a child is crowned with this period of life, when the mother and the child does not simply form a double beings, and are ocoboe superhuman endowed with common sense, goals and, I dare say, the mind. Therefore, miscarriage, stillbirth and therapeutic abortion - it is the death of the superhuman, rather than the death of one (embryo, fetus). In defense of this superhuman and it should, in my view, be sent to the pathos of the fight against abortion.

The fact that only a woman's body, if not born a child in the future, remain sealed all started in her life. This also applies to children born and miscarriages - natural and artificial. Until his death a woman will wear in yourself, in the state of their cells and to stop all ongoing life.

Author: Rurik Daffodils


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