Big money is a gift or a punishment

Twenty million nine hundred thirty five thousand three hundred ninety one

At work we mostly come there to earn money. What is this shy? So let's openly talk about them, especially in the current unstable financial question many people are getting sharper.
Based on the fact that consciousness determines human existence (not Vice versa), we decided not to ask questions to the financier, as a connoisseur of the human soul. I hope that the results of this non-standard approach will be for you interesting and useful.
You will learn the logic of a lot of money — what laws they "flow". What to do if there is not enough money? Who should open a business? What features of the male and female scenarios? How to raise kids to be successful?
– Big money is a gift or a punishment?

– In the modern world there was a substitution qualities. Love, self development and other spiritual qualities are now considered less important, instead the money put in the first place. This is due to the General level of civilization, where consumerism is above all. People have formed a strong opinion that money can buy everything, i.e. that it is a symbol of freedom, of confidence. Although in reality freedom doesn't depend on money, it is a certain level of achievement in human development.

Money people began to attach too much significance – as a plus sign and a minus sign. If we listen to some religious classics, it says that money is evil. If we listen to the philosophy of the West, she says, on the contrary, that money is almost the only real value. Both of these lines of thought are false, because money as a tool needed for only one person – to develop, shone to happiness. In fact, we are living on the Earth, needs to transfer money to the development of civilization, the development itself, the development of happiness. In this respect there are different sayings and Proverbs, for example, "the Wallet to the grave will not bind". This means that from his life we can learn only a spiritual experience.

But since the substitution that people aspire to money, believing that, having received them, they will be happier, freer and able to do what they want to do, because no money to do the supposedly impossible. In reality, the opposite: one should only do what gives you happiness, self-fulfillment, what he likes, it will give you a high level of professionalism and money.

Ie, most people confuse quality of life and the amount of money. Quality of life is a characteristic, which includes many components (the essence of which is the human condition after all the good that happens to him is deducted all bad, after all arrivals and departures in daily dry residue).

People forget that those who have big money or power, must hide from those who want have the money or power to take. In addition, the possession imposes some responsibility on the person to society, to God and to himself. Great power imposes on man obligations, and quality of life of such a person decreases.

After all, what is the standard of human life? Is it real freedom, his inner happiness. If people are constantly worried about their financial benefits, that they had no wins, he loses in happiness, in its General status and becomes a slave to it all. So money, like any other force itself is neutral. The question is whether people hold the money properly and whether his income is what he really needs. If income is less than actual needs or much more, and in one and in another case a person is unhappy – his quality of life decreases.

Around the world have conducted different studies in which the researchers came to the conclusion that the amount of money, ie the wealth of a person directly has nothing to do with his happiness, his General condition, his quality of life. For example, comparing any small businessman with a certain amount of free time and host some universal values, you can see that he is much happier than a billionaire that lives in fear and is ill-defined diseases peculiar to all rich people who incorrectly use this power. The quality of life of billionaires is often even lower than a person who regularly earns small money, having their homes and living more freely, more easily.

So no need to go for bigger money and all the power that most people is synonymous with big money. We should strive to understand why we are here, to work on the basis of its purpose and find happiness, right by serving in his place.

However, there are some people who are born to work with large money, it's their goal in life (karmic task). Such people when dealing with money brings relief in life if they are properly dispose of them.

For most people, it is important not to envy and to imitate the financiers, and move on to his destiny, to understand themselves. Then they will come to a good income. The main temptation in the lives of most people what? To go for the money to get them faster, sacrificing quality of life, while being miserable inside. There's a temptation not to succumb and systematically engaged in the development, its purpose, then the money comes, usually later, but more harmoniously. Yes, and the man already knows how to work with them, and they will not be able to distort, to make unhappy, to make him do some acts against his conscience or the spark of God within it.

We also need to remember not to criticize the money and deny them. Not to say that it's bad or that's good. We need to understand their place in this process as necessary to you personally, that was good of you and others. Accordingly, do not jump above his head in this matter.

To have some kind of power and money, people have to work very hard, have a predisposition to this, ability, self-discipline. Therefore, if we do some analysis of people who are in business, they tend to be more developed relative to the average person. After all, to achieve some goal (in this case wealth), you need to discipline myself, sometimes to take risks, to educate ourselves, to develop a certain positive quality, because without believing in yourself, planning and luck it is impossible to reach certain heights. I'm not talking about individual people, but about the business process and the classes of people-businessmen. Any social achievements stem from the inherent power of man. Most businessmen have this inner strength more than the average person. They get it from nature, from birth or they accumulated it in the course of life. Business cornerstones – goal-setting, quality of product, belief in yourself, self-discipline. Without them to be correct, a successful business is extremely difficult. Although we are not saying that there can only be so and not otherwise, there are various options.

So money is not a curse and not a gift of God, it is a tool. And already from the man and how he developed in their spiritual journey depends on what he will pay: for good or evil.

– How to behave with money, which was not produced by their own labor?

– We can say this: if a person has money, it means that karmically he's entitled to it. We must understand that we all need to develop certain qualities and we have some base, each with its own. There are people who love money and have the ability with this energy to work, no matter how it comes to them. So the main question is not whether the person earned the money by their own labor or is it his wife, husband or parents. The question is, how well it is on this energy to dispose of.

If the person is correct the money invested, ie supports some evolutionary processes, attaches them to the right people, their development, their education, then they begin to benefit. If a person spends money is wrong, there is always a certain limit, there is always a certain time that is given to him that he learned how to use them. However, if the person continues to use them incorrectly and did not want to change the money from him one way or another climb. It is therefore important to think what he invests.

People should easily and simply be treated as a receipt and to their care. This is the General rule, they also apply to time, to their forces, and other smaller but important moments of life.

– Could You briefly formulate the essence of the business?

– Any business is built on confidence. If You don't believe in yourself, your powers, if you don't believe that God supports you, if you don't believe you will succeed, do not believe in your product, you will not be able to sell it. Business is very simple: you take the product (the main thing that it was a quality product) and start to believe it. Most people don't have any reference point and a feeling coming from you kind of happiness and confidence, seeing that the flow of negative thoughts can knock you, you start to think: "Yes, just not his knocks, so he is right, and it is a good product!"Get this idea and then start to carry her.

And then all complete the collective unconscious, that is, when ten people said that it was good (even if it is not), then other three or four or five people begin to fall under the idea, thinking head, trusting to public opinion.

– Tell us about the charity and its place in the dynamics of business development.

– Development of business in the first place depends on how:

  • properly set strategic goal in this business;
  • the consciousness of man and man himself is clean;
  • if it going to easy money, as not "sticking" or at them.
Each entrepreneur is, the amount of money that reflects its capabilities and which allows him to fulfill their dreams and desires. When he implements them, he begins to stagnate, his business stops bringing income, as any business "feeds" of their master. When there comes a stage that people "ate" the money, they genuinely cease to be interesting (not from the head, but truly, because the mind always wants more), the business collapses. Begins to come the tax, there are some inconsistencies or something like that. That is, the physical world reflects the processes occurring in the subconscious.

So for many people who have a stable business, charity is a necessary part of life in order for their business to continue to develop. After all, if the money is not being invested in something strategic and correct, it is absolutely pointless pieces of paper. After all, money itself has no value. So if the person "eating" itself, not goes to the deeper your level of pleasure and joy (for helping others), money is not needed.

The right charity is first and foremost the formation of a fundamentally different level of consciousness, creative, antiparasitical philosophy. Can you give examples:

  • This is the right upbringing of children. It is finding a pure, spiritual people and connect them with children to these friendly people, which is not much on Earth that could give children proper knowledge, proper condition, the perception of the world.
  • Education, because most of the people in the world are not educated, living in famine and war, disease.
  • And it has to be specific things, i.e. planting forests, using objectively needy people, the transition to new technologies that are now frozen. With the help of these technologies on Earth could be in a few years to build almost communism or Paradise, absolutely ecological, with high limit population growth, it will be possible to practically refuse from the money.
Any entrepreneur can invest in strategic projects that I have listed above. Importantly, it has not been corrupted with money, our environment, confidants, and their children.

Often, people business is crumbling just because of the fact that someone gave more money than people could stand. Then to anyone else they are not corrupted by money, the laws of the Universe they block this flow. Indeed, in the first place, not asking the one who gave and one who gave. Since it is considered:, if you know how this power to manipulate, then you have to think which number to send it to one person or another, so it does not become a parasite, but rather that its development was accelerated.

There is a parable that if a person dies of hunger, it should feed the fish, but when he was feel good, it is necessary most to learn how to fish, otherwise he will sit on your neck and will still make a complaint, why you have a little feed.

Thus, in this issue rationality, observation and spiritual development the businessman should let him know who and how many to give money.

– But if money is clearly not enough?

– If you are working, but no money or not enough for your needs, you first need to think about what you have going on inside. Are you ready for him, do you deny them, tied if you are too much for them, where and for what purpose you will spend them. Because if your goals are wrong, you will be cash flow crop. If you have unconscious attitudes that money is evil, you will be cash flow to trim, or rather, you are going to do this your subconscious mind. If you're too much attached to money or to any enjoyment that the money can give, then again, the money you will trim that you just didn't go in the pleasures and sins. So it should be smooth with respect to money.

We must learn to make those things that tend to you at your destination. Share them if you have more of them with the environment, at the same time to share wisely. If a lot of them – to invest in any global programme. In principle, all most people know, but when people start to have money, money, like any other power, start to take them. And people who intellectually know what I was talking about, "surrender" and do not.

If you have collected some power and use it incorrectly, you will be taught. First softly and then harder and harder. And if you have a business is bad, seriously hurt you or your loved ones, consider how you correctly manage your money.

However, to give up the money and go somewhere in the monastery, or to create funds, as it is now fashionable in the West, the billionaires who leave after the death of 99% of his fortune to a good program – it is also a kind of escape. Once this money is given to you, then you in life must learn to use them properly here and now and not sometime in the future.

You use the work of people. If these people are unhappy, you're unhappy, because all people constitute a single system, and you are also a part of this system. This principle applies to all people who achieved much in his field. If you don't share my knowledge, my strength with others, you are no longer a nerve cell, you the cancer cell, the body gets rid of cancer cells (for reference: every healthy cell of the body gives 90% of the energy to the body, keeping 10; cancer cell gives 10%, leaving 90). As we are all one, wisely share your knowledge, resources, teach others and You will be fine.

– Why would a man who earns well, has everything he needs to delve deeper into spiritual practices if you do not know that they will give him? Maybe it is better for him to sponsor some kind of event right?

I already partially answered this question. As a rule, rich people are not be just. In nature everything happens for a reason, everything is mathematically accurate. People go through certain lessons and have to learn from this power to work.

But there's another way to answer this question: the more effort, the greater should be the aspiration of man to God, the greater love, that the power was eclipsed by the mind.

– That is one charity here is not to get rid?

– No. I knew people that were involved in the film business and at the same time some sort of charity only with one purpose – that their businesses were not taxed, i.e. as a result of taxes they pay less. But "from the back porch to Paradise"sign.

Now the philosophy of humanity as a whole to the consumer. And even space people want to fly not to know the other civilization, and from a purely consumer purpose. Sooner or later the resources run out, the Earth will zamusorivayutsya and dirty, these new resources will have to take, so we're going into space. Let us there more advanced civilization with such motivation? No, it is not allowed. We must first bring order here, to have everything harmonious.

But the philosophy of the business is determined by the setting of modern society. Society chasing consumption, a business for profit. Business philosophy is not to reverse without a change in worldview for a start, at least within individual countries (here it is appropriate to remember our "experiment" with socialism). And while the modern worldview "raging" around the world in the form of another economic crisis.

People should do charity and "social" (as they call it), not in order to avoid being touched, and from the heart and from understanding a simple thing in this world to live for their children and their grandchildren.

Most people only heard the word "love", but don't know what it is. Personal experience some don't even know what kindness is. If a person lived all his life on the principle of "live with wolves-wolf howl", fought for life and never had any other example in his surroundings, he focused only on power. Who is the strongest? The strongest we have is the person who leads the country. And while the President and other major leaders will not say that love is above all power, above any ideology, and don't say it repeatedly until they by their example will not show many times, people don't believe in it.

Most of the people we have now still believe the leaders, not the Holy people somewhere are sitting in monasteries and acquire the Holy spirit.

However, it is not necessary to shift responsibility from us to someone else. Because if each of us does not want to become better, whoever and however many spoke about this, and we will not move from a dead point. And my message is simple: let us every day to do something a little better, be a little kinder, but to do it regularly. Then after half a year you will change and change the world around you.

– In such a furious pace of business to allocate time for work and family?

– If the business is properly built, it requires a not much time.

The first 5 years, a person has to work very hard and has no time for family. A person starts to do business, as well as his wife and relatives should clearly understand that they pay attention in a normal volume, can not, and even, most likely, they themselves will have to support it.

Further, if correctly constructed business, it starts to appear for some time, since it is only necessary to control it, to do corporate culture and professional development of their employees. Therefore, the longer and more correct people my company builds, that with every year more and more of the time he is released. And even then he can devote some decent time to his family, children, his other interests and Hobbies.

But the first 3-5 years should be clearly understood that energy will be missed on thing, and something else. Therefore, time-management, that everyone is talking needed.

– What would you advise those who are thinking about creating your own business?

Money is not an end in itself, but a tool of creating something in life (for example, to build a house, buy an apartment, then a new target). If a person wants to earn, it needs to become a Profesional to find out what it can do efficiently, not too tired physically and getting moral satisfaction, no matter how much he earned.

It is important to understand contemporary landmark that the man fully, only if he is a businessman, about.We should not aspire to be a businessman – it is necessary to realize their childhood dreams, they are usually clearly reflect the purpose of human life. They just need to notice, to nurture and not to impose to children the desires of dad, mom, or someone from adults... the Man needs to be himself, then he automatically becomes a Creator, as a consequence, there will be plenty of energy and profession bordering the mission will be successful!

By the way, there is a misconception that a businessman earns a lot. This is a rare exception not! If simplified to perform business, it is the following pyramid:
– 5% most wealthy,
– 10% rich to varying degrees,
– 40% earn the same amount in the bottom line, as a qualified specialist, freelancer, middle Manager,
– 15% afloat as ordinary workers,
– the rest are ruined.

Now let's think, why become a businessman, if this is not your path and purpose? As an expert in your field, your quality of life will be higher and you will earn the same amount, maybe more.

– In Your opinion, women in business is the need of time or a mistake?

– The main task of women is to find the right, most of the developed man, to bear his children, raise them and take care of her man, that is, to preserve and multiply the best genetics. Such is her role from nature.

Men on the contrary – to find prey and bring it into the family, protect his woman, provide for his family, and constantly engaged in experiments, the search for new and better.

If it doesn't happen, civilization will die.

When a man or woman cease to be, it leads to diseases: lesbianism, pedophilia, homosexuality is all mental illness caused by imbalance of energy.

Therefore, if a woman wants to have happy and healthy children, she needs to work a lot, family leisure time, not loading on this job. The choice is simple: have a career – no children has children – no career. After all, in order to in the right amount to ensure that the family and children energy, must be engaged in the development, and only a small number of women can do it all together.

Because the woman is not adapted in their physiology to bear constant energy, psychological and nervous loads, in business, it "burns" faster men. Therefore, a woman who makes a career, we have to work or paired with a man, throwing him the voltage, or have a good lover or husband. In addition, a woman must actively engage in self-development, otherwise from the constant heavy loads to "burn out" all of her feminine side, as a result begin to manifest cancer, women's diseases or the collapse of the family and children's illness.

– How to raise children?

Of course, as adults, parents must engage themselves, their spiritual development, because 13-15 year old children fully reflect the processes occurring in the subconscious of the parents or in their aura, their sins and problems. Children indiwidualiziruyutza by the age of 22, are separated from their parents and begin to exercise their own wills, form their own consciousness, their identity – they are in full included his own karma (fate). These are all common questions of the relationship of parents and children, which are important for understanding but are not related to money.

People are rich, so they have a certain immunity. If they are certainly not sacrificed his soul for money. If children were born to people who have large enough Finance, so these souls to the big money, ie, like attracts like.

In the West, for example, made people very early "kicked out" of the family their children are forced to work on a simple normal work that the child has learned to earn money himself and he began to realize that money is power, and this power cannot be squandered, that this force can create, not burn it.

Caring parents try to give children a good education, and rightly so. But the education is secondary, and the primary spiritual culture.

And the most simple and effective that we can recommend is reading the children of Russian folk tales... the longer the better. There are cosmic laws function properly. Children absorb them like a sponge. They are useful also for adults. Regular reading helps to clean out the subconscious garbage and negativity, to adjust fate in the best direction.

Raising children is the cornerstone of the salvation of the world and output it to a new level of development. If the family will be laid to the correct knowledge about the development, children will build itself, and, as a consequence, the world around them, better than the one we see now.

– Y-Yes... There is a joke: "Where to take well-behaved children? This is not a problem, it would only where to get educated parents." If you were previously a lack of information, but now I have the feeling that it is redundant, it just sink.

Now a lot of information, and it is 90% false, from school programs, ending with periodicals and spiritual teachings. To remove the brainwashing and closer to understanding the real laws of the cosmos, I can advise the right sources available. It :
– Russian folk tales, Proverbs peoples of the world, tales of Bazhov – for all;
– "A thousand and one nights" for women;
– anecdotes about Hodja Nasreddin – for men;
– afanasievskii cherished tales, from the time of puberty.

There is always, under the external form are hidden in the images these are the right laws.published 



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